Few hours after the incident in Tony's lab—

'Did you find their location?', Steve Rogers aka Captain America, the man out of time, the legend etc.

'Unfortunately no', a beautiful woman with red hair,wearing a tight black spandex suit said.'Shield scan the entire planet, there wasn't any signal of them'

'Where they could be,Natasha?, Steve wondered, they had been searching them for few hours.

'Do you know anything else ?', Natasha asked.'Even something small might give a clue.'

'Well it wasn't much,before Tony got vanished with Hulk and Thor, he working on a dimensional portal that could use to travel to other universes', Steve replied.' but before he could complete it Thor and Hulk burst through the wall and started fighting...then they just got vanished.'

'There is something we are missing but what ?', Natasha said.'Steve, I think we should investigate the lab once.'

Steve nodded, both of them went to Tony's lab to investigate, both of them saw the bad condition of the lab.

'Tony's lab is likly gone for good', Natasha commented.'That guy sometimes act like a mad scientist with his inventions.'

'Seriously ! this is the second time we got transported somewhere !?', Tony shouted in annoyance at the top of his voice, he getting tired unconsensual teleportation.

'Hey, clam down a bit', Romani said, trying to calm down Tony.

'Haaa!you also got teleported here,'Tony asked in surprised.

'Yeah',Romani said while scratching his head.' And if we both are here then there is a possibility that others are also here.'

'But where are we exactly?', Tony asked.'The only things I could see are either buildings on fire or strange human size statues here.'

'Don't know, for now we should focus on finding others,'Romani adviced.'For some reasons I am getting negative vibes here'

'You are not the only one,'Tony added.'Let's find them'.

Meanwhile, Olga who got teleported to the deeper part of the city was fighting undeads that were charging in towards her, she fire at the incoming undeads one after another using her magecraft.

'Take that you bone freaks.' Olga fired a mana beam at the incoming undeads. Unfortunately, she was outnumber by a huge margin, the undeads began to surround her .

'Damn it!', Olga desperately tried to fend them all. 'Get away from me you freaks!'

The undeads however, didn't like to call freaks, all of them pointed their swords at Olga wanting to cut her into pieces.

'Somebody save me! Lev!', Olga begged for help as her last ditched effort seeing her incoming doom.

Outside the city,in the forest area, Ritsuka and Mash were cautiously walking carefully checking their surroundings.

'Hey Mash!', Ritsuak called.

'Yes, Senpai,' Mash answered.'What is it?'

'Is it possible that others are also here?'

Mash thought for a few secs before answering,'Hmmm...It could be, we were not the only ones who got caught in the range'

'I hope they are fine,'Ritsuka hoped.

'And Mash, thanks again for saving my live,' Ritsuka said, remembering that just few moments he was about to get hit by incoming laser beams .

'It's fine Senpai,'Mash smiled.'It's my job to protect you.'

Then they heard a rumble, sound of heavy footsteps coming closer and closer towards their direction

Mash immeditaly got her guard up,'Senpai,get behind me!'Ritsuka quickly got behind her back.

'The control panels are completely damaged,'Natash said as she saw the condition of the dimensional teleporter.'There is also big hole in control panel'.

'I Think Thor might have accidently hit the control panels with his hammer,'Steve guessed.'Or it could be Hulk, he might have punch it'

Natasha sighed,'Those two sometimes acts like children than grown up adults.'

Steve then thought out loud ' Hey Natasha, Is it possible that they could get teleported in another universe ?'

'Could be Steve, there is a possibility,'Natasha said. But the question is how do we even find them if they are in another universe ?'

'Maybe Strange could help,'Steve suggested.'You know the guy who deals with weird magical stuff everyday.'

Above the skys of Fuyuki, a thunder storm began to form.

And it brought the attention of a certain king