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She couldn't seemed to calm down.

The past thirty seconds after Silvren landed and then proceeded into unconciousness had felt an eternity; and if he ever asked her she would say it was very graceful, if not for any reason but to save her best friend's pride, she had been staring at his wound. Trying to calm her mind enough to begin healing him. But, it was extremely hard to focus, watching the only being she had ever been this close to slowly leaking his life blood.

She knew; in a far off corner of her mind, how to heal this wound. She had the skill, the power, and the knowledge to save him.

But as soon as he fell unconcious, it had felt like their bond, which she cherished more than anything she had ever had, or ever would have, dissapeared almost entirely. With only the smallest tendrils of connection.

In over a century of her life, never had she felt this. Not when she watched her two closest friends being slain by Urgals and Shade. Not even when her father had died, although, it seemed fairly similar. In such a short amount of time, he had become her whole world, but she could never have imagined she would be this pained by it. He was still here, lying in front of her, needing her; saveable. But her panic had frozen her.

Move! You know how to save him! She fought herself, taking deep breaths that were quickly become more shallow as her mind raced.

That was until a warm hand found her shoulder. Turning towards it she found her teacher to an extent, looking upon her with understanding.

"Arya you must calm yourself." Brom said while giving her shoulder a light squeeze. "You and I both know you can do this, and we both know you must do this. Eragon has not enough knowledge in the Ancient Language or healing to help. You also know aswell as I, that I am not strong as I once was, so my help is also unavailable." He gave her another look as his eyes hardened, but his voice became soft. "Do not follow the same path as me, you will miss him till the end of your days."

She tensed, Arya knew Brom's story. One of tragedy and heartbrake. The ultimate example for young Riders to never let their Dragons become mortally wounded.

She took a deep breath after giving him a small nod, drawing strength from his presence and his grip on her shoulder.

"Thats it," he said. His voice full of approval. "Go on."

He was steadying her when she needed it most. She could hear Saphira stomping around in aggitation behind her, Eragon trying to calm her down. She couldnt hear the other boy that had helped them escape, she presumed he had gone to scout for followers.

Right, first the Oil. She got to work, the noises and even Broms hand on her shoulder seemed to fade into the background as she worked. Pouring all her attention and care into making sure he survived. Carefully and meticulously removing the oil within the wound with a carefully worded spell, and after that, singing lowly but clear, watching as his skin knit back together by her magic.

After what seemed like hours to her, she lowered her arms which were heavy with exhaution. The amount of concentration and energy to remove the oil was more than she thought. She turned to look at Brom but found him missing from where he previously was.

Continuing her search she found him sitting with Eragon and the hooded boy with them. Actually he seemed a tad taller and stockier than Eragon was. Maybe he was older? But then again Eragon was just a boy aswell. Well... Honestly all humans were almost children in her eyes, she knew that wasnt the case, but their short lives in comparison to her peoples always made them seem so young to her. She couldnt quite make out his face in the dark, but she could hear some parts of their conversation reaching her as she turned back to her Dragon.

His breathing had changed from shallow and quick, to calm and even. There was still a small twitch in his leg, almost like he was dreaming. She ran her hands over his snout and along his neck, taking the time while she had it to admire his scales.

"... I know who you are boy... knew how that man was... Dont worry... with us..."

Brom was speaking still. He knew this boy? She was just about to get up and join them, when she felt the slightest presence in her mind, slowly comming back to her.

Forgetting the conversation completely, she turned back to her bonded. Closing her eyes and giving him as much energy as she could spare without making herself a burden to the rest.

It didnt wake him yet, but it made her feel better.

She closed her eyes and laid her forehead to his, letting his calm breathing relax her. She heard a heavy and large set of footsteps make their way over to them, followed by warm breath as Saphira smelt his leg.

"He will be alright now, yes?" She asked.

"Yes Saphira, all we wait on now is up to him. I cleaned his wound and healed it, it will give him no problems. Although he will be weakened, Seithr Oil is not to be trifled with and he lost alot of blood."

Saphira moved to sniff Silvrens snout, before turning to Arya and ruffling her hair with her breath. "Then I shall go and catch him a small snack so that he may eat when he awakes."

"Thank you Saphira, but I am unsure if that is wise at the moment. There is a very real possibility we are being followed and having you fly above is will be like a beacon to trackers."

There was another snort. "I dont need to fly to catch prey, and I will head in the direction away from our pursuers."

After a moment of thought, she gave a small nod. "Reasonable enough, but I would ask Brom-Elda before you leave."

Saphira blinked an eye and swung her head around to the old man, they stared at each other having a silent conversation before the she turned and walked into the woods away from them. Eragon noticed and went to follow, but stopped mid stride and stood with Brom instead. Saphira telling him to stay. She thought.

She settled herself against Silvren's neck while waiting for him to awaken. She watched Brom quietly talk with Eragon while the new person seemed to circle their respite, looking into the trees for any threats.

Not long later she heard the sound of Dragon wings beating the air, getting closer and became anxious thinking Saphira may have run into trouble. But Brom eased her mind of this.

"I told her to scout the air on her return, not many would venture into the Spine alone, and even less would be able to travel the distance we flew, on foot. I believe us to be relatively safe for now."

The sound grew closer as she neared, and before long there was a blue Dragon landing by them.

"I saw no pursuers of any kind. It seems safe enough for now." She said, dropping a small doe infront of Silvrens snout.

"Good, then we may rest for the night. Eragon you may start a fire if you wish. Im going to contact the people I know within the Varden, but I believe our best course would be to travel to the elves." Brom stated to the group. Arya noticed the new boy stiffen, followed by a knowing glance from Brom. Which was then followed by a low grumbling from silver Dragons stomache behind her accompanied by the sound of sniffing.

She turned to watch as his eyes slowly opened, looking at his food, before turning his head slowly to find her. She gave a quiet laugh while the corners of her mouth slightly turned upward.

So it was food that did the trick did it? She asked him full of amusement.

All she got in return was a draconic grin before he started sniffing her all over checking her for injuries.

She put a hand on his snout, eliciting a pleased hum from him. I am alright, no injuries to speak of, aside from the pain of seeing you in such a state.

I will do my best to not worry you like that again. He replied. But I had faith you would be able to heal me, you are very skilled. He gave her a small push on her shoulder with his snout before turning to eat his meal. The two sat in comfortable silence just sharing their emotions, both full of relief and happiness, one because of the whole still being alive thing, the other for being able to feel her bond again in full.

I assume from the relaxed atmosphere that we arent being followed? He asked.

No. Saphira said she saw nothing while hunting you your meal. Brom is contacting the Varden, to decide our path, but it seems the elves will be our destination.

He gave a hum and turned his head to Saphira presumably to thank her, to which she turned to him and they had a silent conversation before looking to her again.

And how is it you feel about that? He asked.

I am... unsure how to feel about it. We shall see.