Alien Space Ship

Jubilee wakes on an Alien Space Ship.

Jubilee Oh, boy! I'm in trouble, again. I need to send a S. O. S. and hope Cerebo picks up.

Back at Xavier's School for the Gifted. Jean Grey Summers is working with Cerebo. Half way through her exercises, Cerebo picks up on Jubilee's static transmission. She mentally scans Jubilee's room.


With in minutes all the students on campus; Gambit, Cyclops, Logan, and Rouge, are in the War Room.

Logan Where is Jube's? She was supposed to meet me for a movie a half hour ago.

Jean That is what I called up all here for. While working with Cerebo, I picked up on a static S.O.S from Jubilee.

Logan She ain't in her room? Where is she?

Jean I am coming to that-She is on an Alien Space ship. It is not a Shi-Ka-Ra.

Cyclops Do we know what solar system?

Jean The edge of ours, just past Pluto.

Rouge Nah that is way out there.

Gambit Ya can say that again, Cherie?

On the Alien Ship

Jubilee How do I work this thing? I wish Jean or Rouge were here! They are better with computers and alien technology.

Jean (mentally in Jubilee's head) JUBILEE!

Jubilee JEAN! Where are you?

Jean Were on our way in the Blackbird!

Jubilee presses a button. As Rouge touches Jean's shoulder slightly.


Cyclops Jean!

Gambit Rouge!

Logan What the fuck is going on?!

Rouge Ah'm ok, Sugah, but Ah feel strange.

She takes off one of her cloves, and softly touches Gambits face.


Gambit kisses her...

Gambit Cherie!

Jean is still talking to Jubilee in her mind.

Jean Jubilee, what is going on?

Jubilee I feel so strange, its like someone or something is in my mind telling me how to run this thing.

Jean Quickly thinking Jubilee, you have Rouges powers!

Jubilee Something is giving me flashes. Sounding very scared.

Rouge Oh boy! Tell her to meditate or sleep. NOW!

Logan What's gonin' on, Rouge?!

Rouge Turns to Logan Remember when Mystic was messing with mih head. I thought you were her, and I knocked you across the campus?

Logan Oh BOY! is right!

Jean Inside Jubilee's head Jubilee, try to meditate or sleep.

Jubilee passes out and falls to the floor. at the same time Logan feels Jubilee's pain, as she hurts herself as she passes out.


He screams as he falls to his knees. He gets off his knees and walks to the back of the Blackbird.

Cyclops What...

Rogue ...is with ...

Gambit ...Logan?

Jean He doesn't know it yet. But he loves Jubilee.

Gambit So, we all love la petite.

Jean Not that way. I mean the way you love Rogue, and I love Scott.

They all look at each other with knowing glances, and just nod.

The Space Ship and Truths Told

Two days later they reach the space ship, and board it.

Cyclops Ok, everybody, lets split up and search for Jubilee.

A little while later...

Gambit I found La Petite, but Logan ain't gonna like her condition. She is in the main control room.

Jubilee is in front of the main computer. On the floor, barely breathing, with blood around her from a cut on her head. Logan is there in seconds of the Cajun's call. The others are on his heals.


A sharp gasp comes from Jubilee, when Logan picks her up gently, to hold her.

Gambit Lets see if we can find a room with a bed for her.

It takes only a few minutes to find a room with a bed. For some reason the room they find looks just like Jubilee's room at the school... with a bigger bed, big enough for two. Logan sits with her on the bed and whispers...

Logan If you ever recover from this, I will marry you, this I swear!

Gambit Wonder where she deeps her night clothes?

Logan Uh?! What are you talking about, Cajun?

Gambit Well, You wouldn't want petite to sleep in her day clothes. Now would ya?

While he is still looking though the dresser drawers.

Logan How should I know?

Gambit finds a white teddy, and whistles.

Gambit I wonder who dis for, eh Logan?

Logan looks up from Jubilee and blushes.

Logan growls Put that back, Cajun. If you know what's good for you !

Jean Why don't you boys go help Cyclops try and figure this Ship out? While we put Jubilee to bed?

Gambit leaves.

Logan Over my Dead Body. Am I gonna leave her side again. Do you know that I left her for five minutes and then she was Disappears?!

Rogue and Jean look at each other with knowing looks.

Jean Logan, we have to change her clothes and see if she has any other injuries.

Logan Just don't put that white think on her, Ok?

Rogue What thing, Honey?

Logan The think that you boyfriend was just holding up a minute ago.

Rogue This?

Holding up what Gambit just sat on the Dresser Top.

Logan Yeah, thats it. She is to young to wear that thing or any think like it!

Rogue Logan, Honey, She is 24 now.

Logan just up and leaves, mumbling something about being old enough to be

her father. Jean and Rogue just laugh as they do their job.

Jean Rogue, I am going to try and get inot Jubilee's mind and see if I can find out what happened.

Rogue Oh right, sugah. But do you think its wise? I mean what if something happens

Jean I am just going to see how she got your power and to see if I can get them back for you.

Rogue Great! Never to touch another human again...I Just wish I could control them better.

Jean I know, Rogue, I know...But do you want Jubilee to go though your pain?

Rogue shakes her head "NO"

Jean ...Ok, Lets Do it.

Jean sits down in a near by chair and concentrates on Jubilees thoughts

and goes into a Trance