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A/N: An idea that's been bugging me for ages. I'm certain this was not attempted by anyone else, so I figured, what would happen if the Pride Lands were to face the Horror of the Tsavo Lions that plagued Kenya's Tsavo Region? Keep in mind, while the original Tsavo Lions were "Maneless Lions" or "Scanty Mane Lions", which usually refers to a Male Lion without a Mane, or with a weak one, I will be using the 1996 movie version of the Tsavo Man-Eaters, the ones with the signature Manes meant to protect the Lions' neck from fatal injuries during fights with rival lions, Hyena clans and while hunting dangerous prey like Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, Wildebeests and the African Buffalo aka Cape Buffalo. For now, this will be a test chapter until I can figure out what direction to take this story into. If this story is not your cup of tea or coffee, click the back button and move along. Flamers will be ignored or deleted if you are a guest reviewer. With that said, enjoy. ^_^

It's a sunny day in the Pride Lands. The Herbivores are grazing upon the massive, savannah grasslands. But the current atmosphere is quite tense. Like something is horribly wrong. Gazelles, Zebras and Wildebeests have come into a mass gathering, hoping the herd mentality will discourage any opportunistic predator from striking at them.

Unfortunately for them, they were being watched by more sinister entities. The Pride Lands Lion Pride is nowhere to be seen, with Mufasa patrolling on the other side of the Pride Lands, East of Pride Rock. The Herbivores were situated West.

One of the Zebras, slightly distanced from the herd, was grazing at the grass, until something odd catches its attention. The Herbivore stands alert, observing its surrounding area, left and right, trying to ascertain if there is nearby danger. Suddenly, a blur of movement catches the Zebra's attention to its right, its ears twitching in anticipation trying to catch any kind of sound.

Another blur of movement catches the Zebra's attention, this time on the left. But the Zebra can't zero in on the object, its movement too fast for its eyes to properly perceive. But then, it notices a large shape, hidden by the large stretch of savannah, camouflaging its full appearance. But the distinct Mane was recognizable. Which was odd, since Mufasa was nowhere near this area, yet this shape was too large to be Scar either.

Without warning, the massive figure of what appears to be a rogue Lion disappears again, perfectly blending with the surrounding grass. The Zebra is on edge, now certain it is being stalked by a rogue Lion. Unknown to the unfortunate herbivore however, it wasn't just being stalked by one rogue Lion, but two rogue Lions.

But then, before the Zebra has time to properly assess the danger, something from its right collides with the Zebra with sheer brute strength, sending the poor Herbivore falling on its left side. Before it could properly regain its bearing, the Zebra is forcibly dragged by its right hindleg in a direction opposite of the herd. The Zebra, now panicked by being caught off guard, barks and brays to alert the herd to danger. The herd of Gazelles, Zebras and Wildebeests, now aware of a predator attack, bolt in a direction opposite of the danger.

Meanwhile, the Zebra is still being dragged by its right hindleg, unable to escape the grip of its attacker's powerful jaws. The prey is dragged to a considerably far distance, away from prying eyes, unless the eyes are those of a bird. The attacker stops moving at last, letting go of its prey's badly mangled leg. The Zebra tries to get up, desperate to escape with its undamaged limbs, but is pinned by its skull to the ground with a large paw and a set of sharp claws that dig into the Zebra's fur, drawing blood.

The Zebra brays in dismay and fear, its eyes rotating to make out the shape of the predator that attacked it. The Zebra's heart stops for a moment when it realizes what attacked it: imbued with a golden coat of Mane, it's none other than a Male Lion. A Rogue Lion. Before the Zebra can ponder more on its perilous situation, the Lion pounces on its helpless prey with a mighty roar, tearing into its prize. The Gold Lion is joined by another Rogue Lion, this one adorned with a coat of Dark mane, which pounces on the hapless prey as well, sharing the kill with its brother. The Zebra's fate is sealed. The surrounding area is filled with nothing but the roars of the intrusive Lions, which reverberates across the Pride Lands territory.

In the Shadow Lands, the Hyenas hear the Lion roars, unnerved by the sound, as they have learned to distinguish the voice of Mufasa and Scar from other Lions. They are dealing with an unknown element. On the East side of the Pride Lands, Mufasa catches the sound of the roars as well. The Lion King changes course, heading to the West side, trying to locate the direction of the sounds. Meanwhile at Pride Rock, Scar has also heard the roars of the rogue Lions, and wonders where Mufasa wondered off to, since rogue Lions usually never risk setting foot in the Pride Lands, lest they wish to incur the wrath of Mufasa. Even the Pride Lands Pride Lionesses have heard the roars of the rogue Lions, and are worried what this means.

In the center of the Pride Lands, where Mizumu Grove is situated, lies a large Baobab Tree, which is the residence of Rafiki The baboon, the Royal Mjuzi of the current Royal family. Rafiki has also heard the roars of the rogue Lions, and senses the atmosphere shifting into something ominous. "There's a rising darkness in the air." Rafiki mutters, not fully aware of the danger these anomalies present to all living things at large. But The Great Kings of The Past know what the rogue Lions truly are. Demons sent to terrorize the Pride Lands by an evil entity. The Ghost and The Darkness have risen once again. And no living creature is safe from their terror.


A/N 2: And this is where I end the story for now. As I said, it's only a test chapter. I will continue this story eventually with a second chapter after I have the details laid out properly. Let me give you an idea of what this AU looks like:

1. Mufasa, Scar/Taka, Rafiki, Sarabi and Sarafina are the main characters of this crossover story, and obviously the Ghost and Darkness Lion Brothers.

2. Takes place before the events of Lion King 1, so a butterfly effect may already ensue just from the Demon Lions being in this Lion King AU.

3. I will repeat this again to avoid confusion: I will be using the 1996's The Ghost and The Darkness versions of the Tsavo Man-Eaters, as opposed to the original Tsavo Man-Eaters who are Maneless Lions or Scanty Mane Lions.

Fun Fact: The Ghost and The Darkness are actually named Roho and Giza respectively, Swahili terms for Soul and Dark, thus their aliases The Ghost and The Darkness.

With that said, have a good day. ;)