The Knights of the Round Table. 13 Knights of Camelot, the best of the best, some of the most famous and recognizable people in the world.

The First Seat - Arthur Pendragon, The King of Knights.

The Second Seat - Sir Percival, The Holy Knight of the Dove.

The Third Seat - Sir Kay.

The Fourth Seat - Sir Galahad, the Knight of Heaven.

The Fifth Seat - Sir Agravain.

The Sixth Seat - Sir Gaheris.

The Seventh Seat - Sir Gareth.

The Eighth Seat - Sir Gawain, Knight of the Sun

The Ninth Seat - Sir Palamedes, the Knight of Inquiry

The Tenth Seat - Sir Bedivere, the Knight of Loyalty

The Eleventh Seat - Sir Lancelot de lac, Knight of the Lake

The Twelfth Seat - Sir Tristan, the Knight of Lamentation,

and finally...

The Thirteenth Seat - Sir Mordred, The Knight of Treachery.

These are the 13 knights that will be taking the main stage in this tale. A tale of what, you ask. A tale of a King who knows not the hearts of man, searching for the knowledge of said heart to truly become a fit and just king, as he helps the world fend against evil.

Now then let us begin this tale where most tales begin, the beginning.

Earth... is the place most beings lived in this universe live. There are a multitude of different beings that live on the earth and its pocket dimensions. Angels, Devils, Fallen Angels, dragons, Gods & Goddesses, and Heroes. This is a story about said heroes. New heroes trying to fill in their predecessors' shoes, The heroes and legends of ages past, and among those heroes, there was a certain bloodline that always found itself roped back into the supernatural world a bloodline that even if you didn't know anything about heroes, would still know this bloodlines name. For this bloodline was special, so very special. they were the bloodline that was wronged by the church, their birthright was taken from them by the greed of the church. This bloodline's name was... Pendragon. King Arthur Pendragon, the person who pulled the sword from the stone, The once and future King.

Yes, that was the bloodline in question here. For they have tried very hard to leave the supernatural world but every time they were forced back into it, It's not like they couldn't survive without the supernatural. It was the contrary actually, for if the supernatural disappeared the Pendragon bloodline would be alight due to their connections in politics of the normal world. but the reason why they couldn't leave is because of what they hold and what their bloodline abilities are. those abilities being the ability to wield Holy Swords which were normally unwieldable by people deemed unworthy and that was a large group of people so if a family of natural holy sword wielders, that could pass the ability to wield holy swords and their sword down to their children, left the supernatural world it would be a huge loss for groups like the church that used the light and people with light abilities to fight against the evil of the world.

But now isn't the time to be talking about that, since the King himself is very close to being returned to the coil of life, to resume his position, and lead his people.

A Kaleidoscope, no not quite. It was a void that looked like a kaleidoscope, The colors always change depending on which angle you're looking from, it was devoid of all life except for a giant dragon.

The dragon was a dark red, almost 100 meters long, with a horn on its snout. It was currently doing flips in the void. it's lazy demeanor straightening into a semi-serious one as it felt its domain being trespassed by one he had not spoken to in centuries. "What is it you want Merlin?" It said, stopping it flip and rotating around to face the now named person. Merlin, The Magus of Flowers, court magician of King Arthur. He has long hair that appears white but under sunlight will shine the colors of the rainbow. He wore a robe woven with the finest of materials.

"Greeting, oh Greatest Red one! I have come bearing news that may interest thyself!" The Magus explained eagerly

"And what would that be?" Great Red responded slightly intrigued, for most of the news from beyond the gap was something he didn't care about, but for Merlin to approach him and announce that there is something that would interest him. It's got to be something either very exciting or something very bad.

"The world of Man is doomed to fall in the next 5 years from..." Merlin paused, The pause was something that could mean an awful thing was at play and it was bad enough to make Merlin pause.

"What is at play Magus, what must be destroyed for my relaxation to be returned?" Great Red probed the Magus.

"Well there's the problem, it's BEAST VI, TRIHEXA. And I don't know if you can defeat such a dreadful beast by thyself; which is why I have appeared with proposals as to how to deal with this unfortunate situation." Merlin answered, dejected at first but cheered up to his usual self by the end.

'These proposals must be good since they have returned merlin to his default personality.' Then, it thought, "I would like to hear these proposals, Merlin."

"The first is to get Sir Oph-"

"Lady" The dragon lazily corrected the Magus on his honorifics on the now female but otherwise genderless creature.

"Lady Ophis and battle the Beast together, but the outcome would lead to heavy casualties on all the pantheons and humans." Merlin switched to the correct honorifics and continued.

"I'd rather not speak to Ophis anytime soon so, I'll skip that option," Great Red huffed at the mention of that annoyance and what it would cost him just to team up with them.

"I thought as much," Merlin said under his breath, "The second option is to gather up as many allies as you can like Ophis is doing."

"Pass." Great Red didn't like the idea of leaving the Gap, since it was the only place that could house his enormous energy reserves and its pressure because if he were to stay in any other dimension, the dimension would likely collapse and kill everything in that dimension except for itself. And because he didn't want to kill bystanders that fed him his energy he couldn't leave the Gap like Ophis can for long periods, at most he can stay in a different dimension for an hour before it starts to crack, and that wasn't enough time to do anything that would be substantial against Beast VI. So, he has to pass on that option.

"And the third option, Connect the Throne of Heroes to this world and allow me to Leave Avalon to help for the time being. at least until Beast VI is dealt with," Merlin stated the third option, "Plus in you can get some entertainment from the servents while they prepare for the battle against Beast VI." He finished.

While that was the best option out of the three since it didn't require him to leave the Gap and didn't require him to interact and deal with Ophis, and lastly didn't require him to sacrifice dimensions from being in them for long periods. But was also a bad choice since it would drain him of a lot of his energy and drain the world of some of its energy, meaning he'd be vulnerable to attacks from beings other than Ophis, and that most supernatural creature will have their magic reserves cut by a percentage if not by half, that was an unappealing aspect but it was a necessary sacrifice for his relaxation.

"All of those options suck Merlin. Tell me, what'll happen if I refuse to do anything?" The great one asked.

"You'll be dead," Merlin said with a frown. "I've foresaw your death for the result of you doing nothing."

"Fine, I will free you and connect this world to the Throne. But you have to promise me, not to disturb me and to be at my beck and call." Great Red knew what it was doing, having Merlin at its Beck and Call was a good thing and would allow him to relax without the need to worry about being attacked by any other being (except for Ophis) since Merlin would be there to provide buffs which would hopefully somewhat return his nigh-invulnerability.

"I swear on my name, Merlin the Magus of Flowers, that I will come to your aid when you call for mineself!" He ended with a bow sealing the contract.

Great Red spread its 4 wings to their full extent, they were massive. The tips of them had talons that started to glow a bright red, as mana particles condensed on them. Turning the once Kaleidoscope-like Void into a bitch black space devoid of any light except for the energy coming off Great Red and Merlin.

Multiple Magic circles appeared over the head of them each bigger than the last, and at last, a bright gold breach opened over the last magic circle.


Everywhere in the world, it was felt, the rumbling of the earth, magic energy or mana being pulled away from supernatural beings and sent into a different dimension, the ordinary humans couldn't feel a lucky thing, but every supernatural being and every being able to sense the flow and change of magic energy and mana could feel it. To them, it was like having their reserves divided permanently. It was a painful experience, having your reserves which most were born with being degraded. And so it was only natural that some would think it an attack from an enemy faction.


*gasp* "Albion what's happening!" a dark silver-haired teen said as he gasped for air, leaning on a counter in a kitchen. sweat dripped down his face as he used his arms to support his weight.

[It's your wizard, their doing something Vali.] A disembodied voice said, probably Albion.

"My reserves are being drained... can you do something... about it?" The now named Vali said in between breaths.

[I already did Partner,] Albion responded within Vali's head. causing the boy to nod and attempt to stand up on his own resulting in him succeeding but barely, with his arms swaying by his side he started to walk out of the kitchen, through the archway, and into the living room where he saw a black-haired girl with large breasts that almost hung out of her kimono, she had black cat ears, two cattails, and hazel-gold eyes. This was Kuroka a Nekoshou a member of vali's team. Currently, she was laying on the floor back arched as she withstood the process of her reserves being drained.

To Vali's left was a young man with light brown hair wearing casual clothes he looked no worse for wear besides his semi noticeable sweat and slightly limp. this was Bikou he was also a member of Vali's team, he looked at Vali and put on the smuggest grin he could with the current situation and proceeded to say, "You don't look so good Vali, you okay?"

Vali groaned and replied, "Shut up." as he moved past Bikou and toward a door that was covered with sticky notes, which ranged from reminders to just comments the other residents of this house put on there, as Vali neared the door he felt something.

Not noticing Bikou fall to the ground, he steeled himself and opened the door to find only one person in the room when there should be two. The other must be out of the house doing something. The person in the room was a small girl with blonde hair. she wore a sorceress-like dress that would have a large blue witch hat but that was on a desk a few feet away.

The room itself was pretty normal for a teenage girl if you count all the magic books and magic circles across the room as normal. the largest magic circle in the room, located at the center of the room a foot or two in front of the small girl, was glowing a mystical golden color as magic energy was pulled from the surrounding area as well as the surrounding people. Magic energy also started to condense on the small girl's left hand.

"Le Fay! What are you doing!?" questioned Vali as he tried to walk over to the now named Le Fay, but was stopped when a translucent barrier halted his progress. He tried to push through it but found out pretty quickly that it wouldn't budge. "Answer me, Le Fay!" Vali continued but got no response as the magic circle grew brighter and the energy within it started to take shape.

The energy took the form of a man. the energy started to fade away from the feet up, gradually revealing this person's attire. This being wears silver-colored knight armor with the tunic parts blue, his face is mostly covered by a black and white hood, with small strands of blonde hair sticking out. Finally an invisible weapon, its weapon was concealed within torrents of winds making identifying the weapon near impossible, the only identifiable aspect would be the insane amount of holy energy exuding from it. but even that didn't help much when any weapon can have holy energy given enough preparation. The being spoke.

"I ask you," It started as it began walking toward the girl, "Are you, my Master?"


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