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~*Mental Speak*~ *Actions*

Jubilee's Room

*Jean is sitting on the bed rocking Jubilee back and forth. Rogue enters the room...*

Rogue What happened?

Jubilee I...I told him who the outfits where for...*sniffle* He stalked off mumbling...*sniff* I am just glad the guys didn't look in the bottom drawer.

Jean What's in there?

Jubilee Dont tell Scot or Remy, Promise?!

*Both Rogue and Jean promise*

Jubilee All the articles written about him. His cowboy hat, the one he gave to me before he left the last time, and love letters I have written but was afraid to mail.

Rogue Ya really fell 'ard for him.

Jubilee I guess.

Jean So what did he say when you told him?

Jubilee All Logan complained about was the difference in out ages. That mad me mad. But I can see his point on it. I met you guys when I was sixteen.

Rogue He'll come around. Sugah. Trust me.

Jean He still thinks of you as his little sister, but his views are changing.

Rogue Ya can say that again, Jean.

*looking at Jubilee*

Rogue Ya should have seen his face when we heard you had disappeared. Oh, boy, I haven't seen a face like that since Sabertooth tried to join the X-men. Ah mean, he was on the Black Bird, the engines started before any of us knew what was going on.

Jean Also, when Gambit found you and called it in, he was there before any of us.

Jubilee Ya, so? All that could mean is he thinks of me as the KID, his little sister.

Jean No, the look on his face was like he lost a piece f his heart. Besides, I saw into his mind and I know he is starting to look at you like the Woman you are becoming. Remember tose new bathing suits you bought? You wore the strapless low cut bikini to the pool, the other day? To get a nice tan, the he threw a towel over you and gruffly told you to cover up?

Jubilee *starting to smile at the memory* Yeah, I remember. I told him not to worry I wasn't going to wear it to swim in. But, I changed into the one piece black. He liked it well enough in the store. As soon as I back on the chair he old me to help him with dinner.

Rogue Yeah, *laughing* Ya said no cause you wanted a tan, Logan replied 'I'll Tan your hide if you don't help.' Using a claw to try and get you moving.

Jean Not to mention everyone knew it was Hanks turn to cook. Then you used your power ot push him into the pool...

Jubilee Oh, yeah...that was a great day...*smiling now.. and giggling*

*all three woman laughing and smiling*

Jean Well, that was the day he had to start dealing with three things: Jealousy, his attraction to you and his emotions.

Jubilee Why his emotions? Jealousy is the one you said

Jean But I meant his other Emotions.

Jubilee What? *confused look*

Rogue What she is trying to say, Sugah, i E. brotherly protection and others.

Jubilee *whispers with hope growing slowly* Desire?

Jean Oh, trust me Desire. I wish you two could see his dreams-All thte ones that have Jubilee in them...

Jubilee You mean he Dreams bout ME?! *her heart in her eyes*

Jean Yes, before you came. Most were ugly, when you first came he was the only one you really knew and you put him on a pedestal. Now protecting, comforting, loving and caring for you rules his subconscious mind.

Rogue Did ya know, he held you and carried you for hours till he and Gambit found a room for ya. An after that he just talked and rocked you? An Gambit told me. He heard him promise to marry you if you were ok.

*Jubilee and Jean look at each other. Jubilee with a shocked expression. and Jean with a plan forming in her mind.*