Hello all,
Welcome to my newest work! This will likely be a shorter fic (9 chapters as of now, but don't quote me on that) and will be smutty in the later chapters. I've already done a few DH missing moments (who hasn't? there's so much to play with) but this will all be "new".

I hope you enjoy!

Also, the title is from Come From Away. This fic is in no way related, I just had the song stuck in my head! I highly recommend the musical-it's one of my favorites!


Chapter 1: Into the Unknown

"At least Harry's better than a cat," Ron smirked. He knew his attempt to keep Hermione from freaking out was obvious, and obviously not working, as after an eye-roll Hermione continued her pacing.

"He won't be happy about the plan, he won't like what we're doing," Hermione stressed, while doing that cute twiddly thing with her hands that she did when she was nervous.

"When does he like anything we do?" Ron asked, still trying to ease the tensions.

Hermione gave Ron an exasperated look, and he realised he had to take his plan further–joking around wasn't working. He knew Hermione liked to be prepared, to go over plans, so he decided to try to calm her down that way.

"But, honestly Mione, we've got everything sorted. We know what we've got to do, where we've got to go. They don't think You-Know-Who will be out anyway, it'll just be like a nice fly."

He had momentarily forgotten that Hermione was scared shitless when it came to flying, but her death stare quickly reminded him.

"Is that what you're worried about–flying? You'll be on a thestral with Kingsley, I don't think there's a safer way of flying."

"No," Hermione retorted, "I know, it's not the flying, per se, it's…everything, all of it. What if we don't find the horcruxes in time? What if we can't save Harry? What if I wiped my parents' memories for nothing?"

Ron had been shocked, not days before, when Hermione had told him what she had done to her parents. She had been sobbing, and at first it was bloody hard to understand her. But when he pieced it together, he was stunned. Not only did it require incredibly advanced magic, but it also meant that her parents were no longer her parents anymore. He couldn't imagine looking at his mum or dad and them not recognising him. It showed how committed Hermione was to their plan and how much she was willing to sacrifice.

It also meant that she didn't expect to come home.

"It'll be alright," Ron lied through his teeth, standing up and putting his hands on her shoulders.

Initiate physical touch, that's what that daft book the twins gave him said. He hated that the book had even popped into his head, at a time like this. What they were doing was serious, and he couldn't be wasting his time on something that probably wouldn't help anyway.

Hermione began to cry, and Ron moved closer to her, wrapping his arms around her body. He didn't know what to do, or say. If only that bloody book had a chapter about comforting witches who sacrificed their family in order to save the world. That would have been a brilliant chapter and a very needed one.

He awkwardly comforted her, saying things like it's okay, we'll be okay, your parents would be so proud, and other things he had no way of knowing were true. He even tried patting her head, which just made him feel like a right twat.

From another room, they heard Molly call from them; it was time.

Hermione slowly left his arms, first casting a charm on herself that made it look like she hadn't been crying, and then pointing her wand at his shirt and making the large tear stain disappear.

She looked at him with an expression he could only describe as a mix of sadness, fear, and excitement. Slowly, they each took one step, then another, until they reached the bedroom door. After one more tentative glance, they walked out of the room and into the unknown.