Peter was running back and forth along the side boards of the train carriage. What was he supposed to do. Serius had escaped. No one escapes from Azkaban. He would die from betraying arrogant James and Serius. Sweet Lily, why did he do it. Cowardice of course. He was a coward. He was bullied by Nott, Avery, Parkinson, Crabbe, Goyle, and Lucius. Damn Snape for bringing him into the Death Eaters.

It had seemed like an easy way to survive. Protect Lily and Alice, Remus and Frankie. Then Snape hears that stupid prophecy and blabs. His life went to hell then. Poor sweet Harry. One of the nicest, must abused kids around. He ran up to the coal car. It was not really coal, but the muggles saw it that way. Damn, what was he to do. He would not get any revenge...

That there...
Dementors. Thoughts flash through his admittedly rat brain. Revenge on his childhood bullies. No way anyone could connect him. The train was slowing down. He ran back down three cars till he was above the hated group. 'Lily, James, I'm doing this for me and for your son. Revenge is best felt cold. Dementor cold, that is.

No one was in the now stopped hallway. He got ready and opened the door stunning all six of them, fairly easily. The ponces, slow witted bullies. But that is why he stunned Nott and Avery first, Malfoy and Parkinson next, then Crabbe and Goyle. He copped a feel from the girl, pulling her between Nott and Avery. Putting their hands in her knickers, like the slut she was.

Whisper down the hall. I'm Sirius Black and you can't find me. Changing back and running down the boards for the end of the train. Laughing to himself. I got revenge for all of us. The pictures and blood feuds would bring an end to the blood purists and Fudges government. Whoops, Remus is in there, need to calm myself and hide in the luggage. Teh, heh, heh!

They came gliding out of the carriage, brimming with newly acquired souls. Almost Happy. They continued down, glancing in, as everyone was locking the carriage doors. No adults and their somewhat minds, feeling so good, remember the orders to find Black. Finally at the last carriage, an Adult, it must be him. Opening the door. The adult yelling no Black here. Still the pleasure from the boy on the floor.

Brilliant light and pain, fleeing to the luggage. No one here either. Floating off, thinking of procreating. The two of them could, but would be weak after.

Remus was moving several kids out of the way, six semi naked kids are kissed. He recognised a Malfoy, Nott, Crabbe, and Goyle. This was not good. "Who found them first?"
The three Slytherin Prefects said: "All of us or none of us. We don't want to get involved in the upcoming blood shed." Remus thought for a second Delores and Fudge were dead and if they think someone set the kids up, others. He sent his Patronus to Amelia first, "six kids kissed on train." Then to Dumbledore: "Six Slytherin kids kissed on the train. The shit will hit the fan."

Peters is laughing to himself in the luggage compartment. Revenge is best served cold, Dementor Cold. Hah, hah, hah.

While rolling on the floor laughing, two cats pounce. They lick their whiskers of the blood, yes he had tasted good as a rat, but now was to big and will cause problems. Best get back in our carriers. The first carrier says Pet, Owner Goyle Jr.. The second says Sharp, owner Crabbe Jr..