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"'Bond Talking "'

Clockwork Lair Ghost Zone

"Hmmm this isn't right" Clockwork mutters and stares at the time stream flowing. Seeing ripples happening through all of time suddenly and quickly. He places his hand on the stone pedestal of water but recoils in shock but than anger. "YOU FOOL". Clockwork slams his time scepter on the stone pedestal and quickly teleports out of his lair. When this happens ripples through out time is going to the ghost zone and earth. To even the fabric of reality.


Clockwork, when he smashed the stone pedestal of water he used his power to slow down the ripples of time even stop some. He the master of time, Clockwork is a logical ghost who speaks calmly, even under dire situations. Unlike all some of the other malicious ghosts, Clockwork takes a rather neutral role in the ghost zone and real world. His true motives and plans are a mystery due to his unpredictable nature; yet in the end, Clockwork merely means well in his goals and makes sure time flows along a direction that benefits all, even if others disagree with him.

But now one Observant did something foolish that not even Clockwork didn't see? He changed the time line to prevent Dan Phantom being born. How did this Observant do this and what could have shield him from Clockwork powers. But is he working alone?.

Observants High Council Tribunal Headquarters

From this location, the Observants watch over Earth and enact judgement on ghosts who damage it. As they are all speaking some arguing others agreeing. Clockwork appears holding his time scepter in one hand and the other hand a curve sickle with a long chain at the end of it on the floor. All Observants stops talking and Clockwork looks around and spoke in a icy voice.

"The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views."Clockwork started to spin the sickle in his hand looking around.

Some Observants started to shout thinking Clockwork has finally lost it. Demanding that he be removed others argue that he does his job. But one Observant who has been a ally and good friend of Clockwork for almost eons upon eons floated towards him.

"Clockwork what is going on. This isn't like you my friend" seeing his ally no shaking his head more than that. A friend maybe no more like family looking this angry a wrath of a time lord so to speak.

"Every great decision creates ripples, like a huge boulder dropped in a lake. The ripples merge, rebound off the banks in unforeseeable ways. The heavier the decision, the larger the waves, the more uncertain the consequences. Some are content with those decisions but another or they aren't" Clockwork spoke cryptically as he looks at Obb who nods. Other Observants glance each other and agree with the time master.

"Yes. But why teleport here in the Council Tribunal Chambers ready for battle?" ask Obb. The Observants nods thinking the same thing but Clockwork chuckles darkly making some wonder what is wrong.

"Someone has changed the time line" Clockwork icy voice made the Observants flinch expect for one. "Shielded even by me to stop Dan Phantom from being form. By killing Daniel when he steps inside his parents portal turning him into a halfa. But preventing him becoming Danny Phantom or letting Phantom form even in the ghost zone" Clockwork slams time scepter on a table shocking the Observants.

Obb single eye widen in shock. But he turns to Clockwork who isn't even finished talking.

"Who ever killed Daniel also killed Vlad Master but removed Vlad Master Ghost merging with him crowning himself King of both worlds" Clockwork looks around the room and stops to see one single Observant not speaking to anyone. "You" hiss Clockwork.

"Indeed" All the Observants turn to one Observant nodding and floated above the chairs. "I'm surprise you saw that much?". With his hands inside his sleeve holding onto something he floats up looking down on everyone else.

"How" demanded Clockwork. With a flick of his wrist the sickle is sent flying towards the Observant at speeds that no human can follow. But the single ghost Observant smiles and soon the sickle stops mid air inches away from the Observant.

"Time Stone." Showing a large green diamond the size of a baseball glowing green with a gold band on top of the diamond and holding it flat on his hand. "A human in the real world found this ghostly relic one of my contacts told me of it's power. I quickly sought it and when I touched the time stone. I saw all the infinite possibilities".

Observants all around the chamber is shock to see the Time stone. But to see one of their own thinking he knows what is better for the human and ghost world. A very powerful ghostly relic that one Ancient use to help stabilize time when they change parts of the past. Also used it to see the events to make sure the human world and ghost zone is safe from danger.

"The ancients forbid that stone to be ever used. It has caused damage to the time stream but also it upsets the natural balance. You broken your sworn oath to never interfere with the course of events" stated Clockwork. Teleporting in front of the Observant swinging his time scepter on the Observant who quickly dodges back.

"Of course I should interfere. Always do what you're best at, that's what I say" snarled the Observant.

Obb shaking in anger looks up and quickly blasts the traitor Observant but the traitor used the time stone to create a portal to redirect blast at Obb. Scoffing, Obb raised his hand and absorbs the blast.

"You betrayed us Kra. But you aren't working alone" Obb looks towards the Grand Observant who smiles while Clockwork smiles seeing that Obb knows him too well seeing the hints he gave out. "Ang you betrayed the oath". Obb pointing towards the Grand Observant who laughs and nods.

"Indeed. When Kra came to me telling me what he found. It's the perfect opportunity to change both worlds. Clockwork has stabilize time but not to our agreements but to make all parties satisfied. NO MORE". Ang quickly floated up missing the sickle blade but the sickle slices the chair in half.

Obb quickly flies to the blade and grabs it and swings the chain catching the Grand Observant. With the blade swinging the Grand Observants did not have time to properly shield himself and the blade. Manage to cut his arms but also slash his eyes making him scream in pain.

Obb stood there floating spinning the sickle in his hand while Clockwork is fighting Kra with his time scepter.

"ANG" using the Time stone Clockwork raises his time scepter.

"Time OUT" trying to freeze time but the time stone negates his power vice versa to both of them. The Observants are frozen expect for Clockwork and Kra. "Logic shows me that you Kra, merely enables one to be wrong with authority.".

"I hold all the authority" snarled Kra. Unfreezing time everyone feels time resume but what they saw shock everyone. Kra floated towards Ang and soon he merged with the Grand Observant shocking everyone including Clockwork.

"Noo you fool don't" shouted Obb and Clockwork. Obb knows to become a Grand Observant you need the guidance but also be an apprentice of the Supreme Observant who watches all of the Observants. The four supreme Observants has the final word in all matters who has been satisfied with Clockwork giving the master of time all the freedom to do what is right.

As everyone watches both Observants merge everyone watches in horror that the Time stone merged with the ghost now placed in his chest. Once the green and black light show begins to end they see a larger Observant with four arms but the single large eye has no pupil has it's blind. A large vertical scar on his left side from the top of the bottom.


Clockwork narrows his eyes and soon he quickly places a shield up protecting all the ghost. Everyone sees Krang gone and Clockwork sighs and shakes his head.

"You two" Obb points to the other two Observants who is friends of Kra "ANSWERS NOW" demanded Obb.

Clockwork Lair LATER

"That what has happen" spoke Clockwork. Staring at his sister Lahkesis who is frozen in place while Thanatos is shaking his head looking at his little brother using his powers to keep time stable. Both ghosts of fate and death appeared in the Council Tribunal Chambers after Kra and Ang merger feeling a vile dark ecto power emerge. All the infinite realm felt the evil energy.

Lahkesis when she felt the ripple of time go through the worlds she gasp to feel all fated destinies, meetings and events never happen or new events happen but for the worse everything twisted. All of it wrong she demanded answers for the one responsible for this. She may show she doesn't care but in truth she does. She sees the wonders of how fate can bring two very different people together.

To be happy. To be love but more especially to change each other to be better for each other.

"This is terrible" Lahkesis shakes her head. Looking at her older brother she sees him staring at Clockwork. Who is fixing the time streams as she turns to the time streams she sees Danny the halfa along with his mate and child fighting The Pariah Family. But soon time change and another one appears a different time stream.

Danny standing next to the older halfa Vlad along with his daughter that was turned into an halfa. Fighting against Freak show in Vlad's office. Another timeline Danny saving the world from a world ending disaster. Another timeline and world that Danny helped Ember but accidentally turned her into a halfa but soon Danny started falling for her. Lahkesis sighs seeing many different timelines, different events different possibilities happening changing or ending all of the sudden. Some never happening time falling apart.

"There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. They must be fought." Thanatos takes a deep breath seeing Clockwork nod. But seeing his youngest sibling flinch she shakes her head.

"No. He has a Time stone he can change time he can simply change the events again and again" Lahkesis shakes her head but sees Thanatos chuckling making her confuse but Clockwork grins. "How can we stop him?" Lahkesis looks down sadly.

"Not if we work together" grin Clockwork. Thanatos nods already coming up with that idea and Lahkesis hearing this smiles. "With us three we negate the Time stone power but we can't change the past once it happens. We need to be careful how we act but also give guidance. There is no second chances" Clockwork solemnly said.

"What do we do first?" ask Lahkesis smiling.

Thanatos laughs and nods slamming his scythe on the floor. Lahkesis slams her staff as well. Clockwork nods seeing his siblings ready to fight as he takes a deep breath he turns to the new stone pedestal that he created.

"As of now. Krang has reset time and we lost many ghosts in the infinite realm but also much more different timelines as well." Lahkesis frowns hearing this. But Thanatos nods wondering what Clockwork has plan. "But I was able to save some timelines. Merging them together in this time hoping it would be enough".

Lahkesis nods and giggles "Meaning you are sewing together events from other timelines into this new timeline that is being created".

"Events that didn't happen in previous timelines now is happening. Clever Clockwork but dangerous" Thanatos nods and thinks what his brother is planning.

Clockwork smiles and nods.

"But" Lahkesis bites her lips.

But Thanatos sighs "What of a paradox?". Clockwork looks away giving his older brother an answer. Lahkesis nods seeing this might be their only shot as she turns to her oldest brother who scoff but nods. "Than we got our work cut out don't we?".

"Indeed. But I'm concerned." As the siblings turn to Clockwork. "As this time line I saw him taking a bride a female ghost who looked defeated as she has given up on her after life. I saved that ghost taking her out of time she is here in my realm from another time line unaware of the events frozen in place. I hope she will be enough to inspire the change we need."

Thanatos nods "Why would Krang want a bride?".

Clockwork turns to the new ghost floating into his lair with a heavy sigh.

"By taking a bride he can crown himself as king of both worlds. The Observants are forbidden to take the crown but through marriage it's void" Obb floated to the three wearing a new outfit. Still with the cloak of the Observant but this one with gold trimming at the edge of the cloak.

"I see the Supreme Observant made you his apprentice. How long until you become a Grand Observant" smile Clockwork. Happy for his long time friend who sighs and nods but looks worry. "You will do great Obb don't doubt yourself".

Lahkesis on the other hand wants to change the topic. She hates the Observants bickering and talking only about ghost politics. Obb is some what different he and Clockwork share a similar ideology. "But why this female ghost? Why not any?".

Thanatos nods thinking the same thing. Their must be something special about her? So special that Krang would want this ghost as soon as possible?.

"Because" Clockwork points to other timelines. As the other three ghost sees this "She fought against Queen Dark in a different timeline. But also is queen of the Ghost Zone herself in different timelines marrying Daniel. Which in the end will be accepted here in the ghost zone".

Lahkesis nods while Obb nods his head.

Thanatos sighs heavily but nods. "Dam. Wonder who planned this Kra or Ang?".

Lahkesis frowns and shakes her head. 'No. I won't let that happen. I won't let Krang ruin fate. I won't let him take away each other' gripping her staff tightly all three males turn to Lahkesis. "When do we start" demanded Lahkesis.

Clockwork looks at the stone pedestal filled with water.

"Soon. Krang knows I reset the timeline. He will go after Vlad when he is at his most weakness. As of now he is at Canada in a small town in Tomion" Clockwork shows the events what happens when Krang appears in front of Vlad.

Each ghost wince to see Vlad beaten and soon they watch his ghost side ripped from Vlad merging with Krang making him even more twist and powerful. Lahkesis shakes her head while Thanatos grins smiling waiting for the fight.

"So what are we waiting for" Thanatos laugh and looks towards a portal he opens. Turning to Clockwork smiling and Lahkesis grinning they turn to Obb who nods.

"I will stay back and make sure the time lines are stable" Obb sees Clockwork nod. As all three ghost begin to walk "Clockwork. I think it's best if you-" seeing his long time best friend turn to him nodding his head.

"I know. Chronos, Lahkesis and Thanatos will be making an appearance" seeing his older and younger sibling turn to him. He pick the name Clockwork because it was more of a natural name. "Lets go" as all three ghost float towards the portal.

Obb nods "Good luck"

Tomion Canada Vlad Location

"Who are you" Vlad coughs and spits out a wad of blood and ectoplasm. Staring at the four arm ghost with a large eye ball that looks to be blind with a scar. Vlad is keeping Elena far from this ghost he wonders where did this ghost come from. Seeing they decided to take a walk through the forest to talk a portal appeared and Vlad was blasted.

Learning that he was able to transform months ago he try to fight the ghost but the ghost prove to be too powerful.

"I am KRANG HOLDER OF THE TIME STONE" slowly floating to Vlad "And your end". Using his left arms reaching towards Vlad, Krang is blasted back by three beams and soon Elena and Vlad sees a portal with three ghost walking, floating forward.

"Step away from the halfa" glared Clockwork. Lifting his time scepter and holding his sickle with a chain in the other hand.

"You don't want to fight us" Lahkesis slams her staff on the ground making it spark.

"IF you do it's going to be your end" smile Thanatos spinning his scythe in his hand than around his neck.

Krang erupts from the broken trees and glares at the three ghost. "Ahh Chronos, Lahkesis, Thanatos. Coming to save him? Ironic" chuckling, Krang sways his body to the side missing the ball chain at the end while Lahkesis flies above the air and brings down her staff to the ground where Krang stands. Krang grabbing the chain twists and throws it towards Lahkesis staff pulling her to the side.

Thanatos appears behind Krang and swings his scythe onto the ghost who separates his mid body making the blade go through air.

Clockwork turns to humans "Elena get Vlad out of here he's trying to kill him and take his ghost side which will kill him" order Clockwork.

Elena nods while Vlad shakes his head angry that this ghost came out and straight out attack him but now. Three different ghost who were called, Chronos, Lahkesis and Thanatos in Greek Mythology they are personification of time, fate and death. But yet they are here protecting him for some reason.

"No I will fight" Vlad tried to get up but soon his injuries were too much making him pass out in the snow.

"VLAD" Elena shouts his name. Clockwork flipping in the air quickly summons three ghost two soldiers holding weapons while one looks to be a doctor.

"Snake, Splinter protect the two. Hawk eye keep him alive until you reach Elena home" order Clockwork.

"Understood." Taking a stance in front.

"Roger that" Placing the head gear on looking at the ghost.

"Yea, yea don't bring me into this". Rolling his eyes making bandages appear.

Clockwork turns to Krang charging towards Splinter and Snake but Snake throws something on the ground. Soon the area is covered in smoke and Krang is being shot out by Ecto bullets coming from Sam.

"You brought a rifle?" Hawk eye complaining wrapping up Vlad who is badly injured with Elena help.

"Move" order Clockwork. Watching both soldiers nods they pick up the humans and quickly turn invisible and left. Turning to Krang dusting himself but also stares at some of the green ectoplasm coming from his body. Clockwork grins seeing he got wounded by his ghost summons. Thanatos casually walks towards holding his scythe.

"Krang you fool" Lahkesis shakes her head. "Do you know what you have done. You tainted the fate of millions of lives." glaring at the ghost she began to glow white and green making Clockwork turn to Thanatos who gulp.

"Ahhh" Thanatos lets out a nervous sound and looks at Clockwork. "Should we run? I mean last time Lahkesis got this mad was". Thanatos not finishing because Clockwork grabs him and enters a portal he created above them.

Lahkesis exploded charging at Krang at speed of sound and the blind derange Observant ghost didn't have time to block. Lahkesis slamming her staff onto Krang making him cough out more ectoplasm. Lifting her staff above her head a white, green bolt of lightning came down from the a blast of ecto energy and wind combine as well with a huge torrent of green and white flames engulfing the area.

Krang looks up and catches the bolt of lightning with both right arms. Using the left arms he he creates a time vortex swallowing the wind and uses it to redirect the flames away from him. With the time stone glowing using its power, Krang quickly sways to his right missing the slash from Thanatos. Turning around catching Clockwork time scepter aimed at his head. Holding onto the time scepter each in one arms.

"Ahhh your time scepter. I can feel it's power twiddling" laugh Krang. With one of his right arm he punches Clockwork and the other blasting him making Clockwork release his time scepter.

Krang holding onto the time scepter and soon the time stone began to react to Clockwork time scepter. Clockwork rubs his face angry while Thanatos helps his younger brother up but Lahkesis looks worry.

"He has your time scepter?" Lahkesis sees the time stone reacting with her brothers time scepter. Wondering what Krang can do with it she glares at the ghost who is studying the time scepter.

"Lahkesis get us out here NOW" Thanatos gulp while Lahkesis turns to Thanatos confuse as she turns to Clockwork she flinches. The scar above his eye the lightning scar is glowing green and purple. The gears that resemble clocks mechanism begin to speed up. She has seen her brother's temper and out of the three Clockwork temper is the worst. He would sometimes be called the tempest time in their very young eon age.

Lahkesis creates a portal back to her brother's realm.

Clockwork Realm.

Obb turns to Thanatos and Lahkesis returning back from the fight but looking back at the stone pedestal. Thanatos, Lahkesis quickly reaches the pedestal to watch Clockwork child, adult and elderly forms quickly phase many times in seconds.

"He's pissed" Obb gulps.

Thanatos nods.

Lahkesis sighs with a nod.

They watch Clockwork stand up glowing green and purple and than he disappeared and Krang was sent back to the ground creating a crater. Soon ecto blast appeared from all directions. Krang got up and soon Clockwork punches the merged Observant in the face.

"Still hasn't lost his touch. That was hundred and two punches in a blink of an eye" Thanatos nods and watches his little brother with pride.

Obb snorts "Clockwork always makes time to train himself". As the three ghost turn back to pedestal they see Clockwork dominating Krang but soon the time stone around Krang chest began to glow reacting with time scepter.

"This isn't good" frown Lahkesis. Seeing Krang using her brother's time scepter Krang begins to glow green and soon all the damage is gone. But Clockwork wasn't done soon the area got cold. Everything around them began to wither and die as life was being drained or time was moving forward. In a quickly flash of white Krang is blasted?.

"That is risky using time itself to attack Krang of all attacks used in time" Thanatos shakes his head forgetting how powerful his little brother truly is. Once the flash is over Krang is still standing but bleeding all over his body.

Clockwork takes a deep breath and the lightning scar above his eyes stops glowing the clocks gear mechanism in his chest slowly return back to normal speed. Krang coughs and holds the time scepter in his hand pointing to Clockwork.

"This is just the beginning" Krang leaves in a swirl of green back to the ghost zone.

"Beginning of your demise" reply Clockwork in anger.

LATER Elena Home

Vlad groans and slowly gets up. Seeing he is all bandaged up he looks around the living room to see Elena not home. Letting out a sigh thinking what happen hours ago this one eye four arm ghost attacking him. But than three ghost coming out of no where protecting him and helping him. But what made Vlad think about these three ghost who they are.

"Hello Vlad. I see you are awake"

Vlad quickly got up from the couch but wince from the pain looking around the room he hears chuckling coming from the corner of the room where the window is open. Blinking he sees a ghost standing in the window with his arms folded behind him. Before Vlad spoke his name.

"Clockwork. Call me Clockwork the ghost of time"

Vlad raised an eye "You're kidding?". Watching the ghost turn around who forms change from an adult to a child making Clockwork chuckle. "How are you doing that?".

"Always in a consent state of time. Past, present and future" answer Clockwork. Turning to Vlad seeing the bitterness growing on him now, Clockwork knows this is the important time to help change Vlad view.

"Who was that ghost that attacked me?" demanded Vlad. In the past few months when he learn he can transform into a ghost. He began to learn to use his powers but it prove to be pointless.

Clockwork chuckles "In time you will know. But in the mean time you need to learn to protect yourself. He won't come after you but someone else". Clockwork floats towards Vlad seeing the glint of his eyes wanting his own agenda.

"Fine. As long he stays away from me and giving me time to learn to use these powers. I don't care" Vlad glares at Clockwork. But Clockwork frowns seeing that this Vlad hasn't learn his lesson.

"I understand you're frustration and anger towards Krang" Clockwork grins to see Vlad raise an eye. 'Same Vlad but this will change him' thought Clockwork.

"Krang?" Vlad narrow his eyes while Clockwork sighs and nods.

"You know of the ghost zone" Clockwork grins making Vlad flinch. "Yes the accident a few years ago that made you into a halfa". Before Vlad spoke angry to Clockwork. Knowing the accident that ruin his life. "Half ghost half human that's what you are. But Krang wants your ghost side merging himself with it to make him even more powerful".

Vlad listen Clockwork wondering about something but the master of time beat Vlad to it. "Some ghost are compatible of merging others are not. Those who combine as one stay sane, those who aren't go mad and insane". Clockwork watches Vlad look away making grin.

"This ghost why me?" demanded Vlad.

"That is another question for another time." Clockwork avoided the answer. But Vlad got angry before he spoke "What I need you to do is understand that these powers of yours must be used carefully but also who will you protect?".

Vlad snorts "Protect who. Myself only." Vlad turns around folding his arms shaking his head. "Ever since the accident in college I lost everything. I haven't spoken to Maddie in many years. Jack marrying her having a daughter and soon a son. That should be me" Vlad turns around angry folding his arms to the ghost of time.

Clockwork sighs and shakes his head seeing Vlad doesn't know. Staring at the papers he smiles and looks back at the halfa. Fuming and pacing back and forth between the living room. Complaining about the last past few months he learned of his transformation.

He started to become bitter, ignoring everything and everyone around him. Even Elena who has been there since the start of his treatment when she was a med student. He was about to break up with her after the past few years they been together.

But as he was about to speak Krang attacks him making him transform to protect himself while she tried to help Vlad in any way. But he didn't want her help he just wanted someone else.

"Ahhhahahhah" Clockwork laughs at Vlad making him confuse. Watching the ghost of time form change to an old man to a child. Vlad wonders what is so funny that the ghost of time is laughing.

"With out these ghost powers you would have been a fool trust me I know and see" said the time master.

Vlad stood there confuse wondering what Clockwork means. Watching Clockwork smile he watches the ghost of time slowly disappear and once gone. Vlad heard Clockwork speak.

"The answers you seek are in this room but can you handle more?" spoke Clockwork.

Vlad blinks wondering what he means as the window blows in a gentle breeze a folder and papers fall on the floor. Making Vlad sigh he begrudgingly walks towards the papers and folders. Picking it up he notices it's his medical folder? Why would Elena have this? But it's not just his medical folder from Canada it's from the states.

Taking the folder to the table he carefully lays it down.

'Why does Elena have this? Even i didn't know about this?' thought Vlad. Curious Vlad opens the folder to see what the doctors said making him roll his eyes he continues to the last page to see the financial aid. Nodding his head happy that financial aid from the hospital and college paid for the surgery. He looks down on the paper blinking in confusion but also shock.

"This doesn't make sense" grabbing the paper staring at. He sees the financial aid rejecting his plea to pay for the medical bills but also the college rejecting as well seeing it happen there. 'How was this paid for?' Vlad places the paper back on the folder shaking his head. Grabbing it turning to the other side he sees an account but also a trust saving. Seeing the account and trust saving being used. Vlad looks down to the folder seeing a few more documents.

"This saving account had a few thousand dollars but was closed out once the account was depleted?" question Vlad. Taking business class and more while Elena was in work while he worked part time. Vlad continues to look through the documents and found the trust saving account paying most of the medical expenses leaving the account with a few tenths of thousands dollars for a down payment on a house in Amity Park many years ago before they finished college.

"No" Vlad eyes widen to see the name on the saving trust. "Jack paid for everything. He used his savings that was going to be the start of his business but also the trust saving left by his parents to start his family". Vlad collapse on his knees his shaking his head.

For the past years Vlad has grown bitter of Jack growing family. Pausing Vlad's life with the accident he had. As Vlad continue to stare at the document in his hand on his knees for the next half hour. He blamed Jack for ruining his life, ruining his chance with Maddie. Instead of reaching out and keeping in contact he turned his back on them.

'I don't understand. Why didn't I know about this before?' Vlad sighs and slowly got up as he places the document in the folder he sees a small hand written index card with a paper clip attach to the hospital bill.

Patient Dear Friend, Jack Fenton wishes he remains unanimous. Blaming himself for the accident.

Vlad saw the tear drop land on the index card. Shaking his head thinking Jack did this intentional swooping Maddie from him after he told him how he felt about Maddie. But Vlad soon realize something.

"I never told Jack how I felt bout Maddie?" Vlad covers his face with his hand. 'He never knew and Jack. I could see how much he cared for Maddie working the long nights with her getting her coffee while I work on side projects' Vlad shakes his head. "I am a fool" cried Vlad.

Crying and laughing he places the documents back into the folder and closing it. Feeling somewhat closure he takes a deep breath trying to control his emotions but laughs and cries. As if a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders. Holding onto that regret but also anger is gone. Looking around the room he smiles, cries and laughs seeing the memories he has been making with Elena for many years but also the past three years they finally got together.

"What's this?" Vlad sees some papers underneath the folder from Elena doctor. Wondering what is going on he flinches to see 'Pregnancy results positive.' Vlad shakes his head it's not possible she has been on the pill but there was a change a few months back. Staring at the results back in December but again in January dated a week ago. Doing the math quick in his head.

"She will give birth in September" Vlad spoke softly. Slowly sitting down on the chair he can hear Clockwork words again. The answers you seek are in this room but can you handle more. Vlad sat there thinking about him and Elena for the past three years they been together.

"I will protect my family" Vlad said as Elena enter the living room seeing Vlad smiling at he making her confuse.

Clockwork Realm

As everyone is watching this from Clockwork realm. The master of time grins while Thanatos sighs and Lahkesis groans seeing Clockwork gamble indeed paid off. As the three come together making sure this events never change.

"Clockwork" Obb calls for his friend attention "Krang has you time scepter? What will you do?". As the new grand Observant stares at him while his siblings nods wondering what he will do.

"Ahhh that old thing" Clockwork reaches into the stone pedestal with his arm deep in the water. As the other three ghost blink they watch Clockwork pull out a tall time staff similar to his time scepter. "I got a new one but also made sure the old one wouldn't work properly" chuckle Clockwork.

Thanatos laughs loudly.

Lahkesis rolls her eyes and giggles.

Obb just stares and rolls his eye. "When you destroyed the previous time stone pedestal your time scepter was connected to it. But now creating a new one meaning this time staff has complete control of time.".

Clockwork nods "Three steps ahead" smile Clockwork.

"What now?" ask Lahkesis walking forward earning a nod from her older brother thinking the same thing. They turn to Clockwork who looks at the time stream with a small smile.

"We wait. It will be years before Krang makes a move on Emberlynn. As of now the ghost zone will be in chaos war will be coming. We are needed else where" stated Clockwork.

Obb nods and begins to float towards the door "Call me any time".

Clockwork nods.

"I have work to do" smile Thanatos. Walking towards a pitch black portal Thanatos stops and turns to Clockwork "You know how to find me" stepping into the portal and closing it.

Lahkesis sighs "I have my work cut out. I will start with what I can and pull the strings of fate for Daniel and Emberlynn later on when they first meet". Using her wings she disappears in a flock of feathers.

Clockwork nods and stares at the many time streams gone but also broken. "Back to work".

Ghost Zone Krang Location

What looks to be a iron gates with a large mansion in the deepest parts of the ghost zone. Krang is throwing a temper tantrum. Blasting and smashing anything in sight he turns to the mirror.

"How did he stop me. I have THE TIME STONE" smashing the window and using the time scepter to repair it. Krang stands there 'I will not stop until all of it is MINE'. The room got dark and the only light coming from Krang is his single large eye.


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