"Mom, are you sure you should be wearing that?"
Kushina chuckled. "It's a date night. I can wear whatever I wish!"
"You can't go out in public in that… I'm serious. Sneaking around is fun, but you'll go to jail."
"Who said we'd be in public?" Asked Kushina. Of course, she had her plans for the evening. She would be going on a "date" with the father of her babies.
She was all dressed up in a beautiful, stunning dress… no. Of course, she wasn't. Kushina had an outfit made of an uncommon material, a black one. Of course, the outfit itself was not the main source of attention, despite its absurdity – what it showed off was. It covered Kushina's arms, legs, and back, but left just about everything else exposed. It hugged her curves tightly to show off her smooth, perfect skin, exhibiting everything a man might want to see. The very top of her legs as well as her bare pussy were visible to everyone. Her huge, swollen tits were a sight to behold, massive and milk-filled, a monument to make even the most fertile, motherly woman jealous. Kushina took pride in the round, sensitive tits, and knew only one other woman who possessed a more impressive bust. Arguably, her tits were not the part of her that would draw the most gazes – that would be her massive pregnant belly. It was huge, gravid, ridiculous – free for anyone to view. It stuck out, defying gravity to an even crazier extent than her breasts, the enormous bulge making it clear that there was something abnormal about the pregnancy she carried.
She stood in the courtyard of the Uzumaki mansion, gazing at her son. Her "date" was not her husband. Her date was very own son, a small boy with the endowment of a God. "Naruto," she said, "you like this?"
"Hm?" Said Naruto. "Yeah. But like I said, there's no way you could… go out in it." Kushina was doing a lewd dance for him again. "Uh… you do look nice, though, Mom." Naruto was not difficult to arouse. Watching his horny, pregnant mother show off her body and flaunt her greatest assets got him hard easily. He watched her round, pregnant belly, her engorged tits… she was so damn tall, though. Naruto had grown in physical height, too, over the past seven or so months, but no more than would be expected for a boy his age. "You're so weird, Mom. You really like showing off, don't you?"
"Iloveit," Kushina said, moaning as she put her hands behind her head and pushed her belly out in front of Naruto. "And I love you. My perfect son." She brought a hand down to her pregnant bump. "Look at this. Look how knocked up I am. Nine babies in here – ones we made together as a mommy and son!"
"You shouldn't get off to the incest so much, Mom," said Naruto, ignoring his rapidly rising erection. "It might end up being really bad for the babies. You gave birth to me, now you're giving birth tomybabies, too."
He probably hadn't intended it, but Kushina got off immensely to her boy saying that. "Y-yes. Maybe I'll be the mommy to your sons' babies as well? Tsunade said… that we most likely won't have ANY issues at all from inbreeding – none!"
"You get so ridiculous sometimes, Mom." Naruto wore his usual outfit today – the tight compression shorts and shirt. He didnt think they were appropriate "date" garb… if you were thinking about a normal date, that is. The outline of his growing erection pressed against them tightly.
"I love the way your babies feel in my belly," said Kushina. "I can't wait to have more. Incest babies, that is. Can you believe it? You knocked up your own mommy."
"Yes," said Naruto, answering simply. Kushina was stuck in one of her lewd rants. Naruto tried to pretend her words didn't arouse him.
"Not surprising with that cock of yours. It must be a foot and a half, by now. Practically speaking, it should be completely dysfunctional… but it's the greatest, most virile, most impressively functional dick I've ever seen! I wonder how many babies you'll have fathered by the time you die? Mm… a million, maybe?"
"I-I don't know about that, Mom," said Naruto. "I even thought about it… about if I started knocking up more girls. Even if I made ten more babies every day, I'd never have a whole million…"
"S-so? It's simple – just make more than ten every day!" Kushina replied, laughing and holding her pregnant belly. Thoughts, ideas and fantasies overwhelmed her mind. This would be a good evening. "Or you can make sure your genetics – and mine – take over the entire world!"
"You get some weird ideas in your mind sometimes, Mom," said Naruto. "I gotta admit, though… I like the idea of teaching my sons how to knock up women."
"Starting with me!" Kushina smiled. "I bet I'll be able to keep having babies even as I get old. Maybe even into my sixties and seventies! Who knows what your chakra will do? I might live to a hundred-and-twenty. Live forever. Who knows? Tsunade says all three of us – that is, us three except Hinata – present as younger than we actually are in every possible metric. She says I've got the health of a twenty-year-old!"
Naruto had tuned out of those last few sentences. He'd been staring at his pregnant, slutty mother's body, reflecting on things and gazing at her lewd features. With nine children growing in her womb, she bore the biggest, craziest pregnant belly of them all. It was still within the realms of believability… but only just. The rounded stomach defied gravity quite a bit, not sagging at all as it rightly should've with the weight of so many unborn children inside it. The babies were viable, now, and always quite lively and energetic even inside Kushina's belly.
Naruto had just recently been thinking up names, though he was generally content to let the mothers of his children have first dibs on naming. Kushina's smooth belly had no stretch marks, either, which was purely a chakra-influenced thing. No woman who looked like she was overdue for even, like, a seven-child pregnancy. Kushina had huge tits, with a bust measuring at a ridiculous 135cm, and had grown exceptionally tall. She stood at around 6'5 by that point, towering over the vast majority of men. Naruto liked that, honestly. She could handle him so much more easily. Plus, this time of him being a cute little boy she could easily pick up and do what she wished with him. One day, Naruto expected that he would be tall and muscular – though just how muscular and tall he would be remained to be seen.
Overall, Naruto seriously loved his mother, in both the traditional sense, and the intensely sexual, forbidden, incestuous sense. If she did want to have a hundred kids from him, he would oblige. His Mom was such a tough, strong lady – not as muscular as Kurenai, no way, but still impressive. She looked like a super sexy, ridiculous Amazon lady from one of those lewd comic things. Naruto had never had need for those, of course – any sexual needs of his were swiftly fulfilled.
"You're all hard again, Naruto," said Kushina, smirking, "whatever could have caused that?"
"Gee, I wonder…" Naruto felt like his cock was bigger than him, some days. It made its way up the majority of his chest, well over a foot long when erect. At this point, he found it more ridiculous and obstructive than hot, but not one of his four girlfriends agreed with that notion.
Kushina felt immensely turned on even by the little teasing session. Watching her little boy's cock slowly grow had brought her close to orgasm. Just like with everyone else, Kushina could cum without touching herself. She thought it a much-valued skill. "Alright, then. On your back, Naruto."
"On this bench, here – I want you to lay down on your back."
Naruto smiled despite himself. He'd actually had a decent break from sex, today, so he had no problem with doing whatever Kushina wished. "Sure, Mom."
"I've got a fun idea. Trust me, you're going to love it," said Kushina, facing away from Naruto. She'd made short work of the boy's pants and shirt, stripping her son/baby daddy naked and laying him flat on his back. She didn't think his erection looked ridiculous – just obscene and tempting.
As for Naruto, the boy marvelled at his mother's thick, round ass, a product of his chakra. She'd been decently curvy even as a young woman, but as with all the other women, Kushina's body had transformed into a monument of fertility. "Here we go." Kushina positioned herself just right, poking Naruto's tip not at her pussy… but at her ass. "Ngh… tight fit, nowadays, isn't it?"
"Sure is… ah." Naruto watched Kushina tease herself for a few moments, listening to the quiet noises – almost like little squeaks – that escaped from Kushina's mouth. With one sharp movement, she speared herself on her son's cock, sinking her ass down onto his dick. "Anal. Nice." Naruto hoped Kushina had cleaned herself properly beforehand… but he knew he shouldn't worry. Of course she would have. His mother planned these sorts of things.
"AAAAAAH!" Kushina cried out, instantly cumming on her son's cock. She preferred vaginal 90% of the time, but it was important to remind Naruto – and Kushina herself – that every part of her body was accessible to him. Her eyes rolled back a bit as she squirted lewd pussy juices down onto Naruto, her spasming pussy not blocked at all. "Ah… wow…" Kushina loved how little effort it took to make her cum. Most days for her were just endless pleasure fests and sexy, orgasm-filled romps. "You're such a little stud, making Mommy cum without doing anything."
"Y-you're welcome, Mom. I love you!" Naruto responded. "But I gotta say… you said you had a fun idea. We've done it in the ass plenty of times before… and like I told you, it's not really my favourite. Like, it's always fun, but… I thought you had another idea? Ah, never mind, I'll just shut up."
Kushina looked back to the boy, wondering if he was enjoying the view. "No, no. I love the sound of your voice. Reminds me who I'm fucking…" Kushina got up, onto her feet, Naruto's cock still buried in her ass all the way to the hilt. Really, though, that had to be chakra-influenced. "Speaking of that…
Idohave an idea. Stand up." Naruto did. "Buckle up."
"H-Huh?!" Naruto watched, confused, as his mother cast her signature ability – chakra chains. The tough, brightly coloured things wrapped around Naruto's back, securing him to his own mother. He struggled a bit, unable to move. His length still hadn't left his mother's stretched asshole. "Mom… what exactly are you doing?"
"Well, with me being who I am, I can do some pretty amazing things… like so. Hold on tight." Naruto couldn't move, anyway. Kushina had used the chains to secure his hands to her front, too. He was stuck behind his mother, cock in her ass. "Here we go."
"M-Mom? What are you… doing?"
Naruto's corrupting chakra had transformed Kushina's body in several ways. It didn't just transform her body to be a perfect breeder and sexual partner – she was immensely powerful. A super soldier. Being extremely pregnant didn't deter her from what she was about to do. She bent her knees somewhat, then jumped, launching herself – and Naruto – into the air with incredible speed.
"AAAAAAAAAH!" The boy cried, more out of fear than any sexual pleasure. Attached securely to his mother – still with his dick in her ass – he joined her in flying high up into the air, probably a hundred feet up. He worried for a few moments that he might die – before realizing Kushina probably knew exactly what she was doing. Probably. "MOOOOOOOOM!"
Kushina said nothing, a big smile on her face. As they reached the peak of her super powered jump, she loosened the chains on Naruto slightly, just a tiny bit… before using them to slam him right back into her. As she did so, she vigorously thrusted backwards, briefly fucking Naruto in mid-air. She only managed to do so once before falling back down, taking Naruto with her. The boy didn't scream again on the way down, but closed his eyes to brace for the landing. It was surprisingly… soft. He opened his eyes. "Huh?"
"Did you like it?" Asked Kushina. "This is what corrupted chakra lets me do. I can do things like that! My body is tough, resistant to injury… I don't think I've hurt myself at all since becoming pregnant with your children. My belly's ultra-tough, too. You could probably attack my tummy and I wouldn't take a lick of damage."
"Let's not… test that theory." Naruto huffed and puffed, totally surprised and kind of amused. "That was kind of fun… also, Mom, I'm still stuck in your ass."
"I know! That's just what I intended." Kushina giggled, reaching a hand back to pat her boy. He was such a cutie. "This is how we will travel to our destination. Get ready." Kushina angled herself a bit this time, then took another leap high into the air, taking little Naruto with her.
"Ah! R-reallyyyyy?" Naruto felt his mother repeat the same actions as last time – she loosened the chains a bit, then tightened them to push Naruto extra-deeply into her. It was deeply pleasurable – and thrilling. Kushina quickly fell back down with her son, landing gracefully (somehow) in another street.
"And again!" She went up for a third power hop, the highest yet. "Out a bit and… in again!" She did the loosening and tightening one last time, forcing Naruto as deeply into her body as she possibly could. "Oh… there it is!"
"Hah!" At the height of the third jump, in time with Kushina's thrust, Naruto started to cum inside her. The thrill made him absolutely flood his mother's insides with cum, filling her up as deeply as he could. "OOOOOOOH!"
Naturally, the sensation made Kushina do the same. "Oh, yes! Cum inside mommy!" Kushina started to fall. The mind-crushing orgasm already overwhelmed her, but then the nine healthy babies in her belly started doing their thing. The other women had reported this, too – babies having a surge of movement and energy inside them whenever somebody was cumming. It happened, sometimes. "YES!" Kushina fought to remain focused on landing correctly, which she did, despite experiencing the crazy orgasm and the wild baby movements. "Ooooh!"
"M-Mom… oh my God…" The thrill of it was what had made Naruto cum, more than anything. "You really are the best, Mom."
"Hah… aren't you glad we made these babies together?!" Rubbing her belly a bit, Kushina talked loudly, still coming down from the high of her orgasm. "You're such a perfect stud. Did you like fucking your mother up in the air?"
"Hahah… I guess so?" Naruto felt exhausted and drained all of a sudden, but he knew the feeling would pass. He sighed. By Naruto's logic, his mother should've been immobile. With a pregnant belly of her size and weight, any normal woman would've been pretty much bedridden. Kushina was not only able to walk, run and move around like any non-pregnant youthful woman, but she could jump ludicrous distances into the air and land again, safe and unharmed. "You… girls. Every time I think you can't do something weirder… or crazier… you do something weirder or crazier."
"It's the best, isn't it?! I'm always such a slut, and…" Kushina stopped. She realized she was making a commotion. A handful of nearby ninja had noticed the Uzumaki pair. None were close enough to see what was truly going on… tonight was quite a festive night, so there was plenty of noise around. "Into this alleyway. Quick."
"Ah… Mom, that was a really close call."
"I know. Doesn't that turn you on?" Kushina had the boy pinned against the wall with her huge, thick ass. She'd removed her lewd outfit for the time being. She started to grind and slam against him, kind of wanting the boy to cum on her ass. Actually, she definitely wanted that. Kushina got plenty of creampies and gave her son as many blowjobs as she pleased. She didn't get covered in cum as often as she should have. "God, your cock is ridiculous."
"I've noticed."
"Imagine if they found us. A mother and son, fucking," said Kushina, getting off to the thought. "You know… everyone wonders who fathered the new Uzumaki children. Tsunade's and Kurenai's, too. There are rumours going around. Only a few people suspect the truth. Maybe we should tell them?"
"W-we can't, Mom." Naruto watched his mother's eager movements, loving how she could still swallow most of his cock between her asscheeks. She truly was impressive. She adjusted her position slightly, then pushed her boy's dick back into her ass again.
"Hello?" Naruto and Kushina heard a voice. "Miss? You alright?"
Naruto and Kushina continued their activity. Kushina only moved faster, feeling her heart rate and arousal skyrocket at the thought of almost being discovered. Naruto found himself far more tried to suppress his moans, loving the exquisite tightness of anal sex. He worried that they'd be discovered – maybe right as Naruto filled Kushina's ass full of cum. He breathed in and out deeply, amazed his mother could take all of him inside her. It felt so surreal – he was fucking his pregnant mother up the ass in an alleyway, risking discovery by townsfolk. This was about as far from normal as Naruto Uzumaki's life could possibly have ended up.
"Pregnant lady? Do you need some help?" The voice was closer. Naruto said nothing, hoping Kushina had a plan to get them out of this corner… but fate intervened. "Oh, damn it, not again." Naruto heard the man's footsteps receding. He glanced around the corner, hearing a lot of yelling, seeing that a fight had broken out on the street. They were saved.
"Ugh… ooooh…" Naruto moaned quietly. "Th-that was a close one."
"Cum on me, son. Do it now." Kushina sighed, content. "I want it all over me."
"Ah…" Naruto watched his mother pull off of him, rubbing his cock on her ass for a few final moments. The boy tried to keep quiet as he felt his cock contract and spurt. He began to soak Kushina's round ass with thick, sticky liquid, totally covering her with it. The first few shots actually went all the way up onto Kushina's back. "Hah… haaaaah…" Naruto delighted in the orgasm, watching each spurt as it left his cock tip and settled into Kushina's skin. "Aaaaaahhh…."
Kushina came too, though with considerably less intensity than her sky-high orgasm of earlier. Once it was all over, Kushina pulled away, giggling like a little girl. "I can feel it all over me." Having her son cover her in cum was a fantastic decision. Kushina sighed, happily, delighting in the hot, wet feeling down her back and ass. There wasso muchof it. It truly was ridiculous. Kushina most enjoyed having her pussy filled to the brim or drinking down her son's hot load. It was nice to switch things up a bit, sometimes. Letting her sex god of a son cover her in sperm was a wonderful feeling, too. A part of her felt like this was a waste, though. Every load her boy covered her with could have been used to impregnate a woman. Someday, she really would loan him out to breed other bitches.
"You sure are horny, Mom," remarked Naruto. "We should go, though… that guy almost caught us."
"Yes, we should." Kushina stood tall, stretching her back, pushing out her ass for her young son's gaze. "Let's get going, shall we? I might clean myself up before we go."
"Ah… where are we going, Mom?"
"We're going to see your father."
Kushina, of course, did not mean they would be physically visiting Minato. The great big stone bust of his head would have to do. "Why don't you just jump us up there, Mom?"
"I feel like some exercise," replied Kushina. "I don't think you need to walk, though."
"Up you come!" Kushina picked the boy up, placing him on her pregnant belly and pulling him in towards her. "This is such a cute thing, isn't it? You won't be able to do this forever."
"I guess not. You'll probably do it with my kids though, won't you?"
Kushina smiled widely at the boy. "Absolutely!" She kept walking, putting her arms around the boy's back, pulling him nice and close and tight. "Come on – fuck my tits."
"Mom, we're so going to get caught…"
Kushina shook her head. "Nobody takes this route. We're perfectly safe! Or, well… almost."
Naruto, resigning himself to fate, stuck his cock into the space between his mother's tits. He let the bouncy movements of her walking stimulate him, getting him to full-mast quickly, before pleasuring him properly. "You've obviously been talking to Kurenai."
"Of course I have! We should really spend more time together, her and I. She has a great mind for these things. I'd thought of letting you sit on my belly like this, but she beat me to actually trying it."
Naruto chuckled nervously as his mother kept walking, holding one hand on his back to keep him close. "I'm scared to think if she tries your jumping idea. With her muscles, we'd probably leave the planet."
Kushina laughed, trailing off, looking into her boy's eyes. "Such a perfect son." She liked pleasuring little Naruto with her body. Kushina had the second-best tits, she knew that – Tsunade's were a sight to behold. Hinata had a damn impressive bust, too. A part of Kushina wished she could be that lewd. She shuddered to imagine what it would be like to be Hinata's size and age – Naruto's cock would seem twice as big! Her own belly would be, too. Kushina couldn't wait to see Hinata giving birth. She would really have to stretch right open to have Naruto's babies…
"Your tits feel so nice, Mom." Naruto reached a hand down to squeeze one of said tits. "Oh." Milk squirted from Kushina's nipples.
"Do whatever you like with my tits. Mm…" Again, she didn't compare to Tsunade in the milk department, but she was happy to have her body ready to feed Naruto's kids. She felt so in love with the boy. It was all so beautifully fucked up. She loved her son as any mother did, but she also loved him like a little husband, plus she felt an overwhelming lust… all of the beautiful, positive feelings were directed at him. "You like Mommy's big belly? Sitting on it?"
Naruto nodded. "Sure do."
"It's your babies in here," Kushina felt said babies move and wriggle a little bit. "We made them together. You and me… a mother and her son."
"I know, Mom," said Naruto. He decided to feed into her dirty talk. He was never the best at it, honestly, but spending so much time around lewd pregnant bitches had definitely corrupted his mind somewhat. "You like that they're incest babies, don't you?"
"Yes." Kushina focused on Naruto, glancing away occasionally to look where she was going. Walking straight into a wall would not be hot. "I love that. I love you, too." She reached a hand down to Naruto's ass, groping the boy through his shorts. He closed his eyes, enjoying being touched. "Cute body on a cute boy. You're the cutest little man in the world."
"But you love me a different way, too," said Naruto.
Kushina didn't respond, beyond giving a low chuckle. She moved her hand up to the boy's beautiful golden hair. She stroked it gently, running her fingers through it, massaging it. "You're a beautiful boy."
"You're beautiful too, Mom. You look so young." He paused. "Not that you're old… you just look like a young woman. I mean… you know what I mean."
"I do." Kushina wasn't offended at all. "I feel young, too. So young. I feel like I could be pregnant a hundred more times for you. Or for your children." Kushina moaned, feeling a bit of a rumble in her belly. Her babies were so active. "Even though we're related… a mother and son… we did the naughtiest thing together. Isn't it wonderful?"
"Definitely. It's awesome," said Naruto.
Kushina barely focused on Naruto's cock as she massaged and fucked it with her tits. She was quite focused on the boy himself, right now. "I love that I let you impregnate me. My belly's so huge. Massive… my whole body's changed so much just because I gave in to you." She sighed happily. "I'm enormous. I shouldn't be able to walk around with such a heavy belly. It's the best thing ever having so many of your babies stretching out my tummy! All because I gave in to your lust."
"Ah… you gave in to me? It was all you, Mom. You were super horny for me."
"It was all me, wasn't it?" She drew a hand down his back, looking at her boy's face. "I seduced my own son… let him fuck me… let him knock me up with incest babies. I-I wonder how they'll look?" Kushina was going to cum just from this. She knew it. Her outfit left her pussy exposed, still. She didn't touch herself, though, knowing that just having Naruto close to her like this would be enough to make her cum hard. Not yet finishing her train of thought, Kushina brought her little boy in for a kiss, passionately smooching him on the lips.
Naruto allowed her, melting into the kiss, always loving this particular form of physical affection. His mother's way of kissing was lewd, sure, and involved liberal use of her tongue… but still. There were times where this act beat passionate, raw sex. Naruto sometimes just wanted to be cuddled and kissed. Of course, he remembered when Kushina's kisses had only ever been administered to his forehead or cheeks. Naruto liked this kiss much better…
Kushina broke it after less than a minute, though. "I wonder what our babies will look like?" She continued from her earlier thought. "Will they all… have my red hair? Or be blonde like you? Like Minato?"
"Maybe some of each," said Naruto.
"M-Maybe." Kushina felt overwhelmed by the possibilities. How many girls would she have? How many boys? "Maybe the babies… your babies… will be all of one kind? Hah… imagine that. Nine girls, maybe? You'd have to train all of them. Maybe you could impregnate them all."
"Hah… gonna cum soon, Mom."
"Or if it's all sons? It'd be my job. Nine boys fucking me at once… hmmm. Not sure that'd work so well… they'd all be competing to impregnate me."
"But only once they're old enough." Kushina giggled. She'd got her son's sticky precum all over her face and tits. She could feel him ready to soak her with another load at any moment. "Until one of your boys can put his children in my belly… I want more sets from you. Maybe you can give me one hundred children… yes. I want that so much. I want to keep giving birth to incest babies from my hung son! Then, once they're older, your gorgeous, cute little boys can all impregnate me!"
"Mom- aahhhh!" Naruto couldn't hide how much he enjoyed this discussion.
"Yes!" Kushina started to cum, too. Liquid squirted from her pussy in a big, gushy orgasm, far more ridiculous than the ones she used to have as a younger woman. She squealed in delight as Naruto sent another load to soak her. She stopped walking, watching the thick ropes of jizz fly up into the air, then come down.. mostly onto her. She opened her mouth, hoping to catch some of the liquid. "Ah…"
"You're so messy, Mom," said Naruto. "I like talking about this stuff, though."
"Fucking my son is the best," said Kushina, "I hope all the other girls do it, too. If they're your little boys, they deserved to be pampered. They deserve as much sex and as many children as they want."
"You're really passionate today, Mom," said Naruto, as Kushina started stroking his hair some more. "What's gotten into you?"
"Hah… I'm always like this, son. I just don't always say it." She smiled warmly. "I love carrying your babies in my belly. I love how big you've made me… I love how my children will also be my grandchildren. It's so messed up, but so good!
"Y-yeah. Tsunade said… we'll probably have no problems from the incset. We're basically guaranteed healthy babies at this point…."
"Maybe," said Naruto. "Anyway… we're almost beneath Hokage Rock. Off we go! Come here, son, let me chain you up again~!"
"Uh… okay, then."
Obviously, "visiting Minato" did not mean visiting the man himself. He'd been dead for quite some time. The enormous stone monument of his head, however, remained intact and glorious as ever.
"You remember this, don't you?" asked Kushina. "How we used to come here? When you were little?"
"I'm still pretty little." Naruto shrugged, sitting on his father's head. "I remember, though."
Naruto fondly recalled the past, a smile on his face. He and his mother had spent much time here, often having picnics and hanging about. They did so that day, too, cleaning up, eating some food, and forgetting about debaucherous sex for a while. Naruto recalled the many picnics he'd had in this location with his Mom, overlooking the city below and reflecting on the memories of Minato Namikaze. Naruto didn't have any, of course, so it was up to Kushina to tell him the stories. Naruto was now of the opinion that he would've liked his father, had he ever met him. Naruto's memories of the place were pure, loving, quite innocent. They were all before the time of corruption and… well, incestuous sex and breeding.
Kushina, of course, wasn't having any of that. After so many good, innocent memories, it was time to corrupt them all! Sitting next to Naruto on a blanket, she reached a hand down to remove his pants. It had been almost a half-hour since she'd made her little stud of a son cum. That was twenty-eight minutes too long. "Uh… really, Mom? Right on top of Dad?" The boy asked, before immediately bursting into giggles along with Kushina. "Not really what I… meant. Haha."
"Right on top of him," Kushina replied simply. "Isn't this the perfect location? We haven't been here in ages. Ever since you knocked up your mommy – and the other girls – we've never had the time!
"Still… I'm not sure Dad would approve of this." In truth, Naruto didn'treallyknow. He only knew of his father's personality through Kushina's eyes. "Or… would he? Would he actually be okay with me getting you pregnant and doing all the lewd stuff?"
"S-somewhere… out there…. I bet his spirit is watching us. I bet he's nodding in approval!" Kushina hung off of her boy's words, loving what he said.
"I-I dunno about that." Naruto took no time at all to get another erection. They were mostly hidden from view, here. A nice change. Naruto didn't want to risk being caught 24/7.
"Well… maybe he'd be mad at me for cheating on him… but I'm just moving on!" Said Kushina. "He's dead, after all. I've found a new man to fuck me all day and knock me up with as many babies as possible. I'm basically still fucking him anyway since you're his son."
"Ah… I don't think that's how it works, Mom," said Naruto. "But I guess… all the babies are Dad's grandkids, too."
"Y-yes. Hah… Knocking everyone up like you do is carrying on not just yours and my bloodline… but his, too! In the end, everyone will be descended from Minato, too…" Kushina felt aroused. The notion that she was honouring Minato by letting his son knock her up relentlessly… well, something like that was completely ridiculous, but the idea turned her on very much. She jerked off her hung son faster, gazing down at his little body. "I can't wait until you're a huge, muscular stud. I really will have the perfect selection. I… I can have any of your cute sons, whenever I feel like someone cute… but when I want a real man, the best man of all, I can have you!"
"M-Maybe. If I've got time for you," said Naruto, chuckling, "but I'll always have time for you, Mom! Even when you're old. I'll always have time."
Kushina smirked. Her quest to pervert all her boy's normal childhood memories was proceeding as planned. "I think I should get started, here."
"Haven't you already?" Naruto didn't get to say anything else before his mother moved in towards him, picking him up and placing him on her pregnant belly. Once again, she started to kiss him. "Mm…" Naruto leaned into the kiss, noting that Kushina was making out with him much more lovingly, this time. She wrapped her arms around his back, hugging and kissing him, totally in lust with the small boy. Her own son.
Kushina couldn't stop herself from taking all the pleasure she wanted in her own son. The feelings she had were deep, unique, special. Sitting in the place where she had once spent innocent time with Naruto as a (younger) child, she would also have given him innocent little kisses back then. Now, in the same place, she didn't show him affection as a mother might. She was his lover, his older girlfriend, his teacher in the lewd arts. She was a degenerate, incestuous sow with a belly full of her bull son's babies. She put all of this energy, this feeling, into the kiss she gave Naruto, really wanting him to understand who she was, now. Kushina would be whatever the boy wanted. She would take care of his every need. She would allow him to impregnate her always-fertile womb as often as he wanted, and she would birth as many children for him – or for his progeny – as time would allow.
Of course, the make-out session had made Naruto even harder and ready to go. He'd already started pushing his cock between his mother's tits. Kushina broke the kiss, making space for it. "Uh… Can I?"
"Of course," said Kushina. "Let me do a bit more, this time." Kushina pleasured the boy much more actively, this time. Most of all, she combined the titjob with a blowjob, wrapping her experienced lips around Naruto's tip and taking in his first few inches. "Mm. Hm."
"Th-thanks, Mom. Hah. Not gonna lie, a part of me thought you just might do a normal date. Ah-ah! I realize it was dumb to think that." Naruto sat back on Kushina's pregnant belly, a part of him always enjoying the closeness of him to his children. They still weren't born, but Naruto had spent tons of time right up close to them. Even at his young age, he had a big paternal instinct for them. He couldn't wait to meet them all, to see what they looked like, how cute they were, and ultimately what sort of people they grew up to be…
As she gave her young son a blowjob, Kushina once again began to feel him up. This time, she was a little rougher. She mostly did the work of pleasing Naruto with her mouth, moving her hands downward. Kushina was feeling up his ass much more roughly than in her and Naruto's earlier session. She played with and squeezed his butt in much the same way Naruto would with a girl, almost trying to make it pleasurable for him. It didn't give Naruto much sexual pleasure, but a part of him seriously loved it when his mother indicated her lust for his body.
Kushina delighted in her son's slender body, she wouldn't deny that. Continuing to give him a skilled blowjob as he sat on top of her pregnant belly, she moved her hands up his back, feeling the boy's smooth skin. So youthful. She felt his shoulders, too, and even stroked his cheeks. She ran a finger slowly down his cheek, causing the boy to giggle. Kushina ran her other hand across her ginormous pregnant belly. She wanted to birth a child with cheeks so perfect as Naruto's. She wanted sons with that gorgeous blonde hair. A part of Kushina knew, though, that she'd have at least one redhead. She doubled her efforts, sucking the boy's cock harder, recognising the throbs and pulsing sensations that indicated his orgasm was approaching.
"Ah," Naruto moaned, saying nothing. It was wrong, in a way, that Kushina had such a big physical attraction to him. He wasn't too bad-looking though, was he? Naruto had asked the other girls. Kurenai and Tsunade both had described him as cute, adorable, or handsome. Hinata just told him he was super hot. Regardless, he knew he was a kid. An adult like Kushina wasn't supposed to suck his cock or have his kids. He didn't much care, at the end of the day. Why should he listen to whatotherpeople thought was acceptable? Sex with Kushina was just so much fun.
"Ah." Kushina pulled her mouth off of the boy's cock. A bit of precum spurted from the tip. "God, this is the best. This date was such a wonderful idea."
"I love you, Mom… I love your babies, too." Naruto had both his hands pressed onto his mother's baby belly. He felt a kick against one hand. He smiled, feeling a warm contentment knowing his children were aware of his presence. He wouldn't be surprised if there was a chakra element to it; that the magical energy he possessed could actually have some sort of effect on his babies while they were still growing. "Ah… you'll make me cum, soon. For sure."
"I know I always do," said Kushina, smiling at her boy. She reached one hand to feel her boy's hair some more. Naruto giggled, looking at her quizzically, as if to saywhy do you like my hair so much?"Reminds me so much of Minato. I bet he'll be happy to see how many grandkids he has. Ah… more than thirty of them, in the span of one year."
"I-I bet."
"Grandkids… except they're from his former wife," said Kushina, smirking to herself. "Fathered by his son impregnating his slutty mommy… I bet our babies will be perfect. I hope Tsunade's right. Heh… do you think maybe they'll come out even better because of the incest? Heheh…"
"Only one thing's gonna come out, Mom," said Naruto, signalling his impending orgasm.
Kushina moved both hands back to her tits, continuing to fuck the boy with them. "I think… they'll be even better. The babies will be super-concentrated with your genes. I bet… the chakra will make them thestrongestof all. It'll get rid of any possible problems. They'll be your children, alright. I can't wait to meet them all."
"Mom, Mom, I'm cumming!" Naruto let loose, releasing cum into his mother's mouth. Mouth? He gazed at Kushina to see that she'd wrapped her lips around his cock again. He moaned, letting loose yet another load of cum down her throat. "Aaaaaahhh…" so many orgasms. Naruto was enjoying himself very much.
Of course, Kushina came, too. She thought of the babies in her belly, of her numerous sins with Naruto, letting the thoughts heighten her orgasm. As they always did, the babies started moving around in her belly and pushing at her womb, shifting however they pleased. Kushina knew it – the nine little darlings knew their father/brother was nearby, and they wanted to come and meet him so bad! Kushina gushed cum, enjoying another orgasm, totally hands-free. She enjoyed that, technically, she was cumming all over her husband's head.
"Wow… you really are amazing at this, Mom. At everything. I love you! Both as a Mom, and as like… my babies' mom. I think you'll be a good mother to all of them. What are we gonna do next? You wanna spend a bunch of time here, right?"
Kushina nodded. "Of course." She got to her feet, still with Naruto sitting on her belly. He was such a cute, small boy… except for his huge cock, which still stood to attention. Kushina started thinking about what she wanted to do next… until something dawned on her. "You know," she said, "your energy… your stamina. It's quite overwhelming, isn't it?"
"Uh… yeah?"
"Speaking in terms of your fitness… and also your chakra. I was just thinking… no." She shook her head… then changed her mind again. "Actually, yes. Naruto, how would you like to attempt a shadow clone jutsu?"
"Really? Uh… that can be pretty dangerous."
Kushina nodded. "I know. But I think, with your chakra, you should be able to handle it. Here, let me teach you it."
"This is weird," said Naruto. "That's me. That's me, also." Creating four perfect shadow clones had not been difficult at all. He felt no strain at all. Wasn't something like this supposed to be exceptionally difficult?
"Oh, yes." Kushina said, a wide, bright smile creeping onto her face. "Yes, yes, yes!" She stood aside not just the original Naruto, but four of his shadow clones. Each and every one possessed Naruto's gargantuan endowment. "God, yes!" Kushina reasoned, also, that each clone would retain full sexual functionality. Right? The huge penis and increased sperm production were permanent biological changes, weren't they? Kushina had never been presented with so many astounding possibilities. Could these clones impregnate women, too? That would be further down the track. Today, Naruto and his corrupt chakra abilities were just for her. "My, my, what to do next?"
"You happy, Mom?" Asked the original Naruto. The four shadow clones stood idly, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for something to do. "Mom?"
Kushina was in a bit of a daze. "I don't think I've been quite so brilliantly happy in a long time! All of these -including you - will fuck me at once. How does that sound?"
"Ah… wait, that's why you taught me this?" Naruto felt a bit stupid for a moment. "I guess that should've been obvious. It's a great idea, though! Super fun for you. I know I'll still only feel like I'm cumming once, but I'll get all their memories after we're done. So… wait, will I be five time as tired?"
"No, I don't believe so!" Kushina could feel herself quivering a bit with the anticipation.
"Okay! The rest of you, take positions," ordered Naruto. "Actually, hold up. Wait for Mom to get into position."
Kushina could barely contain her excitement. She was feeling extra risky and giddy today. Acting irresponsible, she got down onto the picnic blanket… stomach-down. She laid on her belly. "Mm. There we go!" Kushina felt quite stable, and not at all painful. Her babies stirred a tiny bit but seemed otherwise content. "I want you to fuck all of me!"
Naruto sighed. "Mom, really, though… that can't be safe."
"It's perfectly safe. My body and my belly are super tough, remember? I could probably defeat you all just using my pregnant belly."
Naruto chuckled. He wouldn't put it past any of the girls to trythatas a sex act. Pregnant belly attack. "You're sure? I'm gonna super angry if this hurts the babies."
Kushina gasped. Her boy, angry? Never. "I promise it's safe! Not for a normal pregnant woman, of course, but I'm different. It's perfectly safe for me." Naruto looked at the way his mother's huge bump pressed into the ground. Kushina's legs onlybarelytouched the ground. She was putting much of the weight onto her actual pregnant belly. Naruto supposed it would feel painful if there really was a problem, at all. "Now, like I asked… I want one of you in every hole, then one in each hand! You pick first, Naruto."
Naruto nodded. He didn't need to give the clones any verbal commands. He just took position behind Kushina and started to fuck her pussy. Too easy. "I guess this is even worse incest. Oh well." He began to fuck Kushina.
"Hah…" Kushina loved having her boy inside her, but the best part came next. First, one of the other clones plugged up her mouth with his cock. "Glmmph!" She felt one clone on either side of her. She grabbed their cocks and began to masturbate them vigorously. The last clone had to work with the original Naruto a bit to get into Kushina's ass. He climbed atop Kushina, being small enough to put the vast majority of his weight onto her back while he fucked her ass. Naruto was able to avoid touching his clone's balls, mostly. Was it gay if he did so? Or was it just masturbation? Naruto didn't much care. "Okay, everyone," he said, "fuck Mom's brains out!"
"MMM! MMMMMMM!" Kushina immediately started having the time of her life. Every hole was filled. This truly was her best idea yet. She had a monster cock in her mouth, one stretching open her ass, one in her well-used pussy, and one in each hand. Kushina had always wanted to let a group of perfect boys gangbang her, but she'd never wanted to cheat on Naruto. Someday, she would fuck all of the undoubtedly hung sons her boy put in her belly, but for now, this would do nicely. "MMMMMM!" Kushina barely put any effort into the blowjob, to start with. The stimulation was overwhelming. Generally, her son fucking just one of her holes was enough to make her cum easily.
"This is fun, Mom," said Naruto. "When it's all done, I'm gonna remember fucking you five times as much up here. It'll be like we were here for an entire day!"
"Mm, mmmmmmm!" Kushina was so proud of her boy. Just as she started to give the clone in her mouth a blowjob, Kushina's babies started moving again. They were always so abrupt with that! She could feel the lot of them rubbing at the inside of her mega-huge belly, making her cum instantly. "MMMMMMMMM!"
"Wow, Mom. You're super wet today." Naruto said, feeling his mother's orgasm. He focused on fucking her, loving how well this had worked. "You really like having a bunch of me fucking you at once. I guess my sons are gonna have lots of fun with you."
"Mmm…" Kushina kind of wanted to respond, but she didn't want to sacrifice her place as a sex object for now. Feeling the continued movement of her babies, she started to properly suck off the clone in her mouth, while masturbating the other two in her hands. Of course, her hands didn't cover too much of their ridiculous lengths, but that didn't matter. She would still make both cum. She felt the biggest, most powerful elation and bliss at the situation. She could feel the individual babies inside her belly, always so active inside her womb. Kushina knew they were desperate to get out.Not yet, babies, she thought,still a month or two to go. Then you can meet your mommy/granny and your son/brother.
"Oh, and clones," said Naruto, "we all cum at once. When I cum, all of us cum! I bet Mom would like that."
"Mhm!" Answered Kushina. She would absolutely love that. As she serviced five boys at once, she let her mind run with the possibilities. Naruto could clone himself, now. The sex possibilities were endless. "Mm." Kushina felt the cock of the clone reaching down her throat, as well as the two cocks at the back stretching both her holes at once. The ones in her hands were mostly there to blast her with cum, when the time was right.
Kushina kept moaning as she serviced the kids, loving every second of this. She was so proud of her boy… but what to do next? This idea working opened up a few different things. For a start, could her hung, virile little boy's clones impregnate women? That would be the dream. She would have to research that. Kushina wasn't certain about that aspect of the clones… she hoped they could do it, though. She could organise a room full of fifty women, have Naruto cast the jutsu, and have the whole room impregnated within an hour or less!
Before that, though… she would have to share this new gift with the other girls. Kushina could use this method to have Naruto fuck all four of them at once, properly. "Mmmmm!" She felt another orgasm surge through her body, not impeding Naruto or his clones in the slightest. At the back, she hoped Naruto enjoyed her slick, well-lubricated pussy. How many clones would her boy be able to create at once? Twenty? More? She hoped it was enough to share nicely between her, Tsunade, Kurenai and Hinata. She could have all four of them getting fucked by a bunch of cocks at once, doing whatever they pleased with a bunch of perfect clones!
"I'm ready to cum whenever, Mom." Naruto kept thrusting, an expert at this by now. A part of him still worried that having Kushina's gigantic pregnant belly pressed against the ground would be bad for her, but he trusted her feelings on the matter. She was not a normal pregnant woman. It was probably fine for her to do whatever she wished.
"MMMMM!" In less than a minute, Kushina orgasmed her brains out once again. Her babies decided to go crazy a second time. They'd never been this energetic before! Kushina moaned, sucking passionately on one cock while the rest fucked her hard and fast, focusing on the slightly painful, mostly stimulating movement of her unborn incest babies. She wondered if her pregnancy wouldn't last the full nine months, after all. Any normal woman would have long since had to deliver, at a dangerously early time, too. Kushina wasn't sure what she wanted. She loved the idea of meeting her nine new children as soon as possible… but if they were left to come out as fully developed as possible, what extra benefits would they have? Kushina wondered about that. Her pregnancy was highly unusual (or lewd) in all ways but one – the development time. She had a tough belly of obscene size, a problem-free pregnancy, extra pleasure and high sensitivity, the changes to her body height, her tits, her form… but the pregnancy itself was to be full-length. Maybe that was a gift to her? All of it was so much fun, so having it last the entire nine months was great for Kushina and the rest of them…
"Gonna cum soon, Mom," said Naruto. "I hope you're ready. We're all gonna… totally soak you with cum. This is the best idea you've had yet, seriously!"
Kushina agreed. She moaned, growing in pitch and plume, feeling her babies wriggle around yet more inside her expanded womb. She desperately wanted to give birth to them, to have them out in the world for her and Naruto to love… in an entirely appropriate way, to begin with. At the same time, she loved carrying them inside her. Kushina loved knowing every second of every day that she'd been bred by her own son… and all she had to do to be reminded was look down.
"Here we go… ah," said Naruto. "Everybody cum… right now!" Naruto pushed into his mother's cunt, letting loose inside her. He remained somewhat focused through the orgasm, looking around as his clones did exactly as they were asked.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! GLMPH!" Kushina's eyes rolled back into her head as she was treated to one of the greatest, lewdest moments of her life so far. Unsurprisingly, she felt another orgasm course through her body. It was perfect. She felt the spray of cum down her throat, then the creamy loads from the clones on either side of her. The thick, powerful spurts landed mostly on Kushina's hair and back, with some striking her arms. With twice the amount of cum, she really ended up soaked. At her other end, Naruto and one of his clones flooded her ass and pussy at the same time, heightening the intensity of her orgasm. She basked in the amazing pleasure of making five boys cum at once, submitting completely, letting herself be completely covered and filled with cum.
Naruto pulled out after filling his mother's cunt. Breathing deeply, he started to walk around his mother, taking in the sight of her. Cum leaked from her well-fucked pussy and ass. Her upper back and hair were soaked with the jizz from the two clones she'd been jacking off. Her lips had plenty of precum and spit smeared on them, but she'd largely managed to swallow all that clone had to give. "Well done, Mom. Are you happy?"
"Haaah… haah… so happy. Come cuddle with me, sweet boy."
The cuddle did not last too long. Naruto wriggled free from it quickly, getting back up to his feet. "That was great fun, Mom! I love seeing you cum so hard."
"That was one of the best things we've ever done together," said Kushina, glancing to each of the clones. She had the urge to clean each of their cocks off but ignored it for the moment. "What to do next? I'mverypleased to see your clones cum just as much as you do."
"They sure do. You're soaked! Your back is at, least."
"I wonder what to do next?" asked Kushina. "Mm… I wonder. Maybe try and fit all five of you in my pussy at once?"
"That would be crowded. Also, our dicks would touch," Naruto said.
"Fair enough. But… hm." She glanced to the still-erect cocks of the four clones. "They do cum lots and lots. Just like you. I think I know what I want to do next. All of you, stay standing." Kushina got into a sitting position on the picnic blanket, a lewd smirk on her face again…
"Jerk off on mommy. All of you. That's good." Kushina moaned, touching herself with two fingers. It was rare she got to just masturbate, herself. She sat on the ground in front of Naruto and his four clones, looking up at them. Not too far up, though. Even sitting down, her head barely went past Naruto's.
"You're such a hopeless slut, Mom," said Naruto. "I love it. I don't mind sharing my sons with you when I get older. I guess I will have a bunch of daughters from you, too. I wouldn't make them all fuck me, though."
Naruto stood aside the four clones. All of them masturbated onto Kushina's belly. The pregnant woman sat on the ground, looking up at them all, in awe at the sight of their erections. Each clone had the impressive cock of his original, so Kushina was treated to the sight of five ultra-hung boys masturbating over her. They each alternated between simply jerking off and rubbing their lengths against her belly, fetishizing it a whole bunch. Kushina had requested Naruto talk dirty to her, so he'd obliged. "N-Naruto… cum on my belly whenever you want. My whole body is just for you…"
"I know, Mom. You're gonna get more covered in cum than you've ever been." Naruto kept masturbating, in complete control of his pace. It was rare for Kushina to just let the boy touch himself. He rubbed his cock against the taut skin of her belly, remembering back to all the times the girls had given him massages with their pregnant bellies.
"Ah… this is so wonderful." Kushina stopped touching herself. She wouldn't need to stimulate her pussy to achieve orgasm. Such was the wonderful chakra corruption her son had given to her. She focused her gaze on the cocks of the boys, marvelling at them, staring in wonder like a virgin schoolgirl. "You're all so thick, really… your length is the most ridiculous thing, but your girth's still just as good as any hung adult man's!"
"Thank you, Mom," said Naruto, "I feel pretty great about it. It gets to be a bit much sometimes, though. I hope you enjoy having it all over your belly."
Kushina did. She loved it. This was the best date ever. "Cum on my belly," she demanded, "mark your slut. Mark what you created." She gazed at her son's perfect dick, recalling how it used to be. There was a time where it had been a believable size. There was a time where a cock that thick and wide would've been impossible for Kushina to fit in her mouth without breaking her jaw.
"God, look at all of you. Look at those huge, full balls," said Kushina, looking at said balls. They weren't as ridiculous and obscene as the cock lengths, but Naruto and his clones had the sagging, full testicles constantly producing whatever was needed. "I can't wait to share all this with other women. I want a thousand girls and women to have this exact experience," said Kushina. "Five boys rubbing their cocks on their pregnant belly. Letting a perfect, hung Uzumaki knock them up… it's the best honour a woman could possibly have."
"Do you think if I knocked up other women… that they'd fuck my sons, too?" Naruto asked, genuinely curious about the answer. "Or is that just you being a weird pervert?"
"Mm. I wonder," said Kushina, feeling several cocks rubbing against her belly. Of course, the babies were once again more active than usual. Having their daddy and four copies of him nearby was bound to make things interesting. "No, I don't wonder. I know. I know they absolutely would want to fuck your boys. That's all you need to do other women – ah…" Kushina felt the cocks of the boys throbbing a bit. The clones were rubbing themselves more vigorously on her. She felt happier than she'd ever been. So full, round, content, lustful… and full of love and affection for her only son. "You'd only really need to impregnate each lady once."
"Huh? Why's that?" Asked Naruto, jacking off faster. He felt himself growing blushed, his orgasm fast approaching. "You don't mean you, right? I want to give you at least five or six sets of babies, Mom…"
"No, not me. I'll have tons." Kushina moaned, quite amazed at the fullness of all the boys' balls. She was preparing for the cum shower of a lifetime. "You can knock up other women… with four or five or six babies. Then, they can fuck one of your sons! They should always have at least one. They can get… pregnant from your baby boys! Having incest babies should be fine for them all. Every woman who gives birth to your babies… can give birth to your incest babies, too! Maybe I can give them all lessons?"
"Oh my God, Mom… I think you really deserve a reward, today," said Naruto. "You ready for it? I… ngh… sure am."
Kushina smiled. "Do it, my sweet boy. Cover me in your cum. Cover me with five loads of cum!" Kushina moaned, feeling her own orgasm coming on again. Mostly hands-free. "Do it!"
"Ngh… here you go, Mom!" Naruto promptly started to ejaculate onto Kushina, covering her front with jizz. Each of the four clones did the same, keeping their cocks nestled firmly against Kushina's belly. Each began to let loose a huge, crazy load, soaking Kushina with lewd juices like never before. "Ah…"
"Yes, yes, yeeeeeees!" Kushina cried out, loving the bath of cum. Naturally, her babies started moving right in time with her orgasm, heightening it. She let the high take her over, delighting in the amazing debauchery that today had seen. Once she finally came down from it, Kushina looked down at herself. She could just about cum again from the sight – her entire belly was soaked with cum. Much of Naruto's – the original – load had got onto her tits, too. She was utterly soaked. "Mm. I'm a perfect slut for you. This is just perfect."
"Yes you are… Mom…" said Naruto, feeling somewhat exhausted. "…I need a rest, now."
"You can have one just this once, my baby boy." Moaning, the happy woman began to rub her belly. There was barely an inch that wasn't covered by cum. She sighed, blissfully happy. She started to rub the thick, white liquid into her skin, loving the smooth feel of it to begin with. "This is good for the skin. Good for me and the babies, too… after all, your chakra must be highly concentrated in this thick liquid."
Naruto laughed. "Can't we ever just have a normal date?"
"Of course not," said Kushina, "After all, what's a good meal and picnic without drinking down some cum and getting drowned in it? Haha… Here lies Kushina Uzumaki, drowned in cum."
"Might be better to say you just died of natural causes."
"Really, though, would that be a lie?" Kushina laughed at her own terrible joke. Really, though… she couldn't imagine retiring from this sort of thing as she got older. Even if she needed to let her gorgeous, eldest son move onto greener pastures and more fertile bitches, she would always have new, young grandsons and great-grandsons – perhaps even further descendants – to fuck until her heart's content. "Love you so much, my son. Here, come in for a hug."
"…I think I'll pass on that."