Authors Note,

I'm not posting cos BoyWithUke's new album is out,

https/open./album/1I79ZTFJ5FVLwMYRWvhk73?si=F3WiUJn2Ru-12Uz-R wE2Tg _source=copy-link

It's so fucking good, so instead of writing in the middle of the night, I've been binge watching Nowhere boys, to wait for this. I got up at 5am to listen to it. I highly recommend it, it's a great album. Also follow him on Twitter, boywithukes anyway, you get a lazy authors instead of an update. I'm sorry, until Monday.

Also, I noticed I have readers from all across the globe, about 21 different countries . About 300 are from the USA which doesn't bother me, I'm sad to see only 4 Australians, but you take whatever you can get, so thank you to everyone around the globe who may have read my fanfic.

Signing off, Cruse.

The link to the Album

https/open./album/1I79ZTFJ5FVLwMYRWvhk73?si=F3WiUJn2Ru-12Uz-RwE2Tg _source=copy-link