In a bar downtown of Hell in Pentagram City there was a demon sitting down drinking some beer and eating a taco sald while watching 666 news. Other demons and sinners were either watching the news with him or just getting drunk while dry humping each other, while others would jerk off or finger temselves while drunk. He didn't pay them any attention though. As he was curious about what the princess of Hell's big idea was. It soon came on and he had to admit that she had his curiosity as soon as she mentioned that she tried to see the good in people.

"I was born in Hell and growing up, I always tried to see the good in everyone around me. Hell is my home and you are my people," she said nervously as she wipes some blood off her cheek.

We... we just went through another extermination." This really caught the demon's attention, espically with the sadness in her voice, something he hasn't heard from a blood born demon until now. "

"We lost so many souls, and it breaks my heart to see my people being slaughtered every year. No one is even given a chance," she said as she slamed her fist on the table waking up Katie.

This is where the demon had his yellow eyes glued to the tv. He was extremly curious about what the princess was selling or the sound of it, offering. He watched as the princess walked up from Katie's desk.

"I can't stand idly by while the place I live is subjected to such violence! So, I've been thinking: Isn't there a more humane way to hinder overpopulation in Hell? she asked as she walked around the audience.

"Hmmm," the demon let out with a small smile of curiosity.

"Perhaps we can create an alternative way to change souls through... redemption?" she asked throwing her arm around one of the News Cast's staff members.

Some of the demons and sinners around the yellow eyed demon were standing or sitting in place watching the news with blank or board expressions on theri faces, while others were drinking and gambling not really caring about the princess' idea.

"Well, I think yes! So that's what this project aims to achieve!" she said while returing to Kaite's desk.

At this point the yellow eyed demon had his chin in his hand with a smile on his face. Giving the blond his full attention.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm opening the first of it's kind! A hotel that rehabilitates sinners!" she said in excaitment.

This made the demon's yellow eyes light up. It was so unexcpeted even for him, but at the sametime it was a very intersresting idea to say the least.

"Y'know? Cause hotels are for people passin' through... temporarily..." she said losing her confidence.

The demon tilted his head as he crossed his arms and sat back in his chair, waiting for the princess to regain her confidence.

I think it'll serve a purpose... a place toward redemption... yay...!" she said nervously with a nervous smile on her face.

The demon chuckled finding it cute how nervous she was. He watched as she looked around in sadness.

"Look, every single one of you has something good, deep down inside. I know you do! ...Maybe I'm not getting through to you," she said before standing on Katie's desk.

The demon gave a look of confusion as the princess snapped her fingers as the room around her turned dark and a spotlight is shown over a piano that her and two goats started to perform on.

"I have a dream, I'm here to tell," she started to sing as she walked away from the piano.

The demon tilted his head once again in interst and confussion, but kept his eyes on the television.

"About a wonderful fantastic new hotel," she continued to sing as she pulled out a drawing of the hotel.

The demon read it, it said, "The Happy Hotel" This caused him to grin before taking a sip of his beer.

"Yes, it's one-of-a-kind! Right here in Hell, catering to a specific clientel," she sung before booping one of the goats on the nose.

"Oooh ooh ooh," the goats sung with smiles on their faces.

"Inside of every demon is a rainbow," she started singing much faster and louder as she threw her arms around the neck of two bird demons.

"Inside every sinner is a shiny smile. Inside of every creepy hatchet-wielding maniac is a jolly, happy cupcake-loving child," she sung while passing a hellhounnd's tail and dodging hatchets before giving a masked demon a cupcake and patting his head.

"We can turn them round. They'll be Heaven-bound! With just a little time, down at The Happy Hotel!" She smile while turing to Katie Killjoy and Tom Trench.

"So all you junkies, freaks, and weridos," she started her new verse while taking out a syring from a doll demon's head, takes a pic with a Siamese twin demon that's in it's cage, and funds off serveral-eyed blob demon.

"Fuck-ups, crook and zeros, and down-fallen superheroes, help is here," she contiunes her verse as she boops a couch demon on the nose, returns money stolen money to charity, and throws her hands behind the necks of two supervillain demons.

"All of you cretins, sluts, and losers, sexual deviants, and boozers, and prescription drug abusers, need not fear."

The demon watched as she dips her hair into the water by the pire, holds out a pair of panties in disgust, calls her rival a loser, backs away from the sex offenders, turns to face a depressed demon, and throws away the drugs from a blue demon into a burning trash can.

"Forever again, we'll cure your sin. We'll make you well, you'll feel so swell! Right here in Hell, at the Happy Hotel!" As she was singing a demon landed on a wheelchair that is pushed by one goat heading towards the princess and the other goat, shows a demon in the princess' chart which one of the goats injects with a happiness syrum.

The demon chuckled once again before his eyes lit up when he saw the princess turned to her full demonic form. She then slides to Katie's right as she continues to sing.

"There'll be no more fire, and no more screams. Just puppy dog kisses, and cotton candy dreams, and puffy-wuffy clouds, you're going to be like "Wow!" Once you check in with me!"

The demon gave a confused look and so did everyone around him once they saw, the Heaven-like background with the princess sitting on a cloud holding a puppy in one arm and some cotton candy in her hand and cuddles both of them before tossing them aside and showing a check-in-chart.

"So all you cartoon porn addiction, vegan rants, psychic prediction, ancient Roman cruuxifictions, end right here."

Everyone could see the princess confiscating a cartoon porn magazine from a neckbeard demon and some spell books and a crystal ball from a psychic demon, before she avoids running into a cruxified demon but accidently knocks two crucified demons over and throws away the confiscated items off a cliff earning a laugh from the yellow eyed demon.

"All you monsters, thieves and crazies, cannibals, and crying babies, frothing mouths that's full of rabies filled with cheer."

The demon chuckled before taking a bite of his taco salad as he saw the princess clench the hands of two monstruous demons, before pointing finger guns at a dog demo who was trying to steal baguettes from an insect demon. She then temted some cannibals with a severed arm on a plate, before looking at a possum mother and her radid baides, in annoyce, she then pulled a hellound that had rabies close to her.

"You'll be complete! I'll be so neat! Our service can't be beat! You'll be on easy street, yes! Life will be sweet at The Happy Hotel! Yeah!" she sung while completing a puzzle demon, just before said demon is destroyed by a wreching ball allwhile the princess gives two thumbs up before she hugs three random demons, then she finishes up her song by turning into her demonic form, twirls happily in flames as she jumped up, revealing a land made of candies and sweets behind her.

There was a long slience before one demon said that her song was shit which broke the slience and made everyone laugh at the princess, well all but one. The yellow eyed demon sat there suronded by the laughter of immature demons and sinners as his smile faded due to the laughter of children. If anything he did expect some slience but also some (mainly sinners) to actually think about the idea and would possiblly like the idea, yet again they are in the Pride Ring after all, so it wasn't too surprising.

"What in the Nine Circles makes you think that a single denizen of Hell would give two shits about becoming a better person?" asked Katie making the demon chuckle at her stupitedy.

"You have no proof that this little experiment even works! You want people to be good? Just... because?!" she mocked her as she continues to laugh.

"Well, we have a patron already, who believes in our cause and he's shown incredible progress," she said with a smile making the demon tilt his head in curiousty as his grin returned to his face.

"Oh? And who might that be?"

"Oh, just someone named... Angel Dust," she said trying to look smug and confident.

The demons yellow eyes widen as he heard that name, not expecting him of all the demons and sinners in Hell to be supportive about the idea of redemetion.

"The porn star?"

"You fucking would, Tom," said Katie as she looked at him menacingly.

"In any case, that's not even an accomplishment. I'm sure you can get that hooker to do anything with enough booger sugar and lube," she said before motioning a handjob.

"Oh, I beg to differ! He's been behaved, clean, and out of trouble for two weeks now," she said proudly as the demon gave a proud smile until...

"Breaking News!"

"We are receiving word that a new player has enterd the ongoing turf war! Lets go to the live feed," said Katie after shoving the princess off the desk.

The live feed is shown to everyone watching the news, where they can Angel Dust stepping on an Egg Boi and throwing a grenade over at a certain snake demon that the demon knew well and lets just say... he doesn't take him seriously.

"Oh, shit," said the princess as Angel Dust can be heard screaming in the background, "I'm a bad person!"

"Oh shit indeed! It looks like the one who just joined the battle is none other than porn actor, Angel Dust!" said Katie with a feign gasp.

The demon looked at the tv, giving Katie a death stare.

"What a juicy coincidence! You must feel really stupid right now," she insulted the princess before she and Tom continued to laugh at her.

"Ratings!" they both yelled while doing jazz hands.

"Don't look at this!" the princess yelled as she attempted to block the live feed from the audience.

"Well, it sure looks like your little project is dead on arrival. Tell us, how does it feel to be a total failure?" said Katie as she looms over the princess all while everyone laughed at her except for one.

"Yeah, well... How does it feel that I got your pen, huh? ...Bitch!" she said as she grabbed Katie's pen off her desk.

Everybody instantly stopped laughing as Katie and Tom gave the princess a death stare.

"Ehehe... oops," she said nervously as she puts the pen back on Katie's desk.

Katie's demonic form is soon revealed as she looms over the princess from the shadows. They soon started fighting one another, causing the demon to laugh like a mainic.

"Hahaha hahahah hahahaha!"

Everyone stopped watching the news and gambling as they stared at him with confusion until eventually other demons and sinners started laughing with him as they two found the fight funny, especally when Tom was seen covered in flames screaming in agony, "Why won't anyone help me?!"

The demon kept laughing even as the news stopped airing while everyone else already stopped laughing. He just couldn't help it, it really was a laugh riot. He stopped laughing eventually and paid for his meal, he then got up and left the bar, thinking about what he watched. There was one part he kept thing about the most.

"We can turn them 'round! They'll be Heaven-bound! With just a little time, down at The Happy Hotel!"

That verse kept replaying in his head over and over again causing his grin to grow wider.

"Mmmm, The Happy Hotel."