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2. Everyone is Animal

Harry woke her up by giving her arse a squeeze. Her eyes slowly opened, her mind sluggishly registering his hands fondling her butt.

"Good morning, mother. Had a nice sleep?" he asked with his usual smirk. He sat up beside her and his hands moved all over her body. Lily stiffened when he put his hands on her breasts. She bit back a moan as he squeezed her round supple tits. She pushed him away immediately and scrambled back, pressing herself against the bed's headrest. She crossed her legs and covered her chest with her hands.

"Seriously, Harry? Molesting your own mother when she is asleep? How low can you fall?" she hissed indignantly, her beautiful green eyes narrowed in fury. Harry just chuckled and climbed down the bed.

"When you have a naked redhead milf in your bed, it doesn't matter if she is your mother or sister or your daughter. A sexy woman is a sexy woman no matter what." he remarked sagely, staring at her naked figure. Lily couldn't help but shiver, she could practically feel his eyes drinking every inch of her skin. She wished she had a blanket to cover herself. In the end she just glared at him.

"You are enjoying this. Aren't you? You are a sadist who likes torturing his mother. It isn't only about the ritual, is it? You are taking joy in making me suffer." she stated with a blank face.

"True. I do enjoy seeing you naked. And I definitely love groping you while you make various embarrassed faces. I can't say I don't find it cute. But if it wasn't for the ritual I wouldn't have gone so far to kidnap you. So, in a sense you are both right and wrong." he answered thoughtfully, scratching his cheek.

"I hope you succeed in this ritual, Harry, I really do. But as far as I can understand, this looks like a fake ritual designed by some pervert. You still have time, son. Let me go. I will forget all about this. I won't hold your naive and foolish decisions against you. I won't fault you for believing in this stupid ritual. I won't punish you for your impulsive actions. You are being duped by the ritual, Harry. Just let me go. We can still be a family." She tried reasoning with him. He just shook his head and shot her a patient smile.

"It is not fake, mother. This ritual is real. While I do agree that this looks like a ritual designed by some degenerate, I know it will fulfil my desire in the end."

"Then at least tell me your desire. At least reveal the end result of this ritual to me. Give me the reason for my suffering. Give it a meaning." she begged.

"No words can give meaning to tragedy and suffering, mother. But tonight I will tell you the reason when we continue the ritual from where we stopped. For now, I will leave you with some books and food. You are free to use the bathroom connected to this room. I am sure you want a long bath. But you are required to be naked so you won't find any clothes in this room. Also, I am locking this room from outside since I am going out of the trunk. I don't have the luxury to stay with you 24/7 after all. It is necessary to see how others are reacting to your missing news. I will return afterwards. In the meanwhile, you are free to peruse the books to kill time. There is no reason to kill you from boredom before you fulfil your objective."

"Please, Harry. Let me out. Please." she pleaded desperately. Harry easily ignored her grovelling and left the room after placing a tray full of food and tea on the bedside table. He also dropped a couple of novels on the bed as promised.

When he stepped out into his small room from the trunk, he closed it and slid it under the bed.

His gaze fell on the broom leaning against the wall. It was the same broom Lily used last night to fly here. With a wave of his wand, he vanished the broom, leaving no proof that she was ever here.

The day passed slowly. The Durselys ignored him and he ignored them. That was the best case scenario. He sat in his room, going through his next year's books. He needed to prepare in advance to keep the title of prodigy for which he was known throughout Hogwarts. It wasn't luck that made him number 1, it was hard work. His fame was a fruit of his talent instead of his name. Unlike his twin brother, Noah.

In the evening, his studying was interrupted by the arrival of James Potter. Harry kept a poker face while his father hopelessly inquired about Lily Potter. He could see the bags under his father's eyes. He could feel the sadness and fury rolling off of him.

"It's Voldemort. That bastard has my wife. I will kill that fucking son of bitch." James had given out this anguished vow before leaving Privet Drive.

Harry hid an amused smile and went down to prepare for dinner. It was better to keep his relatives satisfied and happy until he finds a safe way to dispatch them.

The dinner was a silent affair. The Dursleys whispered among themselves while Harry quickly ate up his food. He took some food for his mother from the kitchen before going to his room. He pulled out his trunk from under the bed and went inside, closing the lid behind him.

Lily was bored out of her mind. After her son locked her up in here, she drank the hot tea which was very well made and had breakfast. She was a little upset when he didn't come in the afternoon. At this point, she wasn't sure if she wanted his company or not. Still, as the time passed at an ant's pace, the feeling of loneliness kept on building until she begged the gods that Harry would just come down here. She just wanted to see another human. Lying naked all alone in the bed was making her crazy.

She had even finished reading one novel and wasn't in the mood to read another after the first book's ending. The novel 1994 wasn't a very optimistic book. And the ending was definitely not a happy one. She hoped her ending wouldn't be a tragedy.

The sound of the door opening elicited a series of complex feelings inside her. While she was ecstatic that she finally had human company, she also knew that the time for the ritual was near. And dread was filling her. What would the next step of the ritual be? Would it be a repeat of yesterday or would it be something totally different?

"Hey there, mother? How was your day?" Harry greeted her when he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. She was lying motionless on the bed. She didn't even try hiding her naked body when his eyes feasted on her curves. He has already seen her. What was the point of hiding it now?

"Boring." she mumbled, not looking at him and staring at the ceiling.

"Well, I am sorry to hear that. But it will be just for 14 more days. You can survive boredom for 14 days. Can't you? This ritual after all will keep your family safe." He rolled his eyes at her petulance and sat beside her.

Lily's body was tense with tension as her abuser sat near her. Her heart started thumbing loudly, her breath hitched in her throat.

"Oh, I forgot to mention that James Potter came today to ask about you. He didn't even think that I may be the culprit. He quickly and conveniently blamed Voldemort for your disappearance. So, don't hope that anyone will come here to save you. No one knows about your whereabouts. There is no one coming to free you. Your best hope is to go with the flow and I won't have to discipline you. However much you want to paint me as a sadist, I don't like hurting anyone without any reason. The only pain you need to suffer is during the rituals. I won't torture you just for the sake of my amusement. Now, wait here and I will prepare the ritual room for tonight. I will be back soon." He informed her, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. He left the room after that.

Lily was thoroughly perplexed as her body relaxed after his departure. She couldn't read her son's mind. One second he was molesting her, abusing her, torturing her and the next he was giving her gentle heartwarming kisses which could easily melt a mother's heart. She couldn't decide which version of his was real or fake.

She touched her cheek where his lips were a moment ago. Her eyes pooled with sorrow.

'What do I do? I can't hate him and I can't love him. What should I do?' she thought sadly.

Ten minutes later, Harry came back and led her to the ritual room. A horrified gasp left her mouth when she saw a large ritual circle drawn in blood on the floor. She was sure it was around 10 feet in diameter. She could just imagine the enormous amount of blood needed to draw that circle.

"Tell me you at least drank a blood replenishing potion." she scrunched her face and gave him a worried look as he closed the door behind him.

"Of course. I am not suicidal." he waved away her concern. She was relieved. However much she disliked him at this instant, he still was her son. She didn't want him hurt and she definitely didn't want him dead. He grabbed her arm and led her in the centre of the ritual circle. "Lie on your back on the floor."

"What? Why would I do that?" she crossed her arms under her chest. Though she quickly dropped her hands when she realised that her action emphasised the shape of her big tits and brought his unwanted attention to her bare boobs.

"Gods! Just lie down on your back for the ritual. I have to draw runes again on your front part of the body. And the ritual requires you lying down on the floor, just do it." he snapped at her in exasperation. She reluctantly lied down on her back on the cold floor. She could feel the cool smooth stone sticking to her soft warm skin.

"Start doing your thing so I can go back to the room." she grumbled nervously, not feeling comfortable lying in the centre of a circle drawn from the blood of her son. She could smell the stench of his blood. It was filling her nostrils, making her feel nauseous.

Her eyes widened in surprise when he suddenly waved his wand at her. Four loud clicks echoed in the ritual room. Her hands and legs were abruptly pulled in opposite directions. She gave him a betrayed look as shackles kept her pinned down on the floor in a spread-eagle position.

Harry's laughter ringed in the stony room.

"Harry! What is the meaning of this? You don't have to bind me. I will cooperate in letting you draw runes on my body. I won't fight or struggle." she yelled bemusedly from where she was stretched on the ground, in the centre of the ritual circle. Harry moved closer to her and kneeled beside her, caressing her hair gently. Almost lovingly.

"I lied, mother. While I indeed have to draw runes on your body, I also have to do a couple of more things which you will probably fight against. So, unfortunately I had to put restraints on you. Better nip it in the bud as the saying goes." he explained mockingly.

"What else do you have to do?" she whispered, afraid to hear his response. Afraid to listen to her deepest fear.

"It's a surprise, mother. Don't want to ruin the suspense after all. Let's start the ritual." Harry grinned, his forefinger dipping in her boobs, running between her voluptuous breasts, tracing her cleavage. She turned her face away as goosebumps rose on her body. She bit her lip as he cupped her left boob, as his fingers squeezed her flesh, as his thumb caressing her stiffening nipple.

Harry stopped after half a minute and stepped out of the ritual circle. He controlled his lust and concentrated on the ritual. He cut open his wrist and let his blood drip in the awaiting vessel, which was resting in his other hand. When the vessel was filled with his blood, he pushed his wand in it, the wooden magical conductor sucking all the blood. After his wand was done drinking its master's blood, Harry went back into the ritual circle and started drawing the necessary runes on her body.

Lily quickly understood that these runes were different. Unlike yesterday, these runes didn't vanish, instead they turned black and stayed on her skin like tattoos. She hoped it wasn't permanent. Or she might have to awkwardly explain the reason for the various new tattoos on her pale skin to James in future.

The sound of Harry's chanting was harsh and guttural. She shivered whenever a new tattoo formed on her body. There was something wrong with these runes. They felt like cold steel on her warm skin. At last, Harry stopped, leaving her body with dozens of black runes.

"This might be intolerable to you but it is necessary. Brace yourself and try not to freak out." Harry warned her before his fingers caressed her pussy. Her eyes were wide as she stared at her son, who was brazenly running his fingers on her most private part.

"Oh, no, no, no, don't, please. Don't touch me down there. You are my baby boy. You are my flesh and blood. You are my son. You shouldn't- you can't touch me there." she whimpered, struggling against the shackles uselessly. Her legs were spread wide by the restraints, giving him full access to her lower lips. She bit back a moan as he parted her petals with his fingers while nudging her clit.

"How in the hell is this necessary for the ritual? You are just being a pervert, aren't you? You are just making excuses to fondle me down there. Stop it this instant. I have ignored your leering. I have ignored your fondling but I can't ignore this." she screamed in defiance. Harry shot her an amused smile, without a notice, he slipped his finger in her dry tunnel. A gasp left her mouth as his finger slid inside her.

"No. Please no. Don't do this." she begged desperately as he kept pushing his finger in and out of her slick entrance.

"This too has a reason, mother. My next step will reveal it." Harry chuckled, ceasing his finger fucking after a while.

He pulled out his finger. It was coated with her wetness.

"I needed to get you wet, mother. Hmm, you taste good, as expected." He smirked, sucking her wetness off of his finger, his tongue darting out and licking it fervently. Lily's face scrunched in disgust at the blatant indecency.

"Onto the next step then." Harry mumbled, moving between her legs and gripping his holly wand. He pointed the end of his wooden wand to her entrance and started pushing it in.

"What the fuck?" she moaned as her vulva parted to let the stick in.

"As I said, I needed to make you wet so my wand could easily slip inside you. And no, I am not using the word wand as an euphemism here" he laughed warmly as his magical wand slowly got enveloped by her folds. She snivelled loudly as the wooden construct penetrated her. Harry stopped pushing it in when the end of the wand crossed the entrance to her womb.

"And this is the next part of the ritual. I need to fill your womb with my blood." Harry commented with intrigue and chanted a spell under his breath. Lily could practically feel the sensation of her womb getting filled up by his warm blood.

She felt sick in her stomach. Her son's blood occupied her womb. Harry gently pulled out his wand and tapped her groin with it. He ignored his blood leaking out of her entrance.

"ARGH!" Lily screamed as an instantaneous wave of pain hit her like a truck. It felt like the blood in her womb was boiling. She yelled and whined. She cried for her sons and her husband. She cried for the help of a higher power. She cried for death.

She begged for the pain to stop as she struggled against her bounds while suffering the most excruciating pain ever. Harry just kneeled beside her and looked on apathetically as his mother experienced an unworldly pain.

These two minutes were the worst time of her life. Even when the pain faded, she cried miserably.

"Hmm, the ritual is on track since the black runes have turned golden. The blood has been absorbed too." Harry said to himself, checking the golden runes which were earlier black. Lily was in a daze. Her whole body was numb. She couldn't feel her body. All her energy had vanished in surviving the pain.

As the feeling very slowly returned to her, she realised how sore her throat was. She realised how her body was still spasming.

"You are a monster. I hate you." Lily whispered softly. Her eyes were overflowing with tears as she denounced her son. It felt like cutting off her own limb. Harry was unaffected by her statement.

"Maybe I am. Or maybe I am not. Honestly, I think we all are animals trying to survive in this cruel world. Does the lion regret killing those below him? Do the tsunami waves cry before burying entire cities in its deathly embrace? No, they do not. It is the law of nature. Strong abuses the weak. And the only way to stop the abuse is by becoming stronger. Why should I feel bad then? I am just a boy, barely 15 years old, trying to keep myself safe in this merciless world. I am all alone with no one providing me with protection, I am just a teenager being hunted by a dark lord. Is it wrong that I am making you suffer for the sake of my safety? Maybe. But who created all these morals? Right, it was the humans who became pretentious and forgot that they were only animals in the end. Am I a monster? I don't know. Am I an animal? Definitely." Harry smiled placidly, removing his clothes systematically. Lily was somehow able to listen to his words in her frail state as she stared at her naked son who was kneeling between her legs.

"What are you doing?" she asked fearfully.

"Doing the last step of tonight's ritual. I am going to breed you, mother. I am going to put a child in your bloodied womb. This is the meaning you have been asking about. This is the secret which I have been hiding from you. The end result of this ritual will be an all powerful child who will be totally loyal to me. This is my goal, mother. Your suffering, your pain, this dark magic, all these will birth an overpowered immortal divine child who will be my real family. My only family. Brace yourself mother. While it won't be painful, I am sure me fucking you will disgust your every single cell, your every part of your being." Harry's explanation left her speechless. She looked at him dumbly as he put his hands on either side of her waist. She stared at him as he guided his hard shaft to her vagina.

Just as he began penetrating her, her mind caught up with his words.

"NOOO!" She wailed as he pushed his hard throbbing shaft into her pussy. She cried softly as her body instinctively accepted the invasion of his boner. She felt her wet and warm vaginal walls sucking in his manhood, welcoming him hungrily.

She glared at him as he moved his hands on either side of her shoulders and hovered over her. She saw his devilish smug smile as he began fucking her, his hips moving back and forth between her legs. She whimpered and moaned as he violated her womanhood, as he violated her motherhood. She sobbed softly as he thrusted in and out of her.

"Don't cry mother. We are animals. It doesn't matter if a female is a mother or a sister. A beast in heat just wants to shove his dick into a pussy. And I am shoving my dick in your wet tunnel. Gods! You feel so good. I won't last long with how your body is squeezing my cock. It is almost as if I am pumping into a wet silky inferno." Harry rambled on with glazed eyes as he kept on railing into her.

Lily had her face turned away as her son sexually abused her. She didn't want to see his pleased eyes as he raped her. She tried her best to keep her mouth shut but the occasional moans and whimpers left her lips whenever his cock hit some specific spots.

She felt dirty as his hands ran on her body. She felt unclean as his fingers palm into her breasts, as his fingers pinched her hardened nipples . She mewled as his thumb poked her areolas.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Of fuck! Yes!" Harry yelled, plowing into her. The sound of his skin insistently slapping on hers echoing loudly in the room. With a last grunt, he drove his cock as deep as he could and soiled her fertile motherly womb. His seeds coloured her walls white. She felt bile rising in her stomach at the thought of being creampied by her own son.

Harry panted, pulling out from her violated core.

She sniffled as his cum leaked from her defiled flower.

"I hate you." she whispered again and stared at the ceiling, not wanting to look at him. Her eyes were burning with emotions while her face was blank and emotionless. Something had broken inside her after being raped by her son. It had left her scarred forever. She feared she might never heal from it.

Harry waved his wand and made the shackles disappear, unbinding her.

"You do. I can see the malicious hate in your eyes. Come on, let's get you to my room so you can hate me in the comfort of the soft bed." Harry suddenly smiled in melancholy, slipping his hands under her neck and under her knees before picking her up bridal style. He carried her to his room and laid her on his bed. He climbed beside her and wrapped his arms around her in a loving gesture as if he hadn't just violated her body and crushed her soul earlier.

Lily though was numb to all the external stimuli and closed her eyes, not fighting against his embrace.

She hoped she would dive into eternal sleep and would never wake up again.

Harry pushed down the regret at seeing the broken look on her beautiful face, in the emerald eyes of hers. It was deeply unsettling how those eyes elicited bad memories.

They were all animals. He would rather be a predator than a prey. He would rather be the abuser than the abused.

He would rather be alive than dead.

'But did she deserve it? She isn't Uncle Vernon. Do I deserve to live after what I did? I am a freak. I never should have been born. I never deserved to live.'

"Shut up! Shut up! I deserve it. I deserve to live. I am not a freak. My life isn't meaningless. I am not alone." He suddenly began yelling and rolled her over on the bed.

Lily was momentarily surprised as she was forced onto her back. But the surprise vanished and the broken look was back in her eyes as he spread her hips and positioned himself.

"Don't look at me like that! Don't look at me with those eyes." he screamed and pushed forward, spearing her with his cock. Lily gasped softly at the sudden intrusion. A sting of pain hit her as he roughly plunged his dick inside her once sacred core. But that was the only response she gave as he again raped her that night.

All her senses were muted. It wasn't real. It was all a crazy nightmare.

That's how the next hour turned out for the mother-son duo.

Harry kept shrieking "I am not a freak" while plunging his dick in and out of his mother's cunt.

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