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This story, to which I extend my intellectual property rights, starts from the premise that Harry says something before Vernon rips up the first letter that was delivered 24th July 1991.

Albus Dumbledore welcomed the second of October 1991. He knew McGonagall would have to explain her continued failure to get Harry back to Hogwarts. Dumbledore continued to call him Harry, when it was clear to him that Harry was no more and he was instead possessed by Tom. He would suggest that the Wizengamot change the law requiring all children invited to attend Hogwarts to attend for the full 7 years. The Wizengamot would do it. He knew they would. He needed to find the right sponsors, mind you.

Harry was thinking about the dentists. He realized they had the same initials, MHG. The man was Michael Horatio Granger and the woman Michelle Helena Granger and Harry knew she preferred to be called Helena. Both were dentists and doctors. Confusing, much.

Gringotts would do anything for a fee. They'd done some things for him for free. Vernon called things like that loss leaders. Harry wondered if there was a schedule of fees agreed with the Wizards. He felt there ought to be. It shouldn't be left to a goblin account manager to decide what he could gouge out of a particular wizard or witch. He'd ask Remus to check. Remus had not been a steward before and was learning on the job. Harry was back to thinking that both Sirius and Remus were doing what they were doing out of loyalty to his parents, mostly out of a sense that they had let him down (which was largely true) and were trying to make it up to him.

Harry had had Great Uncle Charlus' time turner in his hands. He'd been persuaded to hand that over to Madam Bones to make a strong case and Dumbledore had stolen it once again. Harry did not want to be too critical of Amelia Bones, because she'd been very good to him since his return to the wizarding world. However, she had failed to protect a piece of his heritage. Harry would have to get it back.

Harry had felt his scar give a familiar hurt before he'd destroyed the enemy three including what lump had been left of Voldemort. Harry had tipped his hand to Voldemort. The lump must have reformed and made its/his way back to Quirrell. Sirius had used fiendfyre for the three Founder's items that had been made into soul anchors. Nothing had survived. The diary and Nagini had gone the same way. The ring with the stone had survived. It had been dropped briefly into basilisk venom and pulled out. It had then been plunged into phoenix tears. Both items had been very expensive. Sirius had been happy to provide the funds. The upshot was that Harry now wore the Head of House ring for House Peverell. Yes, lumpenmort would want to get its misshapen mitts on Harry and Dumbledore would go out of his way to make it happen, so convinced was he that Harry must attend Hogwarts. Dumbledore's obsession with him was downright obscene.

Remus was in the middle of sorting out the 'mix-up' over which Evans James had married. The guilty party was obviously Dumbledore, but he'd probably have got somebody else to do his dirty work for him, probably this mysterious Fletcher that Harry had heard being mentioned.

Some things could not wait. Sirius would soon be going to a family health Spa in the South of France. Remus would be tracking down information across in the USA. Harry would soon be facing an unknown future without two adults in it. He didn't have the knowledge to successfully navigate this world.

Dumbledore was staying with his brother in the Hog's Head public house in Hogsmeade. His brother wouldn't turn him away. It was rather like the gratitude Remus Lupin still carried for being allowed to attend Hogwarts. Dumbledore was a master manipulator and Harry knew he was no where near that level.

Harry had eliminated Grindelwald and now controlled Nurmengard. The portkey there was still where he'd dropped it. Oh well, no point crying about it. He didn't even remember where Croaker had side-apparated him from.

Harry was homeless. At least in the muggle world. Repairs were under way at his home in Godric's Hollow. Harry was still livid that his home had been trashed, he hadn't visited his parents' graves and didn't know who had had them buried. Oh and then the Ministry had been 'gifted' the house as a national treasure. Dumbledore had been kicked out of all his positions of power that he had enjoyed and been well paid for in about 45 years. Voldemort was down to one misshapen lump and what piece of his soul that was under Harry's scar. Neither had seen him coming, but now that they had, both would be reconsidering their positions and forming new plans. Harry had to keep them both off balance. Dumbledore may have been in Gryffindor, but making plans on the fly didn't seem to be his strong suit. Voldemort had to be a Slytherin. His plans had had plans.

Harry explained to Sirius and Remus that he wanted to raid the Hog's Head to resecure items off Dumbledore.

"Harry James Potter, it's much too dangerous," Sirius stated.

"Sure is cub," Remus agreed.

"Are you saying that two brave Gryffindors and Marauders to boot can't protect me?" Harry baited them.

"Right. Let's do it," Sirius said, in much the same way as he'd gone after Pettigrew, without giving the matter serious thought.

Harry was dressed in black, took along his bottomless bag and wore nice dragonskin gloves. The trio broke into the Hog's Head. Sirius and Remus remembered how to do this from their Marauder days. Harry sneaked into Dumbledore's room. Years of Harry Hunting and moving around silently at Durzkaban made Harry quieter than a mouse. Harry placed into his bag the real Potter invisibility cloak, the Vault Key for Vault 687 with 687 emblazoned in Goblin on the Key, De-illuminator and reached for the time turner. Dumbledore began to stir. Harry reached for a dagger and grabbing it in his right hand plunged it into Dumbledore's gut. Dumbledore awoke in great pain and saw Harry. Harry's eyes were dead and a smile was forming around his lips.

"Fawkes," Dumbledore croaked. Harry made off with the time-turner bagged and the Elder Wand, which Dumbledore had dropped to cup his gut in both hands. Aberfoth Dumbledore made it out of his room and brought his wand up to cast a spell. Sirius' "Depulso" caught him before he could and threw him down the stairs, neck broken on impact. The three made it back to 12 Grimmauld Place.

"Why didn't Dumbledore intervene?" Sirius asked.

"He had a knife in his gut that made his doing anything kind of hard," Harry laughed.

"I think you killed Aberforth, Sirius," Remus said, a bit sad.

"He deserved better," Sirius agreed.

"Here's the De-illuminator, which can destroy this time for real," Harry said, handing the object over to Sirius. "Now, you really do need to get to your family Health Spa in the South of France. You were supposed to check in, yesterday."

"Oh, I did check in, yesterday, pup," Sirius laughed. "I'll be back before they know I'm gone."

Harry caught up on his sleep. He needed it for school on the morrow.

Remus took Harry to school and then came back to Grimmauld Place. His first order of business was to check in on the progress of Sirius' and Harry's American businesses. There was an absence of letters. Kreacher looked almost apologetic. He hadn't hidden them. Remus had caught him doing that on previous occasions and had remonstrated with the house-elf. He then checked the Daily Prophet. Dumbledore had been attacked, he'd been stabbed and his brother had been attacked and murdered. Those doing it had been Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Harry Potter. Remus had to go in to the newspaper before this got out of hand. He arrived about 10 am outside Rita Skeeter's office.

"Dear Rita, have you a minute? You don't mind me calling you Rita, do you?" Eat your heart out Sirius Black Remus thought.

Rita Skeeter blushed. Exclusives that walked in off the street could call her anything they wanted.

"What's all this about Dumbledore getting stabbed?"

"Albus was staying with his brother in the Hog's Head, when he was robbed and stabbed by Harry Potter or somebody named Tom possessing Harry."

"The Hog's Head is in Hogsmeade, isn't it?" Remus asked, knowing full well where it was.

"Yes, that's right." Rita's quill didn't stop writing.

"That's in magical Scotland, isn't it?" Remus asked.

"Yes, that's true," Rita agreed.

"If the magical Scotland authorities want to talk to me, I'll be happy to oblige." Magical Scotland authorities never wanted to speak with anyone from magical Britain.

"Can you confirm your whereabout last night and those of Harry and Sirius, Lord Black?"

"As you know, Sirius Black checked into to a Health Spa the day before yesterday. He thought that beautiful young nurses would make far better companions than the Dementors he had at Azkaban. I was home doing the paperwork. You'd have to ask my House-elf and he's getting on in years and always off doing cleaning. I assume Harry was asleep after doing his homework and brushing his teeth."

"Is Harry possessed by Tom?"

"No," Remus affirmed, most assertively.

"Thank you, Steward Lupin," Rita said. This would help sell the article she was about to write on Albus Dumbledore going senile. Remus went back to Grimmauld Place.

Albus Dumbledore was not having a good day. He'd had to see to Aberforth's things and funeral. He had complained to the authorities. Magical Scotland did not like Albus Dumbledore. The authorities showed him the paperwork that showed Aberforth left the Hog's Head to Herbert Binns. Then they kicked him out of Magical Scotland with a never return on pain of death notification. They had told him that they wished whoever had stabbed him had done a better job.

Amelia Bones had not been able to keep Albus Dumbledore out of her office. He'd sat down and told her all about the attack on his person, the murder of Aberfroth. Amelia had cut him off with

"Yes, Dumbledore, I've read the Daily Prophet. Phoenix tears heal perfectly, so you can't tell if a wound has ever existed. You have a blood-stained knife. It's your blood. So what? There's no proof anyone stabbed you. It took place in magical Scotland. It's their case and they're welcome to it."

"They aren't interested," Dumbledore managed to say. "I had a time-turner taken from me. The Ministry must replace it."

Amelia Bones looked down her monocle at Albus. "Check the records to see if Albus Dumbledore was ever issued with a Ministry time-turner."

Half an hour later, the assistant reported back that the Ministry had no record of Albus Dumbledore ever having a Ministry issued time-turner. As a clearly annoyed Dumbledore was about to leave, an agitated Rita Skeeter burst into Amelia's office.

"I had Remus Lupin come in to refute all Dumbledore's allegations. Sirius Black had been checked into a Health Spa since the day before yesterday. Harry was asleep and not possessed by some Tom and Steward Lupin was doing paperwork. This morning, Editor Cuffe has been meeting with influential backers arguing why he should still have a job. I overheard that gem as I was coming over here."

"That is good to know Ms Skeeter," Amelia said. "You can add to your story that magical Scotland is not investigating. I've just spent 30 minutes trying to find record of a Ministry issued time-turner to one Albus Dumbledore. Fruitless, of course."

Albus was no sooner back out in Diagon Alley than an Eagle Owl dropped a gold sealed MACUSA letter into his hands. Albus opened it.

We have investigated a complaint that James Potter was shown as incorrectly married to Petunia Evans, when in fact, he was married to Lily Evans. Since you were the official who claimed there was a marriage between James and Petunia Evans your presence is required at a special session to consider the matter at 6pm, your time. Hit Wizards Alltop and Spender will arrive at the MACUSA section ICW at 4pm your time with an international portkey. Your attendance is mandatory.

Well, wasn't that a pile of manure, thought Albus Dumbledore. Of all his little tricks, he thought that the most harmless. He chuckled at the thought of James married to Petunia. Harry's face had been blank, his eyes dead and that smile was just so Tom. Dumbledore did not feel compassion, for Harry, however. He was but a pig raised to slaughter. Harry's, no Tom's, attempt to kill him just brought forward that day of slaughter.

Dumbledore still had Harry's blood. He'd used it to link Harry to the Hogwarts wards. Were he still in charge of Hogwarts, it would have been a simple matter to track him. The blood wards at Privet failed. Something had been done to end all the traces Dumbledore had used on Harry – another proof Tom was possessing Harry. It went against all of Dumbledore's personal beliefs to directly kill another, after Ariana, but he had to make an exception. There was no-one he'd trust to do the job. Dung didn't kill, he stole. Dung could find the target for him, yes, he could certainly do that. Imperious would get the job done, but there was always the chance that someone just would not kill the Boy-Who-Lived. All that effort to build up Harry Potter and it all turned out to be wasted.

The scar just above his left knee had proved a useful place to store the map of the London Underground. The service tunnels lead to his secret location that he shared with Dung. He'd watched the tunnels being built. Heck, he'd worked as a navvy. Most of his wealth - the millions of galleons he had received in pay for his three jobs, especially – had been stored with his friend Gellert in a place he could no longer remember. Damn it Gellert, why'd you turn on me? He still had quite a bit of wealth: the ink from the giant squid and acromantula silk that Aragog supplied. Poor Hagrid was really too stupid to believe what Albus had told him about there being no market for the stuff. Then again, he had believed there was nothing he could do about Hagrid's wand being snapped and his expulsion from Hogwarts for now nearly 50 years. The half-giant had been so happy to have been given a job by the great Albus Dumbledore.

The vile Argus Filch was ideal as a squib to reinforce the pupils' prejudices against squibs. The less the Purebloods realized that these squib lines were recombining to produce the so called Muggleborns the better. Their more idiotic brethren believed that muggles were stealing magic. As if. Albus Dumbledore posed as the great champion of muggleborn and muggles. How could he be? Muggles had destroyed Ariana's magic, turning her into an obscurial and his father's actions against those muggles had caused him to be thrown into Azkaban, where he'd died. He'd had his revenge against Houses Potter and Black, who'd cast the deciding votes. Both were one thread away from extinction. Albus Dumbledore intended to see both Houses destroyed ere he left for his next great adventure. The Greater Good demanded that the Pureblood ruled other magic users and muggle alike.

A vault at Gringotts would have been a better place for Albus' wealth, but an altercation in the 1600s had caused his family to be banned from ever again having their own Vault. House Dumbledore had been a supporter of the Gunpowder Plot and when that had failed, his House had paid for it. They'd lost their seat in the Wizengamot and could never have an inheritable seat there ever again. Albus had gotten around that ban for years until Harry Potter had come along. Their Dumbledore Vault contents had been split three ways: Gringotts and Houses Black and Potter.

The Scots were one level of barbarity above the bog-dwelling Irish. Albus despised both. Magical Scotland and Ireland returned Albus' hatred for them in equal measure. Their relatively mild displeasure at Minerva McGonagall was but a small measure of their ire towards him. Albus had rescued Minerva from becoming Minister for Magic in magical Scotland and charitably allowed her to be overworked and underpaid as his Deputy. If Albus could do three jobs, so could she. Scottish pride was a wonderful thing!

Albus Dumbledore had extended a lifeline to Filius Flitwick, when the duelling champion found that, as a half-Goblin, he could no longer compete in Tournaments. He'd been undefeated on the circuit. He only earned a tenth of what he had been before as Charms Master, but it was secure employment.

Babbling, Sinistra and Vector were all professors recruited directly by Minerva. Albus had recruited Burbage to teach Muggle Studies using text books that hadn't been reviewed for 60 years. She was a Pureblood who knew nothing about Muggles. Albus considered her the ideal professor to impart useless out of date information. It was important to keep the Purebloods ignorant of just how far Muggles had come. Albus had up to date Muggle clothing that he wore on his trips out ten pin bowling. He was quite the connoisseur of Newcastle night life.

Cuthbert Binns was also ideal. He'd always been a boring teacher, even when he was alive. He made students fall asleep during his History of Magic lessons and he only ever covered the Goblin Rebellions. He was passing on his hatred for goblins. Money couldn't buy such hate. He was just one of the teachers that Minerva had cleared out of Hogwarts.

Albus ruefully reflected that he had meet Moody that Wednesday evening as planned, but the old auror had turned him down. He would not attempt to kidnap Potter. He had angrily stormed out of the meeting place. Albus' allies were dwindling. On the one hand they were cock-a-hoop that Death Eaters had died en masse. They were sure Albus had orchestrated it, but Albus had not said a word about it. The owl messages that Albus had been receiving were asking what he was going to do to follow that success up. Albus did not regard the loss of any Pureblood wizard or witch as a cause for celebration.

Lucius Malfoy had been the most prominent Death Eater killed. 20 had occupied senior positions in the Ministry. Travers, Avery and Yaxley had been members of the Wizengamot and part of the Sacred 28 and worse, their families were now extinct. 7 had also been members of the Wizengamot, with Bulstrode, Parkinson and Rosier being part of the Sacred 28. 4 other Wizengamot noble families lost their head of family, including Crabbe and Goyle.

Albus deeply regretted all of those deaths. He did not understand how they could have been sent on a mission by Tom aka Voldemort. He thought that Tom was hiding himself away and would for a number of years. All Albus could do now was wait for the Americans to take him for his grilling.

Harry James Potter-Black was delighted to see the de-illuminator burn in fiendfyre and be destroyed. The time-turner was now safe, back with the Potters. The same could be said for his Vault Key. He had stabbed Albus Dumbledore to keep him and Fawkes otherwise occupied whilst he made his getaway. He didn't explain what had happened to Hermione. Harry had come across a ward scheme in his mother's notebook that was superior to the one he had previously installed. He did mention that to Hermione. She said she would talk to her parents. Harry wanted to uprate the protection on and around their properties as soon as he could.

At 4pm, Albus Dumbledore was waiting down in the Ministry for Alltop and Spender. The American Hit witch and wizard arrived and after confirming his identity proffered the portkey that would take them to their point of decision. Albus submitted to this. He found himself in a darkened room. There was a raised dias with 7 persons seated around it. Off to one side was a table with 2 people sitting there. Dumbledore found himself next to a table, opposite those two. His escort took up position behind Albus.

President Miriam Cross of MACUSA rose and addressed those assembled.

"Delegates, we are gathered here to determine the guilt of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore in the matter of the false marriage between Pureblood James Potter and the No-Maj Petunia Evans. Prosecutor Dandforth you may begin the interrogation of Mr Dumbledore."

"Thank you, Madam President, for your introduction. Now then, Dumbledore kindly explain how it was that these false marriage papers were presented to us."

"This is most irregular," Albus said. "I was told I was being asked to assist into an investigation. I delegated the activity of presenting the marriage to your staff back in 1978."

"You are indeed assisting us," Dandforth said. "We have questioned those responsible and they have all sworn and been proved to be telling the truth that you personally handed them the information about the marriage. Can you confirm that there was a marriage on 31st October 1978?"

"I can confirm that there was a marriage on that date. I was there."

"Thank you Mr Dumbledore. You do appear to have been confused as to who got married. The two women look nothing alike. It's hard to believe they are from the same family. It's even harder not to conclude that your presenting a false marriage was deliberate. Would you agree with this assessment?"

"I would not share that assessment," Dumbledore was adamant that he was not going down for this.

"Yet you selected the information, a week or so later, and personally handed it over. You were personally responsible."

"So I made a mistake when selecting the files," Dumbledore conceded.

"You are aware that the Rappaport's Law prohibited marriage between a Wizard and a No-Maj?"

"Yes. I'm equally aware that the Law was repealed in 1965, Albus was sure of that.

"Yes, therein lies the heart of the matter. It was the MACUSA Congress that repealed the Law. The Law however, was in fact a Presidential Decree and not subject to Congressional repeal. There was a long court case between 1965 and 1969 that resulted in something of a fudge. Contact was officially resumed between our officials and No-Maj officials. The general prohibition and consequent execution of the Magical and No-Maj marriage partners and all and any offspring remained in force, subject to an assessment made by a special panel. The Law was not officially repealed until President Cross assumed the office of President of MACUSA in January 1985 and signed the Decree ending the Rappaport's Law."

"I fail to see what this History lesson has got to do with me," Albus was non-plussed.

"In 1980, after the birth of Harry James Potter, the special assessment of his named parents was conducted. It was very narrowly concluded that the three would be allowed to live, but their family's property and business in the USA could not be inherited by Harry James Potter. It was also determined that no Hit Wizards from MACUSA would assist the Potters in their fight against Lord Voldemort. It has come to light that because of your fraud, we were in error."

"I did not defraud you."

"The fraud you committed was against Harry James Potter. You knowingly sent documents you knew would have the effect they did. You ensured the family would have no assistance from MACUSA. You condemned the boy and his parents."

"This has all got out of hand. It was simple mistake," Dumbledore spread his hands to emphasize the point."

"A single No-Maj had a file in amongst wizards and witches that you just happened to select and hand off. That was a deliberate action."

"I have repeatedly told you that it was a simple mistake."

"I conclude the presentation of the case. Judgment is all that remains." Dandforth sat down.

Dumbledore was not staying. The Americans were far too fond of the death penalty for his liking. "Fawkes," Albus cried, adopting the heroic pose. Fawkes appeared and flashed out again. Dumbledore was gone. The seven deliberated and each voted for death of one Albus Dumbledore."

President Cross spoke, "The special session of the Court has found Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore guilty as charged and sentenced to death by a 7-0 vote. Full restoration is to be made to Harry James Potter. Full disclosure to the British Ministry and the Steward of House Potter is to be made before close of business today. Thank you, for your time, today. Dismissed."

Steward Remus Lupin was going to have some good news to tell Harry at supper. The decision paper set it all out. Everything the Potters owned in the USA would be returned to Harry. The decision provoked a different reaction from the British Ministry. Fudge and co might have disliked Albus Dumbledore, but they weren't going to stand for an American kangaroo court sentencing him to death. The MACUSA delegation received short shrift from their British counterparts.

Remus found Harry's reaction less than the enthusiastic pleasure he'd been expecting.

"I'm delighted we have this legal document backing our claims, but it's for nothing if the people in charge don't want it to mean anything." Harry had heard Vernon state his opposition to something the company wanted to do. Vernon had won, too.

Remus gave Harry a mirror. This is one of a pair, I have the other. It's something Sirius and James invented during our time at Hogwarts.

"Remus, I am not so self-absorbed that I have to look at my reflection every few minutes."

"Oh, they're communication devices. Just look at it, say my name and it'll tell me you're calling or you'll hear me."

"Try not to call me during class or I'll have to come up with some excuse," Harry laughed. So did Remus.

The magical side of things in the US were easily handled. Those who didn't see the rightness of the matter, caved on seeing the decision from MACUSA. Then Remus discovered that Potter Inc had been into muggle items. The new owners as the managers thought of themselves laughed at the prospect of their old owners returning. In the decade since they'd taken over the company, they had more than doubled turnover and had increased profit margins to 35% from 8%.

Remus dialled up Harry and his mirror. Harry was on a break. Remus explained the situation.

"They sound like the guys I'd want running my company. I don't need 100% of the shares. 60% will be fine. They can have the dividends from 40% whilst they are in the position of running the company. Maybe share out 5% from my share amongst the workforce to help them share in the prosperity of my company."

Remus put Harry's idea to the bosses. They'd had the opportunity to examine the documents Mr Lupin had brought. They did not like the idea of losing everything due to some mix up a decade ago. Consequently, they quite liked the idea of staying on and sharing in the profits. They were shocked when they learnt that Harry, their owner, was 11 years old. The lawyers who were with Remus Lupin smiled. This Potter was lining up to be a chip off the old bloc. A worthy Potter. They had no idea that the idea was drawn from the experiences of the least likely source of wisdom. Vernon Dursley.

Remus would stay the rest of the month in the USA. He also had Black Industries to sort out and get running properly again. Remus discovered that the last of the American Potters had been killed by Grindelwald. He told Harry that. The boy had laughed. That had not been the reaction he'd expected. Harry had explained that he had killed Grindelwald, so it sort of evened things out. Remus also checked up on Harry that he was doing his homework. Harry was.

Harry Potter was doing something else too. He knew Quirrelmort would be going after the Stone. He knew where the entrance was. It was all students could gossip about. It would be Halloween, because that was when bad things had happened to Harry. It was a sure thing that Voldie would be going after the Stone. The Stone was probably no longer there, but Voldie would not know that. Harry had the New Marauders Map that Sirius and Remus had made for him.

Halloween rolled around. It was a Thursday. Harry was dressed as Black Ninja. The idea had appealed to Sirius. Harry was your typical ninja and equipped as such. He had throwing stars and a couple of short swords, not really much more than daggers. He also had his wand, Cloak and the Map. And Floo powder. Harry did not like travelling by Floo, but it was necessary. He took the Floo about 8pm to Hogsmeade. He hoped he'd be taken as one of the kids out on the town knocking on doors for sweets. Harry made his way from Hogsmeade to the Shrieking Shack and from there entered Hogwarts. He put on the Cloak and made his way to the third floor entrance. He took his Cloak off before entering.

Three quick stunners later and Fluffy the Cerebus was out cold. Harry needed to cast Wingardium Leviosa. Hermione stressed the importance of getting the sounds right. Harry didn't know what its name was nor its species. That didn't matter to him. He fell into something. It wasn't letting him go. It was very dark.

"Lumos maxima," might not have been the best spell to cast, but it worked. The overgrown venus fly-trap dropped him and scurried for the dark. Interesting to note, Harry thought. A walking plant. Next came a room of keys. The only way through was to use a broom to get the key. Harry cast bombarda maxima at the door. It wasn't up to Harry's spell strength and was destroyed.

Harry came up to a set of chess pieces. Seriously? Somebody expected him to play a game of chess. One fiendfyre later and the board was cleared. Harry next entered a room previously occupied by a troll. There was no sign of the troll. Harry thought that it was probably off terrorizing the pupils. Harry hoped it was having fun.

A wall of flame was the final defense between Voldie and the Stone or so Quirrelmort had probably thought. Aquamenti maxima soon quenched the flames. Somebody had left poison down here and a flame resistance potion amongst the seven potions available for use. Harry picked the three up. This was supposed to be a school not a comedy of horrors.

Harry strode in to find Professor Quirrell having a conversation with a lump hidden under his turban.

"The Stone must be in the Mirror, master."

"The question is how to get it out. Ah here is Harry Potter. Let's use him to get the Stone out."

Harry saw himself with his mother and father and saw his reflection wink at himself. He felt something grow in his pocket. Voldemort must have seen him smile.

"The boy has it. Quickly seize him."

Quirrell moved to seize Harry. He grabbed Harry. Harry grabbed his arm which crumbled. Harry reached for Quirrell's face. It crumpled as did the lump that was Voldemort. Harry realized that he was between Voldemort and the door. He rolled out of the way as a man-force stunner passed over the space he'd previously occupied.

Harry cast Depulso at the black mist coming for him. It dispersed. That was the end of the wizard who had called himself Lord Voldemort. Harry rolled out of the way of another stunner. He spoke, hurriedly.

"So, the Rat returns." Harry had seen Pettigrew.

"Sorry, it has to be this way, Harry. You never liked me when you were a baby."

"I had good taste and judgement, even then."

"I was there in your room picking up the cloak and wand of my master. I was about to kill you."

"Right. Who stopped you? The good fairy?"

"Albus Dumbledore was there and he told me to leave and how to trick Sirius and where to go to live. He'd known about us being animagi." Wormtail cast the killing curse. Harry managed to dive behind the Mirror of Erised. The killing curse hit the mirror shattering it, but it was reflected back at Pettigrew who was too stunned to move. The green light made contact with him and that was it for Peter Pettigrew aka Wormtail, one of the four Marauders. A couple of Evanescos and everything looked ship shape, once again. Harry checked the Map to show where he was and planned his exit route back to the shrieking Shack. Harry put his Cloak back on. He made his way out. As far as he knew, he had been unobserved.

On his return to Grimmauld Place, Harry disabled the Floo. He sent Hedwig to deliver the Stone to the Flamels and then to return. Harry contacted Remus. Remus was pleased to learn that Voldemort was finally destroyed and that the Rat had paid the price for his treachery.

The best thing about November 1 was Hermione standing them arms akimbo.

"Hermione," Harry thought he'd get in first and hopefully head off Mount St Hermione, before she erupted.

"You're a great wizard, Harry."

"You know more than I do, Hermione. I'm sure I'd be dead many times over, if not for your careful tutelage."

"There's more than books and knowledge, Harry. There's bravery and friendship and." Hermione shut herself up.

"And what, Hermione?" Harry asked. Hermione blushed. "Would the word you couldn't say have been love?"

"Yes, Harry."

"I haven't had much love in my life. I suspect you haven't either Hermione. But yes, I think love does describe what there is between us."

Hermione hugged Harry. Harry knew he should give Hermione a ring. That's what men did at this point in the movies. He only had an old ring that Kreacher had put out for him. It was too yucky to wear. He gave Hermione the ring. She looked at it. She cast a spell to clean it up. Harry hadn't learned that one, yet. She put the ring on. Neither knew that it was the Heir ring to House Potter. Hermione hugged Harry. Harry liked her hugs. He broke away and asked him, "Will you be attending the Wizengamot this afternoon?"

"Indeed, I shall, my lady," Harry answered.

"You didn't need the gallantry, Harry. I'll take notes."

"I heard that 'as usual', you know." The pair laughed and made their way into school. They had eyes only for each other. Had they been paying attention they'd have noticed they'd had older year kids observing them do magic.

After lunch, Harry left school and made his way to somewhere he could not be overlooked and used the portkey to Grimmauld Place. There he found a letter from the Weasley twins, threatening to blackmail him. Something for later. Harry went to his robing room and changed into his Wizengamot finery. Harry took his seat with ten minutes to spare.

Albus Dumbledore had chosen his attire with the same exquisite care that he always did. Today was time for his making an entrance attire. Bright purple robes with a same coloured conical hat. Clothes that just screamed 'notice me'. Albus stepped out of his hideout and onto a service line. Albus' map of the London Underground was not up to date. The line may have been a service line used maybe two or three times a day, back in Albus' day. Now it had trains using it every ten minutes. That ten minutes was up exactly at the time Albus stepped onto the line. Splat. Albus Dumbledore ended his life as a smear on the ground. Dung was able to identify the remains by the purple conical hat. He was considerably better off as he had acquired Albus' stash.

Those who had been waiting, expecting to speak with Albus Dumbledore nearly missed the meeting. They could not understand where Albus Dumbledore was. He was never late. It would be several hours until a statement expressing regret at his demise was issued to the general public.

The Wizengamot meeting began at 2pm sharp as Chief Warlock Regent Augusta Longbottom nee Rosier brought her gavel down.

"We are lacking members of our faction," Lord Selwyn began, indicating 7 empty seats.

"We're quorate. Think yourself lucky, the Ministry forgot to send Houses Potter-Black an agenda. I'm representing our seats today."

"You're out of order, Potter," Selwyn stated.

"You're a fucking Death Eater. You have no right to be alive," Harry reposted, angrily.

"Lord Potter, please be civil," the Chief Warlock said. "You must respect other members of the Wizengamot."

"Lord Potter should be in school and we're going to be talking about that today," Lord Selwyn had an evil grin on his face as he said that.

"You should be dead. You and every Death Eater and Death Eater wannabe. The Wizengamot will do things my way or I'll be disbanding it and the Ministry." Harry wasn't sure he could do that, but it was a good threat to start with. "The Wizengamot sealed a load of my family's Wills, contrary to its powers and authority. It will unseal each and everyone of them. Officially. Start voting, I so move."

"We cannot do that, Lord Potter," the Chief Warlock stated.

"You do this or I disband and you can ask the Keeper of Laws as to my right to do this."

The Keeper of the Laws confirmed that Lord Potter had the right to do that. The Wizengamot unsealed the Wills that had been sealed. The Wizengamot learnt that Sirius Black was not the Secret Keeper. There had been debate even after Sirius' trial had first revealed that. Now it was out in the open for all to see.

"We will now move on to item 1," the Chief Warlock announced.

"No, the Wizengamot and Ministry will now agree a sum of monies to be paid to House Potter in exchange for illegally sealing my House's Wills. You paid over 100000 galleons to Sirius Orion Black, Lord Black. I think the same sum is suitable recompense to House Potter."

The last thing Minister Fudge wanted was an investigation into his running of the Ministry. It was easy to agree to pay that sum over. His Malfoy-paid slush fund was or would be down 200000 galleons, but he still had more than enough money to retire on. The main Potter Vault became 100000 galleons richer.

Harry found that the Wizengamot wanted him to attend Hogwarts. Harry was having none of it. Hours the debate went on. The Wizengamot ruled that Harry was to attend Hogwarts. Harry stated quite bluntly that the Wizengamot had neither the power nor the authority to force his attendance until he was 18 at Hogwarts.

Lord Selwyn responded to Harry's declaration with one of his own. "You will either present yourself to Hogwarts for the remaining seven years of your attendance by next month's Wizengamot meeting or you will be dragged there and you will stay with wizards who will ensure your attendance."

Senior Undersecretary Umbridge declared, "It is not safe for you in the muggle world, Lord Potter. Muggles have the means to steal our magic."

"That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. The definition of Muggle is without magic. Muggles cannot touch our magic," Harry reposted. "Bad choice that Weasley. You should not have voted against me."

Arthur Weasley gulped, as if he just realized what a mistake he had made.

Amelia Bones headed over to speak with Lord Potter-Black.

"Lord Potter-Black, surely you see what your being at Hogwarts means?"

"I regard you as a friend. I hope that will continue. I am not anyone's symbol. I don't give a brass fucking monkeys: I will not be forced to do things any more. The Wizengamot has passed another illegal motion concerning my family. It and the Ministry will be dissolved, if it is not removed. I will not return to Hogwarts, ever again, as a pupil. If the Wizengamot does not move, we are at an impasse and a collision will occur. I will live the life I choose."