Chapter 2: Megaton plans for School

The Lone Wanderer woke up in his new house in Megaton and quickly got ready for the day, 'This place is defiantly no Vault 101, but that doesn't mean I can't make the most out of this.' as he stepped out of his room and noticed how barren his new house looked. 'Maybe I can get some furniture or a new theme for this place. I can worry about that later, right now I should get to work.' He then laid out all of his gear in front of him in his living room area, as he took stock of all of his equipment. Laid before him were all the guns, rifles, knives and weapons he took from the raiders. 'Most of this gear isn't in that good of condition, but the police baton and knife I used yesterday don't look any worse for wear.'

The lone wanderer looked at his bare hands as he focused, green lights then danced a little around his hand and fingers, 'This power, what is it. I still have no idea what it is, why do I have this?' His eyes wandered to his old BB gun he brought with him out of the vault. ', what were you hiding from me?'


(Nine years ago)

The Lone Wanderer remembered his time using his old BB to shoot the targets in the small shooting range his father had set up. "Great shot, son. Your a real sniper aren't you."

"I'm a long way from becoming a sniper dad." said the boy.

"Well you might have a chance to be a hunter," said his father as he pointed to the corner of the room. "It looks like another rad roach." As he pointed to an overgrown roach that was wandering near the targets. "Your BB gun should be enough to take it out, how about you do some good for the vault and help take it out."

"Okay, Dad." said the boy as he smiled and lined up his shot, pointing his new toy gun at the body of the rad roach, before he could pull the trigger he felt a calm wash over him, he slowed his breathing and as he did he felt the world around him slow down to a halt. 'I can hit the body but if I hit the eye I should be able to kill it in one shot.' Chances of hitting head 78% hitting eye 66% he quickly calculated, he didn't know how he knew that he just did. With a small adjustment to his aim, he pulled the trigger, he felt the mechanism of the gun begin to work as for a second his vision turned green, he saw as the BB left the barrel of his gun, soaring through the air before hitting the rad roach right in the eye, going through the eye and hitting the brain, killing it in a second. It took another second for the world to return to normal around him.

"Good shot my boy, see I knew you had it in you," said James patting his son on the back but as he did he noticed that his son wasn't smiling or happy but staring directly at the toy BB gun. "Is something wrong son?"

The boy looked at his father, "I...I don't know." he then looked down at his toy gun. "Right before I was about to fire the BB gun, the world just seemed to just stop as I focused on the roach. It was just weird."

James looked son and opened his mouth and was about to say something but decided against it. "Look...son, you're getting older...and that means there are going to be some changes, everyone goes through this but for you...for you, it's going to be different."

"What do you mean?"

James thought for a moment before kneeling down to his son's level, "I'm...I'm sorry but it's complicated," James then reached into his pocket and brought out a tiny rectangle device that was curved slightly. "This device will help," as he attached it to the bottom of his son's Pip-Boy. "When the time comes or if you feel that you are ever in any true danger, take it off."

"When the time comes? Dad...what are you..."

Suddenly the door to the shooting range opened as Jonas Palmer, James' lab assistant walks in holding a camera. "Okay, I got the camera and the film."

"Ah perfect Jonas, come and take a picture of me and the big game hunter here," said James as he gestured to the dead rad roach.

Jonas looked overseeing the dead bug, "Wow I missed a great shot." as he set up the camera.

"Don't worry we'll talk about this later when you're ready," said James reassuring his son.

"Okay, dad." as the boy smiled for the camera.


(Present day, Megaton)

The Lone wonderer looked at the small device his father had planted on his pipboy, the same device that he had worn for the past nine years of his life, that he only took off when he escaped the vault. 'Was I not ready dad,' as he held the device. 'What weren't you telling me? Why am I like this? Were you trying to protect me or was I dangerous to everyone else?' As he remembered his escape from the vault and what he did afterwards.

His attention then shifted towards one of the knives he took from the raiders, 'Taking their lives was easy, I know they were monsters but...I felt almost nothing when I killed them, is this power changing me mentally am I now just a cold killer now...' He looked at the device that was once attached to his Pip-Boy before putting it down. 'No, I don't know what's happening to me, but I am nothing like those raiders. I won't kill for senseless violence, but I can't hold back out here, if those raiders showed me anything, it's that the world outside of the vault is harsh and I need to steel myself if I want to live through all of this.'

The Wonderer then checked his Pip-Boy, opening his map, 'I barely know anything about the wasteland, the only locations I know of are the ones Silver mentioned and those are only the settlements around this area. I don't even know what the land around the GNC building is like or even the land of what DC is like. Moriarty said that Dad was heading in that direction and if I know my dad, then he went prepared, with equipment and the knowledge of the surrounding area. I may have the equipment but I don't know anything about the wastes, I need to fix that. Before I head to the GNC I need to prepare myself.'

He quickly made himself a game plan, before storing his gear and putting his armour on, while he was putting his armour on he stopped as he looked at the helmet, he grabbed it before making his way to the sink which had a filthy mirror above it, it was filthy and barely reflective but enough for him to see the glow coming from his eyes, "Now that would defiantly freak some people out. I better keep the helmet on for now." as he put his helmet on.


The Lone Wanderer found Lucas Simms watching the followers of Atom worshipping the nuclear bomb that before last night, could have killed them at any second, while also killing everyone in the surrounding area. "So it looks like none of them have noticed I disarmed that bomb last night."

"Nope," said Lucas with a grin on his face, "I even had watts double-check your work this morning, that thing ain't going off now."

"Good, do you plan on telling the town that the bomb is disarmed?"

Lucas thought it over for a second, "Mmmmm, I won't announce, but if anyone asks I'll tell them it's disarmed. Don't want to spook the Children of Atom, they may seem peaceful but I don't want to test it by telling them their god isn't going to blow, not to mention it's a bit of a tourist attraction."

"Tourists?" The Wanderer had to make sure he heard that right. "You actually think people are going to walk through the wastes to see a town surrounded by a bomb?"

"They will if you keep doing what you did yesterday." pointed out Lucas. "Once the caravan gets word that the raiders are gone for good, they'll start using Megaton more and sending more traders through town."

"That sounds nice, but what's to stop raiders from returning to school?"

"You still plan on clearing out those ants in the basement of the school?" asked the Sheriff.

"Yeah, I have a big journey ahead, I figured I would head back and see if I couldn't find anything I could use, maybe something that your men may have missed."

"Then I suggest you be thorough," said Lucas, "I plan on stripping that place clean, using all those spare desks and metal rods to extend the town, too many people have been living in a one-house shack, it's bout time to fix that."

"I see, solid plan but do you think that just emptying the building will keep the raiders from reoccupying it?" asked the Wanderer pointing out the hole in Simms plan.

"No, but I don't plan on abandoning the building exactly, you remember what's behind the school?"

It took the Wanderer a second to figure out what he was talking about. "The river, you plan on making the school some sort of outpost for a river port."

"Exactly, it was an idea well before I took over before the raiders took over the school, there was an idea of making a small port by the river and getting a boat set up to make runs to and from Rivet city, a big settlement on the mouth of the river," explained Simms.

"Now that would defiantly bring people to Megaton." said The Lone Wanderer as he thought it over, "So does that mean you have the equipment needed for the job?"

"A bit, it was one of the older projects that we wanted to start, us and a few other settlements around the area, Arefu, Big Town, Grayditch once they hear that we've dealt with the bandits, then they might lend us a helping hand." Said Lucas Simms before noticing that the wanderer was looking at his Pip-Boy and saw that he brought out a map, "Here let me help you mark them down on your map," as he started pointing at the locations of the towns he had just mentioned. "That map of yours isn't very up to date, is it?"

The Lone Wanderer shook his head, "No, the most it has is old landmarks from before the war. I doubt many of the streets around here are still accurate, though maybe some of the markers for some of the buildings will come in handy when I head to DC."

"So you actually plan on heading to DC?" asked Simms in a tone that made the idea of going to DC to be stupid.

"I'm guessing this is the part where you tell me that going to DC is suicide and there is some sort of killer monster waiting for me if I try."

Lucas Simms nodded, "Yeah, you got raiders, super mutants, Mirelearks and a whole lot of other shit that will fuck up any normal person if they try and step foot into DC. Now I know you can handle yourself, but you might even run into more trouble than you can handle."

"Thanks for the warning but I'm still going, maybe not right now, but when I do go, I'm going to be prepared." said Wanderer as he turned to the town gate, "But first things first I'm going to handle those ants."


The Lone Wanderer had returned to the Elementary school, though this time he made sure to take his time as he explored the ruins of the run down educational facility. He saw the walls that were once painted with fun animals and cartoon characters, now splattered with blood all over them. He walked into a classroom and saw some letters written on the wall, 'If this place wasn't so filthy, it would look almost like my hold school room back in the Vault.' as he remembered some of his early school days and his old friends, one, in particular, stood out in his thoughts. 'I wonder how Amata is doing? She was the last person I saw when I left the vault, she was also the first one to see me use my power or whatever these abilities are, I hope she's doing alright back in the vault.'

The Wanderer shook his head as he came to the conclusion that this was not the time to reminisce, now was the time to act, as he started searching the room, he didn't find much, some food, a bottle of irradiated water and a few caps. One thing that the wanderer found was a small sheet of music, 'I doubt any of the settlers in Megaton would find value in a sheet of music but maybe I'll find someone that does, they may preserve the music and might buy it for quite a bit of caps.' Thought the Wanderer as he stored the sheet of music along with a copy of Duck and Cover he found near a terminal and a Nuka-cola quantum.

"I still can't believe out of everything they decided to use bottle caps as a source of currency, if I had known that from before I would have saved all the caps from the vault." He muttered to himself as he made his way to the basement, as he walked down the stairs he loaded his shotgun and took a deep breath. "Time to exterminate some insects."

He opened the door to the basement, he walked slowly as he passed the dead Ant he had killed yesterday along with the raider it had killed, after taking a closer look at the corpse the Wanderer could tell the man was crushed to death by the ant's giant mandibles. "Well fuck I better avoid getting close then."

The Wanderer quickly spun around as he heard a noise down the hallway, he moved slowly as he looked around a corner to see a giant ant that was turned away and was looking in the opposite direction, the Wanderer quietly put his shotgun away as he reached back and grabbed his knife. He slowly moved closer to the ant as he crept up behind it, the Ant was currently preoccupied sniffing the ground with its antenna and didn't notice the human until it was right behind it, the Ant tried to turn around and strike with its pinchers but it was too slow as the Wanderer raised he's leg and brought it down on the Ant's left mandible, forcing the ant to lower its head.

At that moment, the feeling from nine years ago happened again, the Wanderer felt time stop around him, he initially wanted to test his strength to see if he could slam the knife through the Ant's exoskeleton but with time slowed he could see that the better area to strike was between the exoskeleton plates on the head and the plates on the abdomen.

With almost no hesitation the Wanderer listened to his new instincts and slammed the knife into the back of the Ant's neck, ending its life with little effort. 'There it was again, that feeling.' The Lone Wanderer took the knife out of the dead ant, inspecting the blood-soaked knife. 'It seems that feeling tells me the best option I have for combat.'

A screeching sound got the Wanderer's attention as he turned to see two more ants making their way towards him from the end of the hall, the hall was narrow and they were big so they were heading towards him in single file line. "Okay let's test this out." as he took out his pistol and pointed it at the ant in the front. Just like before the world seemed to slow down but instead of aiming at the head, the Wanderer adjusted his aim for the ant's legs, firing four shots, shooting out four of the ants legs, leaving it with only two good legs, one on each side. The sudden loss of its legs caused the front ant to stumble forward to the ground as it squirmed in pain, the second ant ignored its comrade's pain and walked right over him as he went for the Lone Wanderer. "Okay, your turn." As he pointed the gun at the second ant, but this time when he tried to use the feeling from before he felt a sudden sharp pain in his head so intense it forced him down to one knee. "SHIT!" He yelled before the pain went away. 'What the hell was that?!' he thought before quickly rolling backwards as the giant Ant's mandibles crushed shut right where his head was. "Oh fuck!" as the Wanderer pulled out his shotgun and fired two rounds into the giant ant's head.

The Wanderer kept his shotgun on the Ant as he waited for it to move but it never did, 'That was close, I know I heal quick but that would have done some damage.' He looked at his gun and at the dead ant before noticing that the other ant he shot in the legs was still slowly trying to crawl towards him. He took a quick breath before putting his guns away and taking out his knife, 'I still have no idea the limits of my powers, I guess I only got a few shots with the slow down ability, or does it depend on how long I used it?' He shook his head before using the knife to kill the injured ant. 'I need to go through and practise what I can and can't do. I need to know my limits.'

He continued forward through the basement before finding a hole in the floor, in what appeared to be an old storage room. "So this must be the tunnels the raiders made to try and get into the vault. Not bad, crude but not terrible." He said as he examined the surrounding walls of the tunnel. "It seems at least one of them knew what they were doing." His focus then turned down the tunnel as he saw three ants moving towards him, his hand moved to his gun but stopped when he looked to his side and saw a metal filing cabinet, "Why waste ammo, when I have enhanced strength." He then grabbed the filing cabinet, lifting it with ease before hurling it at the three ants, sending them crashing back down into the tunnel. "Got all three in one hit, now that would be, uhh what was it called a strike, yeah bowling." As he remembers the old sport he read about back in the vault, he never had a chance to play the sport as the vault never had a bowling alley.

"Maybe I can find one, if an elementary school made it through the blasts then I'm sure a bowling alley somewhere made it," he said to himself before jumping down into the tunnel. As he made his way through the tunnels he ran into several ants, he took out a few using his enhanced physical strength or used his weapons to practise his aim and his focus ability. 'I think I'm starting to get it now. I only have so many different targets I can hit before my brain starts to hurt and it seems I can lift close to eight hundred pounds with no problem and that's already on top of all the stuff I'm carrying right now.'

The Wanderer stopped as he made it to the centre of a big chamber, "It also seems that my senses have been increased as well, I don't know how but I can tell I have ants coming in from all different directions, even from above." as he looked up and saw a giant ant right above him looking down on him. He then turned and saw several ants coming at him from one of the side tunnels. "Okay," as he took out his rifle, "Come and get some." The Lone Wanderer started firing at the ants switching between using his focus ability and regular shots as to not overload his brain, he kept this up while spinning around and firing at the ants that came from the other side when he ran out of ammo with his hunting rifle, he quickly took out his shotgun and firing on the ants closing in on him, he was nearly out of shells when something inside of him screamed 'lookout!', he dropped his shotgun before reaching up and catching the ant that dropped from the ceiling by the mandibles, he spun around using the ant as a makeshift club slamming it into several ants before the force of the spin separated the spinning ant from its own mandibles. The Wanderer quickly used the mandibles in his hands as to makeshift knives driving them into the eyeballs of a nearby ant before quickly drawing his pistol and shooting the ant in the head. He quickly then whipped his pistol to the side only to see that all the other ants were dead, everywhere he turned he saw nothing but dead ants. "Well that worked out better than I thought," he said before quickly grabbing his weapon and checking his ammunition, "Damn, went through over half of my ammo, I hope I can trade ant meat for some bullets." he said it out loud to no one but himself, it did though pose an excellent question, 'How am I going to get all of this out?' He looked around at the numerous dead insects. 'I know I am a lot stronger now than a normal person but I only have one set of hands and a gun bag.'

He looked around to see several planks of wood, 'Maybe if I find some rope I can make some sort of sledge to drag this back to Megaton, that way I can invest this into getting a proper travelling pack.' It didn't take long for the Wanderer to find some rope down one of the tunnels near a small wall but he also found a skeleton but there was something different about this one, it had climbing gear and was wearing prewar clothing. 'This guy died years ago, before the bombs dropped,' as he turned over the skull he saw a near-perfect hole in the skull, 'This guy was shot, but by who and why down here?' he thought before he noticed some right next to the skeleton, a thin rectangular device, after quickly picking it up, he was able to open the rectangle like a case with one side that had a screen on it and a small keypad on the other. 'This, I read about this in the vault this is one of those hand pocket PCs that Bunker co and Chamber inc would make, but Bunker Co didn't really sell as many bunkers as Vault Tech sold Vault and Chamber inc was a European rival for Vault Tech. What is this doing here?' he thought before hitting the on button on the device as the operating system briefly turned on showing several letters before turning off, "Chamber Inc 's PINA, Personal information network assistant. This rare, what is it doing down here?" he said before looking over the body once more before finding a book that was written in Mandarin. "Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manuel." He then quickly flipped through the book, 'I can't read Mandarin but I can tell by some of the characters written in the book that this was personal to this guy, something he kept around for himself maybe like some sort of good luck charm.'

The Lone Wanderer looked up at the wall in front of him as he saw an opening from above. "He was here for something, most likely by someone else and whatever it was got him shot and killed." He then put the book and tablet into his bag before taking a few steps away from the wall. "Well let's see what's up there."

With a running start, he jumped as high as he could, grabbing the high ledge and quickly pulling himself up and over onto the higher ground. He took a quick glance back down, "Huh that was easy, not let's see what's up here." as he turned back and continued down the tunnel.

As he made his way down the tunnel he noticed that the tunnel was getting wider and that there was a light source near the end of the tunnel. As he made it to the end of the tunnel, what he saw he almost couldn't believe, "Holy shit."

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