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"'Bond Talking "'

Casper High Thursday night MARCH

"Blue thirty one, blue thirty one HUT" Danny catches the ball seeing someone charging towards him he spins missing the tackle. 'There' throwing the ball to Billy who catches it he blinks and begins to run.

"Billy Stein junior year now top line backer is running going to thirty, twenty the ten TOUCHDOWN" the announcer shouts. Billy stops he blinks seeing the score twenty one to eighteen. With twenty seconds on the clock all they need to do is take a knee and win. But he did it. He soon he realize the other players jumping on him with Harbor now being head coach and Coast out of the season.

Changes were made and one of those changes was him.

Soon all the players got into position with the special team play. Danny nodding "Red forty one, red forty one HUT" catching the football placing it on the grass. The kicker comes in and kicks it for a field goal and with time over.

"The CROWS did it. They defeated the Cowboys. One more game and if they win they face off the Vultures for CHAMPIONSHIP" shouted the announcer.

Everyone is jumping and Danny points to the score board showing Billy name on the board MVP for tonight playing game. Once everyone begin to walk back to the locker room, Danny taps Billy in the stomach.

"Heard a recruiter was eyeing you and talking to you about time" Danny smile while Easton nods walking beside them. Billy smiles nodding but looks at Easton agreeing with Danny talking to him but also shocking him. 'Let's see how you switch sides from Rebecca seeing she caused issue being third line back' chuckle Danny.

"Always told Harbor wanted you on the team and being on the special team. Vince and I always demanded you on the special team but more on the field. Knowing you can get the job done". Easton nods while Billy looks stunned hearing this. Danny nods as well seeing that he's been playing more on the field is it because of the two?.

"Well! We know how Harbor is" Billy rolls his eyes while everyone laughs. 'So Danny, Easton but Vince wanted me more on the special team and on the field?' watching Danny laughing 'He's doing great as a Captain when Easton came back' sigh Billy.

Casper high next morning

Everyone is talking about Billy game winning catch. Seeing the third line backer now first and special team is the talk of the school. Everyone wants to know why Coast never had Billy as first or second on the team but first on special team.

Walking to the back of the school where the woods are more dense, Billy sees Rebecca, Nathan and Mikey. Rolling his eyes soon some more students arrive but something bothered Billy. What Easton said to him yesterday that him and Vince wanting Billy on the field more but Coast didn't.

Why? Why not? Why wasn't he on the field more was there something he didn't like about him. Or something keeping him back there. Billy hears Rebecca cursing and yelling turning to her seeing Mikey nod while Trisha sighs nodding her head.

"You are telling me that last week in March we are having a dance and the school music club is playing? Who came up with that stupid idea" demanded Rebecca. Walking back and forth rolling her eyes hearing another stupid dance. Last Dance they had was their Freshmen year seeing Nathan mother was in control of the school budget.

With that she had control on what the school can have activities or not. But now with Nathan mother not being in charge and Draven found many errors many wonder where did these errors come from.

'Now I got Charles and Lancer watching me' groan Rebecca. Pacing back and forth wondering what is going on she turns to Billy in deep thought "What have you heard?" the girl demanding to know.

Billy blinks and snaps his attention. Seeing everyone staring at him, Rebecca rolls her eyes at Billy. Walking towards him poking his chest making his eye twitch as she pokes she asks Billy.

"What. Have. You. Heard" demanded Rebecca. Folding her arms she rolls her eyes "Don't let that stupid game winning catch get into your head. Remember I helped you get into the football team" Rebecca grins.

When Billy heard this he blinks 'She helped me get into the team? Would that mean she is the reason why I wasn't playing that often'. Narrowing his eyes on Rebecca, Billy takes a deep breath. "I haven't heard nothing. Danny is captain Dash is piss. We got one more game against the Chipmunks and when we beat them it's the Vultures for the Championship".

Rebecca rolls her eyes. Looking around seeing at least a dozen students wondering what is going on. Rebecca huff and rolls her eyes as she looks at Mikey who nods. She has heard Sam and Tucker not happy with Mikey. But also losing the computer classes was a blow to her. Mikey was angry seeing it was Danny Fenton who made this happen.

'I'm losing control in all this. Ever since first grade when Danny stuck in his nose when I almost got Paulina suspended. He defended her worse they are becoming the popular kids in school. Dale, Kwan and Danny along with the cheerleaders and now Emberlynn' Rebecca rolls her eyes.

"Mikey. Get me some dirt on them" glaring at Mikey who nods.

Billy rolls his eyes 'This bitch needs to be put in her place. You know what I think Danny would like to know what she is doing' grin Billy.

Casper High Lancer classroom

Danny is talking and laughing "Come on. I think it will be great we pick out a few songs and play. When we want to dance we can rotate I wouldn't mind dancing with you more often".

Emberlynn rolls her eyes "That or you like to have your hands on my butt".

"That too" everyone laughs at Danny reply. Soon they see Tucker, Sam and Mikey walking into class arguing. Ever since the lunch lady ghost appeared and them cleaning the cafeteria with other students because of them and Rebecca. Things haven't been the same for the three no it's been worse.

Sam is angry and bitter. Hearing that Emberlynn is at Casper high and she of all people able to get a tattoo and not being eighteen. She mutters seeing how the rich people are able to get away with this. But also having Danny's attention in all this. Him of all people into her a rocker redhead.

Mikey is angry. Sam wanting them to hang out watch stupid horror movies at her house. Granted he likes playing video games with them but can't stand the movies at her home what so ever. Plus she changing the menu to serve no meat which some meat makes him sick not all but some. Thinking it would be better for them but it didn't it became worse and Rebecca also got in trouble.

Tucker wonders what is going on with both of his best friends. Feeling and wondering if any alternate versions of himself has this problem. They all take a seat but Tucker blinks at Sam seeing her glare at Emberlynn. Turning to Danny with a smile on her face. Tucker looks at Mikey with a smile on his face staring at Emberlynn. Danny girlfriend but a glare to Danny who Sam has a crush on.

'I swear other Tucker's in different alternate dimensions must have a easier time than me' Tucker sighs shaking his head.

Lancer walks in as he looks around smiling he brings in a small box. "All we will be working in group. In this box you will take out a small card with a number and that number is the group you are assign. No changing members" order Lancer. Looking out the window with a grin he chuckles wondering why students don't pay attention around them when they are talking.

Danny blinks 'Is Lancer looking out the window?' turning around Danny blinks and face palms 'Of course. Those cigarette buds well not really cigarette buds, weed buds most likely are from the teachers. I got the feeling Charles smoke but Lancer?'. Danny nods oh yea he probably does as he sighs.

Everyone reaches into the box pulling out a number. After five minutes everyone having a number they turn it around and sees the number they have. Walking to the table with each other number.

"Fuck" curse Ember.

"No. You of all people" said Sam.

"Whatever" said Tucker.

Sam, Tucker and Emberlynn are in a group. Emberlynn drops her head on the desk with a bang and muttering mimicking an evil villain of a cartoon that is the longest run ever in the history of cartoons.

"Hey" smile Star.

"Oh brother" Mikey rolls his eyes.

"Traitor" grin Danny.

Everyone turns to Danny, Star and Mikey. Many wonder why Danny called Mikey traitor. Star giggles seeing Mikey rolling her eyes at them.

Paulina got James and Kwan.

Dash got Valerie and Tiffany which made him nervous. Both girls grin and give Dash an evil look making him wince.

Dale got two other students which he didn't care.

"Project group will last until Monday. I want to see something from everyone" grin Lancer.

Some people are happy other's aren't but Danny sees Lancer smiling. Seeing the slight shine in his eyes, Danny wonders if Lancer knows what is going on?


Emberlynn is playing with her lettuce "Purple back gorilla. A giant monkey". Everyone laughs while Danny shakes his head looking at his fiance wondering what he knows. "You know something I don't know?" ask Emberlynn.

Danny nods "Yea I do and I suggest to follow it" chuckle Danny. Everyone blinks wondering why but Danny grins "'Trust me we have a ghost watching us since last night. I think it's Skulker"'. Every since that night after the night club and the morning but gaining the tattoo's. They gain something more that they haven't told there parent's yet.

"Sam suggests doing this assignment on the rare purple-back gorilla, of which only two, both male, remain in the world. One of them, Sampson, is at the Amity Park Zoo, so she suggests we study him there" Emberlynn snorts. "She has her own agenda of wanting to set Sampson free" rolling her eyes.

"Really" said all four girls. Watching Emberlynn nod she pulls out a schedule of the zoo making the girls blink wondering how Sam got this? Emberlynn rolls her eyes and groans not wanting to get into trouble like freeing a monkey. She would rather get into trouble like starting a riot or a huge rock concert in the middle of the street not some social justice thing.

"I read up on Samson. I think this might surprise you he shows behavior not normal of a male gorilla" Danny sips his drink. Emberlynn raise an eye but grins than their lunch is ruined by the three walking to their table.

"You done eating?" ask Mikey. Rolling his eyes seeing Danny finishing with his lunch he looks at Star who giggles and nods "Good was thinking making-" Mikey blinks seeing Danny shaking his head.

Sam rolls her eyes "You don't know what Mikey is going to suggest? Just hear him out first".

Danny chuckles and shakes his head looking at the three he rolls his eyes wondering how? How can these two be friends to him in alternate timelines different dimensions. Hell he asked his dad who told him that decisions made now creates alternate timelines and dimensions. Something Danny wonders if they did become friends who would he be? Who he is? Or Will he be that Danny today? Or someone like he has seen when he activated the portal someone... he doesn't want to even say it.

"Want's to research the next level of semiconductors and hard drive space. Something that Star has no clue in great job" Danny rolls his eyes. Sam blinks and looks at Mikey who rolls his eyes and shrugs his shoulders not caring.

"Really you already knew what Mikey wanted to do?" blink Tucker.

Danny chuckles "Mikey applied to Valdco scientist program he's one of hundred who made it across the state. I figure that much he was going to look into it seeing Valdco brought out a new SSD drive company. Solid state drive that is paired up with the pear phone" yawn Danny.

Mikey glares at Danny nodding his head "Yup. The only one in Casper High to get in the program. Something the so called genius can't do" winking at Emberlynn who rolls her eyes at Mikey.

Danny chuckles "Try building a battle armor suit and come back to me. Besides that's chump change that Valdco is giving out I'm going for something higher".

Valerie blinks "You sure Danny. I mean my dad works for Valdco he has told me the boss that was once Axion is thrilled that this is happening. Being bought out by Vladco was a blessing pushing the technology to the next level" said Valerie. Just seeing her father happy but also talking about the new possibilities.

Everyone who knows her father knows he works for Axion but when Valdco bought Axion. They kept everyone but some upper board members were fired due to some problems that Vlad seen. Sam, Tucker and Mikey blink surprise that Valerie father works for Valdco. Seeing the billionaire who built his company in Canada and moved back to the states where he was born.

Bringing his company and hundreds of thousands jobs but also advance new technology. Many people remember that Valdco stock emerging on the market with low grade and possible no future. In five years shares soared over two hundred percent and again reaching to close to three hundred dollars and one of the most powerful companies in the north America area.

Not many people invested into the company when they first came to the states. But those who did invested hundreds of thousands of dollars aren't worry about a future at all.

"Trust me Valerie I have something that Valdco would kill for" chuckle Danny. 'Knowing Mikey he's thinking of something stupid' laugh Danny.

Emberlynn blinks wondering what Danny means. "You sure Danny? I mean he's not easily impress and Dad works there he sees lots of talent. Those scientist there are like genius level and a ego to match it" Emberlynn nods. Seeing many people heard her father works at Valdco while her mother continues to work and not acts like sobs. Many people see a fresh of air with Elena and Emberlynn in Amity Park. Seeing A grin on Danny face.

"Was thinking we make a model of the solar system and seeing Star is great with arts, craft and painting. I knowing most of the satellite of Voyager one and two, Mikey can research some planets" reply Danny.

Star nods liking this while Mike shakes his head "How about I do the satellite of Voyager one and two and you research the planets" folding his arms. Mikey blinks seeing Danny waving his hand agreeing with him before he even talk or finish.

"Your place rich girl" Emberlynn grins making Sam flinch. Letting out a small giggle seeing Sam flinch "Oh relax I told them and seeing how better raised I am with money. At least I don't act like you putting people down even I got more money than your family" giggle Emberlynn. Knowing it's true and seeing people asking about her father telling them he works for Valdco and up there in the board meetings.

It's not a complete lie but mostly true.

Sam rolls her eyes "Not going to happen. If you come over to my house my parents will throw you out or worse cause problems. So how about we go over your place and work on the project". Sam folds her arms nodding her head while Emberlynn shrugs her shoulders looking at Danny.

Everyone wonders if they are having a silent conversation. Seeing Danny nod, Emberlynn turns to Sam, Tucker with a sly grin. Sam feels her stomach drop while Tucker wonders why he's caught in the middle of this. Mikey looks confuse looking back and forth.

"Sure. Danny will let us use his room he will take the lab" grin Emberlynn. Everyone blinks at Emberlynn seeing she is still staying with Danny but what about her mom? Seeing them all staring at her. "What! Danny and I share the same room and bed" winking at Danny making him smile. Sam rolls her eye while Mikey glares at Danny.

"Mom is also living there too. She has her own room my family and Danny family have known each other for years. My dad and his parents are old college friends" explain Emberlynn.

Mikey hearing this wince seeing it's going to be even harder. That her father and his parents are old college friends. 'Maybe I can convince her dad to let me see Vlad Masters. I heard rumors of him working close to him and she just confirmed that her dad is at the board meetings. Probably one of the scientist he might know Vlad Masters himself. He'll probably think Danny's parents a crack pots and jokes too. Seeing he isn't around that much' Mikey eyes beam with hope.

"Danny's room?" blink Sam. Seeing Emberlynn nod, Sam blinks and wonders 'Never been to Danny's room but heard his parents buying the house next door and remodeling but also extending the house he lives now?.'

"Just don't sit on the bed" said the two. Everyone turns to Danny and Emberlynn speaking wondering why they shouldn't sit on the bed. Kwan, Dale grin, Star, Paulina smile, Tiffany and Valerie giggle. Dash looks confuse while Tucker looks blinks, Sam rolls her eyes and Mikey blinks.

"Why?" said the jock and two nerds at the same time.

Kwan, Dale and Danny breaking out laughing. The girls tries to contain the laughter but it's not happening. Emberlynn turns to Danny who shrug his shoulders and seeing Sam rolling her eyes.

"I didn't change the sheets because I had the other sheets in the dryer. Don't want the bed smelling of sex all the time" chuckle Danny. Tucker, Mikey and Dash face turn red muttering about that.

"Library" hiss Sam. Walking away grabbing the two boys on her side muttering about guys having sex and being gross.

Everyone laughs.

LATER Library

Emberlynn sighs reading on how behavior male purple back gorilla are she blinks seeing this isn't like Samson male behavior. Turning to Sam and Tucker both talking about something listening to Sam saying Tucker being the distraction. Emberlynn rolls her eyes knowing Danny isn't enjoying this too much. Well maybe seeing Star there and knowing how Star is she will put Mikey in his place.

'Got to admit, Star has her moments and she does have small round butt. Seeing her wearing that corset and garters in the room.' Emberlynn giggles shaking her head seeing she was over the weekend in Danny's room. 'Oh man she was red. But she can pull it off if she changes her hair a bit'. Emberlynn ghost sense goes off looking around she turns to Sam. "Bathroom" Emberlynn got up.

Sam and Tucker shrug their shoulders. Once in the bathroom into a stall with no one around, Emberlynn transforms. Turning intangible looking around trying to find the ghost seeing nothing she turns around and brings her guitar up.

"BOOM" being blasted out of the sky, Ember opens her eye seeing Skulker.

'Fuck, Danny was right him of all ghost here. He must have found me, dad did say he hunts rare ghost and dad put him in his place for trying to hunt him' Ember blocks the next attack. Using her guitar she slams it to Skulker body sending him back down.

"WHAT THE HELL" shouted Ember. Slowly descending down with her hair flaring up "You seriously shot a missile at me do you know how much that HURTS" Ember floats down glaring at the ghost. "Skulker the ghost zone greatest hunter what do you want" demanded Ember.

She has heard of him. Has heard he works for Krang but also Dad dealing with Skulker a few times in the past.

Skulker wipes his suit "Interesting it seems you are more resilient than I anticipated. What I want is your head as a trophy". Grinning he charges towards Ember but stops seeing a girl throwing a can at him, Ember rolls her eyes.

"Hey hunting is bad" shouted Sam. Throwing another can at Skulker who rolls his eyes he aims a blaster at them. "Move" Sam pushes Tucker away dropping one of his devices on the floor before being blasted.

"No. I just got that replace and with three payments left" whine Tucker.

"Hunting keeps nature at a healthy balance of which the available habitat can support. For many wildlife species, hunting also helps to maintain populations at levels compatible with human activity and land use. I thought all humans know this" Skulker floats down but as he does he is hit with Ember guitar sending him flying to a wall.

"MOVE" shouted Ember. Glaring at the two 'Really. She is throwing a can at Skulker of all people' Ember eyes widen. Creating a small ecto bubble around her she is blasted back into a wall while Tucker drops his new pear phone on the ground.

"Noo. I have like hundred payments on that" whine Tucker. Skulker looks down seeing the new sleek technology but also a V on it, Skulker looks at his wrist seeing the old broken technology on it.

"Such advancement, sleek design" ripping the piece from his suit and placing it on his Skulker smiles seeing it work. But than Skulker suit glows green and soon his weapons change to be more advance.

"Fucking great. You just made him more powerful" roared Ember. Blasting Skulker who points a laser that transform into something bigger. "Fucking upgrade" muttered Ember.

"Good-" Skulker is blasted out of the air into a park truck. Floating down is someone that Skulker saw and met in the ghost zone "You. Phantom" Skulker charges and when he did, Danny caught his punch. "WHAT". Seeing the flash of red in his eyes Danny has been training.

"SKULKER" roar Danny throwing the ghost zone greatest hunter. When Danny went into the ghost zone he did research on as many he can. Seeing Amorpho came to him congratulated Danny on a job well done. He left Danny a USB on certain ghosts to watch for.

Than everyone heard it Skulker arm snapped off shocking everyone. Danny using the arm swings at Skulker who is flying down. Ember with her guitar changes the nod to a wave and plays a guitar note sending Skulker blasting off away. Danny floating down look at Ember who looks angry.

"You ok?" ask Danny.

Ember rolls her eyes nodding but glaring at the two people. Danny nods seeing where this is going they turn invisible and leave the area. Tucker and Sam blink wondering where did they go but than Emberlynn walks out of the front of the library looking angrily.

"Hey we got a report to write about a gorilla" shouted Emberlynn. Watching Sam rolls her eyes and Tucker blinking at her "What?" said Emberlynn irritated.

Sam sighs "You are telling me you didn't see it. The fight between Ember and that other hunter ghost? Than Phantom appearing?" Sam places her hand on her hip glaring at Emberlynn. 'The hell I mean everyone hear it' Sam watches Emberlynn rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Watching her turn around she wince and grabs her arms. 'What's this?'.

Seeing Emberlynn wince, Sam wonders where did those red marks come from? 'I'm certain she didn't have them on her before she went to the bathroom?' thought Sam.

Fentonworks That evening

Emberlynn groans while Danny is chuckling seeing that the three are done and Star will finish the painting of the planets. Danny using a plasma torch wielding metal wires in circles for the planets to be in and another wire on four sides to keep the circle up floating inside a box. That is painted black with small yellow and white dots for space. Mikey has been doing research on about interstellar space and seeing him not understanding.

Star ordered Mikey to research planets and Danny already had information on interstellar space. Already typing three pages and going more about the past forty to fifty years of research that has been gather.

"Skulker?" said Elena. Danny and Emberlynn nod "Vlad did say he hunts rare species. Wanting your head as a trophy I wonder what he will do once he finds Danny being a male halfa?" ask Elena.

Jack didn't like this while Maddie is angry that someone is hunting her son and daughter in law. But also everyone is helping her getting ready for an interview with a woman from Genius Magazine that Jazz got to come to interview her mother.

"Worry about it later mom. I'm going to help Emberlynn with her project and be yourself" grin Danny. Everyone nods as the doorbell rings they head upstairs while Danny and Emberlynn nod. As they transform seeing Jazz running past them happy the woman arrived.

They head up on the roof to find Skulker.

Saturday Afternoon

Spending most of the morning at the zoo, Emberlynn whined wishing to look at more of the animals like the small wolf cubs. Or even the baby tigers that recently born but no Sam wants her to watch Samson. Seeing Danny with them helping Emberlynn with the project they notice a zoo keeper talking about the gorilla.

Danny seeing the suggestion box raised an eye. Walking towards it he sees Emberlynn blinking at him writing something down in a note. He puts it in the box as Emberlynn shakes her head confuse. Danny whispers into her ear making her blink.

"No" Emberlynn shakes her head. Looking at Samson than back to Danny wondering what he said can it be true?. But the zoo has specialist they would check would they but also 'What if Danny is right?' thought Emberlynn.

Danny chuckles grabbing her hand they head towards Sam and Tucker talking but Sam rolls her eyes. As they come to a complete stop Danny sees Sam staring at him rolling his eyes wondering why. Knowing about her crush on him, Danny has tried everything well almost everything.

"So we meet here later tonight without you seeing this is our project" Sam looks at Danny who gives her a dull look with a grunt. Turning to Emberlynn who nods he nods as the two begin to walk away from Sam. 'He just acknowledges my existence but for some reason he can't stand me why? Maybe grandma Ida is right I need to try harder or break them apart' Sam sighs.

Knowing breaking them apart will be very hard to do. Seeing they been friends since they were five years old. Sam just feels that Danny would be better if they would together or hanged out more often.

That night

Emberlynn is pacing back and forth seeing the Zoo finally closed over an hour ago. But her biggest concern is Skulker seeing that Danny mention his parents he saw Skulker flying towards the zoo.

'Great. Just fucking great. I got a ghost hunter after my head. Sam planning to free a fucking monkey onto the town I mean what else can go wrong? walking to the area where Sam said to met. Emberlynn grins sees Tucker on the floor napping but holding his devices in his hand. But what made this funny his device has a pajama outfit on.

'Hello blackmail' giggle Emberlynn. Taking the picture and saving it on her cell phone. 'Huh. Is it Sam or Skulker' looking at the direction Emberlynn blinks seeing Sam with a bag of tools with her. "Oh you" Emberlynn rolls her eyes.

"You sound relieve what meeting with someone else?" ask Sam. 'What is she hiding?' thought Sam. Watching Emberlynn roll her eyes, Sam can't stand the girl in front of her the way she acts, speaks but dresses.

"Yea Danny. Besides" turning around she kicks Tucker in the foot making him wake up "He dozed off" pointing to Tucker who looks nervous. Sam is glaring at him, Emberlynn rolls her eyes but sees her breath. 'Fuck. He's here' blink Emberlynn.

'What that her breath? It's like sixty something degrees in March' blink Sam. Wondering what is going on, Sam notices Emberlynn looking around while Samson is making noise getting their attention. Sam frowns "Don't worry we will be setting you free, Tucker help".

Emberlynn snorts "Right. Lets set free a five hundred pound gorilla. Wait rare gorilla loose in town nothing will go wrong" Emberlynn rolls her eyes. Walking away from them, Sam glares at Emberlynn while Tucker blinks seeing Emberlynn having a point.

Tucker is looking at Sam 'Great she's angry but at the same time.' Tucker looks at Sam "Emberlynn is right Sam setting him free out of the zoo onto the town that's a very bad idea" Tucker shutters. 'Oh man the trouble I will get if we are caught'. Tucker lets go of the door and shakes his head making Sam even more angrier.

Sam on the other hand gets even more angry. Emberlynn refusing to help and now Tucker taking her side "Go figure look at the poser leaving" grin Sam. Folding her arms 'Yup that's right. That's what I called you' grin Sam.

Emberlynn stops. She slowly turns her head around and gives Sam a look. Tucker flinches he slowly stepped away from Sam and looking at Samson who is making much more noise than before. Turning back to Emberlynn walking towards Sam, Tucker doesn't know what to do.

'Let's see. Five hundred pound gorilla being very agitated or two girls going into a cat fight and Sam ending up in the hospital. But also I will be too if Danny finds out I did nothing to stop this. FUCK there's no way out I lose either way' Tucker lets out a mental whine and cry.

"Poser ME of all people. WOW" Emberlynn rolls her eyes laughing. Sam folds her arms but she saw something in Emberlynn that made her gulp. Seeing the dark, hated and disgusted look towards Sam. "You of all people calling me that. What didn't the pink dresses at the rich gala party make you happy?. Or did you finally see the real posers there not being your real friends". Emberlynn watches Sam flinch 'Got you' thought Emberlynn.

Sam looks scared. Seeing Emberlynn knows all maybe, everything. Sam doesn't know how to stop this but worse what will Emberlynn say to her now. Calling her a poser is the worse thing you can call someone of their identity.

"Pink?" blink Tucker looking at Sam knowing how much she hates pink. Tucker turns to Emberlynn nodding her head and than his phone went off. Opening the message he sees a picture attached to it. Opening he blinks at Emberlynn wondering how he got his number but also. "This is Sam and she looks happy?" Tucker sees Emberlynn nod.

Sam flinches and looks at the picture and memories came back to her. Shaking her head and looking at Emberlynn who grins. Sam shakes her head closing her eyes trying to push those bad memories away. But Emberlynn wasn't going to let her go that easily.

"Awww didn't Lilith give you advice on what to do when this happens" giggle Emberlynn. Sam flinches hearing that name seeing Emberlynn knows about her too. "What's wrong did the poser goth not tell you what to do?"

Sam shakes her head wondering how she knows Lilith? But Tucker is the one to ask "Whose Lilith?" blinking at Emberlynn. Seeing how much she knows about Sam's life while he has known Sam since fourth grade. Recently found out she's rich last year in their freshmen year. Tucker begins to wonder what else is Sam hiding 'That's the name that Sam gave for the flour sack when we did that project. Danny got paired with Star'.

"Just some nut job in psych ward" Emberlynn sees Sam flinch. Sam is about to scream but Emberlynn cuts her off "I'm not a poser Samantha. I'm the real deal granted I had trouble making friends when I was younger they didn't share my love or obsession of rock music. You on the other hand didn't have trouble making friends. Did it hurt that much to hear your so call elementary school friends only liked you because their parents said to be your friends because you are rich".

Emberlynn rolls her eyes seeing she remembers Sam being at the the parties. But heard why they all liked Sam she was nice to everyone smiling and loved her pink dresses that her mother bought her. But that change after one party hearing something.

Sam flinches and shakes her head closing her eyes pushing back terrible memories. Tucker blinks and looks at Sam granted when they met in fourth grade she was this goth who move to town with her parents who he finds out is rich. But seeing Sam acting like this of all his years knowing Sam, Tucker turns to Emberlynn. Seeing this girl destroying her but also breaking down her walls.

"Yes. I was the one who told Danny about you burning a gym down. He checked the reports and told me about Lilith" Emberlynn sees Tucker shock reaction but Sam flinches seeing Danny knows this as well. Emberlynn nodding her head "Yea. Second grader burns a gym down with some classmates there. She snapped and spent a year in a psych ward where she met Lilith some sixteen year old poser goth" Emberlynn rolls her eyes.

Sam couldn't believe what she is hearing. Danny of all people found Lilith but Emberlynn wasn't done "Yea when she finally got checked out she became a dominatrix." Tucker jaw dropped. Sam looks uncomfortable while Emberlynn shrugs her shoulders "She's a brunette thirty two C cup. Slim build not much there kind of skinny didn't make it to twenty one"

Tucker couldn't believe this looking at Sam who is glaring and breathing hard at Emberlynn seeing she is revealing her life. But also a possible future life of Sam's. Tucker flinches as Sam is about to explode Emberlynn said something that made Sam flinch in shock.

"You and Danny will never happen" Emberlynn giggles shaking her head at Sam who looks angry to hear this. "Yea he has told me. I mean come on even I notice it you have a crush on my fiance. Yea he's hot he's like a demon in bed of my god the orgasms I get" Emberlynn slaps her face blushing.

"You don't know what the future holds" muttered Sam. Shaking her head Sam grins "Probably the only reason Danny is dating you is because maybe your family is funding his parents research" Sam nods her head coming up with that.

Tucker rolls his eyes 'Really, Sam. I mean come on that was lame even for you' Tucker shakes his head. Knowing Danny's family doesn't need outside funding he over heard his father speak about Danny's father. Jack making large investments long time ago that paid very, very well. 'Besides funding that's the F.B.I job' Tucker rolls his eyes.

"No. Trust me it's not. Danny's father paid for my dad hospital bill for an accident back in college." Sam hearing this blink while Tucker looks surprise. Emberlynn nods her head to them both. "Dad didn't know about it until mom told her about her pregnancy. By than dad's accident was almost all gone and Jack to thank for" smile Emberlynn.

Before anyone spoke "How touching" Skulker lands on the ground pointing his blaster at them. Emberlynn curses and got in front of Sam and Tucker. "Any more of this I think I would blow a fuse". Aiming the blaster at Emberlynn "Now I will have your head as a trophy" grin Skulker.

"Why is a ghost hunting you?" blink Sam.

Emberlynn turns around and gives Sam a look "Of all the stupid questions to ask who I'm I seeing and fucking?". Emberlynn sees Sam blink 'Of course now she gets it' turning around back to Skulker who clothed line by Samson.

"WHAT?" said all three. Wondering how Samson got free they turned around to see the cage open and the lock picked. Wondering who did it they flinch to see Samson rip Skulker arm out.

"Ouch" said Phantom. Floating down with his arms folded "Sorry to ease drop but seeing the gorilla looking agitated I set him loose on Skulker" Phantom nods. Sam, Tucker and Emberlynn blinks at him. Rolling his eyes he turns back to Skulker whose head popped off.

"WHAT?" blink Tucker, Sam and Emberlynn. Danny chuckles he heard from Amorpho that Skulker built a robot suit to hunt ghost. Floating towards Skulker Danny uses the thermo's to suck up the parts and soon Skulker pops out of his metal head.

"It's a booger?" blink Emberlynn. Hearing laughter coming from Danny nodding his head. She stares at the green dot of a ghost but when he spoke "HEahaha he sounds like he inhale helium" Emberlynn is laughing.

"Enough. I am Skulker the ghost zone greatest hunter. I will have both your pelts seeing how rare you two-" Danny sucks up Skulker not letting him finish that.

Tucker blinks wondering what he means. Sam is staring at Phantom and looking at Emberlynn 'Why would a ghost hunt a human? But Skulker what's his and hers pelt for this makes no sense?' thought Sam.

"I suggest we leave before the police arrive" spoke Danny. Snapping his fingers making a portal appear under their feet they all fall through.

Amity Park



Tucker landed hard on the ground and Sam landed on top of him. Emberlynn landed on her feet and seeing them both she rolls her eyes. Looking at Danny with a nod both Sam and Tucker blink at the two. Seeing them staring at each other are they having a conversation?.

"No problem just head home. I'll let them know you are safe" Phantom snaps his finger making a portal appear to the ghost zone and floats through it. Sam and Tucker blinks at the purple green skies mix with black.

'That's pretty cool' blink Sam.

'Is that a different dimension?' thought Tucker.

Emberlynn sighs knowing this won't be easy. "I will handle the paper and turn it in over Monday. Tucker some pictures of two purple back gorilla's male and female and Sam pictures of their habitat together on a poster board".

Tucker shrugs his shoulders seeing they almost got nothing and Sam is about to protest. Emberlynn glares at her making her quiet.

"I at least keep A plus or minus unlike the C grades you get. Not going to lower myself to your standard" Emberlynn walks away while Tucker nods agreeing with Emberlynn while Sam rolls her eyes.

Monday Casper high

Everyone is talking about Mikey. The only person in town that got into a special program that Valdco is doing. Seeing he was mention into the town's news paper everyone is talking about Mikey. Students, teachers even some parents as well. It's his dream come true.

"Yup it went to his head" sigh Tucker. Shaking his head he got a text from Emberlynn asking if the poster board was ready. Seeing it was and telling Sam he doesn't want to fail, Tucker got the email and printed everything last night.

Sam rolls her eyes "Well his ego isn't as big like the A lister". Tucker nods to Sam but they notice Rebecca talking to Mikey whispering something in his ear. Sam raise an eye while Tucker blinks. 'But it will take them down a notch especially Danny. He's been very cocky' Sam sighs.

With what Emberlynn told her still fresh on her mind. Sam wonders how things turned out like this. Turning to Tucker seeing what he is staring, Sam blinks.

'Is Danny onto something here?' thought Tucker. Seeing Rebecca being very chummy with Mikey, Tucker looks at Sam with a blink. 'She's confuse as well but also probably thinking what Danny said. Knowing Mikey he will give us an excuse.' Tucker narrow his eyes on Mikey.

For Mikey he feels he's top of the world that nothing can bring him down. That he finally got one over Danny Fenton making to the news paper. Being part of Valdco program something that is very hard to achieve. Walking to Tucker and Sam with a grin he blinks seeing they aren't sharing his enjoyment.

"What?" blink Mikey. The bell rang "Lets go I want to see Fenton's face" grin Mikey. Sam and Tucker roll their eyes as Tucker is carrying the poster board they head to class and once they arrive. They notice the A lister all reading the same magazine.

Mikey has a grin walking to his seat with a happy kick. Sam rolls her eyes and Tucker sighs. Seeing the A lister finish reading the magazine they turn to Danny who has a grin on his face nodding. Emberlynn is rubbing her forehead seeing that Danny is right. Than Lancer walks into class wondering what Charles meant he will get a shock in today's project class.

"Very well Monday. Everyone's project should be ready what group would like to go-" before Lancer can even finish. Mikey stood up smiling and nodding his head speaking loudly.

"WE WILL" Mikey walks to the front of the class as Danny carries the large boxes he gives Star a smile who shuts off the lights. Mikey blinks and looks at Danny wondering if this is a trap. Once the lights are off Danny flips the switch making the large diagram in a box moving and lights up.

Lancer nods seeing how well it's done. Students got up from their seats seeing the sun shine and the planets going around the sun.

As they take turn talking about their project on what they found, Lancer nods loving the work and details they did. As their time is coming to an end, Mikey smiles stepping forward getting everyone attention. Danny rolls his eyes and looks at Star mouthing her I told you so.

"So. Since this is done I would like to announce about my acceptance in the Valdco program. I assume many of you heard and read in Amity Park Post newspaper. I'm the first in the school to get into the program but also town. Thank you" smile Mikey. Glancing at Danny with a look saying top that.

Some students clap and Lancer clears his throat "Yes. That is wonderful Mikey some of the faculty was talking about it". Lancer rolls his eyes and sighs seeing this won't stop he was hoping Mikey would learn his lesson but didn't. "Who will be next" ask Lancer.

Emberlynn got up. Tucker got up while Sam shrug her shoulders staying in her seat. As Tucker places the poster board and opens it they all blink while Emberlynn clears her throat. "As many of you heard Samson the rare purple-back gorilla, of which only two, both male, remain in the world. Is actually a female" Emberlynn holds up the genius Magazine and another magazine shocking everyone.

Tucker blinks in shock. Sam looks confuse and Emberlynn nods looking at Danny snapping both fingers giving a thumbs up in the air. Mikey tilts his head and his eye twitched slowly sinking into his seat seeing what Magazine's Danny is on.

Lancer mouth drops in shock walking to Emberlynn he opens the genius magazine and reads "In recent events genius child of genius woman discovers gorilla male actually female. A Delilah." Lancer sees Danny's parents and sister on the cover. "Didn't anyone at the zoo bothered to check if it was a boy or girl?".

Danny snorts "No they were too busy fighting back all the social warriors and environmentalist to keep the Zoo safe. They wasted too much manpower and money protecting the animals and zoo. That they didn't even give Delilah a proper screening. But some people think releasing the last female rare purple back gorilla onto a town is fine" Danny shakes his head.

Sam groans and sinks into her seat even lower. Hearing what Danny said made her whine 'Great. He knew about it all this time but is on that stupid magazine mom and dad reads all the time?' blink Sam. Seeing Emberlynn holding up another magazine in her hand but Sam didn't see this one yet. She knows her parents get one every month so why didn't she see this one?

Or her parents mentioning anything about it or complaining what so ever? Did they not see it?

Lancer looks shock. "That's the Fortune magazine and Danny is on the cover?".

Emberlynn nods "Yup next month issue here. Danny little stunt on Genius Magazine got the attention of high ranking companies. Valdco, Tech work, Beta world and more calling him the future scientist coming of technology."

Everyone in class turns to Danny shrugging his shoulders. As he turns around and gives Mikey a look but the grin on Danny face said it all. "Built a machine that produce enough clean electricity to run a town" everyone in class that didn't know about this has their jaws drop. Lancer is reading the article.

"Daniel Fenton whose mother was on last month woman's genius magazine is a genius himself. Showing plans of creating a ectofuel cell a machine able to power up a whole city with no pollution. Technology ahead of it's time in the next century knowing the inner workings". Lancer looks at Danny back to the article "Companies such as Valdco and Tech work are reaching out to Fentonworks for a partnership and wanting Daniel James Fenton as a full time scientist being the one of the few youngest at sixteen.".

No one spoke. Kwan, Dale and the girls all clap for Danny who chuckles. Getting onto two national magazines one after the next month is something hard to do. But Danny of all people did it. Mikey sat in his seat hearing what the magazine said being one of the few youngest at sixteen. But with companies like Valdco, Tech work and more wanting him now.

"Daniel is this amazing" smile Lancer. Staring at his student and seeing what Charles said 'He knew, Charles knew hehah' Lancer chuckles. Nodding his head "I always knew you were a genius sometimes mad and angry but a mad genius" chuckle Lancer. Everyone laugh while Danny nods his head chuckling.

Mikey can't believe this Danny some how manage to upstage him not once, not twice not three but four maybe not four maybe it was. At this point in his young life Mikey has lost count of all the times Danny got the best of him. But something cross Mikey mind if this happen so why it wasn't mention in the A.P.P.

'Not just one but Two. But why wasn't he on the newspaper don't tell me' Mikey groans.

"It's nothing. Just find it strange Amity Park Post or A.P.P newspaper didn't know about it?" Danny nods while everyone in class wonder as well. "Hell Elmerton and other areas in town did. So did Social media they are pointing this out onto Amity Park Post." Everyone hears a groan as they turn to Sam who blinks seeing everyone looking at her.

"My parents own Amity Park Post when they saw the article they probably called the editor to get it drop" muttered Sam. Seeing Danny grin and Emberlynn smirk on their faces, Sam rolls her eyes. 'They fucking planned this and knowing my parents hate Danny's parents and had articles bashing his family' but Sam eyes widen in horror. "SHIT" Sam covers her mouth seeing what she just reveal.

"Wait, wait, wait" everyone sees Sara shaking her head. "Your parents own Amity Park post". Students around the class wondering how. Lancer turns to Sam seeing she's been hiding this from her peers.

'It seems Samantha has met her match against Emberlynn. It's a fight she will lose' thought Lancer.

Sam looks around seeing everyone staring at her. Having a hard time breathing she takes a deep breath trying to clam herself down. Before she spoke or snapped at them all, a voice came to Sam aid. Someone she thought would never happen.

Emberlynn giggles "Yea didn't you know Sam is the heiress of deli toothpick cellophane-twirling device". Everyone turns to Emberlynn nodding her head, classmates and students are shock to hear this. "Yea it's common knowledge who her parents are. My dad works for Valdco he's a billionaire" Emberlynn grins and looks at Sam 'Check MATE POSER'.

With both their status out. This will tip Casper High into a different direction. Chaos. Something that Danny wants but also knows Rebecca can't or won't be able to handle it.

"WHAT" minus the A lister, Tucker and Mikey everyone shouted. They all turn to Sam with wide eyes while they hear Danny chuckles.

"Well technically my family is rich not like Sam but close" all eyes are on Danny. Nodding his head Tucker looks at Mikey and flinches. Seeing his eye twitch and his hand shaking too much.

'Shit. Mikey just blew a fuse I think he's going to snap. Please don't let him burn down the school' whine Tucker. Seeing who is his best friends, Tucker sighs wondering why he didn't talk to Danny more when he came to pre school. He acted so cool and different from the others but Mikey had the tablet at that young age. Turning back to Danny smiling and speaking.

"My dad invested into Valdco like decades ago when they came into the market. Seeing the shares just below five dollars. Dad invested about three to four hundred K" everyone in class is shock. But Danny wasn't done he looks at Sam with a grin making her shrink in her seat.

"Dad also invested into Mason Food inc. Not that much like in Valdco bout hundred K when they were at two dollars after doing a reverse split all those years ago" Danny shrugs his shoulder but Lancer hearing this blinks and looks at Danny. Walking to his desk he picks up his pear phone. Something the students don't usually see him do in class.

Sam eye twitch she remembers that god awful week. Her parents fighting her grandma almost having an heart attack because of her. The company lost eighty five percent of investors dropping down to a all new low. She snapping and put in a psych ward. It was a year of hell and she feels like it's happening to her all over again.

"Daniel If I remember correctly Valdco opened a decade ago about four dollars and twenty to forty cents. That's at least over one hundred thousands shares and on today's current market price it's at" everyone sees Lancer face pale. Staring at Danny shock to see this amount.

"I think mom said it's at two hundred and nine dollars a share" reply Emberlynn.

Lancer blinks taking a seat "Over twenty one million". Seeing he has three rich students in his class two who are well behave and different from the other rich student. 'They always say nature versus nurture. It's nurture' sigh Lancer. Seeing where the two went right and the third went terribly wrong.

Danny shrugs his shoulders "Dad said he hasn't used even a penny of that money. Also what's Mason Food inc stock symbol MFI"

Lancer types the symbol in the box and when he saw the number "ninety two dollars meaning close to ten million".

Danny nods. "Hmm might tell dad to sell half the shares seeing it's it highest and they had a slow down in this quarter before the report comes out". Everyone stares at Danny seeing the genius at work they all turn to Sam whose eye hasn't stop twitching.

Emberlynn grins and looks at Sam and mouthing her 'Enjoy your new life POSER'.