Attack on Ben

Chapter 1: A new Mission

The earth starts to shake, smoke of debris and dust spread throughout the town and blood are spilled on the walls. Screams and cries of terror could be heard throughout the town. As two naked humanoid giants charge through the streets, while causing destruction and havoc in their paths.

The first giant resembles a female, although her appearance has a lack of skin. Her body consists mainly of exposed muscle tissue, in which there is a noticeably limited amount of skin coverage across her body and fingers made out of bone. Along with a massive increase in height, her face is laden with muscle lining, notably underneath her cheeks. She has blonde-short hair that reaches her shoulder and light blue eyes.

The other that was chasing after the female giant was a muscular male. His height increased to 15 m, his hair grew long enough to gaze his shoulders and has elongated ears. Has tanned skin and red-orange cracks around the body, white-blue bright eyes that show primal fury. His facial appearance developed a prominent, hooked nose, and his mouth took on an unusual, jagged shape. He also lacked lips and flesh on his cheeks, so his teeth were exposed and razor sharp. The giant lost both his left and right limb, which cause the creature to chase on fours, while flames and steam pour out of the male behemoth body.

The two giants weren't alone as various people were flying through the air and bouncing off nearby roofs. Most of the people witness the fight between the giants.

As the female behemoth was near the edge of the town. The male giant pounced on the blonde from behind. Forcing the titans to crash through a bridge overhang and slid across the ground. Sheathing the earth and destroyed markets in the path, while dust clouds fill the air and debris were sent flying.

The black-haired humanoid tower over the blonde, he lowered his head and roared behind the female. The blonde giant responded by covering her nape with both of her hands. Worried that the male would finish or attack her from behind. The female giant used her body to push the furious humanoid off her, which she succeed.

Before the blonde could escape, the raven-haired giant use his right arm to grab onto her face. He put pressure onto his hand and gave a tight grip on the blonde face. The male behemoth crushed the female face. Blood and steam started to spill in every direction.

"WWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" The female giant cried in pain from the top of her lungs. The power alone behind her scream sent even the wind flying, while the black hair humanoid isn't bothered by her scream and only showing a neutral expression.

When the screaming stopped the female lowered her body to escape her opponent grasp and elbowed at the male face. Blood escaped from his jaw and forced him to let go of the blonde. The female behemoth fell on her back, before she quickly avoided a quick swipe from her opponent. The blond then responds with a kick at her enemy, sending him flying into a building. As a result destroying the property under his weight and force.

The blonde giant took this opportunity to retreat and lift herself on her two feet. She ran towards the giant wall as her fingers started to crystallize and sharpen. She dashed towards the wall and jumped. The giant crystalized fingers dug into the wall and toes also started to crystallize as she started to climb the wall.

She didn't make it that far when her male opponent jumped and grabbed onto her left leg. With a feral roar the male titan bit onto her flesh.

The female blonde notices her situation and uses her right leg to kick the male off her. Sadly sacrificing her leg in the process, but she doesn't seems faced of missing her leg. Only seems to focus to escape and make it to the other side of the wall as she starts to climb again. The blonde giant was only half-way on her climb, when she noticed a black-haired girl flying on her right.

The blonde could only have a glimpse of the girl, before her right fingers were cut off by the girl blades. The giant couldn't do anything as her other fingers were followed. Without the support of her fingers to climb or grip on the walls, the giant started to fall.

However as she starts to fall everything seemed to be in slow motion to the giant as she started to descend. As she falls her eyes paid attention to the black-hair girl, who landed on her broken nose.

"It's over Annie." The girl spoke as she identified the blonde giant as Annie. "Now fall." The girl stated her last words, before she jumped off the giant.

As Annie was falling she was starting to have her own moments and thought about her pasts. The blonde crashed onto the earth and she was about to get up from her position. Although Annie was immediately tackled by her opponent again. The female giant could not retaliate or free herself as the male titan disembodied her limbs and decapitated her head.

Only leaving a stomp motionless on the ground, but the male giant wasn't done yet. He lowered his head down towards the nape as he opened his mouth. His teeth became more razor sharp and bit the flesh of the nape. After he rip the muscle of the nape, revealing a blonde haired girl. Her hair is tied in a bun, Annie upper body wore a white shirt and vest, while her lower body was still connect to the second skin. The giant didn't continue his assault as he stared at the girl, noticing the latter had tears in her eyes.

'Father...I'm sorry.' Annie open her eyes showing the color blue. 'But I won't be coming home soon.' The blonde thought in sadness, guilt and pain that she would not return home to her father. 'Good-bye...father.' Annie gave her last thought, before she closed her eyes again.


All of a sudden the heavy atmosphere for the intent to kill and noise immediately stopped. It was strange for Annie, she would have thought that her opponent would attack right after her defeat. She would have used her last resort on both herself and her enemies. Including so that her enemies wouldn't get any important information out of her. Annie thought she might have already passed out without knowing, but she can still feel her body and the movement of her chest, indicating she's still breathing. Which means she still alive, but everything around seems quiet. Annie wanted to continue where she laid, however curiosity got the best of her to what might occur to her surroundings. She open her eyes as she first spotted her opponent.

"!?" Annie eyes widen mix of pure shock and disbelief. Somehow the giant in front of Annie...somehow froze and motionlessly stood over her. The blonde then starts to look around her surroundings. To more of her surprise not only was the giant frozen, but everything and everyone around her also froze. The people that chase after her around the air or land were stuck motionlessly on either side. Not one single movement was motioned from her opponents. The chasers weren't the only ones frozen. Annie notice birds were stuck in midair, the panicked civilians were frozen in a running position, even the steam escaping her body froze. "W-What's going on!? What's happening!?"

Mix of panic, confusion and shock develop the young blonde as she look around. She questioned herself if the whole thing was real or that she was hallucinating, she was hoping the latter. "W-What? this possible?" The blonde still trying process the occurrence, although she now manage to calm her nerves and tries to understand the situation.

"Hello Annie."

Annie's eyes widened in shock when an unrecognizable voice spoke above her. The blonde slowly move her head up to look at the stranger. To her surprise she could only identify a figure with a purple screen-like face and a black cloak covering the its body.

"We finally met." The figure's voice seems calm and polite, but something else was behind his tone. A tone that Annie can recognize and familiar with in her past, behind the figures polite tone is something sinister and...ominous. "Let's have a little talk, shall we."

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