"Dramatic Talking"


[Sacred Gear]



"I ask of you, are you, my master?" The person said, walking toward the dazed girl. Vali stopped trying to brute force it with physical attacks and instead decided to brute force it with his sacred gear.

[Vali, don't do what you're thinking of doing. It's a bad idea.] Albion mentally said to Vali.

[Do you got any better ideas Albion] Vali Replied, about to make the sacred gear take form. [Yes, I do.] Albion said back.

[And what would that be] Vali said in the process of manifesting Divide Dividing.

[Run] was all Albion said and was the last thing Vali heard before he became unconscious from a sudden and violent wind torrent which sent him flying down the hall, over the downed Bikou and past the now still Kuroka, and into the front door cracking it.

The girl named Le Fay was dazed, she had not known what she was doing but she was doing something, and in the blink of an eye there was this knightly figure in front of her and they 'defeated' Vali in a single blow.

'What do I do?! What do I do?! What do I do?! my magics not working, this barrier is blocking even vali from entering-'

"Are you my master?" It asked again, continuing its advance until it stood directly over the girl.

"Yeeeeeees?" the girl said unsure of what the right option was.

'It appears to be friendly as long as I go along with whatever it's doing.' the girl thought to herself as a red line etched its way across her chest and drew a picture of seven wings.

"hmm... seraphim," it said aloud catching the girl off guard at the name drop of a powerful entity such as seraphim.

"what do you mean 'Seraphim'? What's even going on anyway?" the girl asked playing with her blonde hair nervously, still sitting on the floor and looking at her bosom where the command spells were.

"Yes, I guess it is fair to explain what is going on. But, before we can do that I must first clear the area of enemies," they said and started walking towards the door.

And as they approached the barrier surrounding the room, it shattered into a million little pieces as soon as it came in contact with the body of the thing. A barrier Vali was having difficulty with shattered with just the touch of this entity.

'Who is this the girl thought watching it walk out of the room but then the air started to move no it started to circle the entity's hand. Something was in their hand but was invisible. its objective was clear it even stated it 'clear the area of enemies at that moment it didn't cross her mind but now seeing its destination ahead of it she put it together.

'It's going to kill him.' she had to stop it before it could hurt her friends. Its arm raised over an unconscious Vali

"uhh! whoever you are, stop! don't hurt him!" she partially yelled and to her surprise, it did stop, but just not for her.

[Hello, Arthur] Albion said in his usual calm and very very deep voice.

it- Arthur? stopped for a second but then looked to continue but Albion stopped him again.

[Look, Arthur could you not kill my host again.] This... Arthur? has defeated a white dragon emperor before?

"Why are you here Albion."

[Because that kid you just made a contract with is part of my hosts' team, I warned him against taking both of them in, but he's so stubborn he refused to even listen to me] Said Albion in a slightly annoyed voice.

"Both of them? there's another one, where?"

[I don't know, he said something about- hang on why am I telling you anything?]

"So your host doesn't die." putting whatever was in his hands assumingly against the unconscious Vali's throat.

[I'll give you that one. it would be a shame to have to wait another 4-100 years for another host and I've gotten kinda attached to this one, has potential.]

"For being so young yet able to draw out your power, must be a prodigy."


"HELLO, WILL YOU TWO STOP IGNORING ME!" screamed the young blonde girl.

"Yes, master?" Arthur? said walking over and kneeling before the girl who was flustered about losing her temper at being ignored for just a few minutes.

"Ummm... would you mind finally explaining what's going on? please?" she said quietly while looking down at the floor and fiddling with her hair.

"Yes, master." Arthur? started getting up from the kneeling position and now standing full height which was about 6 or more inches taller than his master.

He looked around the house spotting a cat lady on a couch passed out from something he didn't want to know, a man with a monkey tail also passed out but more graceful and less lewd than the first, and lastly Albion and his host, who was also passed out.

"Of course master let me explain what is going on, but we should wait for your friends to wake up first," he said politely while looking at the young girl with a slight smile.

"uh... what happened?" said Vali waking up on a bed with his hand on his head.

"Nothing much honey." replied a sweet female voice. looking over he spotted Kuroka sitting in a chair next to his bed smirk on her face, which was irritating him.

"How long was I out?" looking over at the clock it read 6:38 A.M. "12 hours give or take a few minutes," said Kuroka smug smile still on her face. "12 hours! what do you mean 12 hours?" Vali exclaimed wondering how simple hitting the door could knock him out for twelve hours and then remembering the strange effects that were happening yesterday.

"Where's Le Fay?" he said getting out of bed.

"In her and Arthur's room," replied Kuorka, Vali heading off in that direction.

As Vali walked through the hallway he could hear the sounds of Le Fay talking to someone but the person they were talking to mostly responded in yes or no, rarely saying anything else. He knocked on the door and a young man with blonde hair in a ponytail answered and glasses, "Hello Vali what do you need?" asked the young man.

"Where is he, Arthur?" This Arthur turned his body to show who Vali was talking about, Saber, who was responding to Le Fays' questions, turned and made eye contact with Vali.

"I guess it's time to start already," said Saber as Le Fay turned to look at what Saber was looking at, seeing Vali she smiled and waved getting a nod from Vali.

Saber walked past Vali and into the living room where Bikou was sitting. Saber called Le Fay to get Kuroka, or who he called the other female, and for them to come out to the living room.

As they came out to the living room Bikou stood up and moved over to lean against the wall allowing Kuroka and Lefay to sit since Arthur and Vali said they would stand.

"If any of you have questions ask them now before I begin." Said Saber politely.

"Who are you?" asked Vali "I am Saber" Said Saber.

"Why are you here?" Asked Kuroka before Vali could, "Because I was summoned." Said, Saber.

"By who?" said Arthur not having been informed as to who this person was before he returned home to find everyone but this man and Le Fay asleep and a broken door. "By her," Saber said nodding at Le Fay making Arthur look at Le Fay with an unreadable expression.

"Why did you summon him?" said Arthur to Le Fay making her look up at him. "I didn't mean to, I was testing a new ritual I learned of when the circle started acting up, and then he just appeared." Le Fay responded not wanting to upset her brother. "Ok. So, what was that ritual supposed to do?" said Kuroka. "It was supposed to be a transmutation ritual," responded Le Fay. "Not a summoning one."

"So then how was he summoned?" asked Bikou

As they were talking and asking Le Fay what happened to result in a person being summoned, Saber was observing each member of the group. starting with the black-haired female. She had cat ears and two cat tails which were odd since most cat people he's met only have one tail. He was told that her name was Kuroka and that she was here when Le Fay and her brother joined this group, and that she and Le Fay are partners on missions and friends. the next person was Albion's host, Vali he was told, who is the leader of the group which Saber wasn't really happy about, but at least, from what he's heard about the boy from Le Fay, he's a semi-good person. Next was the brown-haired boy with the monkey tail his Name was Bikou, and from what Le Fay told him about the boy, the boy is the current monkey king that descended from Sun Wukong. Saber didn't know what to think of him, he was told by Le Fay that he's a friend of Arthur but that she doesn't hang out together with them. Lastly, Arthur, Saber doesn't know what to think of him, the current wielder of Caliburn.


"So Saber what are you planning to do now?" asked Kuroka, meaning that their earlier questioning of Le Fay was over.

"Protect Master and win the Holy Grail War." Saber replied getting a look of confusion from the other people. "And who would this master be?" asked Kuroka. While saber would not tell other people who his master is, knowing that his master is 'friends' with these people he will tell them. "the one who summoned me." making them look at Le Fay and back at him.

"What do you mean she's your master?" Arthur asked being protective of his little sister. "She summoned me, she forged the contract making her my master."

_"How does summoning you, make her your master?" Kuroka asked getting a question as a reply. "Do you know of the Holy Grail War?"

"We know of the Holy Grail, but not of a war for it," responded Vali who was glaring at Saber.

Saber nodded and said, "makes sense the Grail War is not widely known to the general supernatural and nonsupernatural worlds. I shall explain it to you now."

They all paid attention to his next words carefully.

"The Holy Grail War is a competition between seven Masters and seven Servants to decide the owner of the Holy Grail." said saber in the briefest description of the Grail War.

"what do you mean by competition and are servants just humans that are summoned by the master?" asked Le Fay.

"By competition, I mean battle royal. and servants aren't human at least not anymore." Responded saber to his master.

"Battle royal?" Bikou said, "so how do you win... stupid question, what I mean is how do you know when someone is eliminated?" he corrected himself. and Saber responded with, "when a master's servant is killed that master is eliminated from the war." making Le Fay nearly choke on her breath.

"What do you mean by Servants what exactly is a Servant in this Holy Grail War?" asked Vali not glaring as hard as before. Saber responded, "A servant is what is known as a Heroic Spirit." "and what is a Heroic Spirit," asked Arthur, Le Fay still having trouble comprehending having to kill something. "Heroic Spirits are the spirits of heroes who achieved great deeds in life and have become objects of worship after their deaths." making Le Fay go wide-eyed since being the master of a heroic spirit means that she would be the master of a hero from long ago that has died.

"I'm going out on a limb here and saying that since you are a Heroic spirit your name isn't Saber since there isn't anybody from history that I know of named 'Saber'," said Arthur. "And from your appearance, you seem to be a knight."

"You are correct, I am a knight," said Saber letting them guess as to who and where he was and from. "Are you from France?" asked Kuroka. "His name is Arthur from what Albion said last night." Le Fay said kinda concluding as to who he was. "Yes, Arthur is my name, and no, I'm not from France," said Saber making Arthur look at Saber "Albion said that he knew you from before and that you killed a former host of his."Le Fay said, making Vali look surprised that Albion didn't tell him. also making the rest of the group look surprised that this person killed a white dragon emperor.

"His name is Arthur and he's killed a white dragon emperor," Arthur started doing the math to figure out who he was.

Arthur's eyes widen as he concluded, Saber noticing this sighed, took off his hood to show his face, and summoned Excalibur letting it rest against the floor both hands on the pommel with holy energy bathing the blade and sheath, and announced "I am, King Arthur Pendragon." making the group go wide-eyed as in-front of them is King Arthur.

Later after being questioned a little more everyone went to their rooms with Sir Arthur in the living room sitting on the couch.

His vision blurs as the landscape changes and no longer was he in a house he was in a field of flowers a person in front of him is blurred but just clear enough to make out their clothes. "Merlin you there," Arthur said hand covering his eyes as the sun threatened to blind them. "Yes my king I am here." responded Merlin "I have come to tell you of news." what is it merlin. "Your prey Beast VI is trapped at the end of the world but he will not be for long prepare yourself," Merlin said. "What about the Grail Merlin?" Arthur said. "there is no Grail war but there is a Grail here. do with that information as you will. also, my king keep an eye out for more Servants some you may know some you might not some might be friends some might be foes." Merlin said and started to vanish "Wait, Merlin!" Merlin did not reply only vanished leaving Arthur there as the landscape changed back into the house.

Arthur still surprised by the sudden visit by merlin sat there and thought about what Merlin said.


Yes, this took a while, I'm sorry. I just couldn't find the motivation to write the chapter so I'm not going to make any promises here but I do have some changes to the plot, this story will begin 1 and a half years before the start of the canon DxD. before it would start five years before but now it's not so sorry and I also have the plot written out on a notepad meaning that when I come back which i hope will be soon I have the story ready to write and publish. So see ya guys and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.