1. si reborn as a homunculus in full metal alchemist brotherhood

2. si as naofumis shield, kind of like that manga about the guy that is now a sword.

3. si reborn as a ghoul. there aren't enough of these, plus imagine if the si was all sarcastic and funny all the time,

it would be nice for a less serious person to be there.

4. si that just shows up in mha after death as a ghost, not even reborn just bam

now they are there and are a ghost with ghost powers.

5. si reborn as a monster egg (your choice) in Shield hero that naofumi bought along with filos egg

6. si reborn in Ascendance of a Bookworm as mynes sibling also they watched the show. and by sibling i mean like

if mynes family had one more kid. i also think it would be cool if there was a

fic where senku from dr stone was that reborn sibling.

7. a fanfic about an si that is reborn into one piece in south blue and their

goal is to be one of the 7 warlords because they thing it would be cool.

8. si in sao as a npc (i know there is a fic of this already but it's too damn short)

9. years before cannon a si is reborn as a demon in welcome to demon school irima kun

and has watched the show. i feel like if you put a former human in that show it

would be so funny and a extra friend for iruma, i can see it now. the si would

mess with iruma before he revels his past to him like "oh you smell different" haha

10. a fic where an si is now a parasyte from the anime parasyte BUT they spawn in

the promised neverland and are now one of the kids (most likely Emma's) hand

11. a saga of tanya the evil fic where being x punts another non believer into

tanyas head so tanyas in control but has to deal with another person as the backseat

driver and they constantly are like "chill bro"

12. a demon slayer fic where the si wakes up as a ghoul and the slayers are all

omg it lives in sunlight.

13. a soul eater fic where the si is reborn as a witch and deals with the DWMA