summary/authors note

so i made this story a while back i dont remember what i was doing but i really like the plot to it im adding and removing some stuf as i go on. a sages desires is meant to express how naruto feels for his girls but mainly hinata who personally drives him absolutely wild.

there might be a sequel and if there is I am unsure what to name it but after I finish this book I will rewrite the vampire bf story to my liking i dont know by how much i want to rewrite but still will rewrite it when i get the time to for now its strictly on hold.

the story you will see will be smutty and some vanilla here and there and some chapters with more action of course and in the end a ending or a ending to lead to a sequel which will be worked on when i finish this story if i so choose to finish it that way anyhow.

for the longest time naruto has no idea why of all the girls he likes why hinata or ino but mainly ino would give him issues in the morning when he wakes up forcing him to shower before going out then only to have it get stiff and hard for them all over but again it happens with ino well with all of them but mainly hinata.

when he finds out jairyia died sakura tells him to do what he likes with her little does she know that was the beginning of a totally different naruto.

a more impulsive and sexy naruto that would make his girls yern for his touch~