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This version of marvel characters will be a a mix of marvel comic and mcu versions.

This Versions of Avengers will be of their mcu origin but will be a little closer to their comic self in power.

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To fight against the threat of loki, six individuals came together, a man made of iron, a raging monster, a man out of time, an archer, an assassin and a god of thunder, they were the avengers .

When the avengers beat loki, and saved the world from the chitauri invasion, they instantly become heroes in the eyes of

the public.

The avengers beat fought many battles against all kinds of threats ranging form alien warlords to murder robots, time traveling tyrants, beings capable of ending to world.

As time passed on, the rooster of the avengers increased— a witch, a supreme sorcerer, a king of an isolated nation, a synthezoud, a former brainwashed soilder, two government officials, a ant and a wasp joined the team.

And many more joined later on

Avengers Tower —

The base of the superhero team known as the avengers, it's a large tall building with a Big A .

Currently Tony Stark, aka the iron man was making a dimension portal, that could be used to travel to other dimensions.

He got that idea when he meet doctor strange once, who told him about different dimensions and universes, it got him got interested in the multi-verse theory.

"Just a bit more, here and there and it is finally done ! ", Tony said with a joy, he was about to finish his dimensional portal.

"What are you doing there tony ?", a voice from behind called him.

Tony looked back and saw that Captain America aka Steve Rogers as standing behind him.

" Hey Cap! What you doing here ? I thought you were sleeping me ", Tony asked.

" I was, but then I woke up, then I heard some noises down here. So what is that think tony ?"

" ..That's my dimensional portal that can be used to travel to other universes ", Tony explained .

" Isn't that a bit dangerous ?" Steve asked.

" Oh common! Old man it's not that dangerous ", Tony replied back.

" Tony we don't know what is on the other side, it could be dangerous "

" Ste—"

Before Tony could complete his sentence, Thor and Hulk suddenly burst throw the wall fighting.

" Haaa...Hulk, Bring it on !"

" Hulk will be you beat you goldie locks! Aahhhhh !"

Both Thor and Hulk started to hit each other.

" Stop it you two ! you will destroy my portal ", Tony shouted at both Thor and Hulk.

Unfortunately that was a bit late, the thor accidently hit portal machine with his hammer.

Suddenly a portal opened and dragged thor, hulk and iron man inside.

Tony ! Thor ! Hulk !


It was an organisation founded by Marisbury animusphere family in 2004, after he manged to win the holy grail war.

A war fought for a wish granting device called holy grail, made by the three mage families.

The Goal of Chaldea was handle certain events which could lead to the extinction of the human race, it specializes in handing temporal abnormalities and other existential threats.

They deal with these threats by using the faith system, a system that summons heroic mythological characters or heroic spirits which were also called servants, the one who summons them is called master.

Chaldea recruited these people globally by taking permission from the U.N, 48 people were recruited, these 48 people could summon any heroic spirit from any point of time.

However, during the first rayshift, a project that would let them travel in time to a singularity point they called singularity F, an explosion orrcured critically injuring 47 masters, leaving only the 48 master Ritsuka Fujimaru as the last master humanity.

"Seriously ! Thor ! Hulk !" Tony shouted at both Thor and Hulk.

"Hey ! it's his fault !", both Thor and Hulk pointed at each other.

" Why do you guys were even fighting for ?" Tony asked .

" Excuse me, could guys tell us from where did you guys come from ?"

Tony, Thor and Hulk looked around and found themselves surrounded by a lot of people.

"You are you ? and where are we ?", Tony asked a pink hair woman, who aslo has violet hair and was wearing a armour that exposed her legs and arms. She also held a big shield resembling a cross on her hand left hand.

" My name is Mash Kyrielight, and you are in Chaldea. And this is the director "

Mash pointed at woman who was wearing a black sweater, black high heels, stocking of red colour, a white shirt under her sweater. Her eyes were colour and her hair was white and long.

" I am Chaldea's director Olga Marie, and I will ask this one more time, who the heell are you guys ?"