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It only took us a few days to lose our trackers, they didnt seem to have the same run all day, all night stamina that Kull possess. But something just felt too easy about it, I mean Durza was out there looking for us. Im sure he wouldnt just let his zombie army give up.

Would he just let Galby know? Would we be enough of a threat for him to fly out here? I doubted it. Not only would he have to get off his lazy ass to track us down, but I wouldnt put it past Durza to not keep him posted on what was going on. After all, noone wants to take an ass whoopin'. The only saving grace, is ive heard nothing about a Shade summoning a weird dark flying mount, so I dont think we'll have to worry about an aerial battle with him.

After losing the Urgals, it only took us another couple weeks to reach the outskirts of Teirm, and being this close, all I wanted to do was scoop up my Rider and take her to the ocean that was nearby. From what I remember and what shes told me, the Elves held it in high regard. Comparing it to a bunch of rolling emotions, ever changing. Aside from bringing them here from their old homeland.

But, for now, we are stuck here. Im assuming this is the cliff overhang that Saphira settled on in the book while they were here. Gotta say she picked a great view, we could catch a glimpse at the massive amount of water if we walked a few minutes north. But Brom was being an ornery old fuck, making us stay put while they went over their plan.

I let out a huff, laying my head down on my forelegs, waiting for these damn two legs to figure it out.

I was awoken, not by my own Rider, but by the Old One. Brom was looking down at me, his hand on my snout. I looked back at him, waiting for whatever he wanted to say.

He seemed conflicted with something, reluctant maybe to ask. I tilted my head slightly in askance, he gave a small sigh, before I felt him asking permission to speak in my mind. I opened mine up to him, giving permission.

Yes Old One?

Silvren... I have a... Request, if I may ask for one?

I had an inkling idea of what he really wanted, but... he looked... sad. I can only imagine that he misses his Dragon dearl-

Wait a second! This is why he has such an easier time talking and looking at me instead of Saphira! Why he's always trying to look at her without her seeing, and why he was acting so... weird, after she hatched. It must be heartbreakingly tough to travel with a memory of your past following you everywhere...

I nodded my head to him.

Thank you. I was wondering if... we may go fly? I've found I enjoy the sensation these past couple weeks.

Uh huh... Ill give it to him, he lies well. I shifted slightly, lifting my wing, uncovering Arya. She shivered slightly from the cool air, and slowly opened her eyes. Giving me a "why are you waking me now?" frustrated look, before seeing Brom and giving me a confused one.

Brom would like to fly, Mine Heart. I thought I should wake you.

She took a moment to reply, almost like her brain was still booting up from the wake up, before nodding slightly in acceptance. I touched my snout to her forehead, ruffling her bangs with my breath. I felt her amusement, before she began helping Brom saddle me.

Man sleeping without a saddle after wearing one all day is the greatest feeling ever by the way.

It wasnt long before we were taking off into the air, I kept a small connection to Brom's mind, incase I had to let him know i was going to perform a maneuver, or if he wanted to talk, which is what I suspected.

We flew for a good fifteen minutes, both just enjoying the wind, and silence of the flight. I still couldnt get over how great of a feeling flying was.

It took longer than I would have like for him to finally break the silence.

Silvren... could I trust you with a couple of my secrets? Ah, here we go. I am getting quite old, and would like to leave some of my knowledge with a student incase something happens to me. With a Shade trying to find us, anything could happen, and should I die, I would like to have left at least some knowledge behind.

I remained silent, trying to up my mysterious Dragon persona.

Eventually I spoke. I would be more than willing to hold information for you Brom-Elda. I could feel his surprise at my giving him his proper title. Arya has taught me what to properly call you, if you are confused. But I must say, that it depends on what your secrets are. For I already know one, and suspect another.

Oh? Brom said. Please explain.

Well... For starters, you are very good with magic, so good in fact that it took our fight with the Urgals for me to realize, that you have been hiding your scent from us Dragons. At first it confused me, it still does, but at least I understand what you are doing. My only questions, is, why havent you told Eragon you are his father? I could smell it after our fight, you smell the same, but slightly different. Like he is your hatchling.

I could feel his shock almost immediately after I said that. But continued to push on.

That, Brom, is a secret I WILL NOT keep for you. Eragon deserves to know this. I would give anything to know my Sire and Dam, as im sure he would aswell. It is unfair to him that he is travelling with his father without knowing it.

You must not tell him Silvren! It will be to much of a distraction!

This is where we disagree Old One. I will only keep my silence for the duration we are in Teirm. After that, if you have not told him, I will!

I could feel his resignation now, preparing himself to do what he never planned too. And my second secret? What is that?

That I am a little unsure on. But I believe you to be a Rider of Old. More shock from him. Although I again am unsure. The way you look at Saphira makes me think your Dragon was like her. I am not sure what happened, and cannot tell if it was true, I cannot find a tell of a Riders Mark on you. But if this one is true I will swear to not tell anyone until the time is right. This I WILL do for you.

You are a very observant Dragon. You have put my heart at ease as much as you've stricken fear into it. I thank you for what you can give me Silvren. But for now there is much I need to think on.

Of course Brom- Elda.

Not much happened here. but at least Broms secrets have been revealed! took a lil liberty with letting it out.