The hunter crouched low in the brush, feeling the dew soak into his tunic and leggings as he looked down the arrow aimed at a large buck that would feed his family for a good while.

"Not yet... wait... almost..." Waiting for the perfect opportunity to make sure his prey didn't escape had taught him patience in these mysterious woods. Always the unexpected happened, and caught him with his pants around his ankles, so to speak, ruining his hunts.

The last time he came home without food after five days in the spine his uncle threw a fit.

There it was! The buck was just moving into his kill zone!

'Now!' he thought. Letting the the bowstring loose as accurately as he possibly could. With great suspense, he watched the path of the arrow in its trajectory of death, fly right towards the creatures neck.

"Give me that right now, and your suffering may be less... brutal." A cruel smile grew, the ghostly white skin surrounding it, sending a shiver down the elfs spine.

She ignored it, throwing her hand into the air, the object held firmly in her grasp as she yelled out her spell.

"NO!" The shade bellowed, lunging forward in an attempt to stop it from completing.

In a cavern, long forgotten by time aswell as magic, an old conciousness stirred. Rousing his brothers and sisters from their vigilant watch.

"Now is the moment... gather your strength, and send me your energy. We have long awaited this moment. Prepare the hatchling, we have pondered which one would be suitable and a good match. Long has it taken us to decide which one, but i believe we have chosen well."

He could feel the agreement of the others in the chamber aswell, flowing through his mind. While he kept a part of his attention on the confrontation between the elf and shade, he also paid attention to the vast amount of minds slowly encircling the egg. Joining them, they began to murmer soft assurances to the young creature inside.

"Do not worry young one."

"You bear much responsibility."

"But it will be a shared load."

"Fear not."

"For you shall find your other half."

"There is another part of you."

"We found them."

"Be safe hatchling."

"Grow Strong."

"Grow Mighty."

On and on they went, until at last the lead mind silenced them.

"The time is now, begin." Thus began the movement of massive amounts of energy. Swirling around the egg, condensing. No spell was cast, only thoughts with intention, although clumsily cast as though the users had no idea what they were doing. Almost as if it was an... inspiration, a gut feeling. Something they felt in their very souls.

With one final farewell of, "Our hopes rest on the two of you... Be brave, strong and determined..." the was a loud BANG!

With a sigh his head hit the pillow, letting out all the frustration and dissapointment at his life out in a single breath.

'Well... I guess it coulda been worse... I mean... nothing particularly bad happened...'

Turning over onto his side, he flipped his phone on.

'Fan fic? Or scroll some YouTube... hmm...' He scrolled mindlessly through his phone, searching for something of interest but finding none. 'Seriously... what's the point? just to get up and go to work the next day. Hate it, and then just come back home to do it all over again...'

'Fuck it...' Turning his phone off, and closing his eyes. 'Maybe tomorrow will be better... who knows? Maybe I'll win the lottery!'

'Pfft... ya right. Better chance of being reincarnated...' he snorted to himself. Now that was a laugh. Although... he did always wish the world was more... fantastical? Magical? More?"

With those last thoughts he drifted into a deep slumber.


After falling onto his backside after and mysterious loud explosion, Eragon slowly rose to his feet. Infront of him where his target should of been bleeding out on the ground from an arrow to the neck, was instead a large crater.

There was smoke slowly curling into the air from the most outer part of it. He could smell the burnt grass and earth around him. His eyes slowly scanned the area until-

He jolted in surprise, before breaking into a full sprint to the center of the crater.

Laying there, in the very middle, was a lone woman. Small tendrils of smoke twisting off her like she had just emerged from a forge. Her hands cradled something in a large leather pouch he couldnt see. Next to her on the ground, a silver stone. Oval in shape, and about the length of his forearm. Green veins flowed sporadically across the gleaming surface in everywhich way.

He took his eyes off the stone and moved them back to the woman. She was breathing, he could tell by her chest slowly rising and falling. He checked her form for injuries using his eyes, hands having jusg above her. When he couldnt see or identify any wounds on her, he slowly shook her by the shoulder, trying to rouse her from her slumber.

The womans eyes shot open, showing him a startling emerald. Once she realized he was there she shot up to her feet, how she got to them he didnt know. It was almost as if she just... teleported there...

Before he could say a thing, there was a slender and sleek blade pressed against his neck. Her eyes boring into his. Her lips parted and she spoke to him, a language not known to his ears. Although he didnt understand, something inside him felt compelled to speak.

"Please, I mean you know ill will. My name is Eragon, from the town of Caravahall. I was just hunting for my family, gathering food for the winter," her lips slightly turned down as he said this. 'Good, she understands me i think.' "As I was hunting, there was a loud explosion, when i was able to see what it was, I found this large... area, and you in the middle of it.

It looked like she was confused by what he said. Maybe she doesn't understand. Her gaze started traveling the surrounding area.

"Also," Her eyes snapped back to his, "this also showed up, but it looks like a normal stone to me." He brought the silver rock around infront of him to show her. Her eyes widened by an amount he wasn't sure was possible. She seemed to be having a tough time deciding what deserved her attention more. Him, or this... Rock. Even more bewildering, he swore he saw a buildup of tears in her eyes before she blinked rapidly and they were gone. She started speaking rapidly before him and gesturing to him with an open hand. It just Confused him even more.

"May I see it?" He blinked, confused. She just spoke his language. And even stranger yet, he seemed to pick up a musical tilt to her voice. It was... entrancing. She reached even further forward, almost begging him. As she did her hair fell forward, showing her ears, which ended in pointed tips.

His jaw dropped as he almost mindlessly handed her the rock. An Elf! He couldn't believe it!

And she took the rock from his hands.

His mind awoke, groggy, and confused. He couldnt see anything, or really hear anything but muffled sounds. But he had this... faint feeling, almost on the outside of his mind. He tried moving but there seemed to be a hard barrier around him. Beginning to panic, unable to tell what was happening.
There seemed to be people around him, how many he wasn't sure, but he thought be could hear them. One seemed close, too close, it felt like they were just outside the barrier.
The first left, replaced with a second. Almost instantly it felt like his breath left his lungs, like something that had been missing inside of him awakened. He followed it with his mind, he was unsure how, but it felt... instinctual, like his very soul knew what to do. He inspected everything about the person he could. He felt awe, surprise, hope. Along with a solid sense of duty, courage, strength and fierceness. And small, but noticeable underlying feelings of grief. it... enticed him.
He wanted to know more, so he pushed with all he had against the barrier.

Arya stared at the silver dragon egg in her hands, running soft fingers along the green veins of it. She felt the presence Inside stirring, but she thought nothing of it. After all, the blue egg she carried did much the same every once in a while.
That was, until she heard a Crack sound through the air. And then a muffled chirp.