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Harry felt his throat warm as he gulped Butterbeer. He was careful to stay away from hard drinks and to only drink a bit as it was. But, right now he needed some liquid courage.

One would think that he had the hang of it now—after years of speech-giving, celebration tours, and memorial unveilings. But those times had been different.

For one, he hadn't exactly written those speeches. Someone else had taken his words, polished and perfected them. It had become monotonous. Each speech was the same, with only a few words or phrases changed to fit the venue. He had it memorised and could recite it in his sleep.

For another, those speeches had been flanked by sadness. Even when it was celebratory, even when years had passed, it was impossible to ignore the sheer destruction Voldemort had caused. But this was different, there was no sadness, no grief, only love.

Harry heard Ron say his name and the ringing of glasses telling him it was his time to begin.

Harry cleared his throat, surprised to feel butterflies in his stomach mixing with the beer. "As many of you know," Harry started, "Ron and Hermione have been my best mates since Hogwarts. In fact, as you might have noticed, I am playing double roles this evening, as the best mate and a man of honour, they just couldn't decide who would get me." A small chuckle rang through the crowd.

"Hermione and Ron have been through ups and downs, wars and death," he paused, "but through it all, they have found love. A love founded in friendship, a love stronger than any." Harry looked out into the crowd and saw Molly wipe a tear.

"Though, it was a shock to find out that my two mates fancied each other." Another laugh. "I found out about Ron's feelings before Hermione's, a causality of sharing a dormitory. I had to deal with the fallout of their feelings. Their awkward flirting, blushing faces, and loads and loads of arguments."

The wedding guests laughed as Harry regaled his experiences of being a third wheel. But what Harry didn't see was the newlyweds smiling at each other as he sarcastically said; "I even had the pleasure of witnessing their first kiss."

At that moment, under the table, Ron squeezed Hermione's hand. With a wink, he leant towards her and whispered with a cheeky smile; "what he doesn't know, won't hurt him."