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Dark Lands-

"Why me…"

From the moment he set foot in this world, Archer had felt a growing unease at the ever-expanding circle of acquaintances in his daily life. He was accustomed to living alone for extended periods of time, avoiding all but the most necessary human contact. After all, forming bonds with people who would eventually meet their demise at his hands was fruitless. He believed that he could work most efficiently when alone.

In this world however, Archer seldom found himself alone. The only times he felt solitude was when he was locked up in the dungeon of Ken or when he was in the forest where he stumbled upon a Princess Knight's body drifting along near him.

Now, even a short soak in the bath brought unexpected visitors. Two beautiful elves, Anna and Grace, whom he had met before in Heilung Bergdorf, appeared before him. Archer remembered their strange interaction from back then, but he didn't anticipate how things would turn out now. Though he couldn't comprehend them, he had to admit that Anna and Grace were not bothersome. Anna in particular, was an enigma he couldn't quite solve.

"Oh, by the gods, y-your arm!" Grace screamed in fright, releasing him as her gaze fell on his wounded limb. She made no attempt to conceal her nudity from him, her concern for his injury taking precedence. "H-How did this happen!? Are you okay!?"

Despite her initial shock, her touch was gentle as she tended to his wound. Though he winced from the searing pain, it dissipated almost immediately as a green light emanated from Grace's hand, enveloping his arm.

Healing magic?

"Oh my, that certainly looks quite serious," Anna observed, drawing closer until her chest brushed against his as she carefully examined his arm. "It's quite recent as well, I'm astonished as to how you even suffered from such a thing in the first place. Must have been from a magic attack."

Anna's sharp observation elicited a nod from him. "Yes, I was on a mission when I got ambushed. My defenses held up miraculously but my arm paid the price. So I'm just waiting for it to heal on its own. I stumbled upon this place while taking a walk, and thought it would be a good spot to clean my wounds and unwind a little. Didn't expect the water to have medicinal properties." Archer explained, his eyes closed as strands of Anna's blonde hair blocked his view of her face. It wasn't due to embarrassment, but rather the proximity of her presence.

"Yes, we've set up this bath with various plants and flowers that have beneficial properties for the skin. It also helps with muscle pain and fatigue, but that's about it. If you leave and the effects wear off then the pain will return tenfold." Grace explained with a firm tone, her complete attention was focused on his tending to his injury with her magic.

"Grace, I don't think he's feeling much pain given that his nerves have been fried off. All I can see are red and white muscles with charred remains. It's impressive how you're not screaming in pain, Archer-san."

He scoffed, "Trust me when I say that the pain is real. Even a slight breeze feels like a swarm of ants biting my arm. The only reason I'm not screaming is because it would be a waste of time and energy. It's imperative that I find a healer who can help me as soon as possible."

His eyes fluttered open to see the blonde elf caressing his face. Despite her stoic demeanor, he could tell that she cared. "Fortunately for you, both of us are the best healers you'll find in all of Eostia." Anna boasted with a hint of pride in her tone.

"While we may have taken refuge in the village and settled down for a few years, our skills have remained sharp and ready for use."

"Understandable, considering the rumors I've heard from Maia, I gather you've been practicing your craft with the local people and passing caravans." Archer said, recalling how before reaching the village, Maia had mentioned that the Mayor's fiance was a miracle worker according to the locals. "Observing the intricacies of the pond you've both created, it's clear that your skills were vastly underestimated."

"You praise us too much, Archer-san."

"Since you're here I'm curious about something, I take it you've left your village and all. But why? What happened between the Mayor and you? And what about Grace's Inn?" He asked, curious about what happened after he left.

Anna leaned her head against his shoulders and he couldn't help but feel a flutter of discomfort at how intimate she was being. Still, he couldn't deny the pull he felt towards her as she began to speak.

"To be honest, being an elf amongst humans was difficult. They are fragile… short-lived creatures, often dying young and leaving us alone. Grace herself lost her husband in the past, which is the sole reason why she remained in the village to manage the Inn. I chose to remain there, to accompany my long-time friend in her life while accepting the Mayor's wish of having me as his wife. Granted, he has long since grown from the young boy I met once in the past. Now, he sees me predominantly as a trophy wife to show off to the people — so there was no love between us, to begin with. This made leaving the village that much easier for me."

"As for the Inn," Grace started speaking. "I gave it back to my late husband's mother. Our relationship was never cordial, largely due to my identity as a Dark Elf and his death only exacerbated the situation. I couldn't bring myself to sell it and also felt unworthy of owning it. The best option for me was to move forward with my life, I couldn't remain stuck in the past for another decade. Although the memories still exist, I'll cherish them dearly. Now it's time for me to create new ones. A few days after you left, Anna and I departed Heilung with nothing but the clothes on our backs. Our journey was tough, we encountered many obstacles… especially in Feoh."

"Feoh… how is the kingdom?" Archer asked, hoping to gather some information from people he knew and somewhat trusted before passing through that kingdom.

To his surprise, he saw tears welling up in Grace's eyes. Anna proceeded to comfort the Dark Elf with a head pat.

"It's deplorable, the most disgusting kingdom I've ever seen in my life." He was surprised at the venom in Anna's tone." The streets are riddled with starving people, numbering in the thousands. A few of the streets… had areas filled with excrement and corpses. Rats, maggots, basically a vision of hell. It was hard enough to keep our faces hidden while helping whoever we could, but there was just… so much suffering."

"I-It w-was horrible," Grace sobbed, clearly traumatized by the experience. "The local guards barely cared about the population and only moved whenever a noble was present… even the Knights were only stationed in the upper areas leaving chaos and disorder in the rest of the town. Everything is just a mess. The majority are struggling to make ends meet, unable to afford even a loaf of bread. The few who can manage to buy food are often forced to surrender it to the guards. Those who resist are met with violence and are often killed without warning. The women offer their bodies in exchange for food… in some cases even underage girls… *sniff* It was devastating to watch."

"True, Grace nearly ended up getting killed while trying to save someone if I hadn't held her back time."

Archer was taken aback by the severity of the he had recently visited Ken and Geofu, where he encountered a slew of issues, the problems the latter was facing were far more concerning than anything Grace and Anna described. Despite this, Archer was confident that Maia would effectively handle the kingdom's internal affairs now that Hicks was out of the picture. Whereas in Luu-Luu's kingdom, chaos was relegated in an orderly fashion, with people keeping to themselves and tending to their work.

"Sounds like a lovely place," he said, dripping with sarcasm. "Just what is that dumb girl doing?" Archer's first encounter with Alicia had left a bad impression on him, casting her in a bad light. "And isn't Celestine responsible for addressing this issue?"

Hotheaded, arrogant, and immature. The most dangerous traits for a ruler.

"I doubt she's even aware of what's happening in her own kingdom. As for the Goddess Reborn, there have been whispers that she's been behaving oddly of late. Failing to show up at public events in Thorne and even refusing invitations from the Church to attend ceremonies. She's supposedly in Feoh I believe, but I can't confirm that for sure. We had to leave hastily when the guards started eyeing us with… lustful intent. Grace wanted to stay and continue aiding the people, but we couldn't take any risks."

"But you dragged me out of there." The dark-haired elf whined. "I could have done so much more if only—"

"If we didn't leave then, you would have been captured, dragged into an abandoned alley, and raped by the guards. Not to mention risking execution or being sold off into slavery when they lay eyes on your face." She spoke with brutal honesty, but Archer recognized that she had Grace's best interests at heart. Kuroinu or not, the malevolent nature of these people was indistinguishable from that of demons. If his mission was to eliminate everyone fitting that profile, then it would turn into a colossal bloodbath reaching that of absolute genocide, a contradiction to the Counter Force's goals.

"She's right, it would've been foolish to linger unprotected in that place for too long. You had good intentions, but unfortunately, that is not enough to eradicate such evil from the world. You'll need to accept that, and focus on reducing their numbers rather than trying to be a hero and save everyone — such a goal is simply impossible and delusional." The mere idea of a younger Shirou Emiya existing in this world made his head ache. That boy would undoubtedly cause more chaos by recklessly throwing himself into dangerous situations to save one kingdom. Despite his good intentions, Shirou's actions would only exacerbate the situation, leading to further destruction and chaos.

"Is everything alright, Archer-sama?" Grace grew concerned when she sensed the man beside her growing restless for a moment. His face twisted as if he was grappling with an unpleasant thought.

Archer quickly dismissed her worries."Yeah, it's nothing." he replied, eager to change the subject "Do you think it's possible to restore my hand to its previous state? The sooner it's healed the better."

The Dark Elf carefully examined his arm, her fingers gliding over his muscles without causing any pain. "Hmmm, I believe it is possible. Your muscles are mostly intact and the bones have only suffered a moderate amount of fractures. However regrowing your skin will be a—"

"— a strenuous process," Anna interrupted. "I can sense that you are exhausted, and running on fumes. But I have a method that will not only restore your arm to its previous state but also energize you back to full health. It will take an hour, and we've already prepared the pond with all the necessary ingredients. All that remains is for our magic to play a major role in the process.." She grabbed his face and looked into his eyes with a piercing gaze.

"E-Eh Anna, y-y-you don't mean…" Grace's face turned bright red as she stammered, her shy personality on full display for all to see. It was giving Archer a bad premonition.

"Yes, we will directly imbue our mana and healing spells inside him."

Wait, wasn't that…

"Trust us, Archer-san. Unlike humans, who are born with one element, elves can hold multiple elements. Grace has earth and water, while I hold both wood and metal — together we can combine our wood and water elements inside you, which will accelerate the healing process and be beneficial for your recovery. Just trust us, we promise you that you'll feel better by the end of this, And you won't regret it,"

Feoh wasn't nearby. In his current condition, traversing long distances with two Dark Elves who wouldn't hesitate to kill him if he let his guard down was idiotic. Olga still held vital information about the Insect God Cult, and the possibility of encountering obstacles like demons, bandits, or even Knights under Alicia's command remained high. No matter how he looked at it, this idea wouldn't end well for him.

That old man did say that he needed to accept the help of those around him.

Too exhausted to care, Archer decided to focus solely on the end result and gazed at Anna's face in front of him. Her blue eyes shone brightly with hidden desire and want — as such he relented.

"Very well, do what you must."




(Lemon Start!)

"Thank you," ~ Saying that, Anna began to sashay towards him, her pale skin shimmering as the water continued to run down her body and play in interesting ways about her hips.

Her ample bosom pressed firmly against his chest, the softness of her full breasts enveloping him in warmth and comfort. Their skin touched, igniting a spark of desire within him that he could no longer ignore. Archer's heart raced as he felt Anna's arms wrap around his neck, her face just inches away from his own. Despite her calm exterior, her eyes betrayed a swirl of passionate emotion, drawing him deeper into her seductive embrace.

'She smells like flowers... is that an elf thing, or an Anna thing?' - But his contemplation proved short-lived the moment she pulled herself upwards and pushed her soft lips against his, her curvy figure barely weighing anything as they stood in the water. Their lips locked together, with a kiss that was both fierce and tender, losing themselves in each other. Running his good hand down her back, Archer savored the smoothness of her skin before setting on her shapely hips. As the kiss deepened, the light elf started to aggressively probe his lips with her tongue, asking — demanding — for entrance. Archer was not surprised by her boldness, as he was no stranger to her passionate nature. With a sense of abandon, he granted her wish, welcoming her wet tongue as it invaded his mouth with a heated urgency.

"Y-yes..." ~ she cooed as he held her close, Archer felt a contented sigh escape Anna's lips, a clear sign that she was equally pleased by their closeness. Her delicate fingers traced the contours of his muscular body, sending shivers down his spine. He was grateful for her consideration, mindful of his injuries as she explored him. Lost in the moment, they both savored the sensation of the warm water enveloping their bodies, soothing their aches and pains. And as they indulged in each other's touch, Archer was suddenly aware of a tantalizing touch on his most intimate area, making him gasp with pleasure. Archer felt the warm and gentle pressure of her thighs against his groin as she wrapped her legs around him, sending shivers down his spine. With each movement, her hips grinded against him, igniting a fire within him that he could not ignore. Feeling the rapid beating of her heart and how hard her nipples had gotten, he knew that she was just as consumed by desire as he was. In that moment, nothing else mattered except for the sweet intoxication of their bodies entwined together.

She broke their kiss for a moment, if only to lean back and adjust her posture, offering him a vantage point sight of her breasts pressing against him while she scooped up the medicated water of the spring and began pouring it over his wounded muscles, yet it wasn't to last as his hand roamed up along her back and took hold of her head, pulling her in for another kiss before he turned her face to the side and began to lick and kiss his way to her pointy ear.

"Ah~!" ~ she moaned in contentment as he continued to gently suckled on her ear's tip, her nipples growing engorged, hard enough for him to feel them poking against his body.~ "Yes..." ~ she purred at him ~ "this is where it starts. Do not hesitate to indulge yourself, take us, make us yours. We will do all the work~"

Last time, all they did was lay together to feel each other's heat. This time, nothing would stop her from indulging the man she lusts for together with the woman she loves.

Archer chortled at her words, his breath tickling her neck "How thoughtful of you. If you are that determined, then I'll do just that." ~ Giving in to Anna's wonderful temptation, Archer pulled her away by the back of her head, but only enough so that her breasts, squished between their bodies as they were, presented themselves to him as if on a platter. Satisfied to see the blush in the light she-elf's face, he finally relinquished his hold on her, if only for long enough to reach down and pull her hips against him, strong hands forcing her delicate sex against his boiling manhood.

"Keep moving." ~ he said throatily.

"Ah... Hnn~!" ~ She tightened her legs around him as she swayed her hips, his hands roaming up to sink into her magnificent breasts, fingers sinking into the plump, wondrous heat of her soft flesh as he lifted one unto his lips, beginning to suckle and nibble at her nipple and making her cry and moan at the sensation.

Her arms tensed, seemingly frozen in place for half a minute as he continued to give her breasts with his undivided attention, then rose to rest on his broad shoulders as she called out to him.

"Kiss me," ~ she begged ~ "kiss me now."

So he did. If it wasn't for the amazing softness of her breasts, it would have been a little awkward, with one squeezed between their bodies and the other spilling upwards, but his lips soon reached hers and they began to kiss. He caressed her body while she grinded into his, their tongues jockeying for dominance, one that was ultimately his as he began to enjoy her to his leisure, sending shivers of pleasure up and down the light she-elf's spine.

"Oh, Goddess Don't Stop~!" She moaned aloud the moment their lips separated, her eyes teary, her hips moving back and forth with renewed vigor as the core of her femininity trembled with pleasure as she surrendered to Archer's dominant presence.

For longer than she dared to remember now, Anna had been in a state of permanent rut, a fire of passion and need burning in her loins that threatened to consume her at any time, a fire ignited by the medicinal fumes of her own cauldron as she traveled through Eostia, a fire that she had only ever managed to control by dousing it in the gentle spring of kindness that is her beloved Grace. Now, she was all-too eager to let that fire grow into a raging inferno, one strong enough to consume her rationality and self-doubt as she pleased the man between her legs, showering him with passion untamed, pleasing his wildest dreams and whims with everything. Her body, her soul, her skills, and perhaps more importantly, her love.

And she was grateful for the decision she had made, to search for him along with Grace.

"A-Anna...?" ~ Watching those two lose themselves to lust had Grace shivering with cold sweat. Her beloved friend had always been the dominant one in their relationship, and seeing Anna throw herself into pleasing a man was both amazing and scary.

She wanted to join them, but didn't know how to. She didn't want to ruin things, nor get in the way. What did this mean for their future, for their friendship, and their love? Was this Anna's true self, had she been forcing herself to be the one in charge for her sake, all this time?

Even so, as if her body was on autopilot, Grace had moved to them before she knew it. Close enough that when Anna finally noticed her, the fair-skinned she-elf had no issue reaching for her hand and guiding it to Archer's length before getting her started on giving him a handjob.

Surprised and meek by nature, Grace didn't even try to pull away, looking at their friend's angry-looking member as if hypnotized, basically a spectator as her own hand continued to caress and stroke at it after Anna let her go and turned her attention back to Archer.

"Hn!" ~ Archer groaned aloud as Grace's fingers continued to slide up and down the length of his penis, her butterfly's touch causing him to buck upwards before he could stop himself, causing Anna to grin at the sight.

Archer in the meanwhile, couldn't help himself, pulling Anna against him and claiming her lips once again, his strong body an iron wall for Anna's delicate form to squish against as they kissed, an awe-stricken Grace continuing to slide her fingers up and down Archer's member all the while.

"S-So big... y-your d-dick is so big..." ~ It was hard to believe the caramel-colored dark elf was a centuries-old widow with the way her hand trembled as her fingers traced her fingertips over his erection, evoking a soft smile from Archer at her endearing and innocent reaction taking him by surprise.

"You're not a virgin?" ~ Anna cooed against his lips, her hands going through his hair, fingers dancing in his wet locks as her eyes focused on his face, enjoying the pleasure reflected on it. The longer she was around him, the more she wanted to be his, and for him to be hers. To wrap around his existence and devour him, to sink him in a sea of pleasure, all the way to the bottom and chain him there with lust.

"Hardly." ~ he replied with a mirthful smile.~ "I've lived too much."

"How unfortunate," Anna replied, letting her hand roam over his shoulders, their faces inches apart. The fair-skinned elf said while flushed with desire, her heart beating loud enough that she was sure it was audible to Archer and Grace. "But expected. Women would be hard-pressed to resist you."

"Hnn~!" After saying that, she moved to kiss him again, her lips pressing against his as their tongues caressed each other, her breasts squished between them. "Mm~! Ahh~!"

Grace didn't stop either, wanting to join her friends and yearning for the attention of the gallant white-haired man. Archer groaned softly as Grace's hand on his shaft began to stroke faster at a regular pace, his back arching backward for a moment, filling the chocolate-themed elf with confidence, stroking at her own desire to see him moan and tremble under her touch.

She wanted to be Anna right now, straddling Archer and wrapping her legs around him. As if showing off the strength of their bond, Anna read her like a book, and after pulling Archer into a slow and sensual kiss, finally moved off his lap, if only to gently move the dazzled Grace into her previous spot.

"E-eh?" ~ the beautiful chocolate-skinned elf let out an almost comical whimper once her brain caught up to her new position, causing Anna to chuckle and kiss her on the neck.

"Oho~" Anna licked at the side of Grace's delicate neck as she leaned against her dark-skinned friend's back and wrapped her arms around her to grope and caress at her friend's weak spot.

The timid dark-skinned elf cried out in embarrassed excitement as her friend and lover's hands reached up and down over her body, one lifting her right breast, its wonderfully soft flesh basically spilling around it as Anna massaged it with knowing skill, the pale elf's other hand sliding down over Grace's soft body to begin mercilessly teasing at her sex and clit, causing Grace to cry aloud in pleasure and making her shiver against Shirou's body like a leaf in the wind, all while Grace's hands continued to stroke at their new lover's manhood with almost painful enthusiasm

"My Grace is the cutest~! Now how about you try and kiss her? Show her what it feels like to get devoured by a man." ~ Anna cooed towards Archer, looking at him while continuing to kiss and lick at Grace's shoulder and neck.

As soon as Archer heard that, he had to resist rolling his eyes at the lascivious vanilla elf, and leaned in to cup Grace's delicate face with his strong hands, forcing the delicious brown elf to look at him before leaning in to take her lips.

"A-ah~!" ~ Grace let out an embarrassed-but-excited little cry as Archer leaned in, immediately surrendering her lips and any control over their kiss to him, letting him taste and explore her mouth to his liking.

Seeing as Grace's hands immediately came to a halt due to the intensity of the kiss, Anna gently pulled them away from EMIYA's cock, helping them up towards his chest and shoulders before kneeling by their side in the medicated water and beginning to slide her head between them.

"A-anna, what are you doing...?" ~ Grace whimpered softly as she watched her friend's actions at the lower edge of her line of sight.

"Having a taste." The pale elf lowered her head over the head of Archer's lengthy cock, her plump lips planting a light kiss on it before eagerly parting around it as they began to slide down around its throbbing head.~ "Hm~!"

Archer's mind and body trembled and tensed, a fog of heat and pleasure descending over him as surely as Anna's luscious lips descended around the shaft of his cock. He struggled to focus beyond it and resumed caressing Grace's body with his good hand while resting his injured one on the back of the lusty vanilla elf's head and pushing down. Anna certainly didn't object, pushing her tongue's tip between her lower lip and his cock to welcome his length into her mouth as easily as possible, letting out a muffled gasp as it reached the back of her throat. She wanted Archer to 'make her his' and 'indulge in his lust', and she finally got what she had literally begged for as the man's wounded arm twitched and his hand pushed her head down the rest of the way down, his cock forcing its way down her throat in but an instant, his hand holding her head down as he began to lick pre-cum inside her.

"Mhn!" Archer was unable to hold back a pleasure-dripping moan at the sensation of Anna's wet, tight throat around his cock.

"Not fair!" Grace mewled in despair as she realized what was going on, her voice swallowed by Archer as she spoke against his lips. "I want to do that too!"

"It's okay. We'll share," ~ Anna answered after pulling herself up a few long moments after Archer released her head and instead began caressing her upper back.

Her lips and tongue making out with the head of Archer's manly rod, one of her arms managing to slide in between Archer and Grace's bodies to begin working the shaft of Archer's cock before pulling back out so she could slide her lips down around it all the way to its base, deep-throating him of her own accord, enjoying the sensation of his heat and firmness within her, and the pulse of his heartbeat through his throbbing cock as it filled her throat.

"Hnn!" She moaned around his cock, her throat convulsing as she did so, sending a mighty quake up and down Archer's spine.

"Ah~" Grace moaned as Archer suddenly let go of her lips, beginning to lick and nibble at her chin and neck before reaching for her breasts and lifting them, forcing them together so he could suck and bite on her engorged nipples before focusing on one of them, letting the other covered in a thin layer of his saliva as his good hand reached around her and surprised her by forcing her head down towards her own trapped breast.

"Suck on it yourself," ~ he ordered her, his throaty voice dripping with a heady authority that would accept nothing but compliance, not that the dark-skinned elf felt like offering any, quickly opening her mouth to begin sucking and nibbling on her own nipple while his weakened hand caressed at her thigh and hips.

Anna was enjoying herself immensely, far more than she had imagined, as her tongue coiled around Archer's cock like a mighty boa, she grunted just to make her throat squirm around the top half of his length before she pulled up for air. As her right resumed working the shaft of Archer's cock, she let out a most mischievous smile before her left came around and began caressing at Grace's shapely bottom, giving it a firm squeeze and pushing her upwards for a moment...

"A-ah!? A-anna, what..." ~ the soft and meek dark-skinned beauty practically whined as her friend squeezed at her ass. She tried to turn her head down and to the side to spy on Anna, but Archer's good hand caught her head instead and pushed her in for a kiss.

"Mmph!" Grace moaned under her lover's assault, her hands lifting from Archer's body for a few moments before settling back down as she gave in and let her friends do as they wished with her.

Anna closed her eyes, focusing on the taste of Archer's thickening juices whenever she pulled up enough for her tongue to get a taste. Her hand gripped Grace's behind, pushing her friend firmly against her, trapping herself between their bodies before her hand moved back down between Grace's firm buttocks, beginning to rub and caress at the chocolate-colored elf's tight little star...

"Hm! Anna!" ~ Grace tensed up and cried into Archer's lips as Anna's middle finger began to push its way into her ass, stopping at the first joint to gently rub and squirm in place as Archer kept a jealous grip on her head and pushed his tongue behind her lips.

"Mmm~!" Anna felt a mighty tensing on Archer's cock and began to 'swallow' around its shaft, her wet, tight, and hot throat gently but eagerly pulling him in as she mentally begged for him to cum and feed her with his seed, and for a few lust-addled moments, she dreamed of living off his cum.

"Hn~!" ~ Archer let out a loud moan, his balls aching almost painfully as he climaxed deep behind Anna's lips, his masculine shaft almost hurting the lusty she-elf as it tensed up in an effort to straighten itself, nearly lifting the girl off her knees as it spasmed, Archer's cum nearly roaring out as it hit the girl's insides. "Ah~! Argh~! FUCK!" ~ he groaned and cussed against Grace's delicate lips, the dark-skinned beauty, though, had been caressed, groped, handled, and manhandled into a rut of her own, and immediately shushed him with a kiss.

"Hnmm..." ~ Their moans mixed as their tongues danced together, a trail of glittering moisture hanging between their lips for the brief moment they surrendered to the mundane need of taking a breath, before their lips locked together again,

It took almost a minute for Archer's cum to stop painting Anna's insides white, with the pale elf tenderly suckling and swallowing around his cock until it stopped. Only then did she pull up, licking at his shaft and making it shine with luster as it left her lips, a hand caressing it again, even as her other hand continued to bully Grace's tender back door. Now with two fingers inside her up to the second joint, wiggling and curling as they slid back and forth, it caused the more timid girl to gasp and shiver in Archer's arms.

"Hnn~ ah!" ~ Grace cried out softly as she went through a small orgasm of her own, her nipples as hard as little diamonds by now. Her body trembling with heat as Archer held and kissed her, while Anna caressed and molested her, happily giving in to her lover's demanding touch.~ "I... I want Archer-sama's cock, too...!"

"Yes, yes. My Grace can be quite demanding when she feels like it~" ~ joked Anna as she finally let go of Archer's length, kissing at Grace's thighs without ever ceasing on her massaging the chocolate-colored elf's rear passage.~ "Archer-san, how about we turn her around?"

"Hm?" ~ he looked down at the still kneeling Anna, just for the lusty elf to make a simple, circular motion with her free hand.~ "Ah." ~ he nodded in understanding, and surprised Grace by picking her up with ease, his wounded and burnt arm's muscles beginning to scab and heal, fast enough that visible progress could be discerned if one was to check once every few minutes.

"Wait Archer-sama, what are y-ah!" ~ Grace cried out in surprise as her friends easily lifted and turned her around, sitting her back down on Archer's lap, though this time with her legs pushed apart by Archer's own as she faced away from him.

Anna smiled as she leaned in for a kiss. No sooner had she left the dark-skinned beauty's lips that Archer moved in to claim them for himself. The lusty fair-skinned elf began kissing Grace's gorgeous body, starting with her neck and trailing all the way downwards as Archer gently wrapped his arms around Grace's figure and kept her trapped in a warm, sensual kiss.

"Ah~" ~ Anna smirked as she saw Archer's cock poke out from under Grace's body, the shaft and head already hard enough for service once again. She entertained the idea of taking it back into her mouth, the idea of sucking 'Grace' off while Archer kept her in place provided an almost irresistible air of indecency to it that sent a shiver through her hips.

In the end, though, she decided to go with her original plan, and started to lick and kiss Grace's body up and down while Archer held her in place and monopolized her lips, his hands holding her generous breasts, fingers sinking into their wonderful flesh. She licked, kissed, suckled, and nibbled at Grace's nipples as Archer continued to grope the widow's large breasts, and they soon had her moaning and squirming at the build-up of her orgasm.

"Lean her forward a little bit..." ~ Anna purred, and Grace gave a little yelp as she was repositioned for just long enough that Anna could position Archer's cock at the entrance of her delicate rear door.

Archer let out a groan and kissed the top of Grace's back, then gently pulled her back, letting her down unto his lap, his length sliding into her in a smooth motion that drew such a moan from the beautiful Dark Elf that both of her lovers felt a small rush from it alone.

"A-ah! Ah! Oh goddess... hn!" ~ Grace naturally tightened as Archer filled her. It was a 'strange' sensation, and it scared her how much she enjoyed it.~ "A-archer-sama, p-please d-don't move...!"

He simply pulled her back against himself, and wrapped his arms around her as he kissed her. Meanwhile, Anna gave her more than a few lovebites across her shoulders and breasts before kissing and caressing her body, finally kneeling in front of her friend's trembling hips.

"Thank you for the mea~al~" ~ Anna cooed before licking and kissing at Grace's sex, wholeheartedly enjoying the familiar taste of her sweet friend's nectar. It prompted the enthralled dark elf to tremble and shift in Archer's lap. Exuding small waves of sublime mead that flowed between her nether regions as Archer's tissues healed a touch further, as if he was blessed by divinity.

Archer fell into a state of euphoria as the sensations of their shared energy and passion captivated him, his body set ablaze as the beautiful elves submitted their bodies to his pleasure. When Anna pulled her tongue back from Grace's trembling passage and began licking at the dark-skinned beauty's body again, he came inside Grace's body for the first time, his own energy flowing into her before it was treated, enhanced, and returned to him through her lips and tongue.

"Are you *Ah!* cumming again, *MMH!* A-Archer-san?"

"Ah, h-he is, he is, he definitively i-aaAh!" Grace moaned loudly as her body shivered and went through a series of little orgasms that caused the Dark Elf to gasp and moan while trying to catch her breath.

Her breasts rose and fell out of rhythm, her lips opening wide as she tried to inhale air faster than she could. Her best friend and lover licked her belly button, lapping up her sweat, with a hand on each of their clits, caressing, rubbing and even pulling to try and synchronize their pleasure and energies with that of the white-haired counter-guardian, to heal and please.

"A-ah... AaAh Hn~!" ~ Grace cried out in ecstasy as she started a trip down 'World Shattering Orgasm Av.', her legs wobbling as her body arched and tensed. Her body grew hot as her lovers continued to stimulate her until she let out a moan that was both a whimper and a surrender to lust.

Satisfied and mostly healed, Archer continued to kiss Grace as he held her tenderly by the back of her head and the side of her waist. The chocolate-themed elf's soul was drifting in a sea of pleasure, uncaring of the world even as her lover helped her down her new lover's lap, his length withdrawing from her body much to her chagrin. She was caressed and kissed, then princess-carried to the shallow edge of the pond, where Archer set her down with her upper body on top of the flowers and herbs there, her hips hanging over its edge as her legs dangled gently into the water.

"Let me clean you up, Archer-sama." ~ Anna purred as she crawled over through the shallow water, her hair sticking to her wet body like a sensual veil as she approached. hHer hands laced with a mix of mud, herbs, and magic as she began to rub Archer's length while leaning unto his back, licking and kissing at his spine as she prepared his manhood for further action. Washing it clean with the pond's medicated water before beginning to stroke its length until it was back to full readiness once more.

"Now that the appetizers are done, it's time for the main course." ~ Anna rolled Grace in place so that her back was cushioned against the now wet herbs. Laying down face up by her side, Anna bended her legs so that her ankles rested against her thighs so she could part her knees as far as she could.~ "Archer-sama, move Grace on top of me~" ~ she called for him

Ever the gentleman, Archer indulged his lover's whim, gently moving Grace on top of the welcoming blue-eyed blonde, lowering the chocolate elf's body on top of Anna so that their hips were right against each other's, their ample breasts squished together as Grace barely left out a tired moan, which Anna quickly shushed with a kiss. Upon witnessing the beautiful elves basking in each other's embrace amidst the fragrant herbs and colorful flowers by the pond, one couldn't help but feel a profound sense of artistic inspiration. Recognizing the scene as both innocent and sensual, a masterpiece waiting to be painted. It was a pearl beyond price, worthy only to the most deserving of souls.

Anna did her best to make her sex available, spreading herself open with her delicate fingers, revealing the bright pink folds beyond her petal, glistening wet with the nectar of her arousal.

"Grace, spread yourself for Archer-sama~" ~ She cooed, and her meek friend did as told, their inviting holes seeming to pull in Archer with undeniable strength. Feeling ready for the next event, Anna called out to him in a husky tone. "So, which one of us would you like to ravish next, my love?"

"Hmm..." Archer, still enveloped by a fog of lust, quickly moved to the women. Then he gazed down on them, finding it difficult to choose, so he settled on the most accessible option, which made the beautiful chocolate elf yet again the recipient of his attention.~ "I think I'll start with Grace."

"I am rather disappointed."

"Did you not implore me to make you both mine and use you as I saw fit? Don't regret what you asked for when I have done exactly as you requested.."

"This is the second time you give your manhood to my Grace. I certainly hope you'll remember and take care of your Anna twice or more when my turn comes."

"You are free to hope as you wish, but did you not offer yourself on a silver platter and give me complete freedom to explore your bodies as I so desired? Do not worry though, I still need to explore every inch of your beautiful being and uncover all the hidden treasures within.."

"Hmm~" ~ it was then that the radiant elf felt a shiver run up her spine, her spirit eager to be claimed by the impressive man before her.

Archer chuckled at the sight of the thirsty elf, before positioning himself behind Grace's hips, who watched with a spark of anticipation. The head of his shaft began pressing against her delicate folds. Slowly, he rubbed the tip up and down the length of her slit, making her mewl in lusty need.

After about half a minute of such sweet torture, the poor girl tried to push her hips back against him, but Archer reacted by pulling back and giving her a soft but loud slap before pushing her hips back down until both girls were pressed tight against each other again. He finally grabbed her shapely hips, and with a quick thrust, sank inch after inch of his member inside her, filling her up, the head of his member pushing firmly against the entrance of her womb.

"Oo~oOh~!" ~ the chocolate elf moaned in delight, her hot breath washing over Anna's envious expression for just a moment before the light elf reached up and around her friend, capturing her head in a loving grip and pulling her face close enough to kiss, and devouring the rest of her needy moans.

Grace's pussy was tight, clenching around his shaft as he plunged inside her wet depths. The Dark Elf gasped and moaned with each thrust, never having been filled up to this extent nor reacting in such a strong way. Her body was quivering as he buried his dick deep inside her in long, powerful strokes, causing her core to ripple and her breasts to bounce from each thrust. Anna had grabbed a hold of her friend's swinging melons, and started to suck on them, eliciting the woman to let out even more lewd sounds. The blonde elf continued this as she watched the dark elf fall into a blissed haze. She gripped her thighs, as she watched the man fuck her friend into bliss.

"Mnn~! Nn-!" Grace moaned salaciously, her body undulating as he fucked her from behind into a fast pace.

"Yeah, that's good." Anna smiled at the sight of him penetrating her friend as she massaged and sucked her breast. "Do you like it, Archer-san? Do you like ruining my Grace like this?"


"Don't forget about me." Anna grabbed onto Archer's forearm, keeping him buried inside of Grace as he stopped for a moment, making the dark-skinned woman squirm. She reached out, grasping his dick, and pulled him out of the pouting woman before guiding it towards her own soaked pussy, rubbing her outer folds with his tip."Do us both, give us everything you got. Make us your women."

Following her declaration, Archer took action, shifting positions so he could penetrate the elf from behind. Pushing his cock inside her, she gasped, her chest rising and falling rapidly, squishing into Grace with each breath.

"Mm~!" Anna leaned against Grace, opening her legs wide to allow him more room to move. "Nn! Yes~!"

Archer pushed into her, fucking her with his cock while Grace continued to play with herself. The Light Elf shuddered, her fingernails digging into the sand as he began to pick up the pace, slamming his cock in and out of her pussy.

He changed again, this time going back inside Grace, his pace never slowing down.

The woman was in heaven, her pussy was so full — both of them were impaled on his shaft as it pounded their pussies in a rhythmic tempo. Her entire body quaked as her eyes rolled from the ensuing climax. A string of her juices leaked from her pussy towards her ass as the pleasure took hold of her.

Soon a bright glow started to manifest around the copulating trio. Despite his mind being consumed by the task of satisfying these ethereal beauties, Archer began to sense that something was shifting as the moments ticked by.

"Nn! A-Ahh! Ah~! The spell is AAactivatinggg! Don't stop ARCHER!" Anna screamed, grinding her hips against both Grace and Archer as she orgasmed, her pussy spasming and squirting juices onto her two lovers. "Ahh~! A-Ah~! Archer~! Grace~! I'M CUMMING!"

"Ooh~!" Grace moaned, her body shaking as she came on Archer's dick. Like a domino effect, Archer let out a groan from feeling Grace tighten around his cock, pushing him over the edge. As soon as he let go and flooded her walls with his thick essence, the light around them had flashed, before enveloping the trio and slowly dying down. "A-Ahh~!"

The two women collapsed next to each other, both of them panting heavily as they recovered from their intense orgasm, all the while as they stared reverently at the man above them.

A smile escaped Archer's face as he beheld the happiness and satisfaction etched on the women's features. It was a sight that warmed his heart.

"Hnn... that was fun."




(Lemon end!)


"Amazing," Archer gazed in amazement as the charred skin sloughed off his arm, replaced by a fresh and healthy-looking tanned skin. It was a miraculous sight, one that reminded him of the regenerative powers a King of Knights possessing Avalon would have experienced.

But he no longer held that particular treasure anymore, nor did his past self ever possess any rapid regeneration abilities. Having swords stitch his flesh back into place was more akin to a double-edged ability than a boon.

Yet this… this left him in shock.

"You weren't lying," said the man, looking over at Grace and Anna, now clothed and concentrating on his arm. Both used a healing spell on his arm that was far more potent than before. He could feel his body resonating with it, taking in as much benefit as possible. In less than an hour, his arm had returned to its previous state. Archer's fingers tightened around the grip of his Traced weapon, channeling his power through it with a burst of reinforcement. He swung the weapon in a few sharp, fluid motions, testing its weight and balance "I'm impressed."

Everything was perfect.

Grace exhaled a deep breath and collapsed onto the ground, utterly drained. Anna appeared paler than usual but maintained her prim and proper posture, concealing any sign of emotion — a stark contrast to her former self.

"Of course, I spoke the truth. It pains me that you doubted our capabilities." She said, wiping the sweat from her body with a towel and cleaning his arm of any remaining dead skin. "But to be honest, your body responded to our energy far better than I previously expected. I had anticipated some form of rejection or resistance at the outset, and I thought there was a possibility that your human body wouldn't be able to handle the combination of our manas — yet it worked out perfectly."

His expression twisted into a frown, "I wish you had told me earlier."

"It's nothing serious or life-threatening. At most, we would have had to repeat the transfer a few times a day for a week. Unfortunately, it worked too well on the first try."

Archer's eyes narrowed, his mind reeling with the implications of what he had just heard. That kind of transfer would have killed him regardless of Alaya's support. "... Are you related to Maia perchance?"

"I fail to see what being related to one of the Princess Knights has to do with anything. But to answer your questions, no."

"Because both of you are insatiable and actually make me fear for my life." He said, his gaze shifting to the cliff in the distance. He had sensed something odd over there, but upon further inspection, it proved to be a fluke.

Anna grew interested.

"Hoooo, so you've slept with a Princess Knight, and it's Maia on top of that. I had a feeling something was brewing between you two since the village. Congratulations." He ended up chuckling at her words, finding her unpredictable behavior quite entertaining.

"Speaking of which, is Grace going to be alright?" Archer asked, trying to shift the focus away from himself. Grace appeared on the brink of collapse, and he couldn't help but worry.

"P-Please, don't worry about me," the Dark Elf replied. "I just gave too much and my reserves are depleted. But as long as you're fine, then it's just a small inconvenience for me."

They had indeed gained a large part of his trust, having done him an immense service that he feared would have left him temporarily crippled in a deadly world with the Beast shard still somewhere out there. Archer felt a surge of gratitude towards these two.

"So… where are you two headed now?" Unfortunately, at the end of the day they had to part ways. Archer had been worried about the possibility of Olga and Chloe running away from him — but he no longer needed to worry about that.

"We're not sure," Anna admitted. "We've been wandering the lands, gaining experience and accumulating karma by helping others. We can't really return to Heilung, given that the Mayor will probably harbor malicious intent towards Grace and me for leaving so suddenly."

"I see," An idea passed through his mind, "Do you have a piece of paper?"

"Eh, sure… what for?"

She handed him a small white page from a book inside her bag, "Give me a second, I'll tell you." Archer realized that since he hadn't returned to the Counter Force's domain as he expected, it was a good time to write the letter he promised to a certain redhead.

A few minutes later, he folded the letter and handed it to Anna, who looked confused as she took it.

"If you have nowhere to go now, I know a place. It's quite beautiful with good people that will not cause you any problems — Grünes Bergdorf. It's near Ken, a small village that will welcome you both with open arms, I assure you. There you'll find an Inn called Emerald Inn, run by a girl you can consider my unofficial sous-chef. She's managing the place since it belongs to her. I want you to give this letter to her and possibly check the place out. If it's to your liking, then why not settle there?"

Ever since Geofu, Archer always wondered how Alice was doing. With Bianca joining her, he hoped that things would run more smoothly for the girl. He wanted to assure her that he was fine and to encourage her to continue working hard. Archer wrote about a few of his adventures while keeping the darker parts out. Inside the letter, he also included some recipes he had discovered using local ingredients he found in the forest, including a new way to prepare fish delicacies.

"And since we're still in the Dark Lands, where wandering Demons lurk in every corner, it's better if I accompany you until we've passed through Feoh's border. You can take the road to Ken from there." Archer wouldn't have suggested it under normal circumstances, considering n he had the literal Dark Queen and her second-in-command as his prisoners. But now that he was fully healed, he was confident that he could handle Chloe or Olga if they tried anything unusual. Besides, Feoh was only a day's journey away, and he wasn't overly concerned about their safety.

"Thank you… Your thoughtfulness leaves me at a loss for words." Anna said softly, her heart overflowing with gratitude from his generous gesture. "It's true that the Dark Queen has her troops stationed in many places. The last thing we want is to get captured by her or her minions. Grace will be safe but the fate that awaits me is worse than hell. Moreover, I have heard rumors about the Kuroinu mercenary group stationed nearby, and their reputation precedes them. The thought of encountering them fills me with dread and unease."


Archer paused for a moment, realizing the two women couldn't have known what happened to either of those groups.

"It's nothing, your healing has left me in your debt." He made a mental note to address the matter later, once they returned to his camp. However, he couldn't ignore the potential dangers lurking in the surrounding areas. Ensuring their safety was his top priority.

"A sous-chef? You can cook?" Grace's eyes lit up with excitement as she bounced back up to her feet.

"I believe I told you this already, Grace." Anna let out a quiet sigh as she muttered to herself.

"Hahaha, yes, I can cook." Archer chuckled at Grace's reaction, amused by her enthusiasm. "But I wouldn't call myself a professional or an expert by any means."

"Oh! I have some recipes we can try with the mushrooms I've foraged!"

They chatted lively, Grace bouncing around like an excited kid while Anna began packing up their belongings to follow Archer back to his camp.


Olga was experiencing a nightmare.

She stood in the center of her throne room, wearing nothing but the clothes on her back, staring daggers at the vile and wretched Vault. He had seized her golden throne and was now commanding his men to have their way with her body. Subjecting her to deplorable acts of degradation as he observed with a predatory grin, defiling every inch of her body. The protective spell she had casted on herself had been shattered, enabling them to forcefully take her virginity. The hours that followed were a living hell for her as her body was raped endlessly by those vermins. All the while she could do nothing but slowly experience her mind dying bit by bit till she…

Till she started enjoying herself.

Becoming nothing more than a brain-dead doll seeking carnal pleasure.


Olga's eyes snapped open with terror as she gasped for air. She tried to move but her body refused to respond. Panic surged through her, and for a moment, she believed her nightmare had become a horrifying reality. But as her vision cleared, she realized that it was only a dream, and her fears gradually subsided.


It took a moment for her to realize that she wasn't in her Castle anymore… it had been destroyed in the ensuing chaos. Now she was a prisoner of a man who served a god she knew nothing about. Subjected to the humiliation of sleeping on the ground, exposed to the elements, all through the long, dark night.

She thanked the gods that it was nothing but a nightmare.

"Why can't I move?" It felt as if her limbs were weighed down by an intangible force, leaving her unable to budge. "A sword?" Her eyes lifted up to see a single blade planted firmly into the ground, ordinary in appearance and lacking any distinctive features. But with her centuries of experience and natural affinity to magic, the woman realized that this blade was far from ordinary.

She could sense that it had strong magical properties.

Ashe surveyed the camp, a knot formed in her stomach. Something was amiss, and she scanned the area hurriedly, only to realize that Archer was nowhere to be seen. "He left us?" Her voice sounded small in the silence that surrounded her. Panic began to claw at her throat. Did he abandon them here as bait to be found, raped, and eaten by wandering demons? "No, that can't be it. I have yet to divulge anything about the Insect God Cult. Not to mention he promised to guide us back to Celestine."

As her senses returned, Olga assessed the situation and realized that the man wouldn't have gone to such lengths to save them if he planned to abandon them. Humans were injudicious creatures lacking a lot in terms of wisdom and knowledge — but not to this level.

"I'll simply have to find him and confront the man about his carelessness!" How could he leave a Queen like herself to slumber in the night without any protection against the cold!? Not to mention going back on his promise to keep them safe and heading off like a fool!

Nevertheless, she remained rooted to the spot.

Her gaze fell upon the sword she suspected was responsible for her immobility. After all, why else would Archer leave it lying near them? Yet, it could just as easily be a ploy to distract her from the true source of the spell that bound her. Ultimately, Olga had no means of discerning the exact nature of the magic that held her captive nor its origin.

"It's getting sunny," she remarked after watching the clouds drift away to reveal a brightening sky. With only a few clouds in the sky to begin with, if the sun continued to beat down upon her skin for another hour, Olga swore under her breath that she would k— "Ah!"

Lost in her anger, she failed to notice the sun shifting, breaking her connection to the Black Key. The sudden change made the Dark Queen's heart race and she stumbled, nearly falling to the ground in a moment of panic..

"I'm free?"

Had the effects worn off?

"Humph, as expected from a mere human. They're all incompetent with magic, no matter which patron deity they serve. Now, I must find him and demand an apology …" she muttered, getting up and brushing the sand and dirt from her clothes. The filth only served to worsen her mood, and the fact that a mere human had reduced her, a high being, to such a state still lingered in her mind. Not even Celestine with all her power, could manage to accomplish such a feat .

Surveying the area, Olga cast a few magic spells, setting up a small barrier around the sleeping Chloe. The enhancements would protect her from any danger and dissipate when she woke up. Despite no longer wielding the same amount of power without her artifacts and the Golden Throne, Olga still remained a prodigy among elves when it came to magic. Like Celestine, she held an affinity with all five elements from birth despite not being part of a goddess.

"Let's see where he wandered off to." She took the first path that led to another section of the dead forest, but no matter how far she searched with her eyes, Archer was nowhere to be seen. Enough time passed for the sky to darken once again, with clouds obscuring the sun. If he had truly abandoned them then it wouldn't be a major problem. After all, it wasn't the first time she had experienced a human's tendency to betray anyone and everyone. But reaching Celestine without her Princess Knights catching her first would prove tricky and time-consuming. Alternatively, she could retreat to a faraway location and gather her forces, but that, too, came with its own set of pros and cons.

In the end, she stumbled upon a cliff and grew tired, deciding to retrace her steps and return to Chloe, who was still asleep.

As she turned to leave, her keen ears twitched as she heard a faint sound in the distance…


Doubting her ears, Olga paused for a moment, wondering if it was the wind.

But the sounds returned, louder this time and slightly different from what she heard previously. Olga moved towards the edge of the cliff and peered over. What she saw shocked her to the core, and her heart skipped a beat.

"That's Archer with… two other elves? A Dark Elf!?" Engaged in the middle of an intimate play that made Olga's cheeks blush furiously. Her heart raced with questions. Just what had happened while she was asleep!?

Such degeneracy, it was a scene that made her loathing for the man grow exponentially. Were those his slaves he brought with him? She couldn't discern any seals or tattoos, but the way they seemed to revel in his touch was not lost on her.

"A traitor to her own people!" It was more accurate to say her ire was directed towards the Dark Elf in particular. To make such expressions not only to a Light Elf but also a human … had she no pride or shame? These were the same people who persecuted them for centuries, turning her own kind into sex slaves and mere playthings.

Olga lingered there for a few more minutes until she decided that she could no longer take it and return to the camp.



Something was approachin—

"Ah, Olga-sama! Thank the gods you're safe! I finally found you! Behold this weapon that the foolish human abandoned, I have discovered it holds immense power, capable of immobilizing enemies through some mysterious means and brought it with me. We can use it to take him down for goo — kya!" Chloe's joyful state blinded her from noticing the branch lying directly in front of her path, causing her to lose her footing and fall onto the ground with a loud thud, face first.


As the sword soared through the air, it pierced both hers and Olga's shadow, freezing them in place once again. Now, Olga was left facing the the hill, forced to witness the entire scene unfold before her eyes.




Claudia once again rode relentlessly through a long and arduous journey back to her Kingdom. Her sleep-deprived troops struggled to keep up with her, some battling their inner demons just to stay awake and maintain their grip on their saddles.

Fortunately, she returned with only half of her Knights, granting the others much-needed respite to recover their strength and rejoin her group later on.

Claudia's urgency was fueled by the impending discussion Klaus promised to have with her father-in-law, Grave levantine.. The patriarch's adherence to traditional values made him a tough critic and convincing him to accept an adopted grandson would be no easy feat — Nevertheless, Claudia had faith in her husband's capabilities.

In her opinion, he possessed an abundance of knowledge and potential. His way with words had swayed her countless times in the past, a talent he had undoubtedly learned from his father.

If he said yes, then half of her stress would dissipate instantly and her long-awaited dream of starting a family would finally come true!

As Claudia approached the gates, she was met with a strange sight. Rather she found someone familiar waiting for her.

"Father?" That was the name he preferred she use, rather than addressing him as father-in-law. Grave was surrounded by a group of his soldiers, who were all huddled together, passing on important reports from beyond the outer walls. "Is there something amiss?"

Claudia refrained from announcing the death of the Kuroinu, given the weird circumstances.

She dismounted from her horse, disregarding the way her armor failed to keep her chest steady, causing it to bounce with every step she took.

"Ah, Claudia, I'm delighted to see you've returned so soon. The journey must have been arduous." He spoke softly, taking her hand and planting a kiss on the back of it. Claudia was momentarily stunned, as this was only the second he had done so during their entire acquaintance.

Shaking her head, the brunette guessed that something was amiss from the frenzied movements of the soldiers and Knights. Coupled with Grave's sunken eyes and tired tone, a sense of foreboding began to creep into her heart.

"The journey was manageable, what is going on here? Has Klaus spoken to you recently?" She asked.

Grave sighed, "Klaus? I'm afraid he never visited me once after you departed. This is why you see this chaotic scene before you."

Her blood ran cold as her face turned pallid.

"W-What do you mean?"

"I'm afraid I have some troubling news, Claudia. Klaus has gone missing, and we have reason to believe that he was abducted by one of the underground gangs in the area. We're doing everything we can to track them down and save my son. Thankfully, we managed to narrow down their base to this building." One of his soldiers showed a map to the Princess Knight.

At that moment, a red haze descended over Claudia's vision, and all traces of her previous fatigue vanished as she burst through the gates with her blade drawn. The Knights who accompanied her followed suit, renewed with fresh vigor.

Grave who stood in the back couldn't help but smirk, eyeing her round backside that renewed his aspirations to one day get a hold of them. His face twisted into a self-satisfied smirk as he gestured for his men to follow him.

"I'm sorry to say this, but that bastard's mind should be broken by now. Even if he wasn't, there is no way you'll believe him as every healer in this kingdom works for me. I'll make love to you right in front of your infirm husband, my future wife."

Now that the stage was set, he could execute his plan, he was going to have fun seeing the despair in Klaus's eyes.

Like a lion, he always enjoyed playing with his prey before going for the kill.

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