Tenko cried and cried. It felt like he was alone. Could no one even try to give him an ounce of love. Just a single drop of what his sister got, oh he bets it feels so nice, when dad hugged her or when mom kissed her on the cheek.

It must have been so warm.

He sat in the lowly alley thinking about how his life could've been if someone had just given him a chance before he turned into such a monster. He was a monster now, a villain, only villains kill their whole family, he's sick! He's insane! He should be ashamed of being alive. His parents were right not to love him. His dad was right to punish him. His family was right to ignore him.

He sobbed. He was doomed from birth wasn't he?

Then he heard it, laugher.

No one deserves to laugh when he's stuck being this miserable.

Then he heard someone crying.

"Kacchan! Srop!" He could hear the nervousness in his voice. As the other young children laughed at their peer's pain.

He leaned to look out of the alleyway. A child was defending another who was on the ground. While three others seemed to laugh at him.

"Why should we listen to you? Your just a Quirkless, Stupid, Deku! The one in the middle yelled. Sparks ignited in his hands as his face seemed to twist into a cruel grin.

Screaming is what followed after the three kids jumped him.

The kids were monsters just like him. Hurting someone else for enjoyment. He hates people like that he would do anything to get rid of the sick people like him and his father. Monsters.

The kid who was previously being protected got up and ran when the kid on the floor tried to ask if he was ok.

Tenko watched as the green haired child on the floor smiled, then cried fat tears streaming down his cheeks. when Tenko looked closer he realized that all of the colorful bruises on his body couldn't have just came from a couple of kids. He looked about 4 maybe 3 years younger than him yet his skin was a portrait of light reds and purple.

Then he realized he had been looking for to long.

The green haired child walked towards him with soft foot step. He seemed to shake as he asked him,"are you ok Sir?"

Tenko looked up with surprise.

Then he just broke into tears, he didn't deserve this sympathy.

"Why are you talking to me? Go home..." he couldn't stop the tears he didn't want to bother this person with him. This boy is to good for him.

"I-I don't know." His lips quivered like he was gonna cry too but instead they blended into a weak smile." I'm t-talking to you because o-one day I'm g-gonna be a hero! A-and I'm saving you first!"

The green haired boy sat down in front of him and stretched his arms out.

A hug? No no he can't he'll hurt him! He can't hurt him! He can't hurt the one person who cares about him!

Before he could even think warm arms were wrapped around him. "My m-mom said that hugs make e-everything better!

Tenko didnt move he just kept his arms at his side while crying into this child's shoulder, unable to return the gesture by hugging back.

Being an orphan was rough. The staff were fine, so was the place in general but the people were so annoying. They made him so itchy.

After the orphanage found out about his quirk he was required to where gloves basically all the time. And he got used to them. How he missed the warmth if the world though. The blooming feelings that he used to be able to feel right on his bare fingertips.

He no longer remembered his last name he thinks it started with an S but he can't exactly recall. He had just been know as Tenko ever since he got here.

The children were cruel though. Some were fine, some understood his pain of his loss, of his quirk. They were orphans for a reason. But some hated him for his abilities, they were truly scared, nobody ever touched him, he can barely recall the last time someone held him in their arms.

But today on his 15th birthday he remembered the last time he was hugged. He even remembered who.

Because the person who had held him all those years ago was sitting in the waiting room. The same one he had been sitting in when he was dropped off here. The same green hair, the same freckles. Although he was bandaged up, older, and generally more tired looking that he was all those years ago.

He stared at him, he seemed so sad. Tenko never expected to see him ever agian. And now he wished he didn't have to see him here.

He didn't know what he hoped for more, that his parents were alive and had given him up, or if they died yet loved him until the end.

Feelings of grief and mourning washed over his for this child's loss, what an unfair life that this child was now apart of for whatever terrible circumstances landed him here. Tenko had only met him once but he knew he didn't deserve to look oh so broken.

The kid was sleeping on the bunk above him now. He wanted to talk to him but he didn't exactly know how to start a conversation.

But clearly fate was in his favor today.

"Ow shit." The green haired boy rolled out of his bunk in the middle of the night. And that woke Tenko up.

"Aren't you a bit to young to use swear words?" Tenko's words were met with the boy staring at him until he mumbled something.

"Why are you talking to me?" Ironic, Tenko thought.

"Because you just fell of a bed, are you ok?" Tenko tried to push as much sincerity into his words as he could muster.

The boy grabbed the side of the bed and pulled himself up. " not really." The boy looked longingly at the floor, seeming to overflow his mind with wishful thoughts of how things could've been.

Tenko tried to muster something close to a laugh, "yeah that's how it is when you first get here."

The boy looked up at him. "Does that feeling go away when you get older?"-

Tenko stared down at him, of course it didn't go away, it feels like everything that happened to end him up here was playing in loop in his head. But he wasn't gonna say that to this possibly grieving kid. But he didn't want to lie about how terrible it was.

"Everyday," he looked at him with hope in his eyes, "Everyday it gets a little easier, it fades a little more."

The boy looked back down at the floorboards and smiled.

Tenko knew they had become problem childern, he refused to separate from izuku, and izuku refused to separate from him. Being on their own would lead to more pain, if they were together they could protect each other.

Tenko sighed, how was he ok before he had izuku? Before he had his best friend?

Izuku looked over to tenko, looking up from his notebook Tenko had got him for his birthday.

"What happened now?" He blatantly asked.

"Everything." Tenko looked at the floor dejected.

"Do you want me to go steal some food for you again?" Izuku smiled,

Tenko chuckled, "although that would definitely help we probably shouldn't do that for a while because of the asshole lunch guy."

Izuku's eyes widened, " I nearly forgot about him, what's his deal like I'm just trying to eat, no need to be so mad about it, geez!"

Tenko laughed.

"Hey I know this is off topic but how's the notebook working for you?" Tenko looked over at the notebook that was set aside on the bottom bunk.

"Oh it's amazing! I've been coming up with so many ideas! Like look at this, if a hero with this kind of quirk were to use something similar to this they could be unstoppable." Izuku continued to mumble about hero's and support gear.

Although all these bad things happens to him, izuku was still a hero fanboy at heart. And even though Tenko didn't understand anything he talked about. He was just glad to see Izuku happy, so he nodded along.

That was when they heard it,

Screaming, agonizing screams, along with the smell of smoke.

"Izuku grab your stuff!"

Izuku looked over with wide eyes. He did what he was told as tenko rushed him, Izuku gripped his notebook and his bag of blankets and pillows.

Tenko took off one of his gloves as he disintegrated the burning wood that blocked their path, then when they were at the door tenko pushed him out, izuku yelled as he rolled down the stairs to safety on the city street. Next to people who were panicking about the orphanage burning.

Tenko grabbed the wad of cash he had seen one of their caretakers shove into this drawer. He didn't feel bad if he didn't take it, it would've burned to ash. He felt every breath he took hurt his lungs as smoke seemed to clog the room.

He remember izuku, he remembered his mother, and he ran out the door. He ran to his freedom. He met with izuku still holding his stuff in his hands.

"Izuku let's go." He grabbed Izuku and he started running, soon izuku ran to keep up with him. They didn't know how long they had been running, maybe a few minutes, a few hours? But the eventually stopped at an alley near an apartment building.

They only slept in the alley for a few days before tenko decided to walk into the apartments in the middle of the night, in the morning he would surprise izuku with the fact he had rented out a new place to live.

He walked back out to see izuku sleeping quietly, wrapped up in the blankets he grabbed on the way out of there, and Tenko smiled, atleast now he had izuku.

He wouldn't have to be alone like he had been when he was a younger child, because he had a friend.

Izuku looked up from his notebook to see Tenko was finally home. "Hey!" Izuku yelled from the kitchen.

"Well they didn't love my quirk but I got the job! Plus, guess what?" Tenko smiled

Izuku thought about it for a second before answering, "what, what is it?"

"I figured out how to collect that money from when my family died!"

"Oof," izuku winced at the dead family part,"but hey good job!"

Tenko sat down at the old, creeky, kitchen table."also I need to ask you something, since your fourteen now."

Izuku gulped,

"What high school do you want to go to?"

Izuku looked around nervously,"do I really have to do that? Cant I just do it online or something."

Tenko sighed, "you could but any high school would be lucky to have a student like you. Your practically a genius, please?"

Izuku looked over to tenko. If tenko was saying he should do it then he would do it. Tenko would never lis or betray his trust. If tenko said this is what he should do then he's going to do it.

Izuku looked Tenko in the eye and nodded,"I'll do it!"

Tenko clapped. "Yes I know you can!"

Izuku then realized, "well, where am I gonna go?"

Tenko tried to think of something, then he came up with a decent idea," how about UA? I mean I've seen the stuff you've done in your online courses I feel like you would be more then welcome there."

"But I'm quirkless and that's a hero school!"

Tenko shrugged," didn't you say there was a support department a long time ago, I know you live support gear, you always have."

Izuku looked wide eyed at the floor." Ok, I'll figure out a way to get it." He was gonna make tenko so proud to be his friend.

And unknown to him, Tenko already was proud to be his friend.