Chapter 1: Wandering Alone

A Lone figure wandered for the first time in the blazing sun, seeing the outside world for the very first they could remember, the figure looked at the device on their wrist, they looked up and in the distance saw a big metal structure. They checked with their device as they turned and walked in a different direction away from the large structure, unbeknownst to them that they were being followed.

'Now this is interesting.' Thought the man as he watched the figure, this man was wearing clothes made out of scraps and had a spiked mohawk, a full beard, an unkempt beard, and a mad grin, this man was a raider. "Someone actually came out of the vault, another meat puppet I can bring back to the boss."

The raider then followed the figure as they made their way to the other side of the hill that was covered in rocks. The figure then touched a massive rock causing it to open up revealing it was in fact fake and in fact some sort of storage unit. The figure then knelt down and started collecting the contents, the raider was too far to see what was inside the hollow rock, but he decided now was now as good as time as any. The raider took out his gun and slowly walked towards the figure as they put a helmet on their head.

"Freeze, don't move," said the Raider as he was only a few feet behind the figure slowly stepping forward with his gun pointed at their head, the Figure tilted their head to look at man, the raider could tell it was some sort of power armour helmet. "Nice helmet you got there, do as I say and you might wear it just a little bit longer." said the Raider as he readjusted his aim to the figure's back and heart. "For starters what kind of helmet is that?"

"It's a prototype for a power armour that was never finished before the great war." Said the figure, clearly a male voice.

"Stand up and turn around," said the Raider. The man from the vault did as he was told and the Raider was somewhat thrown off when he saw the man stand to his full height. The vault man was easily six and a half feet tall, easily a whole foot taller than the Raider. "Fuck."

The vault man stood silently as he stared at the raider, "You're shaking." The man finally said.

The raider then noticed he was indeed shaking slightly. "SHUT UP, YOU DUMBFUCK." yelled the Raider. "I'm the one with the gun here, I'm the raider with a whole group of people willing to fuck you up, you...your all alone out here, out of the safety of your vault. You get it, meat bag, you all on your lonesome, wandering out here in the wastes."

The man from the fault was silent. "I guess that is true, I am just a Lone Wanderer from the vault, things do seem a lot harsher out here than inside, but-" The man moved like lightning swiping his hand out in front of him snatching the gun from the raider's hand breaking his first two fingers in the process causing the raider to scream out in pain as he held his injured hand. "I can assure you, I am not defenceless."

"FUCK!" Yelled the Raider as he started panicking as the man from the vault had his only gun and all he had left on him was his pocket knife. He did the only logical thing, turned and ran away as quickly as he could.

The man from the fault quickly took the gun and fired two shots hitting both of the raider's legs, causing the fleeing man to scream in pain. "Sorry I can't have you leave yet, I still have questions for you."

The Raider stared at the man as he saw that death was closing in on him. "Who...who are you?"

"You said it yourself, I'm just Wanderer."


Silver sat on her bed in her small shack that she had called home, it was barely even a shack and she called it a small ranch. The thought almost made her chuckle as she stared down on a small needle in her head, some drugs she was able to get from one of the caravans heading to Megaton, for years she had been doing drugs, and people knew she was quite the addicted back in Megaton but this solitude has been making her think about her life and if this is as good as it will get for her. "Not like a miracle is coming anytime soon," she said to herself as she was about to inject the contents of the needle into her arm she heard movement outside, Silver quickly grabbed her gun and hid at the side of the door.

The door then opened and a big tall man in strange armour walked into her home. "Wait a minute, does someone live here?"

"I do," said Silver as she pointed her gun upward to the back of the man's head, "Who the hell are you and what do you want?"

"Apologises, miss. I had no idea someone lived here, I'm just a wanderer, I was looking for a place to stay for a moment, to clean the man outside up."

"What?" Silver looked out the door of her shack and noticed a Raider leaning against the wall. "A raider?" Silver was surprised at the unexpected sight before whipping her head back to the man in her house expecting him to have made a move of some kind, he didn't. "Who are you?"

"Just a wanderer." said the Wanderer.

"A wanderer huh?" said Silver skeptic of the newcomer. "Did Moriarty send you?'

"Moriarty?" Said the Wanderer in surprise. "No, but that is the third time today I've heard that name, who is he?"

Silver looked at the man for a moment before slowly putting her gun down. "An asshole that will sell your ass for a few caps."

"Caps?" said the Wanderer as he put his hand down and reached down into his pocket pulling out a few bottle caps. "You don't mean bottle caps do you?"

"Of course, I mean bottle caps," said Silver looking at the man as if he was crazy before she looked at his strange armour, it looked light but somewhat high-tech, even the small cloak over his shoulder looked fancy if a little dirty. "What a minute are you from that vault just down the way?"

"That obvious huh?"

"Yeah," said Silver who had now more questions than answers, "For starters why does a Vault Dweller have a raider with him?"

"That's a story, would you mind if I bring him inside, so he doesn't bring any of his friends over here."

Silver thought it over for a second. "Uh fine, just don't toss him on my bed."

The Wanderer quickly grabbed the Raider and tossed him on the floor causing the man to grunt a little, "Don't worry a man like him doesn't deserve one. After I captured him, me and him had a little talk, and let's just say I didn't like what he did for a living."

Silver eyed the Wanderer. "Not what I was expecting of someone from the vault, I thought everyone in there acted like how it was before the great war."

The Wanderer chuckled. "No, not at all," he said before looking reaching into his bag, and grabbing ten bottle caps. "I would like to make a deal with you miss..."


"Okay miss Silver, I have some questions and I'm more than willing to make it worth your while." he showered her the bottle caps.

Silver looked at the caps, "Okay, but before you ask, I'm not letting you or that sack of meat over there stay the night."

"Wasn't even on my list." as he gave her the caps.

Silver then walked over and sat on her bed. "Okay, what do you want to know?"

"Tell me about the wastes, Megaton, and any nearby areas around here."


The Wanderer looked up at the sun, "It seems to be around 2 o'clock," he then checked his pipboy to confirm his guess. "Hard to believe at 7 in the morning I woke up in the vault," he said to no one in particular as he carried the unconscious man on his shoulder as he made his way to Megaton, he could see the massive doors of the city and the sniper that sees him approaching.


The Wanderer looked over his shoulder as he felt the man moving. "Oh good you're awake, we just arrived at Megaton."

"YOU!" The raider began to struggle as he realized he was still the captive of the mad vault dweller. "PUT ME DOWN YOU CRAZY FUCK!"

Suddenly the massive doors to the city begin to open, shutting the Raider up, and making the wanderer stop walking. The Wanderer could see a man and a robot step out of the city and he could see that the city had a second gate, smart he thought.

"Sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to stop right there," Said a man who looked like the sheriff of the town. "Normally I don't mind a new person around town as long as they don't cause trouble, but that person you got there."

"FUCK LUCAS SIMMS, FUCK YOU!" yelled the raider before the Wanderer dropped the man onto the ground. "FUCK!"

"So you must be Lucas Simms." said the Wanderer.

"That I am," said Lucas. "And might I ask who you are and why you have a raider with you?"

"I'm just a wanderer sir, and this man here tried to rob me but it didn't exactly work too well for him," said the Wanderer. "I was originally planning to just put a bullet in his head and call it a day, but he said something very interesting that I thought someone from Megaton should hear."

"Oh really," said Lucas as he stepped forward. "And what did this ass wipe have to say?"

The raider looked nervous. "Fuck you, I ain't saying shit, you heard me, you ain't getting shit from me."

The Wanderer then extended his arm with his Pipboy and pressed a button on it. "Okay shut up for a second," Said the voice that belong to the Wanderer. "Now what the hell did you just say?"

"We can work together, you see me and my crew got plans big plans."

"Oh, and what might those be?"

"Uh Megaton, yeah Megaton. The boss is going to raid it and sell all of those fucking idiots to Paradise Falls."

"You're going to sell those people into slavery?"

"Yeah, well not all of them, if they can pay or strike a deal then that's different. It's all going down in a few days, right after we get into the Vault-AAHHHHH" As the crunching of a bone could be heard over the recording.

"I think I've heard enough of that, tell me where your base is?"

"The school, the old schoolhouse, it's our base and our dig site into the Vault."

"How many people are in your group?"

The raider was silent on the recording. "You must be fucking nuts if you think you can take us on." The sound of a gun being loaded could be heard. "Around thirty raiders, I don't know the exact amount it could be more, the boss has a mystery buyer who has been providing us gear so I don't know."

"Okay, then te-" The Wanderer paused his recording. "Is that enough?"

"More than enough," growled Lucas Simms as he grabbed the raider, "You're going tell us everything." he tossed the raider to the robot. "Deputy Steel, take the Raider to a cell, we ain't done with him yet."

"Roger, Roger." said the robot as he dragged the raider away.

"Now then," as Lucas turned to the Wanderer, "Judging from that hunk of metal on your wrist you're from the vault aren't you."

"That I am, but right now I'm just trying to find my father."

"Your father," Lucas then nodded. "Yeah, I remember another one showing up from the vault. Come on we can talk inside."

The Wanderer followed Lucas inside, where he got to see the town in all of its glory, it looked like a pit with several shacks around it and in the center was a massive bomb. "Is that a bomb?"

"Yep, luckily it hasn't gone off yet." admitted the Sheriff.

"You mean that thing is active!"

"Oh yeah," said Lucas. "During the great war, that thing fell and everyone just huddled around the damn thing for warmth, and the whole provided a nice bit of shelter for everyone." Lucas then pointed down below. "Those are the followers of Atom, from the church of Atom, they worship that thing like a damn god, I'm just worried one day they're going to blow us all to smithereens one day."

The wanderer hummed, "You know I might be able to do something about that."

"Really, now," said Lucas a bit skeptical. "I'm not really sure about letting someone who does know anything near it but you are from the vault, sure, I'll let you take a crack at it, hell I'll even pay you some caps for it."

"Okay, I'll do the job, but it might take a minute, I have something else to do first," He then saw the saloon on the other side of town. "What can you tell me about Moriarty?"

Lucas gave the Wanderer a firm look, "All I can say about Moriarty is to stay the hell away from him, he's nothing but trouble."

"Noted, thanks." said the Wanderer as he started walking towards the Saloon, 'Well that just about confirms what Silver was saying.'

"Hey I never got your name, stranger," shout Simms from back at the gate.

"Don't worry I'm just a wanderer," as he kept walking. Simms gave him a confused look but decided against it as he turned to reinforce the gate, trouble was brewing.


As the Wanderer entered the saloon he got everyone's attention but the man at the bar who was currently beating a radio, trying to get it to work. 'That must be Gob.' The Wanderer thought as he sat down at the bar.

Gob noticed the newcomer. "What do you want, smooth-skin?" he said in a rude tone.

The Wanderer stayed calm, "Oh nothing I'll just take some water if you have some."

Gob stood there for a moment bewildered. "Wait, you're not going to yell at me, insult me or punch me?"

"I wasn't planning on doing any of that." said The Wanderer honestly.

"Oh thank you," said Gob genuinely grateful for being treated like an actual person for the first time in a while. "Here, that water, I know I shouldn't be doing this but let me give you a discount, Moriarty would have my head, but your the first nice guy I've seen in forever."

"Thanks, uh I never got your name." said the Wanderer being courteous.

"It's Gobs, how about your friend?"

"GOB!" came an angry voice they turned to see an older-looking man, "What are you doing, hurry up and serve the other guests already you piece of shit."

"Yes boss," said Gob "Sorry." He said to the wanderer before he went down the bar to serve the other customers.

"You should treat your employees better." said the Wanderer before tipping his helmet back slightly taking a drink of water.

"Now who might-" The man stopped as he got a look at the armour the Wanderer was wearing. "As I live and breath, I only know one man with that armour and he has already passed through here so that must make you the boy ain't it."

The Wanderer stood up. "You must be Moriarty."

"The one and only Coleen Moriarty at your serves," said Moriarty. "Now what brings you to my fine establishment. "HEY get back to work!"

The Wanderer looked over to see Gob hurrying to pour some drink, 'He must have been watching us.' The Wanderer put his hand on Moriarty's shoulder. "Come on let's talk outside." As he said the words the Wanderer could feel something.

Moriarty thought for a moment as a green light flashed across his eyes for a split second. "Sure, that sounds perfect, I need a smoke anyway." said Moriarty. as he went to the door, "Give me a minute boy yo, I'll meet you right outside."

The Wanderer nodded to him as he left before looking down at his hand, 'There it is again that strange power.' Thought the Wanderer but decided to think about it later before he noticed a woman with red hair was looking at him as if to ask him something. "Can I help you?"

"Oh sorry, I don't want to keep you waiting from the boss, named Nova." said the Woman. "Thanks for helping out Gob back there if you need a room I'll give you a discount."

The Wanderer didn't move for a moment. "Thanks," he said before leaving the Saloon.

When he made it outside he saw Moriarty waiting at by the railing overlooking the town. "Look at him," as Moriarty gestured to Lucas down below gather some men. "Captured a single raider and going full war mode, I doubt any of those raiders would be that stupid to attack my town."

"Your town?"

"Of course Megaton is mine, boy yo, but that isn't the reason you're here is it," said Moriarty. "So out with it what do you want?"

"My father was here." said the Wanderer and that was all he said. 'I don't want to say too much, I've got a bad feeling with this guy here.'

"Yes, he was here," said Moriarty with a sly smirk, "But if you're wondering where he went, I ain't telling you that for free."

The wanderer could tell that Moriarty wanted to drag this out as much as possible. 'So that's your game, well, I ain't playing it.' as he thought quickly and focused. "Oh I don't need that, my father already told me where he was going."

"Really," said Moriarty, surprised. "So he told you about heading to the GNR building."

"He sure did," said the Wanderer. 'So the GNR building I wonder where that is?' he wondered. "Thanks for confirming it for me, just out of curiosity what would you have made me do for you?"

Moriarty shrugged "I would have had you go and get me caps back from that whore Silver."

"Hhmm, I see, well then I'll see you around." as the Wanderer left Moriarty to his cigarette, he noticed there were several things that needed fixing. 'I wonder who around here is responsible for fixing the place up, I bet they could use a hand, but that can wait for now. Now I need to get supplies for my own gear.'

The Wanderer looked up and saw the sign for Moria's and decided to check it out. The second he opened the door, he was met with a small explosion and a woman coughing up a storm, "Goodness me, that didn't work right at all, cough cough, Oh hello there, oooh what interesting armour, you must be the new guy everyone is talking about."

"Uh, hi, yeah." The Wanderer, still a little taken aback by Moria's cheery attitude, "I just came to sell some stuff," as he put some stuff on Moria's counter, "I got these from a raider, just wonder what it's worth."

Moria looked the gear over, "I can offer you maybe a hundred or so caps for this, or I can trade you some supplies if you'd like."

"Say are you guys low on supplies by chance, I don't mean to be rude, but this place is kind of a mess, their pipes leaking around town."

"Yeaaaah, those raiders from the school come around and bother us a lot, so most of our supplies go to maintaining the walls, Walter tries his best but he can only do so much with the supplies we have on hand."

"What if some could fix that?" asked the Wanderer.

Moria looked at the wanderer, "Well just fixing some of the pipes alone would be a big help, but if you're talking about the raiders, then you would be a hero to the whole town."

"These raiders are bad people right."

"Yeah, the worst of the worse, slavers, killers, thieves. We've lost a good portion of our caravans to those monsters." said Moria, "But you shouldn't worry your pretty little head about them, we've been doing pretty well so far."

"Thanks, I'll take the caps for right now, but I'll trade you later." as the Wanderer exchanged the raider's gear for the money.


Lucas Simms walked near the center of town as he noticed that some of the pipes were fixed and the Wanderer was looking at one of them now. "Did you fix the pipes?"

"I did," said the Wanderer as he examined his work. "Walter needed the help and I needed some time to think."

"Well if you don't mind me asking, what are you thinking about?" asked the Sheriff.

The Wanderer thought for a moment, "I'm going to need to borrow some people."

Lucas Simms sighed, "Look, you've only been here a day and as much as I want to send all those raiders to the next world, there's just too many of them."

The Wanderer turned to Lucas, "No I'm not asking you to fight, I just need people to help me carry the supplies back to Megaton."

"Where are you going to get the supplies?"

"The raiders."

Lucas just stared at the Wanderer, "Boy, you are going to get yourself killed."

"We'll see," as the Wanderer started walking towards the town gate.

"Where are you going?"

"I'd like to get this done before sunset," he said as he kept walking.

"HAHAHAHA," Lucas turned around to the sound of laughter. "That boy is as good as dead."

"How much did you hear Jericho?" asked Simms

"All of it," as Jericho took a swig of his beer. "I haven't heard of a man that stupid in a long time, they're going to tear that guy a new one."

Lucas Simms thought it over for a moment. "Follow him, and I'll pay you some caps."

Jericho gave Simms a long stare before shrugging, "Normally I would tell you to screw off for so little, but if theirs a chance I can get that armour of his I'll take it." As Jericho started walking towards the gate, "Just don't expect me to bury his body."

Lucas watched Jericho leave before he stopped a random man, "I want you to round up every person you can and meet me at the gate in twenty minutes, it's a long shot but I'm going to bet on the new kid."


It didn't take long for the Wanderer to find the Springvale elementary school, he could tell this is where the raiders had set up shop, it screamed death and despair, 'How sad, this was supposed to be a safe place for kids, and now it's a den of death.' The Wanderer entered the front door of the building, keeping his pistol holstered as he had hoped for a chance to talk and end things peacefully, but that hope was quickly dashed when he saw the inside. He entered into an open area just below a balcony on the second floor where he saw cages filled with corpses hung from the ceiling and in front of him, he had studied enough anatomy with his father to tell that these people were tortured to death. all of it made his gut twist in discussion and rage, "I'll kill them."

"Who are you going to kill exactly," the Wanderer looked up at the balcony to see a raider holding a rifle. "If you can't tell the one who is going to die today is you." as he pointed his rifle at the Wanderer.

The Wanderer looked up at the man before noticing raiders coming from the hallways on either side of him, but he ignored them as he locked eyes with the man above him. "Did you and your people do all this, why?"

The raiders laughed, "Are you shitting me, of course, we did, this is how the wasteland works vault dweller," The Wanderer said nothing didn't even react. "Oh yes I know who you are, some of my boys saw you pop out of that vault earlier, and they saw as you damaged one of my meat bags. I don't like it when someone touches my things, those who do, die." as the raider leader pulled the trigger shooting the ground between the Wanderer's feet.

The Wanderer looked down at the floor, not looking at where the bullet hit but on the blood-stained floor. "I don't know why I thought I could come in here and talk to you like people."

"Talk to us?" the raider leader then started to laugh so hard he fell backward as did some of the other raiders, after a few minutes of laugh the raider leader stopped and stood up again. "Oh, ha, ha, that is a good one, no you wandered in here to die, any last words."

"You better make those shots count." as the Wanderer locked eyes with the leader.

The leader shrugged, "I've heard better. Fire." as all of the raiders opened fire, hundreds of bullets flew striking the Wanderer causing him to fall to the ground seemingly dead. "Strip him of his gear and roast his flesh," as the leader started to walk away before hearing an ear-piercing scream before more gunshots, the leader turned in time to see the head of one of his men getting thrown at his feet.

The Wanderer quickly jumped all the way to the second floor, holding one of the raider's police baton. "You didn't make them count." as he quickly noticed they were standing in what appeared to be the remnants of a library.

The leader lifted his rifle but it was too late as the Wanderer shot his hand causing the man to scream in pain as he had no choice but drop his gun, "SON OF A -" as three raiders came in through the library door and charged the wanderer with pool sticks. In one swift movement the police baton glowed green before he swung the baton, hitting each of them hard enough for them to go limp, the raider leader couldn't tell if they were dead or not. "What...what are you?"

The Wanderer stared down at the Raider as his fists began to glow, "To be honest I don't know anymore, but to you, I'm your worst nightmare."


Outside of the school, the sun was about to start setting but Jericho wasn't paying attention as he was frozen in place as he heard screams and endless gunshots from inside the building. 'What the fuck, there are over thirty raiders in there, armed to the teeth, why are the gunshots still going and who the fuck is screaming, it's just one guy right? He can't really kill them all can he?'


Inside the Wanderer was taken raiders out left and right, using his powers to bash their heads in with little effort, dodge bullets as if they were moving in slow motion before taking his own gun out as he shot each of them in the left eye. After each kill along the way, he would take more and more gear from the fallen raiders until he had his own little arsenal of weapons, but it was needed, not for him. As he moved towards the basement, he stopped for a moment a large cage as he examined the tiny bones inside, a part of him couldn't help but feel sad about the fact that such a thing existed in this world, but he knew he had to move on.

As another raider came at him with a baseball bat, he caught the bat with one hand before grabbing the raider's head in the other before bashing it against the cage's bars, causing his blood to splatter everywhere. The wanderer slowly looked at his hand that was now covered in blood, 'I don't know what I am, but I can't lose what's left of me, there is a line I can't cross.' as another two raiders with shotguns running down the hall after him. "But killing you won't cross that line."

The Wanderer throws the baseball bat hitting one of the raiders and distracting the other, giving him enough time to rush the raider and grab his shotgun rip it from his grip and use it to finish him.

The other raider saw this and did the smart thing and ran down the hall to the basement, for a moment the Wanderer thought to leave the raider to run when suddenly something other than him caused the raider to scream. He rushed after the raider down into the basement as he opened the door he saw something unexpected. "AN ANT!"

In front of the wanderer was a giant ant that was standing over the dead raider. The moment the ant saw the Wanderer it didn't hesitate to try and attack him with its giant mandibles while the Wanderer shoved his new shotgun into its mouth and pulled the trigger blowing a hole through the ant's head.

"Okay, that was unexpected, I guess real monsters truly do exist here." The Wanderer then dived deeper into the basement as he found a hole in the floor where they were coming out from. "This must be how they planned on getting into the vault 101. I need to get rid of those ants for both Megaton and for the vault, but I can do that later. I'll come back after I help out Megaton." The Wanderer then left the hole but made sure to lock the door and reinforce it with a few bookcases to keep it shut. "I doubt ant's of that size will have a problem with a few bookcases but it might make them think twice with trying to break out."

The Wanderer then did a double check of the school, making sure he was successful in killing all of the raiders, along the way he made sure to grab everything he thought would be of value including a small tool kit he found in the janitors closet.

Satisfied with his work he decided it was time for him to leave as he left he was welcomed by the sight of several Megaton settlers staring at him with Lucas Simms in the front. "Did you kill them all?"

The Wanderer was silent for a moment as he looked at the school. "Yeah I think so, I'm not entirely sure though, some may have gotten away, feel free though to go inside and scavenge what you can but fair warning their giant ants in the basement, I'll take care of them later."

Lucas Simms slowly looked at the school before looking at the settlers he brought with him, "Go on, check the place out, I need to have a word with our wandering hero."

The settlers were uncertain to go inside but after watching Jericho, who wanted to get the best loot first and also to see if the wanderer had pulled it off, decided to go in and see what they could find.

"So, Wanderer, what exactly are you planning on doing now?" asked Simms.

"Well I was hoping that tonight after everyone went to bed, I would use this tool kit to disarm that bomb in Megaton without disturbing the church." explained the Wanderer.

"That would be nice and it wouldn't get the children of Atom on our asses," As Simms liked the idea, "Okay and what after that, you going to come by and clear out those ants?"

"Later, I got the data from the terminals inside that I want to go over, you wouldn't happen to have a room I could borrow, do you?"

"I got a whole house for you, but first I got to know, what are you doing long term?"

"Well I am a Wanderer, so I plan on wandering around helping out where I can, and I was hoping to use Megaton as the place where I can rest now and then if it's alright with you."

Lucas chuckled. "You keep doing stuff like this and making sure Megaton is safe, then it will be more than fine for me."

The Wanderer extended his hand out to the sheriff you took it, "I look forward to working with."

"You as well my friend. The wastes are about to be shaken by and I'm looking forward to it."

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