The Uzumaki residence was quiet, most days. Kushina liked it, that way. Having some degree of peace and stability in her life was wonderful.
Lately, most of all, she'd been missing her husband. Kushina had miraculously survived her injuries, all those years ago, but Minato had not been so lucky. There were times she wished she'd been the one to die, or that they'd both died… but then, who would look after Naruto? She would never have gotten to love and adore the boy how she did.
There was a bit more to it than just plain old motherly love, though.
Ever since the demon fox had been sealed inside Naruto, Kushina had noticed a strange phenomenon. The boy's chakra had a peculiar effect on those around him – mostly her, since they lived together. When she'd first brought him home from that day, Kushina had been a normal woman. She was a widow and a mother, of average height and build, perhaps above average beauty.
That changed, quickly. 'Ugh…' she groaned. Kushina kept needing new clothes. See, being around her son had a peculiar effect on her. As soon as he was born, she'd started 'changing'. Her above-average chest had become very large – not obscene, but quite impressive, enough to draw stares from any man she passed. She'd never remarried, of course, putting all her time into raising her son right. Kushina had also gotten taller over the years, despite being fully adult. Her lower half had become curvier, thicker… overall, her body had become quite strange.
She had some idea of the cause. One day, Kushina eyed Naruto, smiling, feeling as impressed by him as always. He was a kind, competent and cute young man, but there'd been something special about him ever since he was a tiny boy. Kushina didn't mean 'special' in the way a mother might always think of her son. There was something quite objectively different about him.
Kushina had trouble finding clothes for the boy, sometimes – the bulge in his pants was honestly ridiculous. It went a bit beyond being well-endowed – her late husband had been, so it wouldn't be unusual for her son to be the same. This went beyond that. The front of his pants and underpants sagged, pushing outward a ridiculous amount, seeming almost impossible to contain.
Many nights, Kushina would sit alone in her bed, pleasuring herself. At first, she thought of all the fun times she'd had with her husband… but such memories made her sad. Was she, a relatively young woman, to be alone forever? In prior years, she'd been content with the excuse that she was a mother, she didn't have time to be fooling around with men.
The day came when she could stand it no longer.
'Are you alright, Mom? You've been acting weird today.'
'All fine, Naruto. Just leave me be,' Kushina responded. She was not exactly 'fine'. Last night, after bath time, she'd caught sight of her son's cock, exposed. She'd apologised, naturally, and looked away… but the image was burned into her mind. Having a fox demon sealed inside him had given her son a strange, powerful chakra… one that improved a part of his body. She'd have thought it absurd, had she not seen it with her own eyes and felt it in her own body. That had to have been why she'd kept 'developing'. Now, well into her thirties, Kushina could wait no longer. Her lewd thoughts, recently, had been of her own son. She knew it was wrong. She knew she shouldn't touch herself, shouldn't bring herself to orgasm to thoughts of her own son…
…But Kushina couldn't take it anymore.
That evening, she laid down on her old marital bed. 'N-Naruto', she called, 'can you come in here?'
'Yes, Mom?' Naruto smiled, cute as always, entering the room. He would make a fine ninja – no, an outstanding ninja. Kushina gazed at him, moving her eyes to his lower half. He wore quite baggy clothing down there, as he often did. He saw Kushina sitting on the bed, smiling at him. She beckoned him with a finger.
As her son climbed onto the bed with her, Kushina felt her remaining restraint melt away.
'Mom… are you sure this is okay? I mean, for me to do with you?'
'Shush. Make mommy happy.' Kushina sat in front of her son, who wore only his undergarments. 'We're going to have some fun. Start with a kiss.' Kushina had wordlessly stripped down to her underwear, confusing and surprising her young son. Naruto gazed at her huge tits, only half-covered, so inviting… but Kushina was his mother. He couldn't be thinking of her in that way… 'Come on. Let's kiss.'
Oh well, maybe he could. Pushing his lips out comically, he leaned up towards his beautiful mother. Kushina instantly took him, wrapping her arms around the boy and pulling him close. 'Mm!' Naruto didn't know what to think of this. He liked the feel of his own mother's lips against his, and enjoyed being hugged. She felt so warm, her skin touching his own. Being squished against her boobs, though, gave young Naruto another feeling.
'Ah…' Kushina broke the kiss. Her little boy had no idea what he was doing, clearly, but she didn't care. Her arousal spiked as she noticed his cock – it poked through the top of his clothes, rising by the second. Kushina's eyes widened as she watched her hung, virile son get an erection. It just grew, and grew, getting ever taller… and it was so thick! She could feel herself salivating at the sight of it. No, really. That couldn't be natural…
'M-Mom…' Naruto blushed, knowing somehow that this was wrong, yet not caring too much. Kushina never did or said anything to him that hurt him, unless it was good for him. Some things hurt, but the point was that he trusted his mother. 'It kind of hurts a bit. My… you know.'
'Your huge, hard cock!' Naruto didn't know how to respond to that. What happened next surprised him more, though – his mother removed her bra, exposing her bare breasts. He gasped, gawking at them, totally awestruck. 'You like them?'
'M-Mom! You shouldn't show me your… huge boobs…' He realised the absurdity of the objection quickly. Feeling a rush of instinct, he reached his hands out to squeeze his mother's breasts. 'Nice!' He started to play with the big, round tits, mesmerised by the sight of them. 'You're really beautiful, Mom. Why did you never get another husband?'
'I don't need one. We're going to do all the things a husband and wife might.' Kushina could feel herself breathing heavily, her body reacting beyond just regular arousal. She knew there was something more to it, a bit of extra 'magic' drawing her in. Her son was destined to be a little sex machine. She hoped her late husband would forgive her. 'Let's get naked.'
'Mom… is this really ok?' Naruto wanted to cover up his dick… it reached up pretty damn high, especially when it got hard. 'I really like how you look, naked.'
'Just lay back and let Mommy play with you.' Kushina breathed in deeply, seeing her son's cock in all its glory. It must have been damn near a foot long. Absolutely fucking ridiculous, totally unnatural, and absolutely delightful. Kushina put her arms behind her back for a moment, showing off her naked self to her son. 'Let's get started, my cute little stud!'
'Okay.' Kushina had several thoughts filling her mind as she started to play with Naruto's huge dick. This was incest, plain and simple, but she didn't care. She wanted to take things even further than that, now that she'd seen her son's amazing breeding tool up close. First, she would take him inside her. Then, she would feel like an irredeemable slut, because she was. After that, she would…
…Kushina didn't want to admit it, but she desperately wanted her boy to impregnate her. 'Hey, how's this feel, Naruto?' Grabbing the top of the boy's dick, she rubbed it against her pussy, a significant distance above him. Naruto moaned, gently, only half-sure what was going on. He knew some things about sex, but nothing of just how much his cock was capable of. 'You're going to be my little husband for the day. How does it sound?'
'S-sure! If that's what makes you happy, Mom.' Naruto meant that. His mother always made sure to look after him, caring for his every need, putting in so much time just to make sure he was happy. If she wanted to do some weirder stuff with him, why would he say no? Besides… he was getting a pleasant, tingly feeling. 'Hah… what now?'
'Just let Mommy take over.' Kushina felt her heart racing, her adrenaline pumping. This was it – her final opportunity to back out. She'd already corrupted her boy, just playing with his massive endowment, but she knew she couldn't stop. Morally wrong, this certainly was… but Kushina had been on her best behaviour for her whole life. Surely, every once in a while, some debaucherous incest would be acceptable? 'Here we go. Get ready.'
'Okay.' Naruto watched, intrigued and interested, as his mother sank down onto his cock length, pushing it inside her. He watched the way her flesh stretched out, opened up to accommodate him. Most of all, he noticed how wonderful the tight, amazing wetness felt. 'W-wow! I love this, Mom!'
'N-naaaah! Not as much as… me…' Kushina's eyes rolled back into her head as she penetrated herself on her own son's dick. 'Oh my…' She could never have imagined this feeling so good. She apologised internally to her late husband – he would not compare at all to his young son. Kushina moaned, shocked and aroused beyond belief, as she fit her boy's entire length inside her. Sure, it hurt, but the pain faded away very quickly. Kushina was no virgin, and she suspected there was a little bit of chakra involved making the two of them more compatible. 'Yes! I want your cum inside me, right now.'
Naruto wasn't sure what that meant. 'O-okay! I'll do that.' He watched, hypnotised, as his mother began to bounce up and down. 'Ah…' The boy knew only pleasure, along his entire huge, rock-hard length. What the hell was happening to him? With every movement his stacked, horny mother made, he felt a strange energy and happiness in his lower half. He sighed, breathing deeply, deciding that he thoroughly enjoyed whatever Kushina was doing. 'Mon, this is fun… Mom, are you listening?'
'YES!' Kushina was not. 'Cum inside me, stud. Give me another baby like you! I don't care if it's wrong, knock me up.' Kushina alternated between closing her eyes and fantasising, and gazing down at her son as she rode him. She ran her eyes across his body as she rode his unnaturally huge cock, spearing her womb on her own son's length. Each movement deepened her pleasure, bringing her closer to orgasm... until it finally happened. 'Oh... OH! FUCK!' She stopped moving for a movement, her walls tightly squeezing her son's cock, as the best orgasm of her life struck Kushina. 'Ah… I love you… cum inside me…'
'I-I'm not sure what you mean, Mom.' Naruto felt his mother's cunt squeezing him, attempting to milk him… he didn't know what to say. He loved this, and he loved his mother. He gazed at her huge, round tits, her wide hips, her flat belly… her pretty face. It was probably wrong to think his own mother so attractive, but none of this seemed like it was particularly right. 'I love… watching your boobs move, Mom!'
Kushina, her orgasm finally over, smirked at her son. She resumed moving, bouncing atop his cock with lewd,wet slaps. She loved the sound of it.Smack, smack, smack, She wondered if Naruto's chakra made her wetter, more fertile… more receptive. She decided to start teasing him. 'You like my huge tits, my baby boy? You like watching your slutty mother's boobs bounce around?'
'Yah… yeah, I do! A lot.'
'And you…ah… want to knock me up?'
'I-I don't know! I'll do that, if you want it.' Hearing that made Kushina moan, loud.
'Yes,' she replied, 'I want it so bad!' Kushina, feeling another orgasm approaching fast, let herself fantasise. Her son's huge cock was one thing, sure, but she could feel his round, full balls slapping against her pussy with every movement of her wide hips. She knew he could impregnate her with ease. His strong, virile sperm would not care that she was Naruto's mother. He needed to spread his seed as much as possible, putting babies in the wombs of slutty, fertile women across the world. Kushina realised she had no qualms about letting him do so. She wanted to see a a crowd of women, all with ridiculous, swollen pregnant bellies fat with Naruto's children – her grandchildren. 'Come on, do it as soon as you can! Cum inside me. Give me a big pregnant belly – I want more children from you!'
'Ah… Mom, something's coming.' The boy half understood what his mother meant – get her pregnant? Did she mean to make him a father? Well, whatever. He was sure his mother had a plan. 'It's coming out…'
'Yes! Impregnate me!' Kushina had the biggest, lewdest, most indecent orgasm of her life as she felt the first jet of her son's cum squirt into her. It wasn't the weak, pubescent trickle one might expect of a boy Naruto's age, but a veritable gush of jizz. Kushina could have sworn she heard the noise of her boy's cum moving through his cock. 'I love you. Put your baby in my belly!' Kushina moaned happily, focusing on the warm liquid gushing into her belly. It never seemed to end… ten seconds, twenty passed… he never seemed to stop.
Naruto's mind was overwhelmed. He fought not to pass out as he experienced his first orgasm. Of course, his first orgasm was different to those of most young boys. It was stronger, very much so… and regular orgasms were already one of the most intense feelings. He felt like his entire body could just melt with happiness and carnal pleasure. It went on for ages, too. A normal boy might've cum for ten seconds or less, but by the time the hung shota was finished, he'd sent two dozen spurts of warm liquid into his mother's pussy.
'Oh… my…' Kushina could say nothing else, for almost a minute. She looked down at her son, her own flesh and blood, reflecting on what she'd done to him… and regretted nothing. He was such a perfect, cute boy. Such a handsome face and a smooth, young body. He looked quite normal except for his monstrous cock.
And it wasn't over yet.
'Mom… I like watching from this way, too. Why did you open the curtains, though?'
'Mm… fuck, I don't know! Just cum inside Mommy again and don't worry.' Unsatisfied with just one round, Kushina had left her son right where he was. She hadn't even taken his dick out of her. Kushina wanted one more round, only with her son getting a different view. She'd turned around, riding him quickly in reverse cowgirl. 'I wonder if anyone can see us, Naruto? Wouldn't that be funny?''
'Um… I don't know… wouldn't you get in trouble?' The sunlight beamed in from outside, shining down on the bedroom scene. Naruto wasn't really worried about anyone discovering them. They were pretty well isolated, after all. Besides, he didn't care what anyone else thought. He was too busy having fun with his Mom. 'Mom, I love your butt. It's really big!' Assuming Kushina wouldn't mind, Naruto reached both of his small, smooth hands up to his mother's ass. He started to squeeze and fondle it, feeling like a very naughty boy.
'Oh, my. You like my ass, do you? You like how big it's gotten for you? I bet this whole time, that little demon inside you knew this would happen!' Kushina sighed, wondering how her butt looked to her son, bouncing, the flesh jiggling a bit with every time she slammed her pussy onto his cock. Minato had once enjoyed this position, too. Her husband had never had the dirtiest mind… even before spending years around Naruto's strange, enhancing chakra, Kushina had had quite a high sex drive. She'd not had such a big, thick butt when she'd fucked her husband, though. He would have loved to play with her curves… Kushina felt happy with how things were, though. 'Impregnate your slutty mother!'
'Are you sure?' Naruto felt a little uneasy about that… but there was another feeling, too. He felt a kind of instinct, a desire to do exactly as his mother requested. Him, put a baby in her belly? He felt a rush of arousal as he imagined it – his own mother, with a pregnant belly, a really big one. He wanted to make it happen.
Kushina could feel her son's cock pulsing, ready to fill her once more. She felt the slick wetness of her arousal coating her son's pelvis, tempting both of them into orgasm. 'Breed me! Knock up your slutty mother's cunt!' Kushina knew she was repeating herself a bit, but did it matter? Talking out loud about it all aroused her. This was incest, and she was a dirty, filthy mother. He wanted and fully intended to breed with her own son. In her mid-late thirties, the woman still had plenty of fertility left. Moving as quickly as she could, she moaned a few more times, ready to be filled. 'Put a baby in my womb, come on! Do it!'
'Mom… ahhhhh!' Naruto grabbed at the bedsheets, feeling the surge of pleasure course through him once again. It really was unlike anything else he'd ever experienced… nothing would ever compare. He felt his cock pulse, squeezing out a second barrage of virile sperm to coat Kushina's waiting womb. 'Ahhhh… ahhhhh….'
Kushina's eyes rolled back as she gave in to her lust. 'Yes… cum in me…' She felt every little bit of warm cum her son had fill her up, bringing her into yet another orgasm from incestuous sex. 'Mmmmm.' She knew she'd done it, now. A thirty-something should surely have known better, yet she'd gone and seduced her own son. Really, it wasn't her fault. Naruto's chakra was a kind of magic, after all…
As she savoured every moment of their mutual orgasms, Kushina imagined another kind of magic happening in her belly. Deep in there, she knew there would be millions and millions of her son's powerful sperm, making their way inside her. She'd become pregnant with Naruto so easily, all those years ago, and imagined that not much had changed. She knew shed been impregnated, that one of her son's virile swimmers would find her egg, breeding her with an incestuous child and ensuring she would give birth to her son's baby.
Little did Kushina know, there was a bit more to it than that. While being around her son had a gradual effect, his seed inside her made some separate enhancements. When she'd awoken, that morning, she'd been ovulating with just one egg for the right male to fertilise, every bit as fertile as she'd been twenty years ago. Two separate, massive creampies, however, had done something extra. They'd affected her womb directly, ensuring that it was not just one cute baby her son impregnated her with. It was not two, not even three... Kushina didn't know it yet, but she would be struggling under an astounding baby belly, carrying a hyper pregnancy of multiples…
'Hah… hah…' Kushina rose up, pulling off of her son. Asquelchnoise sounded, and Naruto's cum dripped from her pussy for several seconds. 'I think we ruined the bed!'
'Mom… that was so much fun…' Naruto breathed heavily; eyes closed. 'Can I… have a rest now, though?'
Kushina smiled back at him. 'Just for a bit. But we're not done, yet!'
The day passed, with Kushina being much more physical with her young, hung son than usual. She could feel a strange, hot tingling in her belly, and she knew that she was in the process of conceiving her son's child. She'd known for sure the first time around, when pregnant with Naruto all those years ago. This time was no different… well, maybe it was, but she didn't know that.
'Hey.' Kushina let a towel fall away from her tits, exposing her bare, naked body to her son. 'You want to join mommy in the bath?'
Naruto nodded, smiling. 'Are we gonna do sex again?'
'We are. Get your dick out and get in here.' Kushina had a wicked smile on her face. Once her son climbed in with her, she hugged him close. Both of them loved how their bodies felt against each other, in the warm water, all slippery and smooth.
Not too much 'washing' took place.
'Ah… Mom, are you sure it's alright to do this again?' Naruto sat in the bath, letting his mother play with his huge cock. It didn't take much to make it huge and hard – an 'erection', if the young boy understood things correctly. He moaned, enjoying the way Kushina squeezed and played with his length. He did think it odd, him being so young and having such a massive thing attached to his body. Kushina had explained to him that it would be normal for his cock to be a quarter of the size it was. Apparently, however, it being huge and thick was not a bad thing.
'It's fine to do it as much as we like, but don't tell anyone else.' Kushina gripped her son's cock with both hands, peeling back his foreskin. It was time for her to taste him. She cleaned him off a little, first, wanting to make him dirty all over again. 'As usual, just lay back and relax.'
'Okay!' Naruto didn't hesitate to answer. He watched his own mother, smiling, as she took his cock in her mouth. Kushina had much trouble taking the whole thing inside her than she did with her pussy. She still managed to fit seven inches in before finding herself overwhelmed.
'Mmph. Mm…' Kushina couldn't talk to her son, like this. She would prefer vaginal sex most times in the future. The future? Maybe she could make this a one-time thing. Maybe she could be responsible… but no. She enjoyed the taste of her son's cock in her mouth way too much! Still, though, cock didn't usually taste 'good', but Kushina found herself honestly liking it. What the fuck?
She passionately gave her little son a blowjob, continually in awe at his amazing length and girth. She just couldn't get the whole thing in. Oh well. Maybe her body would change with time so che could do that, too?
She moved back and forth, sucking quickly on her son's cock. Kushina smiled to herself as she blew him, loving just how indecent an act this was. She'd been unable to resist little Naruto after being around him for so long. She wondered if he'd been able to cum like this for years? Even a totally normal boy would only just be getting the ability to make sperm… Kushina decided not to think on it too deeply.
She accelerated. 'Mm. Mm. Glmph. Mmph.' Kushina reflected on her degeneracy so far. She'd fucked her young son at an age most people certainly hadn't lost their virginity. She'd almost certainly knocked herself up with her second child, long after giving birth to the first. The horny, incestuous mother couldn't wait to feel another child in her belly. This one would also be her grandchild… but nobody would ever know that. It would be her biggest, dirtiest, horniest secret. She couldn't wait to have a baby or two suckling from her breasts, as well as her first son.
'Mom… this feels really nice, too.' Naruto would never have expected his day to go like this. Cute, boyish moans escaped his mouth as his mother kept sucking on his length, eager to coax another load from him. He wouldn't mind having a little brother or two, if Kushina really did end up pregnant. 'Ah… the cum's gonna come out, soon. Are you ready, Mom?'
'Mmhm!' Kushina was more than ready. She closed her eyes, going as fast as she could, ready to drink down everything her son had… and then it came! 'MM!' Kushina swallowed each spurt, enjoying her son's third load of the day. God, this was so wrong. If someone walked in on them, maybe she could have made things look innocent, like she was merely a mother bathing her son… maybe, if not for the dick spurting cum into her mouth. Oh well.
As Kushina licked her son's length clean, she felt a strange tingling in her chest, which spread to her lower body. It faded after a bit, and she didn't feel anything drastic… but there was something. Once done cleaning him off, she grabbed Naruto, pulling him towards her. 'You're such a wonderful boy. Let's cuddle for a bit, shall we?'
Naruto smiled, letting his mother grab him. They were both in the nude, doing the lewdest of things, together. He would be sure to keep all this a secret. 'Sure, Mom!'
'Are you trying to keep a secret?'
'Um…' Naruto wouldn't meet her gaze. His mother had kept pressing him, demanding that he see Tsunade that same evening.Just for a general checkup,Kushina had said. Of course, Tsunade had noticed strange things about him right away, and started quizzing the boy rather bluntly about his abnormally large dick. 'Nothing. No secrets.'
'Well, it's of no matter.' Tsunade glared at the boy, feeling a strange desire come over her. Really? Was she seriously thinking about doingthat?'This cock of yours is an abnormal phenomenon associated with chakra. I've not seen anything quite like it before. Allow me to inspect it closer.
Naruto didn't object as Tsunade began to undress him… what had he expected? As she removed his garments in record time, Naruto took a moment to consider just how ridiculous this entire thing was. He'd imagined himself one day getting a normal girlfriend, doing stuff slowly together, and eventually getting married and having an awesome ninja son. Instead, he'd fucked his mother. Life was funny, that way. He would be getting that awesome son – or daughter, perhaps – a decade or two earlier than he might've expected. They had only been fucking like rabbits for day, but Kushina was totally sure that she'd been knocked up. Naruto wondered how she would explain the pregnancy.
'Right!' Tsunade chuckled. 'Quite the 'checkup', isn't this? Has anybody been taking care of this?'
'No.' Naruto answered. 'I mean... well… no.'
'So… yes?'
Naruto scowled at her. 'It's being taken care of, but I can't tell you anything else.' Naruto watched, confused for a moment, as his 'doctor' took off her own clothes, exposing her breasts to the boy. 'Um… really? I love those, but really?'
'There's only one thing to do,' said Tsunade, getting in front of Naruto. He continued sitting where he was, on a comfy chair. 'If this is left unattended, it could cause a dangerous build-up of energy! You could become very sick, or even die.'
'Is thatreallytrue?'
'Yes! Why wouldn't it be?'
'…No reason.' Naruto had learned and understood a great deal in just the past day. It really was no wonder so many people made babies so easily. Doing it was the most fun he'd had in ages. He wouldn't be able to do it with Tsunade, though, would he? Was that what she planned? She was too old for babies, right? Naruto wasn't sure. Tsunade didn't look much older than his mother, even though she was by a lot…
'Quite obscene, isn't it? What does your mother think of it?'
'What?' Naruto took a moment to understand what she meant. 'Oh! My dick. Yeah, she loves it.'
'I mean…' he sighed. '…Please don't tell anyone.'
'I'll keep your secret, so long as you let me run as many 'tests' as I want!' Naruto avoided gawking as Tsunade brought her breasts forward. They rivalled Kushina's, easily, so round, full, and huge. If he somehowdidend up putting a baby in the older woman's belly, it would be one happy baby. Big boobs were the greatest. 'Here we go.' Tsunade, sticking her tongue out a bit and concentrating, wrapped her huge tits around the boy's cock. 'Hah… amazing. Would you look at that? I can take it all.'
'That feels pretty good,' the boy remarked, the absurdity of the situation not lost on him. 'Why are you doing this, though?'
Tsunade thought about lying some more… but decided not to. 'To be honest. Mm. The thought of getting to play with a boy like you… I don't know what's come over me, but it makes me want to cum on the spot.' Naruto couldn't believe what he was hearing. This woman was far more proper and polite than his mother. 'I'm… a kunochi, a great one, but I'm going to play around with a little boy with a huge cock.' Naruto watched, rapt, as the older woman began to give him a… boobjob? He didn't exactly know what it was called. Tsunade laughed. 'This is… making me wet.'
'C-Cool.' Naruto wondered how he didn't feel sore at all. Surely having so many orgasms in a day would tire a boy out? Oh well. Even after spending so much time 'playing' with Kushina, Naruto could go for more. 'That feels good. Are you sure you should be doing this… you know, with you being a Kunochi and all?'
'Ah… doesn't that make it even better?' Tsunade blushed, deeply, ignoring any internal objections she had. She was totally aware she shouldn't be doing this, but even she was not immune to the effects of strange, oddly sexual chakra and a dry spell. Not 'spell' as in any kind of magic… she just hadn't had sex of any sort in quite a long time. An embarrassingly long time. 'I can't believe… even with who I am… I'm playing with you, like this.'
'Are you going to take it inside you?'
'Hah!' Tsunade didn't know what was happening. Her intention with the paizuri had been to pleasure Naruto, to see what sort of load he could shoot with that enhanced, nearly foot-long dick. 'I haven't had a good session like this in ages.' Tsunade could feel herself tingling, down below… alot.She felt like she was halfway to orgasm just from doing this. She watched the way the flesh of her own breasts wrapped around the boy's cock, enveloping him… she noticed some warm, clear liquid leaking from his tip. 'That's a lot of precum, young man! Are you happy? Are you enjoying getting toyed around with by a gorgeous Kunochi?'
'Yeah,' the boy replied with enthusiasm. 'You're super pretty. How old are you, again?'
Tsunade chuckled, emboldened by the boy's pleasure. 'Much older than your mother. You'd think we're the same age, though, wouldn't you?'
Tsunade moaned, listening to the squishy noises of her own tits against a young boy's cock.I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm almost old enough to be his grandmother.She felt her pussy tingle some more, recognising the telltale feeling of an approaching orgasm. The sheer degeneracy of it was going to make her cum before the boy had even touched her, down there. 'Oh, my. You're going to make me… mm…'
Tsunade closed her eyes, blushing as she felt Naruto's cock convulse a bit. He was about to cum… all over her! That was quick. Apparently, she still had some of her old 'skills'. She felt his balls press against her, too. They were amazing, infused with the power of… something. They sagged a bit, huge and full, constantly producing strong swimmers to impregnate any woman the boy came across. Was Tsunade included in that?
'Cum on my tits!' Tsunade demanded, seeping ever further into lust. She moved her breasts back, making sure the end of Naruto's cock was firmly nestled in her tits. 'Please, do it. Do it immediately!'
'Ah… okay!' Naruto moaned… and felt the amazing release, once more. Cum soaked his older friend's tits, spurting out at an alarming rate. He never seemed to lack for virility and volume, sending a little river of cum all over Tsunade's huge breasts. It dripped out of the front, spilling onto the floor, as Naruto heard the older woman let out a loud moan.
'Yes, yes! Ah!' Tsunade felt herself cum, soaking her underwear with juices. She'd been feeling amazing, sure, but the moment she felt his jizz touch her body… she could not avoid an orgasm. Tsunade attributed it to the chakra inside him… if it had such an effect on her, just being around him, then of course his cum would be special. 'Mm… amazing. You're quite an amazing boy. I can't believe I let myself do this to you – me, a Kunochi…'
Naruto didn't respond, only panting and staring at the woman in front of them. She really was so beautiful… he felt a tiredness overcome him for just a scant few seconds, before quickly fading. Maybe that was the effect of his chakra? He didn't know, either way.
'Look at me.' Tsunade smirked, cum dripping down her front. 'You've just defiled a Kunochi with your thick cum.'
'You did that, not me!'
'I suppose I did.' Tsunade didn't want to stop. If she was to give him a medical 'checkup', she had to make sure he was a true stud. It made sense, right? Right? 'Are you ready for more?'
As she shifted position, Tsunade could've sworn she felt a change in her body. Her tits… were they bulging out more? No, they were just… bigger? She couldn't tell for sure, in any way. She'd not measured them in a long time, but she could almost swear they were fuller, rounder… was that what happened when Naruto's chakra-infused sperm touched her body? What a ridiculous thing to occur…. yet there it all was, happening in front of her.
She quickly changed position, getting onto a hospital bed with Naruto. Breeding ensued. 'Ah… you like how my pussy feels? I can't believe I'm doing this… with a little boy.' She let Naruto lay atop her, fucking her passionately as she wrapped her legs around him. She wanted more of his 'chakra' inside her. 'Cum inside me whenever you wish! I want a little boy… to defile me!'
Naruto simply did as he was asked. He was quickly becoming a 'yes man' when it came to sex. Dominance didn't seem to be quite so in his nature as he might've liked… a big part of him enjoyed being ordered around, fucked recklessly, and toyed with. 'I can feel it coming, Tsunade! Can I do it?' He began to thrust quicker and quicker, not having learned how to last long. God, what if he did? Tsunade could only imagine it. Just her, relentlessly trying to milk him for hours, cumming over and over on his amazing cock. It felt incredible inside her, of course. 'Can I shoot it inside you?'
'Of course! Get me… pregnant!' Tsunade wasn't entirely sure if that was even possible, but she said it anyway. Her fertile years were pretty much behind her, but maybe Naruto's monstrous shota cock would override that. As she gazed at the cute face of the boy rooting her unprotected, she came, followed quickly by Naruto's own ejaculation. 'I want to give birth to your baby!'
'Ngh… ooooooh…' Naruto found this woman's pussy to be different to his mother's. It felt a little tighter, a little different… he didn't think about it too deeply. He simply pushed his length inside her and let loose. He dumped as much sperm as he could into her cunt, squirting endless blasts of hot liquid into her belly.
'Thank you… I can't believe I've done this with you…' Tsunade knew the boy's mother would be back soon. She would enjoy this close contact with him for a few minutes longer… and most assuredly schedule another appointment.
Deep in her body, Tsunade experienced much the same effects as Kushina. Where earlier her womb and ovaries had been nearing the end of their productive lifespan, they were quickly revitalised. At the presence of a handsome little boy's powerful, eager sperm, her womb sent out as many of her remaining eggs as possible. As she hugged Naruto close, she knew he'd donesomethingto her, caused some kind of magical effect in her mature womb…
She, too, would carry far more than just one child. Tsunade wondered if she should schedule an appointment with Kushina, as well… perhaps she and her son could come in together?