Author's notes: This is a 1 shot story! It involves Bonnie Rockwaller, Tara and Ron Stoppable.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will have sexual content in it. It is very NSFW.**

Bonnie Lost A Bet

A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer X

(A one shot story)

Kim and Ron broke up after high school but not because they didn't care about each other. Ron stayed in the area and went to Upperton Community College. Kim Possible went to London to learn fashion. She went there with her best friend Monique. They decided to break up since Ron would be staying in the states to go to college for a few years and Kim would be over seas. They both agreed it was OK to see other people while they were apart and when Kim returned home, if the universe met for them to be together, they would.

What made Ron happy was that a few if his classmates from Middleton also enrolled in the same college too. Kim's old cheerleaders friends Bonnie Rockwaller and Tara. Well, Bonnie and Kim were never "friends" but you get the point. Ron was happy to go to school with people he knew.

It was a warm late summer Saturday. Great weather for a college school football game. Ron was the star running back for the Upperton Community College Big Lions. It was the last few seconds of the game. Ron ran over 70 yards through huge linebackers. He had plenty of practice running from Dr. Drakkens henchmen back in the day. In the last few seconds of the game, Ron scored a touchdown and won the game!

Bonnie Rockwaller crossed her arms and huffed as she watched the boy that she used to call "a loser" danced in the end zone, showing the whole college crowd his 'smooth' dance moves. He held the football high above his head with pride, celebrating the winning touchdown. All his teammates ran up to Ron and mobbed him, lifting the running back above their heads to parade him for the cheering crowd.

This was a dream come true for Ron, literally. Ron actually had this exact scenario as a dream in his freshman year in high school, and now it was coming college!

Passing by the cheerleader section, Ron heard his girlfriend Tara yell, "Go Ronnie! I knew you could do it!" That's right. Tara and Ron were finally a couple. She had a crush on him ever since middle school and now, they were dating. Ron blew a few kisses at his beautiful blonde girlfriend and winked at the scowling Bonnie standing next to her.

Ever since he started dating Tara last year, Bonnie had constantly been trying to split them apart. Luckily for Ron, Tara was too much of a sweetheart to listen to Bonnie's nonsense about the food chain. Yep, Bonnie still talked about the "food chain" even though they've been out of high school for years!

As Ron and the rest of the team walked away, Tara looked at Bonnie with a mischievous grin. She said to Bonnie, "You lost. You know what comes next."

"Oh, shut up. Whatever." Bonnie huffed as she turned her head away from Tara.

Ron received many pats on the back from all the other team mates as he entered the locker room. He really was the star of the football team. Well, at least in this game. He got showered and left the locker room to meet up with the girls about an hour later.

As Ron walked out of the locker room and to meet up with the girls he thought about the bet he made with Bonnie. He had eventually run out of patience after months of Bonnie's constant insults and made a bet with her that had seemed stupid at the time.

Bonnie had declared that for Ron to be 'worthy' of dating Tara, he had to be a star player on the football team. After all, in Bonnie's world, a cheerleader always dates a jock, and Ron definitely didn't fit that with the label. (At least in Bonnie's eyes.) Ron had accepted that challenge in anger, with the condition of Bonnie agreeing to stop her constant efforts to split them up. That was all Ron wanted from the bet. However, his sweet girlfriend, Tara, had surprised him by jumping in and adding that Bonnie had to also do something that Tara wanted if Ron wins the bet.

And now, after everyone went home, all three involved in the bet were standing in the empty gym where the cheerleader practices were usually held. Ron was in his street cloths but Tara and Bonnie were still in there cheerleader outfits. It was Tara's request.

Bonnie was the first to speak in her usual surly tone, "Alright, loser. So you were able to be the college team 'star.' I still think Tara can do better than you, but I'll leave you two alone. Happy?"

Before Ron could accept, his girlfriend Tara stepped in and interrupted, "Wait! It's not just Ronnie's bet. I was in it too!" Tara stepped closer to Bonnie and started to whisper into her ear. Ron couldn't hear what they were talking about, but he could clearly see the shock shown on Bonnie's face.

When Tara finally stepped away from Bonnie, Ron could see the cute little smile he loved on Tara's face.

"No way, Tara! I would never do that!"

Tara, unfazed by Bonnie's refusal, walked to Ron and yanked down his loose jeans.

"What the hell Tara!" Ron yelled while trying to pull up his pants. Ron used to lose his pants all the time when he dated Kim but after Kim bought him the belt they didn't fall down as much. However, he still loved to wear baggy pants. It was his style. Tara, of course, didn't help matters any by stepping on the crumpled jeans to prevent Ron from protecting his modesty.

"You sure, Bonnie? There's a reason Ronnie has to wear loose jeans."

Bonnie stared with wide eyes at the slowly hardening monster that the former loser was sporting. Unconsciously stepping towards Ron, Bonnie quickly changed her tune, "Well, maybe I could help you out, Tara. Show you how to handle something this big."

"Uh huh, sure Bonnie," Tara said sarcastically before turning to Ron, "What about you, Ronnie? Do you think you could forgive Bonnie after she gives you an 'I'm sorry' blowjob?"

Ron was in shock! He didn't know that his girlfriend Tara was a little freaky. Kim would had never had gone for this. He saw this as a dream opportunity given to him by Tara, Ron nodded his head rapidly. Ron wasn't going to question anything that was happening. He was given a chance to get blown by the queen bee, and he would grab the opportunity by the face and pound away.

Ron turned his head and looked at Tara, double checking with her to make sure this wasn't a trap. When his girlfriend smiled and nodded her head toward Bonnie a gleeful smile grew on Ron's face. Then he turned to Bonnie and rubbed this moment in, "Remember when you kept trying to put down the Maddog of Middleton, Bon Bon. How do you feel now that you're going to blow the same school mascot that you hated so much?"

Bonnie scoffed, "The only reason you can even talk to me is because of Tara and the fact you're somehow a decent football player. Besides, I'm such a good friend that I'll let a loser's dick near me." However, Bonnie's eyes told Ron a different story with how focused they were on his cock. He didn't care too much, so she wants to pretend that she was still above him? Ron knew he could quickly change that.

Stepping away from Tara, Ron walked right up to Bonnie and raked his eyes over the tanned skin exposed by her cheerleader outfit. The tight top showed why Bonnie was called the bustiest girl in school and in college too. Her fat ass was bursting out of her short skirt. Ron was tempted to rip off the skimpy clothes, but he knew that it would be better if Bonnie did everything herself. Then there would be no way for Bonnie to make excuses by saying that Ron made her do something. Besides, it might turn out better if all her clothes stayed on. Ron could see the mess he could make on her cute pristine cheer leader outfit.

"If you're such a good friend, Bonnie, why don't you kneel down and show Tara how it's done?"

With an indignant look, Bonnie slowly got down on her knees with a glare on her face. Bonnie kneeling had exposed most of her smooth thighs, and her beautiful face was inches away from his hard cock, so the glare was very ineffective. It even made Ron's cock a little harder.

Bonnie reached up to the top of his boxers and hooked her perfectly manicured fingers into the band. She looked up at Ron, who was looking at her with an unimpressed look. Growling softly, Bonnie pulled down the boxers with no warning.

Not a good idea, especially when Ron had a forearm-thick cock about to tear through his clothes. A loud smack echoed in the gym when Ron's cock sprung up and hit Bonnie's chin on the way up. The silence was broken with Tara's giggle, not being able to keep back her amusement at Bonnie's stunned face.

Not that Bonnie could be blamed. A towering shaft cast an imposing shadow on the stacked brunette as she stared at it with disbelieving eyes. She stumbled her words as she asked, "What.. what is it? 7...inches? Maybe..."

"Close. A little over 8 inches."

Bonnie's eyes opened as big as saucers when Ron said the words - 8 inches.

"Is it too big for you, Bon Bon?" Ron taunted, "I can understand it if you want to give up now. Not every girl can handle someone like me."

Of course, Ron didn't really want to stop. What he wanted most right now was to get his dick inside Bonnie's mouth, and the best way to get Bonnie to do something is to tell her that she can't.

"You wish, loser! If Tara can handle it, so can I!" Bonnie declared, moving closer to get a whiff of that manly scent. He had just showered so what every soap he used smelled very good to Bonnie.

Ron's cock twitched, hitting her right on her nose, letting Bonnie get a closer smell. A small shine of pre-cum started to show from the tip of his cock.

"Wow, you don't even know how to start a blow job? Everyone knows it starts from the balls, Bon Bon." Ron said, lying through his teeth. He just wanted to see his school tormentor debase herself by bathing his nuts in her mouth.

Bonnie didn't bother to argue and moved her mouth down to the plum-sized balls with a knowing look. Ron saw her looking up at him with her light blue eyes, a massive cock draped across her face, as Bonnie slowly licked his balls and took both of them into her warm mouth.

Bonnie gave Ron a warm tongue bath with a filled mouth, trying her best to bloat his balls full of cum to feed her with. Pulling away softly, keeping his balls in her mouth as long as she could, Bonnie let them pop out and spring back into place. She laid a last tongue-filled kiss on his balls before moving back to the head of Ron's huge cock and started to stroke him with both her soft hands.

"Bet you loved that, didn't you, loser? You liked the hottest cheerleader teabagging you? My pretty face covered in your junk?"

Ron looked blankly at Bonnie, her tone taking him back to all the times she had insulted him in the hallway and in cheerleading practice back in high school. He always dreamed of shutting her up, and Ron had a perfect tool to do so right now.

"What? Too stunned by— GLAKCH."

Ron grabbed Bonnie's head by her silky hair and shoved his cock down her throat. Not stopping till his heavy balls rested on Bonnie's chin. Ron groaned out in pleasure while keeping Bonnie's head locked in place by his grip.

"I've always wanted to shut you up like this, Bon Bon," Ron gritted out, trying to cram even more of his cock into her throat. Causing Bonnie to slap at Ron's thigh, her nose pressed into Ron's trimmed pubes cutting off her air.

Ron ignored the slaps and focused on the massaging sensations caused by Bonnie's swallowing throat around his moaned as she slapped his leg again. The moans made his cock feel like it was surrounded by a vibrator. Her mouth felt amazing.

Just then, a blinding light flashed from the side, distracting Ron. He looked around to see Tara holding her cell phone and moving around to take pictures from different angles.

"Uhh, Tara? What are you doing?"

Tara smiled brightly at Ron, "Ignore the camera, Ronnie! It's not going to social media, just memories for our scrapbook! Plus, I'm sure Bonnie won't want to forget this night either. The day she lost a bet and had to suck your cock. Isn't that right Bonnie?"

It was incredible enough to get a blow job from Bonnie but now his girlfriend Tara was taking pictures too? Ron didn't think he could get any harder. But amazingly, he did, and luckily he had a girl in front of him to help him with that.

Tara's expression turned to one of concern as she warned Ron, "Umm Ronnie, maybe you should ease up now? Bonnie's about to pass out."

Ron looked back in shock at the girl swallowing his cock and found Tara telling the truth. With a wet slurping sound, Ron quickly pulled his cock out of Bonnie's throat. The outline of his cock could be seen retreating on her neck.

When the saliva-covered cock unblocked her airway, Bonnie took deep, gasping breaths to refill her lungs. Ron looked down at her wheezing form in guilt. Even though he wanted to get back at her, Ron didn't want to hurt Bonnie.

Bonnie, however, surprised Ron by demanding, "I dare you to do that again, loser."

Staring at her spit-covered mouth, Ron grabbed her head with both of his hands and slid his cock back into her open mouth. This time, he was able to go balls deep with no gagging from Bonnie. Ron guessed the first time she gagged had been from the surprise. However, he now had a girl with no gag reflex willing to get throated.

Ron had no issue with that and slowly slid his cock out until only the tip was in Bonnie's mouth. With no warning, Ron forced the whole cock deep into her throat and repeated the motion rapidly. Giving Bonnie no rest with how fast Ron was fucking her mouth.

Eventually, Ron was skull fucking her so roughly that Bonnie had no choice but to start gagging around his pistoning cock. Bonnie's saliva covered his cock, making it easier to rail her throat. Seeing her face getting red, Ron gave her a little bit of a break by pulling out his shaft.

Ron stepped back to get a better look at Bonnie. Her mascara running down her face in black streaks. Spit was covering her lower face, and strands dripping down her chin to her heaving tits as she gulped in much-needed air.

"You look beautiful, Bon Bon," Ron said without a hint of sarcasm. There was nothing better than seeing the school bitch with her face messed up by his big cock.

Still breathing heavily, Bonnie replied with a hoarse tone, "Shut up, loser… get back here and fuck my face."

Tara went from taking pictures to now taking video. The light from her cell phone glistened on Bonnie's spittle-covered face.

Bonnie ignored Tara taking video around her to focus on the shining, saliva-covered cock coming closer to her face. After all she loved to see her ex boyfriend Brick glisten and seeing Ron's cock glisten in the camera light was a big turn on for her too. Ron held the base of his cock and swung it down on Bonnie's face, his cock head landing with a splat on her wet face. Ron made sure to rub his leaking tip all around Bonnie's pretty face, making sure to add a copious amount of precum to her spit-covered face.

"Before we finish, Bonnie. I still haven't heard an actual apology from you. All I heard was a slut gagging on my dick," Ron said casually before turning to Tara, "Isn't that right, babe?"

The ditzy blonde nodded, "OMG, you're right, Ronnie!" Tara spoke seriously to Bonnie, "You have to say sorry, Bonnie, that was part of the deal, remember?"

Bonnie, who was still being slapped by Ron's fat cock, glared up at the man who was using her as a sex toy.

"Hey, don't look at me, Bonnie. It's Tara who wants this as a lesson for you. I just wanted you to leave us alone." Even though Ron claimed innocence, he was now actively tracing Bonnie's plump lips with his cock. Eager to get back inside her eager mouth and warm up his cock with her throat.

Bonnie opened her mouth to give a reluctant apology, "Fine, whatever, I'm,..." but Ron immediately shoved his cock balls deep and groaned out in pleasure. Bonnie also relaxed a little, well as much as one can relax with a cock stretching out their throat. Bonnie would rather be skull fucked than give a verbal apology to anyone anyway.

Once again, Ron had no problems with that. With a grin on his face, Ron pulled Bonnie's head off his cock and pulled it back down roughly, with his hips meeting her in the middle for a brain-melting thrust. With Bonnie somehow loving the skullfuck, Ron gave her no mind and went to town on her mouth, using it like a pussy.

With savage thrusts into her throat, Ron didn't give Bonnie any relief. Focusing on purely dumping his load inside the hot cheerleader's eager throat, wanting to fill up her mouth up with so much cum so Bonnie would taste his seed a week later. Reminding her every day just who had railed her throat.

Looking down at Bonnie's reddening eyes, Ron groaned and gripped her head tightly, planting her nose back into his crotch. Keeping his entire length buried down Bonnie's throat. Bonnie brought up her hand and gently squeezed Ron's bloated plum-sized balls. His nuts were full and she was happy to help drain them.

"Fuck yes, Bon Bon. If I knew you were such a throat slut, I would have shown you just how big I was a long time ago. I could have been railing this throat instead of listening to your annoying voice."

At that moment, Bonnie's eyes rolled back into her head as her whole body shuddered. Ron's words combined with the throat railing she received triggered an intense orgasm. One she didn't expect since she wasn't even fingering her self all she was doing was sucking his cock.

The orgasm increased the tightness of Bonnie's throat, and adding her handling of his balls brought Ron over the edge. Giving her slow deep but rapid pumps against Bonnie's face. He moaned a few words, "That's it. Look up at me Bon-Bon. I wanna look into your eyes when I cum. Ready?"

As he spit out the word...ready...Ron couldn't hold back anymore. He blew his load into Bonnie's throat.

Bonnie looked up into Ron's eye as he came in her mouth. She felt a rush of cum hit the back of her throat. As he came, Ron pushed Bonnie's head deeper on his exploding cock. The tip of his hard dick was now at the back of her throat and she felt his cum shot right down her esophagus. Bonnie dug her fingers into Ron's strong legs as she was being chocked by a flood of cum but he didn't care


Tara could tell when he was coming. Not just from his "I'm coming face" either. Tara got closer to them with her cell phone camera as soon as she looked up into his eyes and Ron started pumping his cum into Bonnie's mouth. After a few seconds Bonnie finally squinted her eyes as she took it all down. Tara took close-ups video of Bonnie's swallowing throat trying to keep down Ron's cum. Bonnie was the queen bee of high school and she knew she was also the queen at giving head too. She kept swallowing as much of his cum as she could. Gulp after gulp the thick liquid went down her esophagus like she was swallowing down excessive amounts of Elemer's Glue. It was so thick she could also feel the substance land in her empty stomach. Yep, she could tell that Ron was a gusher. Was it because he had a lot of pined up aggression at her? Whatever the case, he was giving her a lot to swallow. Her cheeks started to swell from so much cum because she couldn't swallow fast enough.

Eventually Ron came so much it overfilled Bonnie's mouth and spurted out, covering the top of her cute cheerleading uniform. Ron felt the last few remaining shots of thick white seamen spew out of his cock as she pulled his dick out of her mouth to cover Bonnie's face with even more fluids. Adding to the spittle and running makeup.

Stepping back with a softening cock, Ron looked at Bonnie. Loving the look of her messy face, swollen lips, and cum-covered uniform. "I was wrong, Bon Bon. This is your best look yet."

When Tara put her phone away she smiled back at Bonnie as she tried to catch her breath. "Ron was right. This is your best look." And then giggled a little.

Bonnie turned her cum covered face to Tara, continuing to breath heavy and sassed a smart ass comment. "Fuck both of you."

To Ron's shock, Tara then kissed Bonnie on the lips! Bonnie didn't stop her. At first she just kissed her lips but then she threaded her fingers through Bonnie's soft brown hair, holding her face in place and licked Ron's cum and spit off of Bonnie's messy face. Tara used her tong like a paint brush and smeared her tong all along Bonnie's chin and cheeks lapping up the excess liquid like a thirsty dog in the dry heat. When she was done she stared at Bonnie, "That can be arranged."

Ron's watched the cheer leaders kissing as his cum dripped off there both of their faces. His soft cock started to grow again. College life is so much better then high school.