Do we want to make any adjustments to the team sizes?


League- 6

Competitions- 10

Research-Depending on the research but … 13 as a general rule

Everyday teams 8

At home: As many as can fit in your house

Do we want to be trainers, contest performers, or researchers or some combination? No

Do we want any characters from the games/Anime to show up? Yes

Do we want this to be combined with other fandoms? (Like Supernatural, or batman, or something IDK) No…. *One that can easily fit with pokemon*

Are we using the multi-color variant of shinies from our twilight fic? Yes

Do we want our characters to know each other, like game rivals or to meet along the way?

Do we want to travel to multiple regions? yes

Are we adding our own types? Yes

Do we want the pokemon orphanages? pok`e-rescue


Arcanine - electric shiny

Sableye - shiny Green

Sableye - rear shiny blackish-red color


Zorua - Hisuian





















Taro, a young person, pokemon researcher. She likes pokemon and loves spoiling them. Keeps a garden, knits, and sews. 18.

Sorrel is a youth, they use any kind of pronouns, he loves her pokemon, they can be found in pok`e-rescue, they are a breeder/scientist working to find a way to bring back old types, and kinds of pokemon that are almost gone. 20.

Peony, Rose, Chamomile the third and youngest brother. Chamomile wass chill as his name sake, very patient and loved his daughters a lot.

We left for our adventures (at 10-12ish) and he fell into unhealthy thinking and went bonkers, but we lived with him after our father died, when we were 8-9ish.

Chapter 1:

The train rumbled over the landscape toward Galar three young people sat in a car watching the scenery. One of the youths had dark red hair, light brown skin, and was holding their two Sableyes so they didn't fall off the seat. One was dark red, a never seen color for the pokemon, the green one was normal but it held close to the other one.

The other two youths held hands, one was napping against the other who was looking out the window. Dark, neat black hair that fell partly over their face. A pair of Eeveelutions, umbreon and espeon sat on the two's laps, curled and sleeping.

"I wonder what our Uncles have been up to? I heard that Peony was taken down as champ." The older one said.

"Oh?" the one who'd been looking out the window responded. "Wasn't that a while ago though? I remember hearing about it before…" they trailed. "Well, I guess it doesn't matter, we'll see them soon." They smiled to, the other. "I can't wait. I wonder how much has changed. It's been eight whole years after all." Espeon's ears twitched

"And in those years you found happiness. I am so proud of you." the older one said, as their phones went off. It was a message from their uncle Peony saying Rose had been arrested.

"Don't tease," the younger said, sticking their tongue out before pulling their phone. "Huh?"

"Oh no. What did he do?" the older one said.

"It looks like our uncle decided to release a very dangerous pokemon in order to solve an energy crisis that was- wow, we might consider not telling anyone we're related to uncle Rose. Oh! They're's still held the championship match. Oh! It's Leon!" Showing their sister some news about some work project or other being done by the former champion.

"What? Who?...Oh…that's nice." the older one said with a slight blush on their face.

"Didn't you have the biggest crush on him, Sorrel?" they asked.

"Hey shut it. Taro." Sorrel said.

"Remember when uncle told us he'd sponsor him and you turned as red as a tomato," Taro giggled.

"Hey it was a hot day. Not like we had time to think like that for long." Sorrel said, looking down.

"Yeah," Taro said. "I hope Uncle Peony is doing okay? I mean, hearing about Uncle Rose must have really bothered him. Right?" Taro said. "Or, maybe he didn't care." Taro said. "Are we bad nieces?" Taro asked.

"I hope so, no we just didn't know him well. He didn't really try to understand us." Sorrel said, putting a hand on Girl's arm.

"I mean, we just left though," Taro said. "I feel like it's somehow… My fault…" Taro bit her lip.

"We talked about this," their sleeping companion muttered in their sleep. Causing Taro to giggle.

"I know," Taro said.

"They are right. Now sleep sib. I will wake you when we get there. Uncle Poney will be upset if you two are too tired to go on one of his adventures." Sorrel said, with a smile.

"Not a chance, we're almost there and I slept tons last night," Taro said. "Besides, what about you? Won't you need sleep."

"I can't sleep with these two looking and jumping to see what's going on." Sorrel said.

"That's true," Taro said, scratching their Espeon behind their ear. "What if he doesn't recognise us? What if he gets mad about our pronouns? What if he doesn't like Peanut?"

"When has he ever been mad about my pronouns? Rose was the one I have been worrying about with you two and everything, now that he can't use it against you I feel better about coming back." Sorrel said, trying to comfort their sibling. Taro shifted.

"Yeah, I guess that's true," they said. A voice came out of the speakers somewhere.

"Next stop Crown Tundra," the voice said kindly. "Next is Crown Tundra."

"That's it!" Taro said.

"What's it Taro?" Sorrel asked, looking at the other.

"The spot that uncle said he'd be meeting us," Taro said. "In the letter. Remember?" Taro pulled out the letter. "Actually I don't know how I managed to remember. Even though I'd red it a thousand time.s"

"Oh…OH yeah I remember."

"Right! Right! We're finally going to see Peonia again after all this time!"

"Yep that's right you think she is still upset by my Ember?" Sorrel asked, looking unsure. The Sableyes moved closer to Sorrel to comfort them. The pair had put their gems in the Sorrel's bag, they put their arms as close to around her as they could.

"I'm sure she got over it," Taro said. "I mean we were just kids, after all."

"Mother never meant for the typing to be that. I don't think she knew what it would be." Sorrel said.

"Well, I'm sure it's fine now," Taro said. "She can't still be mad about something that happened when we were just little kids."

"I know but still." Sorrel said as the train came to a slow stop.

"It'll be fine," Taro said. "She was like six, of course she wasn't going to have a reasonable response. We're all grown ups now."

"You're right. Nope I am never going to do that." Sorrel said, sticking his tongue out.

"Oh! Stop," Taro gave a light play kick, giggling at their older siblings' words.

"Sorrel! Angelica!" came a familiar shout.

"Oh, boy, I forgot how much I hate that name," Taro said. "Over here!"

"Over here Uncle." Sorrel said, waving a hand.

"There you girls, I mean kids are!" Peony corrected.
"We're pretty much adults now," Taro said, finger to her lips as she gestures to her still somehow sleeping partner.

"Oh, my bad," Peony said. "And you two remember Peonia,'' he gestured to his daughter who looked extremely embarrassed about her father's shouting. Taro waved.

"Come sit down. There is plenty of room. I made sure to get this whole cart for us." Sorrel said moving over a bit, the two Sableye getting closer to him, as the newcomers came into the car. The two settled in on the empty spaces. Looking between the two and their sleeping pokemon and the sleeping mystery girl.

"It's so good to see you two again," He said, looking his nieces over. "You look more and more like Chamomile and your mother everyday. Taro blushed.

"Thanks I think." Sorrel said.

"It's a compliment," Peony said. "Definitely a complement. You know your father got all the looks in the family, and your mother. Gosh, I think we can all agree she was a stunner. She traveled here with him all the way from Sinnoh, you know. She was a star there, and never got less than second in a competition."

"Yep Taro here is also in competitions. I just do leagues and research." Sorrel said, rubbing the two glaring Sableye on the head.

"Oh, really, I'm so proud." Peony nearly shouted, only barely controlling himself in time.

"Oh, it's nothing, I'm barely even a contender," Taro said. "I was really more into other aspects of things and stuff. Oh! I made poffins if you want some?" she asked Peonia. Pulling out her poffin case.

"Garnet, and Emerald stop glaring at your family. You two silly billies." Sorrel said, giving them a poffin.

"Huh? Oh, that's an unusual looking Sableye," Peony pointed out. "Are its gems red? She's very pretty."

"He," Sorrel corrected. "Yes It takes a very specific set of circumstances for them to get red gems. Do not try to make it happen." Sorrel said their hands were shaking from remembering what happened.

"Oh? Sorry," Peony said. "That, well, that couldn't have been fun for them."

"No it was not." the dark red sableye said.

"Well, it's good you've got such a good trainer," Peonia said.

"They saved us." the dark one said as the green one tried to hide behind Sorrel.

"Oh, that's good, at least the two of you are okay," Peonia said.

"I didn't know Sableye could TALK!" Peony shouted, waking Peanut.

"Uh, what?" Peanut said, sitting up and looking around. Espeon and Umbreon also shot up in panicked haste hackles raised, that's when a Gardavoir walked in.

"Huh, oh? Hello Mr. Peony," the Gardavoir said. "It's good to see you?"

"It's good to see you too, Snowdrop," Peony said. "Heh, sorry, to have woken you."

"Huh," Peanut said. "Who-? Is this your uncle." Taro nodded. Snowdrop sat down, the espeon and umbreon climbing over them as they passed out the food.

"Yeah," Taro said, accepting the food. "Did they give you any trouble?"

"A bit, they wouldn't except my patronage at first, since I'm a pokemon," Snowdrop complained. "Which is stupid, I'm a passenger, with a ticket and everything and I've got money. They kept asking for my trainer and blah, blah, blah," Snowdrop said. "I finally decided to tell them that my trainer is disabled and asked me to get them food. They finally accepted my money after that. It's totally unfair." Snowdrop complained.

"Well, I mean it's not a total lie at least," Peanut said, feeling around for their caine.

"I had to move it, because the ticket guy started complaining about it potentially blocking the way for other passengers."

"That jerk who tried to make you put Snow in a pokeball, and almost refused to let me on," Peanut said.

"The same," Taro and Snowdrop said together. "We're not giving these people any more of our money!"

"They wouldn't even let us just eat the food Taro brought," Snowdrop complained, turning to face Peony, who nodded.

"If Uncle was not…unwell...I would have called him right away." Sorrel said.

"I can talk to them," Peony said. "I can at least give 'um an earful."

"Maybe we should wait till we get off the train," Taro said. "I've compiled a list of complaints to give to the manager. I hate doing it, but sometimes you just gotta. Did you know that they don't have disability access? I had to hop onto the train. I'm pretty sure that's a crime! If I couldn't walk at all how would I have gotten on. And then the rudeness about Peanut's sight cane, and refusal to serve Snowdrop! They also tried to demand that we keep all of our pokemon in pokeballs, even though Peanut needs Ebony to see!"

"I am glad that the sableye not having pokeballs helped things in the end." Sorrel said.

"Yeah, but it did cause problems with those freakin' weirdos who tried to catch them," Taro's arms were crossed.

"Well I showed them. Humans are mostly mean and bullheaded," Garnet said in his scratchy voice.

"That's not the point, you shouldn't have had to be in that kind of a situation to begin with. They should have taken one look at our mobility aids and said, 'yeah, we should let'em keep some pokemon out to aid them with whatever needs they obviously help with' not told us to 'stuff it an' suffer'!"

"I already said we can sue when we get home." Sorrel said.

"Yeah, but I just hope that when that's over, they'll stop being jerks and make sure to be more open minded. And Put in some mobility ramps for god sakes, Snow shouldn't have to carry me everywhere and act as a sight aid to Peanut!"

"Unfortunately we can't change how they act. I don't have Drowzee or Hypno with us." Sorrel said.

"Well, a little scolding and some monetary losses should at least change their outward behavior." Peony said, confidently.

"Next stop Wedgehurst Station. Next is Wedgehurst." The voice came saying the next stop.

"Wow we're already that far?" Galli said. "I can't wait to see how things have changed."

"I can't wait to get off this train," Peanut grumbled, stretching. "I'm Peanut by the way." she said, offering her hand in the general direction of Peony and Peonia. "I'm blind so, sorry if I'm off or something." The two assured her it was fine and shook her hand.

"It's ok Peanut. I just want to go home. I miss talking to mom and dad, even if it's just their ashes." Sorrel said.

"Yeah," Taro said. Peanut took her hand. "Welp, we'll be there soon." Taro said. The train started slowing. "Oh, here we are."

Sorrel grabbed her bag and the sableyes climbed in. Only their heads looking over the top, others think they are toys,until they move.