Kushina inspected herself in the mirror, stunned and amazed. Her body truly was different to how it was five or ten years ago… or evenoneyear ago. There was no doubt that her son was the cause. She'd gone from quite an average height for an adult woman to a very tall six feet. Her breasts, bigger than ever, almost seemed to defy gravity. Her plump, perfect ass was something horny boys would dream about – maybe her son did? She sighed, not disappointed, just surprised and amused. Kushina wasn't too far off forty, yet she didn't feel any older than twenty-five. It was too much for Kushina to put things down to good genetics or exercise. The only bad thing was that her clothes she'd brought just a few months prior were now too tight.
Maybe that wasn't so bad, though…
'Mom, seriously… everyone's staring at you.'
'Are they?' Kushina replied, smirking. 'I suppose they're jealous.' Today, Kushina was walking her son to the academy. Her choice of dress was just a little more lewd than normal… a part of her had wanted to say, 'fuck it, I'll just walk around in underwear', but she still retained a modicum of decency. Not too much, though. She'd chosen a very revealing top, a brightly-coloured, low-cut one that accentuated her cleavage, barely even covering her massive chest. She wore some older shorts, ones that no longer fit her. They were super uncomfortable, but worth it for just how tightly they hugged her thick thighs and huge ass. They made Kushina's legs look long, sexy and attractive. 'You're right. They really are staring, aren't they?'
Naruto looked down, blushing. He could see all sorts of people leering at his mother. He didn't like that… but he supposed they weren't about to do anything with her. Little boys, pubescent boys, young men, middle-aged men, old men... all of them couldn't help but stare at the absolutely stacked MILF in a revealing outfit.
And Kushina found herself liking it. She strode confidently, gradually feeling her arousal build from all the attention. This area wasn't super populous, but there were enough people around to make Kushina feel pretty. One old man didn't even try to hide it, leering and gawking at the tall, busty woman as she walked past. Kushina pulled Naruto in closer as she walked past him.
'M-Mom, please… let's just hurry up and get to class!'
'Why hurry? They can surely wait for you just a little longer.' Kushina chuckled. The way her pussy felt, now, there was no way she was going to be satisfied without at least a quickie. 'Hey, I have an idea. Come with me, my gorgeous boy.'
'Okay…' Naruto had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen, but knew any protest would be futile…
'Mom, come on, you're gonna make me late to class!'
'And you're going to make me cum.' Kushina had hauled her young son aside, into an alleyway. Secluded. They wouldn't be caught, here. One of Kushina's favourite parts in this whole affair was dressing her son up. She'd taken to parading him around in small, tight pants, ones not big enough to reasonably keep his dick in his pants. It always bulged obscenely, drawing stares from women and men alike. Kushina loved how it must have looked. Kushina had quickly removed her son's pants and underwear, exposing his huge cock once again. 'I just can't get over how huge this is. My cute, perfect son with the huge cock fit to knock up an entire village.' Kushina laughed quietly, reaching a hand out to stroke her son's dick. 'Maybe you should do that, sometime! Me first, though…'
'A-Ah… Okay.' Of course, Naruto had no intention of protesting this. There was no denying that the stuff he and his mother did was great fun. He had no trouble keeping it secret, either, but Kushina didn't seem to care much for that. He watched, his heart rate accelerating, as Kushina started to jerk him off, bringing him quickly to erection. 'Why are you… always doing this?'
'Why do you think? It feels so great for both of us.' Kushina could feel herself dripping, down below. Her undergarments were getting soaked. She'd never been quite so ridiculously wet as a teenager, and she'd spent plenty of time masturbating and being lewd. Just how outstanding was her son? 'I want to see you shoot out another of those amazing loads. You've always got so much energy, my son! It's quite overwhelming.'
'You don't have to do this to me,' said Naruto, secretly enjoying the sight. Kushina stopped masturbating him for a moment, grabbing at her clothes. She took off her top, letting her breasts emerge with a comical bounce. 'They're so huge… and you're huge, too, Mom. I mean, tall.'
'Huge. Heh.' Kushina resumed her activities, playing with her son's dick with both hands. It wasn't hard to make the boy cum. 'It's all because of you. There's something on me you still need to make big, though.'
'…I don't follow.'
'My belly!' Kushina examined her son's cock. How would it look in five years? Ten? Kushina couldn't imagine leaving her son. One way or another, she needed to be near him, to service him and bear his children as many times as he wished. She supposed the second was more her desire, though. 'You need to make my belly swell up with your baby.'
'The thing about that, Mom, like… I don't know how to describe it.'
'Don't you want to do it?'
'I don't mind, if it's what you want. It's just… you're my Mom.' Naruto could feel himself about to cum again. He wondered whether he ought to warn Kushina, but actually decided not to. He felt she might enjoy the surprise. 'Ngh… you're my Mom.'
'Is that a problem, sweetheart?' She could tell the boy has trying to hold back moans. She moved her hands faster, playing with Naruto's enormous length as much as she pleased. God, she felt like the luckiest woman in the world. She felt a little torn, honestly, between wanting to keep her hung stud of a son to herself, or sharing him with as many women as possible. She didn't mind the idea of having dozens or even hundreds of grandchildren. 'Cum whenever you like!'
'O-Okay. It's just… ah, nevermind, ah!' Naruto was briefly surprised as his mother pulled her hands away from his cock. Opening wide, she clamped her mouth down on his length, sucking him down as far as she could. 'Nnnnnnngh…'
'Mm.' Kushina pushed her boy's length as far into her mouth as she could, drinking down his thick, powerful load. As with the previous times, her child had alongorgasm. She timed her swallowing expertly, making sure not to get overwhelmed even as her boy ejaculated his tenth, eleventh, and twelfth voluminous spurts. As it all ended, Kushina mused at just how hard Naruto's amazing cock was. One would expect a nearly foot-long fucking monster cock to lose some of its hardness, but nope. Diamond dick. Kushina felt proud and impressed. 'Mm… ah!~' She pulled off, before starting to lick at the boy's tip, cleaning him off.
'Wow… th-that makes me wanna faint whenever it happens.' Naruto smiled, impressed with his mother's skills. 'How did you manage to drink it all down?'
'It's a secret, haha.' Kushina winked at her boy, before standing up. 'Mommies are just amazing, like that.' Kushina got onto a higher step, sitting down on it. 'You know what I feel like, now?'
'Taking me to school?' Naruto suggested.
'Nope. I'd like to kiss my sweet boy.' Kushina reached into one of her pockets. 'Just need to use a little something Tsunade gave me to make sure my mouth's nice and clean. It'll get rid of any cum still left using a jutsu.'
Naruto sighed. 'I'm so gonna be late…'
'Mm….' There was nothing more to be said, for a little while. Kushina had picked her son up, their size difference making things just too awkward. She had a hand on his cute, small ass, with the other wrapped around his back. 'Mmph.'
Naruto just followed his mother's lead. He kissed her deeply, mostly letting her make the movements and feel up his body. He couldn't really understand why she loved playing with his body and touching him so much. Not that he ever protested. He loved his mother plenty, and enjoyed how warm and soft her body was pressed against his. Her hands sure were big, too. He put his arms as far around Kushina's body as he could, touching the muscles on her back. Whatever she'd used had removed any trace of jizz from her mouth. Kushina would thank Tsunade, later.
Kushina continued tonguing her son's mouth as the minutes passed. Of course, the reasons she loved his body were quite straightforward. He was not some hyper-muscular alpha male, not at all, though Kushina suspected he might be, someday. Naruto was simply a cutie. She loved his cute ass and his smooth, youthful face. Part of her wanted him to stay a boy forever, but she knew that was selfish of her. He was destined to one day become the most handsome stud around, and she would never want to stop that.
The taboo nature of everything turned her on most. She could almost cum at just the thought of it. Her own son, her flesh and blood, whom she was supposed to protect and keep safe… well, shediddo those things. She just happened to enjoy pleasing him and his hyper-huge cock. The best part of all would be him knocking her up. 'Mm… mm!' To Kushina's surprise, the stimulation overwhelmed her. Naruto moved one hand to the front, and started to play with his mother's tits. That was too much for the tall, busty MILF to handle. She orgasmed, cumming in her pants, soaking them even worse.
Kushina broke the kiss, leaving a trail of saliva between the two of them. 'That's enough!'
'M-Mom?' Naruto briefly wondered if he was in trouble.
'F-fuck me right now. You have to make sure I'm pregnant, please!'
'Alright, Mom, calm down. I'll do whatever you want.' Naruto enjoyed unprotected sex the most, of course. It was the best thing ever. 'What position do you want to do it in?'
'Get behind me and fuck Mommy's pussy!'
'Mm… stop teasing me, you silly boy.' Kushina leaned against a wall. She'd stripped off completely, her ass and pussy now bare and exposed, the latter of which was about to be railed once again. 'Maybe sometime after I'm pregnant, we can do it in the ass?'
'That'd be super weird.' Naruto took a moment to look at her – his mother sure was beautiful. Such smooth, fair skin and pretty, dark eyes. She was so tall, too, with big, matronly arms that could hug him nice and tight. Naruto loved her long, beautiful red hair which flowed down past her shoulders, every bit as gorgeous as any woman half Kushina's age. Naruto wondered if his children could have it? He was blonde like his father, but maybe he'd have some cute red-headed kids. The boy rubbed his cock against his mother's pussy entrance, ready to give her exactly what she wanted. 'I gotta say, though: I love how huge your butt is, Mom. Is that weird?'
'It's not at all!' Of course, being a boy and enjoying a plump, thick ass and a fat pussy was not weird at all. The 'Mom' part was the weird part. Kushina looked back at her boy, noticing something. 'Hey… you're bigger, aren't you?'
'Huh? What do you mean?'
Kushina craned her head back further. 'I'll need a closer look at it later, but I could swear… that your amazing dick is getting bigger. That's fantastic! Come on, fuck me. Knock me up with an incest baby!'
'It's weird, Mom,' said Naruto, 'but if it's what you want!' He penetrated his mother quickly, pushing her cunt open, once again committing incest. 'Wow. Is it tighter, now? It's like it was easy for me to push in, but then it got tighter again.'
'O-OOOOOH!' Kushina covered her mouth. She assumed if what Naruto said was true, his chakra was to blame. What she did know was that this feltso fucking good.'Go… please, fuck me, son.'
'Okay, Mom.' Naruto rolled his eyes. Obviously he was going to fuck her, what else did she think he was doing? He focused on sex, applying what he'd learned so far. He didn't bother starting slow, however. 'I'm gonna cum lots inside you, today.'
'Yes, please! Do it.' Kushina kept her voice quiet, but didn't know if it would mean much. The noises of sex were so loud.Squish, smack, slop.Her juices stained the ground around them, leaving brief evidence of their encounter.
'I like the way all your skin wraps around me, Mom. You're like… really thick.'
'I know, my sweet boy. You like fucking your mother, don't you?'
'You want to cum inside Mommy?' Kushina had long since abandoned her moral sensibilities. Incestuous sex with her stud of a son was too much fun. She wanted to bear his children in her womb, which she knew had been improved. Whatever magic her son and that chakra of his had, it had definitely made Kushina more fit to bear children.
'Yeah, I want to cum inside you all the time. It's so much fun!' Naruto moved faster. He leaned forward, reaching his hands up to grab his mother's massive breasts… and failed to do so. He could not reach them. He grumbled quietly, blushing in embarrassment, putting his hands back on her ass. Getting an idea, he gave his Mom a smack on one of her asscheeks. 'You like that, Mom?'
'Oo… it's nice, but please, hurry up and knock me… ah… uuuup!' Kushina felt another orgasm course through her body. They were always so strong with her son. She'd had nothing like this when masturbating, ever, in her life. She felt Naruto's cock reaching as deeply into her as possible, threatening to bust right into her womb. Every thrust was like magic, with the tip of his massive length poking against her cervix and heightening her pleasure, despite the pain that brought. 'Oh, my son… you're such a cute boy. I'm glad I gave birth to you.' Naruto didn't answer, clearly focused on what he was doing. 'I'll give birth to your children as well!'
'Will you… actually, Mom?' Naruto kept thrusting, going as fast as he could. He would creampie his mother within a minute. 'You actually want to raise a kid from me?'
'Ahhhhh… yes, not just one! I want all of them.' Kushina moaned, deeply. 'I want you to put your kids in my womb. I don't care if it's incest, I bet your chakra means that doesn't matter anyway!' Kushina's horny brain was doing the talking, but that part was likely true. 'I want you to get me pregnant with my own grandchild. That's the naughtiest thing a mother could ever do.'
'So… ngh… I'll be a father, then?' Saying it out loud made Naruto want to cum faster. 'I'll have a little brother or sister?'
'Yes. I… I want to carry my son's child in my belly. I want it to make my tummy big, and I want my breasts to fill with milk for our baby. I… I want you there when I give birth to it! Then, I want you to knock me up again three more times. No, five. No… ten!' Going crazy with pleasure, Kushina came again. 'Ah, yes! Put your baby inside me. Knock your own mother up!'
Naruto didn't know what to say to that. 'Ah… fuck!' He ejaculated deep into his mother, enjoying the way her cunt squeezed him. A wave of hot, virile sperm flooded Kushina's womb, Naruto grunting and moaning as he finished inside his mommy. He couldn't believe he was actually getting to do this, and would continue to do so every day until… when? Was he going to relentlessly be fucking his mother when he too was in his later thirties? 'Ah… hah… I love you, Mom.'
'And I… love this, so much.' Kushina laughed, enjoying how it felt to be creampied. This really was the best feeling ever, except maybe growing a baby inside her. 'You know, Naruto. Maybe, if we're lucky, Mommy will get more than one child in her belly.'
'Why are you speaking like that? Don't be so weird, Mom… ah.' He pulled his cock out of her, observing his mother's stretched pussy. Cum dripped out of her, which was unavoidable given the size of her boy's loads. 'Aw, no…'
'D-Don't worry about that. You're such a cute little stud that it doesn't matter. I'm sure you shot enough cum into Mommy to knock me up.'Of course, Kushina actually suspected (correctly) that she'd been pregnant already when they entered the alleyway. What she didn't know was just how ridiculously pregnant she was going to be. She would find out in time. 'I suppose you should get going to school, then.'
'Yeah, that's why I said 'aw, no'. You made me really really late!'
Kushina laughed. 'Well, maybe I'll have a little parent-teacher discussion, sometime…
Naruto grumbled. Detention was no fun. He entered the classroom, now alone with his teacher, Kurenai. She was cool, most of the time, but could sure be strict sometimes. 'I'm here.'
'Hello. Please, close the door behind you.' Kurenai stood at the front of the classroom. She was a temporary instructor for them, and Naruto liked her. She wasn't as busty or gorgeous as his own mother, of course, but he still enjoyed staring at her tits and her wide hips. She had bigger arms and legs than his mother, not because of fat, but muscle. Being an active Kunochi meant she had to keep fit. Naruto liked her long, black hair and strange yet beautiful red eyes. She wore tight, red and white clothes, ones that accentuated her curves very nicely. Naruto found his gaze wandering…
He sighed, sitting down near the front of the class. The day itself hadn't been bad at all. He'd been able to sit next to his best friend, a cute girl named Hinata. He'd totally been considering trying to be more than 'friends' with her, someday, but wasn't so sure, now. At least she was still fun to be around. Right now, Naruto was completely alone with the teacher. 'I already told you, my Mom made me late.'
'Well, she can come and see me herself, then. I'm sorry, Naruto, it's really quite simple.' She walked behind him, heading to the classroom door… and locked it. She also drew the blinds on the windows, ensuring nobody could see in. Naruto had the sense to guess where this was going… he hoped he was wrong. 'There's always been something about you, Naruto. Something quite strange.'
'Are you about to say what I think you are?' He followed the woman's gaze, which was fixed firmly on his crotch. His suspicions were confirmed. 'Not you, too…'
'In lieu of a standard detention, I've got something much more fun in mind.'
'Nah, come on…'
Kurenai got down in front of him. 'If you sufficiently please me, I'll let you go, early!'
Naruto sighed.
A minute later, Naruto sat in his teacher's chair. In front of him, Kurenai was slowly stripping off. 'You really shouldn't be doing this, you know.'
'Don't be silly. This is a perfectly health exercise. It's merely a lesson!' Naruto sighed, He doubted there was all that much his teacher could 'teach' him on this subject. Or maybe there was? There was lots of sex stuff he hadn't done with Kushina. 'Lesson One – gaze at your teacher's lewd body!' Naruto did nothing but watch as his teacher stood at the front of the class, stripping for him. She threw her top aside to reveal her impressive tits. They were probably the smallest out of her, Tsunade, and Kushina… but that was a bad way to phrase it. A better way to categorise the chests of those three women would be 'huge, huger and hugest.'
As she took off all her remaining clothing, Naruto found himself focusing on a surprising thing. His teacher was quite… what was the word? Ripped? 'You've got some awesome muscles, Kurenai.'
Kurenai smirked, stretching her back and pushing out her front. 'It's important to keep your body as healthy as possible. You should join me for some exercise!'
'…You mean real exercise, or sex?'
'Sex is a perfectly valid exercise.' Kurenai approached him, hips swaying as she did. Like other women Naruto spent time around, she'd become a ridiculous walking monument of fertility. Her hips were insanely wide, her tits gorgeous… but Naruto honestly noticed her toned abs and muscular arms, most of all. Her build reminded Naruto of big, muscly men he'd seen… except Kurenai was an attractive, stacked woman. 'Now, join me in nudity.'
Naruto shrugged. 'If that's what you want!' Naruto saw no credible reason to protest all this. It was more total weirdness and absurdity in his life, sure, but was that so bad? Things had been eventful and pleasurable, as of late. He got to his feet and took off his clothes, chucking them onto the desk next to him. He wasted no time in unveiling his cock to Kurenai. 'How is it?'
'Ohmy!' Kurenai took a moment to look at the boy. He had a cute, normal body for the most part, with an adorable face that would one day make women swoon. Well, except for the 'one day' part, given the circumstances. Kurenai had imagined Naruto having a huge cock, but notthathuge. It must have been a foot long. 'Is that… that cannot possibly be normal. Have you seen Tsunade about this?'
'Sure have. Don't you like it?'
'Don't I like it?!' Kurenai laughed. She turned around, then bent over the desk, sticking out her ass. 'I give it an A, and I haven't even touched it, yet. Lesson 1: Warm-up! Stick your cock in your teacher's cunt.'
'Sure, if that's what you want. You already said 'lesson one', though.' Naruto felt his heart race, excited to once again be fucking an older woman raw and unprotected. He got in position behind Kurenai, who adjusted herself for the boy's height. 'I'm gonna put it in right away.'
'Good boy! I like your- AH!' Kurenai felt him push his cock into her, no hesitation. He really was a little stud. 'G-Good. Fuck your teacher.'
'I will!' Naruto grabbed her ass, beginning to thrust into her wet cunt. Honestly, he found it strange how tight her passage was, just like with Tsunade and Mom. He could never tire of sex. Naruto began fucking his teacher hard and fast, smirking to himself as he heard her loud moans. In a way, he felt like he was the one 'punishing' her. Kurenai not only couldn't help being a stupid slut, but she'd given him detention! Seriously? Getting detention was so uncool. Naruto leaned forward into her, coring out her womb. 'How's that feel, teacher?'
'AH! AH!' Kurenai had never been fucked so good in her life. There wasn't any real finesse or skill to Naruto's technique, sure, but the sheer size, vigour and energy from the young boy were all that were needed. 'You are… outstanding!'
Naruto wouldn't last long. Not that it mattered, really, with his amazing stamina and energy. He fucked his teacher for a few minutes, waiting for her to adjust to being fucked hard. She never really did, though. 'Hey, Kurenai? Are you still with me? Like, your brain?'
'AaaaaaaAAAAAH!' Kurenai felt the boy thrust, over and over, with wet, sloppy noises each time. She was leaking from her cunt, all over the floor, her sexual juices flowing out onto the classroom floor. She kept attempting to gather her thoughts, but had no luck in doing so. Every time she attempted to form a sentence, Naruto's thrusting justdeletedthe thought. Was that a chakra effect? Or was she actually that cock-starved and cum-hungry? 'CUM… CUUUUUM!' While it may have sounded like the older woman was begging for Naruto's life-giving seed, she was actually trying to signal her own orgasm.
Naruto felt it. 'Wow.' He couldn't be sure, but he could almosthearthe older woman's cunt contracting, making a weird, squelchy noise. Super lewd, kind of gross… he loved it! 'Alright, then, take this!' After a final few thrusts, Naruto… actually ended up pulling out. 'Ngh… ahhhh!' Atypical of his usual self, he opted to cum on Kurenai's ass. Endless ropes of hot, juvenile cum soaked the teacher's buttcheeks, a veritable geyser of liquid staining both her cheeks. Naruto made sure to adjust his aim a bit, ensuring he coated Kurenai's entire rear.
'Hah… hah…' Once the best orgasm of her life faded, Kurenai turned back. 'Huh? Hey! What are you doing?'
'Cumming on you.' Naruto responded bluntly.
'No, no. You've done this all wrong. 'The next one of those has to go inside me, young man. This is a good lesson to remember – it is always best to cum inside!'
'…You'll get pregnant if I do that.'
'I believe I made myself clear! Your grade just dropped from an A to a D!'
'Nah, you got a D!' Naruto smirked, proud of his incredibly lame joke. 'Also, wait, I'm being graded on this?'
'You're certainly a naughty student, aren't you? Making fun of your teacher and cumming outside of me!'
'You didn't tell me what to do, that's not fair!'
'Regardless, there's still hope for you left.' Kurenai had a thought. 'The floor in here is quite soft, isn't it?'
'Get on it. Lay on your back. You'll be punished some more, now!'
Naruto laid back, his cock pointing straight up. 'Kurenai, what are you… ah!'
Kurenai had a wide smile on her face. This was delightfully slutty. She couldn't remember the last time she'd had this much fun. 'My turn.' She climbed atop Naruto, pussy dripping with anticipation. She pushed the boy's legs aside, exposing his cock, before climbing up onto it. She held his legs down with her powerful arms, then began to sink her pussy down onto his dick. 'Ah… that's more like it. It reaches even deeper!' This was called the amazon position, a favourite of Kurenai's. She could have her way with any man she liked. 'Now you can't move! Enjoy your punishment.'
'Ah… o-okay!' Naruto fucked the older woman again, but this time with no control over how things went. Kurenai pushed his legs aside, exposing his pelvis. She moved up and down, enjoying how the younger boy's cock reached extra-deep into her. Kurenai knew this was wrong – she would have to be deluded to say it was morally acceptable. She wanted to do more with Naruto, once done with this position. Maybe she would suck him off or have him cum on her tits. 'How am I doing?'
'Leave it all up to me. If you cum inside me, I'll forget about your little mishap earlier. You go right back to getting an A.'
'Okay, then.' Naruto knew his teacher was just being a crazy, horny weirdo, but he decided to play along. What if he impregnated her? He liked that idea. 'Ah…' His mother had talked about it a lot, too. Having his babies. Why did that make his heart race even more? He watched the way Kurenai moved, enjoying the show somewhat. He looked at the way her big tits bounced with each movement she made, slamming Naruto's cock as deep into her cunt as she could. He only watched those for a bit, though. Through Kurenai, he was finding his strangest interest yet. He found himself quite focused on her muscles. Kurenai had big, powerful arms like a man's, but they didn't look gross at all. He liked her abs most of all. They were super tough and impressive. Would those be ruined if he gave Kurenai a pregnant belly?
Kurenai was having some similar thoughts, only the opposite. 'Yes! Cum inside me, you little stud. Knock up your teacher. I want to have a brood of babies from a little boy like you. I bet they'd all be perfect and cute. CUM INSIDE ME!' Kurenai had her wits about her much more, this time. She was able to set the pace, going a little bit slower than Naruto's frenzied, boyish thrusting. This position was better for her, though. She'd loved it ever since she was a teenager. 'Come on, what are you waiting for? Cum inside me.'
Kurenai had never been a particular baby-crazy or super maternal woman. At least, not in the past. Things had changed, only recently. She'd been struck with an unusual, deep-seated craving to be pregnant. She wanted to have many cute, outstanding children from the right boy. She wanted her belly to swell up with multiples, to have her tits overflowing with milk. She wanted to get enormous, her very body a monument to whichever lucky man had knocked her up.
'Ah… I'm going to cum in a sec,' said Naruto. 'You sure you want it inside?' Naruto suspected that was a stupid question.
'Yes! Knock me up with your huge-dicked babies. I want to waddle around under a huge belly, I want that! I don't care how uncomfortable it is, I want to give birth to your amazing children. Put your babies in my womb!' Kurenai didn't know what she was saying. The words just came out of her mouth, flowing like some obscene poetry. She meant them all, though. As she drove the boy's length inside her with rapidly increasing intensity, she closed her eyes, cumming on his cock. 'Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhh!' She heard and felt her cunt spasm and contract, letting loose a spray of liquid onto Naruto's pelvis and belly. She squirted all over him, damn near fainting from the obscene pleasure of the orgasm. 'OooooooOOOOOOOH!'
'Damn. You're pretty crazy, Kurenai.' Naruto would cum soon, as well. How had his life become like this? Three different cock-crazy, stacked, pregnancy-fetishizing MILFs in the span of so little time. He just went with whatever they wanted. The young boy enjoyed pleasing each and every woman. Hell, he would do this stuff with ten women if they wanted. He probably had the stamina for it. 'You soaked me in your cum, Kurenai. Can I fill you up, now?'
'YES! DO IT!' Kurenai, still crazy with pleasure, started pushing the boy as deep inside her as she possibly could, desperately wanting his load. She was rewarded after another thirty seconds, Naruto's ejaculation signaled by his adorable moans. 'Y-Yes! A-AAAAH!' Despite having just orgasmed, Kurenai felt another one tear through her body as she felt her first creampie in quite some time. Naruto's cock spasmed and contracted, filling her mature cunt with an obscene load. Kurenai felt like she was completely out of her mind. Her legs shuddered in pleasure, and she could feel a strange, hot tingling in her belly. That would have to be her womb.
As a seemingly endless torrent of jizz entered her belly, Kurenai knew she would become pregnant. All rational thought and logic would tell her that no, it was not an appropriate thing to become pregnant with the child of a preteen boy and fuck him relentlessly. Instead of focusing on that thought, Kurenai was imagining how many kids the boy had squirted into her belly. Two, three? Five? She wanted to grow a huge belly and show it off to her class. She would walk around with her exposed pregnant tummy, rubbing it, showing it off to all the horny little boys in her class. Only one would ever have the privilege of touching it – the babies' father.
'Ooooh…' Kurenai collapsed forward, pressing on Naruto. 'Fuck…'
'Did I pass?' Naruto joked. His teacher laughed.
'You did. I think you've definitely knocked me up, my cute little student. Although I suppose 'little' isn't a fair descriptor… how did you come to possess such an obscene endowment? I've seen adult men, three times your height and physical size, with cocks half the length. This is… really quite ridiculous.' Kurenai pulled herself up and off the boy, sighing. With aslop,his massive cock head exited her cunt. A river of cum seeped out onto the floor… and, unfortunately, onto Naruto. 'Whoops!'
'Aw.' Naruto didn't like getting his own jizz on him. Female cum he had no problem with, but there were plenty of other places to shoot his own sperm. He got into a sitting position, momentarily exhausted… before he felt his energy recharging rapidly. 'Oh, right. Your question. Yeah, it's..., the demon inside me, or something. Apparently it's making me… this.'
'A sex machine?' Kurenai laughed. 'What a lucky boy you are.'
'Sure looks like it!'
'So, are you ready for some extra credit?'
'Ah…' Naruto knew this was detention, but why try to leave? 'Sure. I'll take whatever I can get. What do you want, next?'
Kurenai bit her lip. 'I had an idea.'
'Ah… aren't you supposed to use something before this?' asked Naruto. His teacher was once again bent over her desk, ass towards him. Everything was just like the first time they'd done it, except for one thing. Naruto pressed his cock against her asshole. 'Like, lubricant stuff. And stuff to clean yourself out?'
'Oh, I'm perfectly clean, don't worry.' Naruto narrowed his eyes. Had Kurenai prepared for all this? Yeah, probably. She probably had, honestly. 'And I can take it. My ass is well-toned, after all.'
Naruto wasn't sure that had much to do with one's ability to take a cock in said ass. 'I really like your muscles. Is that weird, teacher? I think it's kind of attractive.'
That sent Kurenai's arousal spiking right back up. 'You think so? I've spent a lot of time getting them.'
'It's worth it! I like how you're big and muscly. Can we do that thing you did some more, later? Like, with me on the floor and you doing what you want?'
'You like to be dominated, hm?' Kurenai could almost cum on the spot. She knew she had to hold back, though. Anal sex would be fun. 'I can arrange for that, my sweet student. In future lessons, I'll be sure to take the lead as much I can. Today, though, I want you to fuck my huge ass and cum inside it!'
Naruto giggled. 'Sure.' He pushed inside Kurenai's ass, finding it was more difficult to enter than her pussy. Kushina generally preferred vaginal at all times, so this was an uncommon experience for Naruto. He pushed as far in as he could, fitting his entire length inside her. 'I don't think this should be possible, really. I wonder if being around me has made your body super different already? I haven't been around youthatmuch…'
'Holy… fuck!' Kurenai felt her pleasure spike but held back from orgasming just yet. 'Cum in me! I demand it, right now!'
'Okay. Sure.' Naruto began to fuck his teacher up the asshole, enjoying how it felt. Honestly, he preferred standard unprotected vaginal sex, most times. He would indulge Kurenai just this once, however. 'I like your whole body. Even your ass is kind of different. Like, harder? Musclier? I don't really know.'
Naruto kept at it for a while, struggling somewhat to fuck her asshole. It was almosttootight, to be perfectly honest. Also, he couldn't fantasise about putting his babies inside her, this way. Oh well. As long as Kurenai was enjoying herself, he supposed it wasn't too bad. He fucked her for several minutes, listening to theslap, slap, slapnoise of his balls against the older woman's ass.
On the topic of his balls, Kurenai was imagining what was happening in her belly, right then. As she readied herself for a ridiculous orgasm from anal sex, she knew Naruto's strong, chakra-corrupted sperm were swarming her womb. She would bear his children – more than once, if she so desired. How had she become such a degenerate bimbo, so quickly? At least she'd had the sense to do all this stuff in private. Before long, Kurenai felt one more orgasm strike her. 'Fffffuuuuuuuck!'
'Ngh.' Naruto gave a final thrust, cumming into his teacher without warning. There was only slightly less, despite it being his third load. He could just keep going, and going, and going. He glanced down as he came, noticing Kurenai's convulsing pussy. A squirt of liquid flew out of her, then another. The second flew right down onto Naruto's legs, but most of her sexual fluids just sprayed out onto the floor. This much of the stuff could not have been normal, surely? Naruto paid it no mind. He simply rode out his own orgasm, filling Kurenai's stretched asshole up with creamy liquid.
'Oh… my God.' Kurenai looked back as the boy pulled out. 'I've never been so full in my life!'
'What now? Hey, what do we do next?'
Kurenai smiled. She'd totally corrupted the boy… or had she? She was probably the one being corrupted by something, here. 'I want you to make sure you got me pregnant. If I feel full, now, imagine how I'll be in nine months time, right?'
'Okay!' Naruto hesitated for a moment. 'Should probably clean my dick off, first… since, you know, I just put it in your butt.'
Kurenai laughed. 'Alright, just a moment…'
Two weeks later, a certain scene played out. Naruto was in the same room he'd fucked Tsunade in, sitting on a bed. He twiddled his thumbs, simply watching the scene unfold.
'N-N-N-NINE?!' Cried Kushina.
'SEVEN?!' Cried Kurenai.
Tsunade nodded, sitting down. 'I'm quite certain. Kushina, you're carrying nine of your son's children inside you. Kurenai, you have seven, while I have eight. I know it might be hard to believe, but…' she shook her head. 'Who am I kidding? You two clearly don't mind.'
Kushina leaned down to her boy, putting a hand to her belly, almost cumming on the spot from being told the news. 'N-Naruto. My perfect son. Did you hear that?'
Naruto smiled. 'Yep!'
'You… you didn't just get all three of us pregnant with your babies. We're havingridiculouspregnancies. God, I can't believe it!' She rubbed at her belly, an almost imperceptible swell already visible on it. 'I actually… I actually did it. I got pregnant with my son's children… NINE CHILDREN?'
Tsunade cleared her throat. 'I'd like to note that even a normal-sized pregnancy of multiples, such as two, three or four, is quite dangerous. This would, theoretically, be horrifyingly risky for the three of us. Your chances of actually carrying nine babies to term – or seven- would be slim to none.'
'There's a 'but', right?' asked Kushina, sitting down next to her son and reaching a hand down to touch his cock through his pants. It still bulged obscenely through his clothing. That would always be one of Kushina's favourite aspects of her son. He was just a fucking perfect stud, and this all proved it. 'There's a 'however', or something like that?'
Tsunade nodded. 'However, this entire process has been influenced by your son's… highly unusual chakra. It isnotnormal to have genitals like his. As in, it would be highly unusual for alarge adult male,let alone a boy of his age. It is also not normal for your body to grow in the way it has, Kushina. I suspect the ease with which we've all become pregnant has also been affected by the demon sealed inside your son.'
'So… we'll be fine?' Kushina wanted a celebratory fuck, badly. Just a minute or two more. 'Most likely?'
'I've consulted a few others on this matter,' said Tsunade. 'Obviously, I've left out a few details, but I have good confidence that your bodies – and mine – will change however necessary to give birth to these children. I wouldn't be surprised if an abortion proves impossible, also… though I don't imagine either of you are considering that option?'
'NEVER!' Kushina picked up her son, placing him down on the bed in the room. 'Now, let's hurry up and get on with this. I've just heard the best news of my life, it's time to celebrate!'
'I agree. My student has passed all exams with flying colours!' said Kurenai, getting down at one side of the bed.
Tsunade gave a slight smile. 'I fancy that, too. Let's get down to business.'
Naruto laid back on the bed, feeling quite relaxed and pleased. Well, perhaps not relaxed. 'Are you three really gonna…?'
'Just be quiet and let us play with you,' said Tsunade. Below, Naruto watched as his mother and his teacher both played with his cock. Kushina licked at his tip, while Kurenai seemed content to play with the boy's huge balls. Tsunade sat aside for just the moment. 'The length of your penis has increased.'
'It really has?' asked Naruto. 'Mom thought it had.'
Tsunade nodded. 'I'd say you've grown less than an inch, but it's certainly noticeable.' Tsunade chuckled. 'You're quite a happy, lucky little boy, aren't you?'
'Ah… yeah.' Naruto looked down at Kushina, his own mother, finding it hard to believe she was pregnant with his child. No, not just his child. Nine of them. How many boys and girls would he have? He wondered if Kushina would make him fuck them, too. Maybe he would have to object, then… that was a long way off, though. What had his world become? Impregnating his mother and several women old enough to be his mother… wasn't he meant to be an expert ninja or something?
'I'm not content to watch,' said Tsunade. 'Get ready.' Giving Naruto only a few seconds of warning, Tsunade climbed atop him and sat on his face. 'Your oral sex skills could always use some work.'
'Indeed!' Kurenai called from below. 'He's only a B, or a B at best with those.'
'Lick my pussy and make me cum,' Tsunade demanded. Naruto obeyed, listening carefully to her words. 'You really have been quite a naughty boy, haven't you? My breasts are even bigger, now. I'm quite sure of it. That has to have been from all of our 'checkups', I'd wager.'
'And me!' said Kurenai. 'My after-school lessons with him have made me stronger. I'm not sure my breasts have gotten much bigger, but my muscles… I feel even stronger and bigger! I can't wait to hold him down and play with him some more.'
'Mmph!' Naruto couldn't exactly say no to that.'Mm…' He ended up cumming in his mother's mouth rather quickly. The pretty woman graciously let some of it drip out and down to Kurenai, who made pleased 'oo' and 'ah' noises. After that, he once again fucked Tsunade's tits, cumming into them, before moving onto proper sex.
'Mm… oh, my sweet boy.' Kushina had her arms wrapped around her son as he pushed his cock into her. He had his head in his mother's breasts, sucking hard on her nipples. 'I can't wait to have a big belly, pregnant with all your children.'
'Same here.' Tsunade sat to the side, taking a brief break. Kurenai, on the other hand, was doing something strange – licking Naruto's asshole. He found himself enjoying it more than he would've thought, but still found the act kind of weird. Kurenai didn't seem to mind. She had informed him, in academic terms, the act was called 'rimming'. Tsunade sat there, touching her stomach and playing with her huge breasts. 'I'll enjoy being swollen with your children, certainly. I never imagined I'd be having babies at my age, but it seems your boy has quite a powerful chakra, Kushina.'
'Ngh… Mmf.' Kushina enjoyed herself very much. 'I want it too. I can't wait to have… an enormous baby belly. I'm going to look full-term in a month or two! I want to walk around swollen with my son's perfect children. I can't wait for it.' Kushina felt her son cum into her yet again. 'AH! Fuck… we probably won't be able to even do this position for much longer, my gorgeous boy.'
Naruto pulled his mouth off her nipple. 'That's okay, Mom. I still love you lots.'
Kurenai pulled away from the boy's ass. 'So, my turn next? Heheh... I can't believe we have this boy's amazing cock all to ourselves! Just the three of us.'
Naruto looked sheepish. 'Um... actually.'
The women looked at him. 'Actually?' asked Tsunade.
'It's just... what you said about it only being you three.'
It had been quite recent, actually. Naruto had been sat next to Hinata for the second year in a row, and he enjoyed speaking with the girl. He also enjoyed staring at her. Proximity to his energy for all that time had caused her to develop a terribly lewd body for her age. She was the same age as Naruto, and she considered him a friend. He loved the clothes she wore. They were often quite simple, not intended to be a distraction from the girl's wonderful assets. The tight, white shirt she liked really showed off her rapidly growing chest, and the shorter pants she'd increasingly been wearing were delightful.
She'd invited Naruto around to her place one day after classes, under the guise of 'training sessions.' Naruto had correctly suspected that his friend had something else in mind. She took him to her room and shut the door. 'You like it?' she asked.
'Like what?' Naruto made no secret of gazing at his friend's body. She wasn't a MILF, sure, but Hinata had an amazing body. If anything, that just made it even better. She wasn't even a true woman, being the same age as Naruto, but she had fairly large tits, a curvy lower half, and a thick ass. At that moment, Hinata was wearing some slutty, super tight-fitting clothes. She leaned over her bed, pushing her ass out, giving Naruto a good view of some cameltoe. 'Oh.'
'So? You like it or not?' She shook her ass gently, wanting to entice her friend. She'd heard a few rumours about her friend, but Hinata knew things a little better than most. She could see the bulge in Naruto's pants, and she could see how her own body had changed. She remembered how she'd looked two years ago – totally normal. Not so much now.
'You're a really pretty girl. Are your parents home?'
'Nope!' Hinata smirked. 'Here, come join me on the bed.'
Naruto could never decline that. 'Alright!'
'Mm…' Hinata made out with her friend for a bit. That meant he was a bit more than a 'friend'. She broke the kiss after a bit. 'Hey. You like my tits, right? You like the way my huge tits press against you?'
'I do!'
'What about the rest of me? I've got a super awesome body, right?'
'It's so good! Hinata, can we stop messing around and just fuck?' Hinata laughed. 'What's so funny? That's what you want, right?'
'Yeah! It's just I'm so happy. And horny, too.' Naruto had never thought the girl's character to be so… slutty. Not that he was going to complain. He watched as the gorgeous girl started to remove her clothes, first taking off her top, then the short pants she'd donned. She had no underwear on, proving that she'd planned this whole thing out… 'There's my pussy! Now come on, get your big cock out.'
'I will!' Naruto hopped on the bed, getting behind his friend. She had a big, thick ass and a fat pussy already dripping with anticipation. He knew what Hinata needed, but honestly, he really hadn't expected her to be the same as Kushina and the others. 'So… can I fuck you?'
Hinata had her head turned back, eyes wide. 'Holy… your dick's better than I could possibly have imagined! It's so fucking huge. Come on, stick it inside me. Fuck me and knock me up with your massive dick!'
'Wow…' muttered Naruto. He stood up behind his friend, rubbing his meaty cock against her pussy lips. She really was a delightful shortstack, every bit as hot as the other three women Naruto had fooled around with. 'Okay, Hinata. You sure about this? I'm going in.'
'Am I sure…? Of course, I'm sure! That's the biggest dick I've ever seen in my life. I want it inside me, right now!' And so, Naruto obliged. He pushed into her, penetrating his friend, stretching open her pussy with a wet noise. 'AAAAAH!'
'Nice. I'm glad we can do this, Hinata. I'm gonna start moving, now.'
Hinata didn't respond. She focused on how her friend's monster dick made her feel, moaning and sighing in happiness. It sure was a good thing her parents weren't around. She felt Naruto thrusting, fucking her deep and hard. To her surprise, she came on his cock right away. 'OOOH, OOOOOOOH!'
'Wow. That was easy,' remarked Naruto, 'but I'm nowhere close to done.' He felt his friend's cunt spasming, trying to milk him, but he wouldn't give up his seed just yet. 'So, how does it feel? This is your first time having sex, right?'
Once she came down from the high of her orgasm, Hinata collected her thoughts. It was much easier to think after the first one. 'I love how fucking huge it is. Please, Naruto, ruin my whole body with your massive cock! I want you to fuck me up until I'm completely shaped to it.'
'I can do that!' Naruto gladly accelerated, spurred on by his friend's enthusiastic words. 'You want to screw up your body, right? Even more than I have?' Naruto laughed a bit. 'I think you've gotten super lewd just from being around me.'
'I-I have. That just shows that… my pussy is made for your cock!' Hinata cried out as her friend accelerated, fucking her cunt rather quickly. 'How does it feel, shoving it inside me? I'm heir to the most… powerful clan in the village!'
'Yeah, you are. But you want my huge dick?'
'I'm… nothing but a slut for huge cock! Yours, specifically.' Hinata squealed, orgasming on her friend's cock for a second time. She'd discovered how to masturbate some months prior but found herself fixated on thoughts of huge dicks. She'd seen her father's a few times, noting it was pretty big… but she wanted bigger. The biggest possible. 'Ah, fuck…'
'I'm impressed you can take the whole thing, Hinata.' Naruto was now approaching the threshold for orgasm. He was particularly enjoying the way Hinata spoke to him. 'Hey, Hinata. Tell me… everything you want me to do to you.'
'E-Everything?' Hinata felt the lewd, wet smacks of Naruto's full balls against her cunt. She knew they were probably both too young to be doing this, but that was just the beginning of the rule-breaking. The fact that she was doing all this completely unprotected was the real issue. 'I want you to… play with my huge tits. I want you to smack them around, suck on them, cum all over them with your huge dick. I want you to make them swell up, too, with milk for your baby!' Thatreallygot her friend going, Hinata noticed. 'I want you to use my fat ass and pussy every day, however you please, so long as I get your huge cock!' She was going to cum again. Hinata couldn't believe it. How could her friend even fit the whole thing inside her? There had to be some chakra corruption involved. 'I want to be the one to have your babies. You have to… jam that huge dick in my womb and knock me up!'
'Ah… really? And ruin the Hyuga bloodline? I'd love to.'
'N-No, it wouldn't be ruining it! We're meant to breed. Your cock is a sign of that! I want you to out a baby in my belly. I want you to keep pleasing me with that ridiculous dick… heheh, "ridiculous dick"! I need you to put a baby in my womb, so I can squeeze out a baby that's as well-hung as you.' Hinata didn't have much concept of what she was saying. It all just seemed to come naturally… well, she had spentsometime rehearsing in front of the mirror. Not that Naruto would ever know that.
'Hinata, I'm cumming. Here, get pregnant from my huge cock!'
'Yes… YES!' Hinata came again. 'AH!' She felt the most powerful, intense orgasm of her young life as Naruto ejaculated into her womb. His gigantic dick was impregnating her. She felt each and every spurt of white, creamy jizz, overflowing her with her first creampie. Hinata could hear it, too.Splrrt, splrrt, splrrrrrt.She cried out in happiness, elated that her partner was so amazingly virile. 'Oh, wow…'
'Ha… Hinata.' Naruto left his dick inside her, still spurting its final few bits of jizz. 'Your sheets are ruined.'
'Mom will never know the difference.' She giggled. 'So, how was that? Did you like ruining my cunt with your huge cock? I'm totally addicted to it, now. I want you to shove that massive thing inside me, every day, until I'm too old or dead!'
Naruto rubbed his head sheepishly. 'Well… you'd have to share.'
Naruto explained his situation to her. As soon as he mentioned what he'd been doing with his mother, she started masturbating. Naruto enjoyed the way she fingered her own cunt, getting off to thoughts of Naruto fucking and impregnating his own mother. She orgasmed a fourth time once he finished telling her about Kurenai, squirting fluids all over the bed (and Naruto). The two ended up fucking for hours and hours, all the way until Hinata's parents returned. Her pussy really was ruined by then, permanently shaped to her best friend's overwhelmingly large, thick penis.
Inside her body, Hinata quickly succumbed to the same process as three other women. Countless enhanced, hyper-virile sperm assaulted her womb, forcing out as many eggs into her belly as possible. Each and every one was fertilised, beginning to grow into an outstanding child of a well-hung stud. In time, Hinata too would waddle under a hyper-sized, baby-filled belly.
'Fuck!' Kurenai sat aside, masturbating vigorously as Naruto finished off his little story. 'That's so hot. Come here, stud!' She grabbed the small boy, pinning him down on the room's bed, one more time. She began to fuck him aggressively, moaning as she did so, in her trademark amazon position. 'You… impregnated a young girl with this massive cock?! You get another A. You pass fucking everything!'
Kushina laughed, sitting to the side. She gave a happy sigh, starting to touch herself also. 'You know… what gets me off, most? Sure, I love the idea of that cute young girl wearing a ridiculous pregnant belly… but you know what's best? Imagine how much it will piss off her father!' She fingered herself quickly. 'I… never liked that guy. Now he gets to be an early grandfather, the fucker! Ha!'
Kurenai bounced rapidly on Naruto's dick, desiring a creampie once again. 'Oh my GOD, the thought of it… she's going to have a lewd, massive belly, and it'll look even more ridiculous than any of ours. Just think, we'll both be hyper pregnant in class together, and everyone's gonna be wondering… which stud knocked us up?'
Tsunade watched the scene unfold, rolling her eyes a bit as Kurenai came on Naruto's meaty cock, yet again. 'Very interesting indeed,' she remarked. 'She'll be a fine protégé of sorts. Maybe I'll instruct her in the ways of sex.' Tsunade tapped at her chin. 'She could use an examination, most certainly. I'll want to check if all the same effects are observed on her that Naruto's energy has on us.'
'I second that idea!' Said Kushina. 'The instruction part, I mean. The girl needs some lessons, for sure!'
'I do recommend she come in for a checkup, though,' Tsunade continued. 'I thought young Naruto would only be expecting twenty-four children.'Only?Thought Naruto. 'In reality, it's likely the total will exceed thirty.' She stared down at the boy, a half-smile on her lips. 'In just the one year, from four different women. Someone's certainly got the meaning of life sorted out.'
Maybe Naruto did. He hadn't imagined being a father for a good ten, maybe fifteen years, but nope. Thirty kids on the way, from the wombs of four beautiful women. What would he be getting up to with all these women, in the future? Somehow, he doubted his adventures were over, just yet…