Zack was currently sulking on the desk chair in Rachel's room while she repaired his favorite hoodie. He didn't like being without it but he had torn it in the gym area today and as a result…was in a mood.

Ray had seen him sulking and holding the jacket. Without a word she took the jacket and motioned for him to follow. He wasn't sure what to expect but he watched when she took a sewing kit Cathy must have gotten her, and began working on it.

She was quiet while she worked, but concentration was evident on her face. He watched, his mood slightly lifting. He still needed his morning coffee but being around her wasn't a bad second option.

Ray sat up and stretched. "All finished." She announced, handing the hoodie back to him.

He inspected it and as suspected, didn't see a single flaw. It was almost like the tear had never been there.

"Thanks Ray." He said but not before a yawn escaped.

"You're tired too?"

"Not a morning person. Need caffeine." He grumbled.

She nodded. "Agreed. If you'll wait, I can try to find some for us."

"Nah, I'll go with ya." He said, standing up. "Never let it be said I deny a lady her caffeine."It might have been the lamest thing he had ever said but Ray looked up at him and gave him one of her small, rare smiles. Normally, he hated it when people smiled but Ray was different. Maybe it was because she didn't normally do it. It felt like he had to earn every single one. He looked back down on her and grinned back.

Maybe as long as it was her, that was okay with him.

It was chilly in the kitchen later that night. During breakfast, Ray had found that Zack didn't have a lot of experience with cooking but loved sweets. Since it was cold, and there was still snow on the ground albeit less, she decided to teach him how to make homemade hot chocolate. It was a favorite of hers and she thought he would enjoy the sweetness of it.

They were both there now and Rachel had begun by tying an apron around her waist and setting out the supplies and ingredients they would need. Surprisingly Cathy had the pantry well stocked. She handed Zack an apron and tried not to giggle at the frilly white apron now tied around a demon. He looked over at her and grinned his trademarked crooked grin. He knew she was grinning as well.

"So, how do we start this, Ray?"

"We start by whisking together a little cocoa powder and hot water in a bowl." She said, placing a pot on the stove. "We'll let this heat for a minute and then add the remaining ingredients."

Following her instructions, Zack added the chopped chocolate, milk, heavy cream, a can of evaporated milk and sugar.

"This is a lot of ingredients for something like a drink." He mentioned, dutifully stirring the pot with a wooden spoon.

"It'll be worth it though." She said, brushing past him to check on the results. He tensed up when her arm pressed against his back as she leaned over. "This looks perfect. It only takes about 15 minutes total and then we get to add the fun stuff."

"Dare I ask?"

"You'll like it. Things like whipped cream, peppermint, marshmallows and even chocolate syrup." He perked up and looked like a kid in the candy store. Which, Rachel thought, he kinda was. He never got to experience these types of things before.

It wasn't much longer until the hot chocolate was ready and Ray was dipping the metal ladle into the pot to pour into each of their mugs. Zack watched with excitement as she sprayed whip cream over hers and passed the bottle to him. He squirted it into his mouth and immediately started chuckling.

"This is so good!"

"Wait until everything is put together." She told him.

Once all the toppings were in place, they each walked to the large window seat to enjoy their treats. Rachel sat next to Zack and she could feel his surprise that she didn't choose the furthest spot away. She knew he had never let anyone close to him before and didn't trust anyone. The fact that someone wanted to be near him must be nerve racking. She sipped slowly on her drink, waiting for him to relax.

The quiet wasn't awful. In fact, it was soothing to her. If you had told her a year ago, that she would feel safe and content next to a serial killing demon rather than her own family, she would be convinced she had gone mental. Ray looked at Zack from the corner of her eye. She noticed it before, but Zack was really good looking. She wondered what he looked like without the demon aspect.

That brought an image of Zack without his wings and horns but she was unsure what color his eyes would be. She felt heat rise to her cheeks as her brain also imagined him without his shirt, all for her viewing pleasure.

Mentally shoving that image aside, Ray actually looked over at Zack. He had just finished his mug and was licking his lips, which made her think of him licking her and her blush increased. What was wrong with her?

He looked at her. "You okay, Ray? You look a little flushed there."

"N-no worries, I'm okay." She told him, willing her cheeks to cool down. He stared for a minute as if he didn't believe her but then just looked out the window, an odd look on his face.

"I never did say thank you." He said softly.

Now she was confused. "For what? I haven't done anything."

Now he turned back to her, looking surprised. "Not done anything? Ray, you're actually helping to break a curse. You're nice to everyone and you…you're not afraid of me. You treat me like I'm not a monster."

The last part was said in almost a whisper and he had looked away. Ray had set her mug down and scooted closer, putting her hand over his.

"I've already told you. You're not a monster or anything else. You're Zack." He looked back up at her, his red eyes searching her own. "I see you, Zack." She whispered.

"I can't thank you enough." He looked back down. "I want to do something for you but I don't know how to even start to repay you."

She was already shaking her head. "You don't have to do that. I do those things because I like you. No need to repay something that was given freely."

She could tell he was about to argue with her. Ray just sighed and laid her head down on his shoulder. He quieted whatever remark or rebuttal he had been about to make and just sat stock still. She wrapped her arm around his and a few seconds later, he hesitantly intertwined his fingers with hers.

"Is…this okay?" He whispered.

She tightened her grip and sighed in content. "More than okay." She answered, her eyes fluttering shut.