A sage's desire basically is about Jiraiya dying Naruto read the ichi novels Jiraiya wrote, decided that he needs to have that put to good use with hinata later he learns sage mode along with a new "secret" jutsu such as "milky release" with wind change in nature added making it "milky rasenshuriken" he has fun with hinata in the process making her his girlfriend. Forever. He was taught by the ero sage who was known for being perverted in nature he had other plans for sakura later but for now hinata was all that was on his mind he planned to have fun with them both his personal harem but at the time he thought of it hinata clouded his mind he didn't know why. He had been spending time with both of them and he read the novels when neither were around to prevent himself from getting into trouble.

The leaf was silent bc naruto was about to receive the news that his favorite sensei died he didn't realize he would still have something good happen that day until he saw hinata chiming in, since he has some kind of knowledge of what jiraiya. wrote about he decided he wanted to keep Hinata to himself and make sure that she only pleaded for him. He had also wanted to keep sakura and if possible ino and most likely tsunade herself as well but for the time being he would spend some time with hinata, close and very very intimate time. He smirked at his thought of that.

-tsunade's office-

When he got there he was with Sakura and she was there in case he needed mortal support and he was grateful because he did need it at least a littleā€¦ when she told him he refused to believe it then she repeated herself "Naruto jiraiya is ... dead" the look of horror on naruto's face remained and he was very sad bc of it he didn't know what to think bc he was sad the one person who he really cares a lot about was dead. He didn't understand at all which made him angry.

"W-what b but ba-Chan why" he mumbled yet asked. tsunade didn't answer she herself didn't know why the goof did what he did

Hinata was listening to "what happened, why is naruto-kun crying? '' Naruto looked at Hinata now realizing he missed out on so much. He missed out on her noticing her he wanted to make it up to her"hinata after this can u meet me in the training field I want to tell you something privately" he said, knowing sakura was still there he didn't want to get bashed on the head again by sakura though he loves getting hit by her. then sakura whispered something in naruto's ear that really made him blush "if you want to hang out with hinata for a while ill allow. it ill even allow, since it took you so long to notice how beautiful she is for you, ill allow you to be her "first time"" the last part which she really emphasized made him a little horny and restless he looked back at her and she nodded and then he nodded back and grinned winking at her telling her hed be back but she didn't mind how long it took as far as she knew he had his own secrets he was hiding that just her knew about he had promised he would mate with her first unless she gave him the green light or the okay to do it with someone else. which in his case is just what happened he would spend as long as necessary with his girlfriend [technically its a wife but they are still kinda young (like 16-17) so i will say girlfriend but with very special conditions anyway back to the story]

-outside hokage's compound/office/building-

after he got word from sakura to leave, he grabbed hinata by the hand and before leaving he whispered to sakura "meet me at the house later today i might be horny enough for other activities if i am not there then come to the training field but if u cant find us then you'll know how to find us okay sakura~ " sakura blushed but smirked she didn't think he would automatically wanna do things to both of them but of course she would be up for it they havent did anything and she wanted a good time and that's exactly what he would give them she also knew what he meant when he said shed know how to find us if she had trouble he was going to take hinata somewhere most likely the forest to have some fun with her. when they were in front of the hokages estate he looked at her.

"hinata, do you mind if we take this to the forest or something i can talk to u on the way i wanted ramen but my mind its just on other things right now" he said blushing feeling his "bulge" get harder she tried not to notice but she did anyway "s-sure we can but is there a reason why the forest and not just your house?" she asked wondering what he had planned " well we will but i need materials for some activities well do" he said grinning "dont worry ill explain later but we will do some of them in the forest and others at my house. with that they were instantly in the forest with plenty of vines all over ranging from weak to strong.

hinata was still waiting for him to explain things to him he knew he would soon? "hinata-chan ever since the day I came back and saw u for the second time I actually realized how special u are and how much I missed out on. I missed out on so much. Sure i have been dating sakura since i came back from being with jiraiya but he is no longer here and sakura gave me the greenlight for something she'd kill me if i asked before now for permission to do she loves me enough to let me love you so passionately it's so hard to explain the feelings you, sakura ino and even tsunade give me sakura has hit me several times in the morning because my thoughts weren't on her. but to your worry no, we never had sex or anything we cuddled and that's as far as it ever went but today hinata you become mine. I love you, you're one of the ones I really want to get to know better and I'd hate to pass up a wonderful opportunity like this to be mine hime. but of course i do want to do it with other girls but for the time being my attention is on you. but some other girls i wanted to have in my harem were tsunade sakura you and ino but of course i can only date and knock up only to spend even more time with them and probably repeated that process again only to be in a maybe endless cycle but u know it might not happen i might get attached to all of you but the main course will always be you, what im really saying is even though the others are pretty i just feel of all of you well to be fair you and ino at least are both the perfect ratio of curves for me. sakura has a nice ass and tsunade has tits but damn do u and ino have miraculously perfect bodies, please hinata will you let me have the honnor of being your first keeping in mind if you agree you will always be mine not kiba's or sasukes or any other boy but only mine?"he asked saying a lot at once hoping fpr a imediate response.

hinata har