Zack was ready to let the streets run red. The need to kill was burning stronger the longer he put it off. If he was honest with himself, which he usually was as he hated lies, he wanted to get it over with. He LIKED killing. The fear and panicked faces of his victims who dared to laugh and smile around him…their faces were priceless when he had run through them with his scythe. Something snapped in him everytime he saw someone smile and he let that emotion out. There was some part of his brain that recognized it wasn't him completely in control but he didn't much care to stop it. Never had a need to. Not since…

He shook his head. No way was he getting distracted tonight.

The tall blonde he was after was giving him a fun chase. She had exited the bar, laughing while she had said goodbye to the gaggle of people who had walked out with her. She made the mistake of turning into the dark alley, stumbling, and venturing further into his path. He felt the corner of his mouth quirk up into a sadistic, crooked smile. The short work skirt and heels she wore wouldn't let her run far from him, no matter how many seconds he gave her.

He let the tip of his scythe scrap against one of the old dumpsters that were there. The woman hesitated and glanced back over her shoulder. Oh, this was going to be fun. He was still hidden by the shadows but knew that the light reflecting off his weapon could give her a decent scare. Good. Let her make a good face for him.

"Who..W-who's there?" She called out, fully turning around. She was clutching her chest. Zack imagined running his scythe right through it. Or maybe a quick beheading would do? He had already killed 3 others tonight. The last woman had the audacity to LIE and say she was a big fan. He had gutted her quickly enough. The monster inside was nearly sated with his need and a quick killing would be all the mercy he would give this female. He himself was tired and ready to surrender to sleep.

The woman took a step forward. "Quit messing around. Show yourself!" Her voice cracked a little and his smile grew a bit wider. He stepped out slowly, revealing that he was there as she gasped. "'re the murderer everyone has been looking for."

He kept grinning, taking slow, measured steps toward her. Her look of fear increased. He knew what she saw. He was still covered in blood from the last 3 victims and his bandaged face still wore an off setting smile. He was a monster and tonight he looked it.

"I'll give you three seconds to run." He said, finally speaking in a slow and even voice. This was his favorite part. They would usually start begging for their lives at this point, the fear on their face only giving him more satisfaction.

The woman took another step toward him, making him pause. What the fuck? Why didn't she look scared anymore? Was she actually coming closer? Why wasn't she running or begging for her life? He arched a brow at her.

She stepped closer until she had to lift her chin to look at him. The fear she had before was gone. Instead, an odd, somehow knowing smile was on her face as she gazed at him. "I know who you really are, Issac Foster."

Now it was Zack's turn to take a step back. "What the fuck woman? Who..who the fuck do you think you are?"

She slowly smiled. "I'm better than you but I'm willing to give you a chance."

"Fucking fat chance, lady. You have two seconds now before I tear your head off".

She didn't move, only lifted her chin higher. "You can try if that makes you feel better, but…"

Zack had moved quickly, using the scythe to strike against the woman's throat. It…passed straight through. He stepped back. "What…the fuck?"

She smiled more brightly. An ethereal glow was around her face as she looked at him. "Now that that's out of the way…" She placed one hand on her hip that jutted out. "I told you, I'm willing to give you a chance." She held up a finger when he started to speak. He felt his blood boiling, itching to strike her down but unsure of how he could do it. He wasn't even sure how his scythe didn't go through her in the first place. Was she some type of ghost? Or was he just hallucinating after lack of sleep? He shook his head, trying to clear it.

She gave him another smile. "I know who you are, Issac. I know you think you're a monster and how you spend your time. I also know that there's more to it."

"What the hell are you getting on about? You don't know shit!"

She shook her head slowly almost looking…sad? "You never learned that there are other ways to heal. So I'm going to do that for you." She lifted her hand back up and he could see it softly glowing.

He backed up. "Again, what the hell? Don't touch me lady. And you don't know shit about me."

She was getting closer and all the light that was glowing was surrounding his field of vision. He felt like he was falling, and his skin was burning more fiercely than it had in years.

"I'm giving you a chance, Issac Foster. A chance to change your fate. If it's a monster you think you are, then a monster you shall be. If you can open your heart and truly love another human, and they you, you shall be set free…"

The woman was still speaking but he couldn't hear her. His vision was fading fast and it was seconds later that he felt and heard nothing at all.