Chapter 27

Harry slept a bit late, thanks to the champagne the night before. Waking the girls, they got dressed and headed down to the kitchen, where Andromeda and Ted were already sipping tea while Trilla cooked breakfast.

"Oh, good," Andromeda smiled. "I was just about to wake you. Head Auror Bones sent us an owl. He wants us to come to the Ministry at eleven for an interview."

"What time is it?" Bellatrix grumbled tiredly.

"Ten," Andromeda replied with a teasing smile. "Really, Bella, it was only a few glasses of champagne. Who knew you were such a lightweight?"

"I'm not tired because of the champagne," Bellatrix smirked.

Harry felt her hand land on his thigh and rolled his eyes. Grabbing her hand, he gave it a soft squeeze and pushed it away. He didn't fancy going to the Ministry while trying to hide an erection.

"Have you chosen a date for the wedding yet?" Narcissa asked.

"Not yet, but I'd like something in last spring," Andromeda said.

As Trilla set breakfast on the table, the girls descended into an in-depth conversation about dresses, locations, and flowers. Harry and Ted shared a look and smiled.

"So, how about those Arrows," Harry said.

"Eh, they're really being let down by their Seeker," Ted shrugged. "I'm more of a Harpies fan."

An hour later, Harry and the Black sisters Apparated just outside an alley in London. Ted had stayed back at Black Manor to start moving Andromeda's belonging over to his place. They all crammed themselves into the phone booth, leaving Harry in the enviable position of having three sets of large breasts pressed against his arms and back. He had to squirm around to lift the phone and punch in the number '62442.'

"Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. Please state your name and the reason for your visit," came a female voice.

The voice was different than the one Harry remembered from his time, and it took a moment for him to realize he was talking to a real person.

"Er, Harry Potter and Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Andromeda Black here for a meeting with Head Auror Bones," he said.

"Thank you," the witch said. "Please put on your visitor badges and have a wonderful day."

The line went dead, and Harry heard the badges drop into the change slot. The booth shuddered before it began to descend into the sideway. Hanging up the phone, he grabbed the badges and twisted awkwardly to hand them out. The girls rubbed their breasts against him as they struggled to pin them to their robes in the cramped space. They dropped into the Atrium from above, the morning rush thankfully over, leaving just a handful of employees coming and going.

Stepping out of the phone booth, Harry led them to the guard desk, where a portly, bearded wizard sat reading the Daily Prophet. He had to clear his throat rather loudly to get the man's attention. Looking up from his paper, the wizard quickly set his paper aside and straightened up when he recognized Harry.

"Auror Bones told me you was comin'," he said. "I just need ta check yer wand before yeh go up."

A bit nervously, Harry handed over his Holly wand. The wizard set it on the brass scales that spat out a small strip of parchment.

"Holly and Phoenix feather, been in use seventeen years?" the man asked.

"Yes," Harry nodded, trying not to let his relief show.

Taking his wand back, he waited to the side for the girls to register their wands. When they were done, he led them to the elevators. As they stepped inside, several owls perched above them on wooden beams hooted, their large yellow eyes watching them closely. Narcissa wrinkled her nose and glanced up at them worriedly. Andromeda went so far as to cast an Umbrella Charm, which her sisters copied. Going down two floors, they stepped out into the chaotic Auror Office.

Looking around for a familiar face, Harry eventually spotted Elizabeth Shaklebolt filing parchment away into a filing cabinet.

"Hey, Liz," he called, making his way over to her.

"Hey, Harry," she smiled. "If you're here to see David, he's waiting for you in Crouch's office."

"Why?" he asked, narrowing his eyes suspiciously.

"It's a high-profile case. He wants to make sure everything is done right," Elizabeth answered.

"You mean he wants to take the credit," Harry scoffed.

Elizabeth didn't respond verbally, but her smile said more than enough.

"Do you need me to show you where his office is?" she asked.

"If you don't mind," Harry said. "Is Connie around?"

"She's out on patrol," Elizabeth said, leading them to the back of the office.

Knocking on the door, she waited for a response before cracking it open and poking her head in.

"Mr. Crouch, Harry Potter, and the Blacks are here to see you," she said.

"Send them in," Crouch said.

Elizabeth turned to Harry and gave him a smile as she pushed the door open. He smiled back briefly before stepping into the office. Crouch looked much the same as Harry remembered him, though with a bit less grey in his hair and a few less wrinkles on his face. Looking at the man and knowing the horrific things that would happen because of his selfish decisions, he struggled to keep a scowl off of his face.

"Take a seat," Crouch said with preamble.

Glancing at David, who gave him an apologetic look, Harry and the girls sat in the hardbacked chairs.

"During our investigation of last night's events at Black Manor, there are a few details that need clarification," Crouch said, staring at Harry firmly, his hands resting on the desk. "What, precisely, were you doing at Black Manor?"

"I was invited over for dinner," Harry said, his mind whirling as he tried to figure out Crouch's angle.

"And you're dating all three of their daughters?" Crouch asked.

"No, I'm dating Narcissa and Bellatrix," Harry replied. "I'm not dating Andromeda."

Crouch made a quick note on a sheaf of parchment, his quill scratching loudly in the silent room.

"And were there any witnesses to this invitation?" Crouch asked.

"We heard it," Narcissa answered.

Crouch looked up and stared at her unpleasantly.

"Was there anyone else?" he asked.

"Lily Evans, her parents, and I believe Charlus and Dorea Potter heard it as well," Harry said. "What's the point of all this?"

"It's part of the investigation," Crouch said, sitting up straight and running a hand over his tie. "How did you block the Killing Curse, and why didn't you notify the Ministry?"

Harry raised an eyebrow at the sudden change of subject.

"I wasn't aware it was necessary to notify the Ministry for using a simple charm," Harry said, causing Crouch to narrow his eyes. "It's nothing special, more of a trick, really."

"What do you mean a trick?" Crouch asked aggressively. "Are you saying this whole thing was staged?"

Harry glared at him and drew his wand in a flash. Crouch flinched and started to reach for his own.


A ball of clear ice slightly smaller than a Bludger landed hard on the desk. Crouch stopped reaching for his wand and glared at Harry as he sat back.

"What is the meaning of this?" Crouch asked angrily.

"You wanted to know how I blocked the Killing Curse," Harry said, waving his hand.

"Ice?" David asked incredulously.

"You need something physical to block the Unforgivables," Harry shrugged. "That's why I said it's more of a trick. A ball of ice that big is just big enough to stop the Killing curse and be burned away by the residual magic. It gives the illusion that it was shattered, but it's really nothing special."

David laughed, sat back in his chair, and shook his head.

"The Unspeakables have been going nuts trying to figure out what you did since they first heard rumors of you blocking the Killing Curse at Brown Manor," David said. "I thought the Aurors just didn't understand what they were seeing. I can't believe it was that easy."

"Sorry to disappoint," Harry smiled.

"You should be," David said, crossing his arms over his chest. "I thought we might finally have a way to protect our Aurors."

"Any conjuration will work," Harry said. "Something as simple as a shield made of wood or stone will stop it, but you have to be careful about the debris. They just need to learn how to cast it quick. The hardest part of getting over the fear. It might help if you had one of the senior Aurors cast the Killing Curse on a dummy and have them try to shield it. That way, they don't freeze up when it happens for real."

"That's not a bad idea," David said thoughtfully.

"None of this is pertinent to our investigation," Crouch said angrily.

Sighing, Harry sat back in his chair. He and the girls answered Crouch's inane questions for another half an hour before he finally finished.

"Beaurocratic cunt," Bellatrix spat as soon as they were out of the office.

Harry snorted while Narcissa reprimanded her for her language.

"What was that about?" he asked David quietly.

"Why don't we take this to my office," the Auror replied.

Walking to the other side of the room, they entered a corner office. Harry conjured much more comfortable chairs than the ones they'd sat on in Crouch's office. Narcissa gave him a grateful smile as she sat down primly.

"Sorry about that," David said, walking around to sit behind his desk. "Crouch took over the case as soon as we got back to the Ministry. I think he's trying to find a way to discredit you so he can take credit for bringing down the Blacks. It would be a huge boost to his reputation."

"Why does he need to discredit me to do that?" Harry asked.

"Haven't you seen this morning's paper?" David asked, surprised.

When Harry shook his head, he opened a desk drawer and pulled out a copy of the Daily Prophet. On the front page was a picture of Cygnus and Druella's mugshot.

Black and Malfoy Attack the Hero of Hogsmeade!

By Alexandra Winkle

Early last night, Cygnus Black(63), the head of the notorious Black family, and Abraxas Malfoy (42) attacked the Hero of Hogsmeade, Harry Potter(18) with the intention of handing him over to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Harry Potter once again demonstrated his impressive magic by not only stopping Black and Malfoy, but also five other Death Eaters, including Unspeakable Agustus Rookwood, who was killed in the ensuing duel.

The Daily Prophet has been informed by a reliable source that Rookwood was found to have the Dark Mark. Since his sudden arrival in magical Britain roughly 10 months ago, Harry Potter has solidified himself as a formidable wizard and symbol of hope to many in these dark and trying times. (For a full list of Potter's accomplishments, go to page seven.)

Sighing, Harry handed the paper to Narcissa, who read it eagerly.

"I think Crouch sees you as a political threat," David said. "Even if you don't run for office yourself, you have enough sway to ensure he doesn't get elected."

"I hate politics," Harry grumbled.

"That makes two of us," David smiled before turning to the sisters. "Your parents have a hearing tomorrow morning. Based on my experience, I expect they'll be released before they go to trial. Under the law, they can't contact you until the case has been resolved. Unfortunately, since they own the manor, you'll have to stay somewhere else."

"I'll take care of it," Harry said.

"I figured you would. I just wanted to give you a head's up," David said. "I'll send you an owl once the trial date is set. Now, I know they're your parents, so if you have any issues about testifying, I need to know now."

"We have no issues," Narcissa said firmly.

Beside her, Bellatrix and Andromeda nodded in agreement.

"Excellent," David smiled. "If you have any questions before the trial, feel free to send me an owl. I'm sorry, but I really must get back to work."

"No problem," Harry said as they stood. "Thanks for your help."

"There's one more thing I need to talk to you about, in private, before you go," he said as they shook hands.

Harry lifted an eyebrow curiously while the girls stepped outside of the room and closed the door. Reaching into his desk, David pulled out a thick folder and handed it to him.

"This is a collection of known Death Eaters and all the information we have on them," he said softly. "Do not get caught with it."

"I won't," Harry assured him, shrinking the folder and stuffing it in his pocket. "Any suggestion on who we should go after first?"

"Lucas Holt," David said, her blue eyes glinting like chips of ice. "He's number four on our most wanted list, and he's made several threats against members of the Wizengamot. I'll sleep a lot better at night knowing I don't have to worry about him being out on the streets."

"Consider it done," Harry nodded.

David nodded, and Harry turned towards the door. Slipping out of the office, he wrapped his arm around Bellatrix and led the girls to the elevators.


He turned and smiled as Samantha, one of the Auror trainees he'd met at Hogwarts, came running up to him, dragging Jessica behind her. Jessica didn't look like she knew how to react to seeing him again. Quite understandable, given the emotionally trying experience he'd put her through.

"Hey Sam, Jessica, how have you been?" Harry asked.

"Good," Samantha said, brushing a stray lock of red hair behind her ear. "We're in our last month of training before our big test."

"That's great," Harry smiled. "Michelson still have his head up his arse?"

"He dropped out," Jessica said, relaxing slightly.

"Went back to being a Hit Wizard," Samantha added with a grin. "Listen, would you mind dueling with us again before our final exam? I really didn't get a chance last time."

"Er, I'm pretty busy this week, but I might have time once things get settled," Harry said. "What days do you have off?"

"We work weekdays from seven to three," Samantha answered.

"Alright, how about next Saturday?" Harry asked.

"Perfect," she grinned.

"I'll owl you later this week with a time," he told her.

"Thanks, Harry," Samantha said.

Smiling brightly, she surprised him with a hug. With a wave and a quick goodbye, she and Jessica disappeared back into the office.

"She's cute," Bellatrix smirked, tilting her head as she watched the redhead's bum.

"Do you think about anything other than sex?" Andromeda asked, rolling her eyes as Narcissa called the elevator.

"Not if I can help it," Bellatrix shrugged.

While Andromeda went back to Black Manor to finish moving in with Ted, Harry, Narcissa, and Bellatrix Apparated to Somerset to meet with a real estate agent. As they were looking through the list of properties for sale, Harry spotted the place he wanted.

"This one," he said, pointing to the page.

"That's a lovely place," the witch smiled. "But it might be a bit small for your needs. It's only a three-bedroom."

"We can expand the inside," Harry said, undeterred.

"What's so special about this place?" Narcissa asked.

"I'll tell you when we get there," Harry said. "How much is it?"

"Forty-two thousand Galleons or sixty-eight thousand pounds, whichever you prefer to pay in. We're flexible," the witch smiled.

Harry was pretty sure he could afford it, but he glanced at Narcissa to make sure. She handled all of his finances.

"We can easily afford it," she told him.

"Right, good," Harry said, running a hand through his hair. "Can you two go get Lily and her parents while I go to Gringotts?"

"Of course," Narcissa said, sharing a look with Bellatrix at his odd behavior. "Where's the house?"

"Godric's Hollow."

Harry paid off the house in full, not even bothering to try and haggle. The real estate agent offered to show him around, but he declined. She eventually left him standing outside of the house with keys in hand, waiting for the girls to arrive.

The house looked completely different than the last time he'd seen it, and he realized belatedly this was his first time seeing it in daylight. There was no wooden sign in front proclaiming the tragedy that happened inside, with names carved into the surface. The white picket fence surrounding the yard was pristine, nothing like the weathered and rotted mess he remembered. There was no collapsed roof or vines climbing up the walls, just a picturesque little house waiting for a new family to move in.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference was the lack of magic. That's not to say there was none in the area. Magicals did live there and had for centuries. But, even before absorbing the magic of the Elder Wand, he and Hermione had both felt the malevolent, evil magic that pervaded the house. Now, there was nothing. Just the natural magic he was used to feeling.

A loud series of pops pulled Harry from his thoughts. As he turned, he caught a glimpse of Bathelda Bagshot peeking out of her curtains before she disappeared behind a curtain of white lace. Footsteps came from behind him, and he glanced back to see the girls and Lily's parents walking up before turning back to the house.

"Harry," Lily asked softly, her fingers lacing through his.

"This was my parents' house," he said before he lost his courage. "This is where they were killed."

Harry heard gasps, and someone rested a hand on his shoulder, but he was already walking forward. Pushing open the gate, he walked to the front, unlocked it, and pushed the door open gently. It swung inwards on silent hinges. The living room was in perfect condition and fully furnished. He thought he even recognized the blue couch from his memories. Walking inside slowly, he looked around as everyone walked in after him.

"Harry, are you sure you want to live here?" Lily asked, wrapping her hands around his arm.

Turning to her, he smiled.

"I made peace with what happened here a long time ago," Harry said softly. "I used to dream about this place as a kid. When things got bad, I'd close my eyes and imagine what it would've been like to grow up here. Now, I get to find out."

Lily's bright green eyes swam as she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. Everyone began to relax as he showed them around the house.

"This used to be the nursery," Harry said, showing them the smallest bedroom. "The master bedroom is just through there."

Bellatrix peeked through the door and frowned.

"We're going to need to get a bigger bed," she said.

"I'm going to go take a look at the lawn," Gerald muttered and headed back downstairs.

"Oh, Gerald, honestly," Cynthia huffed. "I'm sorry about him. He doesn't want to admit his daughter is growing up."

"It's alright," Harry shrugged. "I thought you'd be angry with me when you found out about Bellatrix and Narcissa."

"Gerald was," Cynthia admitted. "I was more upset Lily waited so long to tell us. We both knew raising a magical daughter would mean dealing with things outside the norm. Gerald is just having a harder time adjusting. He'll come around. As long as Lily is happy and safe, that's all that matters to me."

Harry smiled and let out a breath. After finishing the tour of the upstairs, they met Gerald downstairs and left the house to wander the village. They found a small, family run restaurant to have lunch at, where the owner, a thin, pretty woman in her forties, was happy to tell them all about Gordic's Hollow. Harry took special note of the closed businesses that she mentioned. When they checked them after lunch, he wasn't surprised to find they were actually a couple of magical shops. One was a small Apothecary run by a little old lady that grew everything in her own garden in town, and the other was essentially a magical pawn shop called Jambles, named after the owner.

After casting a spell to allow Cynthia and Gerald to see past the wards, they spent most of their time exploring Jambles. The owner, Mathias Jambles, was a round-faced, pleasant man that reminded Harry a lot of Mr. Weasley. He had the same sort of enthusiasm but for magical bits and bobs instead of Muggle artifacts. Lily, her parents, and Narcissa were fascinated as he happily showed them around the shop, stopping to show off anything he found the least bit interesting.

"This here is called a Fetcher," Mathias said, pointing to a carved, wooden owl on the top shelf. "It was made by a witch from Wales to pick up Garden Gnomes, spin them around, and drop them off outside the property."

Meanwhile, Bellatrix was far more interested in the small array of knives, swords, and spears around the shop. Most of them were antiques that looked like they would break if they were ever used, but a few looked more durable and interesting.

"If you're interested in those, you're really going to like these," Mathias grinned.

Digging around among the shelves, he pulled out a pair of high heeled, leather boots. Bellatrix looked them over and frowned.

"I don't have much interest in fashion," she said.

Grinning, Mathias tapped the heel of the right boot against the ground, and a long, thin blade protruded from the toe with a shick. Bellatrix's eyes gleamed, her attitude doing a complete one-eighty.

"I got them from a Russian witch about ten years back," Mathias smiled. "I don't know what she used them for – I like to think she was some kind of secret assassin – but these things are full of surprises."

Grabbing the sole, he turned it ninety degrees from the shoe to reveal a hidden compartment in the heel.

"This one has a magically enlarged compartment the perfect size for a spare wand, completely undetectable," he grinned. "The left one shoots a small dart when you give the heel a good stomp. Nearly took my eye out with that one last time I dropped them."

"I'll take them," Bellatrix smiled, taking the boots.

When they left a short while later, she wore the boots out of the store. Harry wasn't too interested in all the bells and whistles they came with, but he did like the way they made her bum look in her jeans.

Later that night, after taking Cynthia and Gerald home, Harry and the girls Apparted to the Wolf's Den to prepare for the full moon. Nerves were tense as they walked into the front office. Tonight would be the night they found out if the cure worked. While the girls headed outside to help, Harry walked down to the basement. Adriana sat in a chair with a tube in her left arm that carried her blood to a machine. Another tube pumped the blood back into her right arm. Agatha stood close by, monitoring the machine.

Sylvia and Amanda smiled and got up to hug him while Alfie, her stuffed and animated Krup, ran around his legs, yipping softly.

"How's our test subject?" Harry asked.

"Patient," Agatha corrected with a glare while Adriana cracked a small, nervous smile. "And she's doing excellent."

"What's all this?" he asked, waving his hand at the contraption.

"It's essentially a Muggle dialysis machine with a few modifications to run on magic," Agatha replied. "It was actually Lily's idea, and it's brilliant. The blood is drawn into the machine, run through a series of silver mesh to kill the curse, and then pumped back into the body. It takes three to four eight hours sessions to completely treat a person, depending on their size, and they have to stay within the golden cage to keep the curse from reproducing, but crucially, it means they don't have to experience any pain during the process."

"Brilliant," Harry smiled. "Will the treatment be done tonight?"

"She's already finished. This is just a precaution," Agatha said. "Unfortunately, we'll only know if it works for certain once she's exposed to a full moon."

Nodding, Harry looked down at Adriana and rested a hand on her shoulder.

"How are you holding up?" he asked softly.

"Bored," Adrianna said with a fleeting, nervous smile. "I've been cooped up in this cage for four days, but if it works…"

Harry squeezed her shoulder, unsure what to say. He didn't want to give her meaningless reassurances. She knew there was a chance it might not work, despite how hopeful they were.

"Just remember," Sylvia said, smiling softly, "whether it works or not, nothing bad will happen to you. And we still have the cages to stop the transformation, right?"

"Right," Adriana nodded, her muscles relaxing under Harry's hand.

Hearing footsteps, they all turned to look at the stairs. Maggie stopped at the bottom with a smile and a tray of sandwiches in her hand.

"Agatha, Healers Jones, and Stevenson are here to see you," she said, setting the tray down on a table next to Amanda. "And I made you your favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches."

Amanda smiled and took a sandwich with the crust cut off.

"What do you say?" Sylvia asked.

"Thank you," Amanda mumbled through a mouthful.

"You're welcome, dear," Maggie smiled.

"You can send the Healers down," Agatha said before turning to Harry. "I invited a couple of colleagues to help document everything. It will be easier to present to the Ministry with multiple witnesses."

"Alright," Harry nodded.

Maggie went back upstairs, and two more people came down a moment later. The first was a woman that looked strikingly similar to Hestia Jones, and the other was a tall, thin wizard with short grey hair and a very long face, giving him a vulture-like appearance.

"Harry, this is Healer Regina Jones – she's an expert in magical illnesses – and Healer George Stevenson, an expert in curses. Regina, George, this is Harry Potter," Agatha said.

"Nice to meet you," Harry said, shaking their hands.

"You as well," Regina smiled before looking over at Adriana. "I take it this is our patient?"

"Indeed," Agatha nodded.

Harry stepped back and checked on Sylvia and Amanda while Agatha gave the details to the Healers. While they were talking, Andromeda arrived and got straight to work.

"Everything okay with you and Amanda," he asked, wrapping his arm around Sylvia's waist.

"We're fine," she smiled, resting her head on his shoulder. "I'm just hoping this cure works."

"Me too," Harry said, kissing her temple. "I bought a house today in Godric's Hollow. If you want, I can make room for you and Amanda."

Lifting her head, Sylvia looked from him to Amanda, biting her lip thoughtfully.

"Can I think about it?" she asked.

"Sure, take all the time you need," Harry said.

Smiling, Sylvia surprised him with a kiss. They separated a moment later when Amanda giggled.

As moonrise grew near, Harry, Adriana, and the Healers made their way outside while Andromeda stayed behind to watch Amanda. Adriana was given her normal dose of Wolfsbane as a precaution. Walking out to the field near the tree line so she had a safe place to transform if the cure failed, Thor and a few other Werewolves spotted them and watched curiously.

"Five minutes," Agatha called out just as the doors to the enclosure banged shut in the distance.

Taking a deep breath, Adriana stared out at the horizon, where the moon was just starting to peek over the hills in the distance, and shucked off her robe. She was naked underneath, her amazing curves on full display.

"Ahem. Ms. Zabini, nudity is not necessary," George said, his face reddening.

"I don't want to ruin my favorite robe if this doesn't work, and I'm shite at conjuring," Adriana said, her eyes never leaving the moon.

Stepping next to her, Harry took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

"No matter what happens, you'll be fine," he reminded her.

"I forgot how beautiful the full moon is," Adriana said softly. "It doesn't look the same when you're transformed."

Harry stood with her silently, her hand clutching his as they watched the moon edge higher over the hills.

"One minute," Agatha called.

"You'll be fine," Harry said softly.

"Harry, if this works, I'm going to fuck the shit out of you," Adriana whispered.

Letting go of his hand, she took a couple of steps forward. Harry stayed close, wand in hand, just in case anything went wrong. Everyone held their breath as the moon rose above the horizon. In the distance, they heard the Werewolves in the enclosure howl as they transformed. Still, they waited with bated breath, watching Adriana for any sign of change.

Suddenly, her shoulders heaved, and her arms shook. Harry tensed, his heart hammering in his chest. Then, he heard a sob. He rushed over and caught her as her legs gave out. Adriana flung her arms around him, letting out great, heaving sobs against his chest.

"Incredible," Regina breathed.

"Extraordinary," George said. "Do you feel any discomfort or anything unusual?"

"Give her a minute," Harry said, rubbing Adriana's back.

"I'm fine," she sniffled, lifting her head. "I feel fine. Better than I have in years. This is the first time since I was bitten that my bones haven't ached, and my muscles aren't sore around the full moon."

"Can we get a blood sample?" Regina asked kindly.

"I'm really starting to hate needles," Adriana grumbled.

Wiping her eyes, she pulled away from Harry and held out her arm. In the moonlight, he could see bruises and scabs along her forearm. Walking over to her, Regina pulled out a syringe and carefully drew some blood.

"Thank you," Regina said, staring at the syringe in awe. "We should test this."

Huddling together, the Healers headed back to the office, talking rapidly. Harry made to follow after them, but Adriana pulled him to a stop. When he turned to look at her, he immediately felt her lips against his. Her foot slipped behind his and, with a shove to his chest, he fell on his back.

"Oof," Harry grunted.

Smirking, Adriana mounted his, the bars through her pale pink nipples gleaming in the moonlight as her breasts bounced. Wasting no time, she unbuckled his belt and practically tore open his jeans. His length, swollen but not fully hard, flopped out into the open.

"That lucky bitch," Adriana said, licking her lips. "Well, I'm the lucky bitch now."

Laying his shaft against his stomach, she ground her folds against him and bent down to kiss him. Harry cupped her large, full breasts. Adriana moaned into his mouth and rolled her hips frantically. He rapidly hardened, causing her to shudder when her clit dragged along his pulsating shaft. Her folds grew hot and damp, leaving behind a trail of arousal on his skin.

Suddenly, Adriana pulled her lips away from his and sat up. Raising her hips, she lined him up with her entrance and impaled herself on his length with a swift plunge. Head thrown back, she howled and trembled above him. With the full moon behind her, just above her head, he wondered if part of the Werewolf was still there. That thought was driven from his head when she threw herself forward, hands on either side of his head, raised halfway up his length, and then slammed herself back down.

Harry hissed from the tightness of her hot, silky depths and squeezed her bouncing breasts. As she continued to impale herself furiously, he grabbed her piercings and gave them a light tug. Adriana closed her eyes and shivered, a low, sensual moan escaping her lips.

"Harder," she panted. "Twist them."

Gipping the piercing on her right breast, he twisted and pulled. Adriana gasped, her depths spasming around him as she arched her back.

"You little slut."

Adriana never even hesitated in her movements while Harry tilted his head back to look at Bellatrix. With Narcissa and Lily on either side of her, they stopped next to them with matching smirks. Kneeling down, Bellatrix grabbed a fistful of her dark locks and yanked her head back, drawing a moan from her lips.

"You like our boyfriend's big cock?" she asked, licking her throat.

"Yes," Adriana hissed.

Kneeling down on the other side, Lily ran her hand over Adriana's stomach and up to her breast. She spent a few moments groping the firm globe before grabbing her piercing and giving it a tug. With a gasp, Adriana tipped over the edge with a shudder. Her hips lost their coordination as she rode out her peak. Smirking dangerously, Bellatrix trailed her hand down her stomach and rested it above her clit.

"Fuck her hard," she growled.

Adriana's eyes widened when he grabbed her hips. Digging his heels into the ground, he slammed his hips upwards, plunging into her depths with a loud, wet smack. Bellatrix started rubbing her clit frantically with an evil grin. As Adriana gasped for breath, Lily sucked and kissed at her neck. Her olive skin glistened with sweat in the moonlight. Short, grunting moans left her lips with each powerful thrust of Harry's hips, like he was driving the air from her lungs.

Sauntering around behind her, Narcissa knelt and looked at Harry over her shoulder. Smiling, she sucked her middle finger into her mouth. Slowly, she pulled it out, leaving it glistening with her saliva. Keeping eye contact with him, she lowered her hand out of sight. A moment later, Adriana gasped silently, and Harry felt her spasm around him. Then, he felt something moving against his shaft. Narcissa fingered her bum and teased his length through the thin wall separating them.

Adriana stiffened, her mouth hanging open. Sucking in a breath, she grunted and came explosively. Her body bucked convulsively as she showed his waist with a fountain of arousal. Lily, Narcissa, and Bellatrix did everything they could to extend her climax. Meanwhile, Harry closed his eyes and bucked his hips frantically, desperate for his own release. The fluttering of her depths swiftly brought him over the edge. With a grunt, he erupted inside of her.

Collapsing forward, Adriana clung to his chest as they rode out their climaxes, her body twitching and shuddering against his. Eventually, they both went limp, panting for breath as their sweat cooled in the night breeze.

"Excuse me, Ms. Zabini, I – Oh!" Regina gasped, staring in shock as her face flushed.

"Did you need something?" Adriana asked, calm and relaxed.

"Oh, I – Uh, w-we, we wanted to run some tests," Regina stammered.

Sighing, Adriana kissed Harry passionately and stood up. Regina stared from his messy length to the dribble of cum running down Adriana's thigh. Wiping it up with her finger, she sucked it clean. Regina flushed even more and swallowed unconsciously. Picking up her robe, Adriana slipped it on and tied the sash.

"I'm all yours," she said as Harry cleaned himself and got dressed.

"Oh, right, um, follow me," Regina said.

Spinning around, she walked stiffly back to the office. Looking back at Harry, Adriana smiled and winked before following.

"So, the cure worked?" Narcissa asked, straightening her robes.

"It looks like it," Harry smiled.

They all smiled, and Lily pulled him in for a tight hug. Looping his arms around the girls, they walked back to the office full of smiles.

No one noticed the cloaked figure watching them from just outside the wards. Slipping silently into the shadows, he vanished without a sound.

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