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Epilogue (10 years later):

"Please don't forget the cupcakes on the way home," Bella reminded me as I packed up my laptop.

"Cupcakes? I thought we got a cake?" I questioned.

"We have a cake. However, the cupcakes had to be ordered at a different bakery, because we needed a gluten free option," Bella answered.

"Okay, I'm leaving now," I told her, heading for my door.

I paused by my assistant's desk. "Lauren, thank you for coming in on a Saturday morning. I won't be in the office on Monday so you can have the day off to make up for today."

"Thank you, sir," she responded.

After a quick stop at the bakery and another to grab some flowers, I made my way home. I felt guilty having to go into work when we were having a big party, however, something major came up. Over the years, there have been some changes. We would never hurt for money, so there was no reason to continue the riskier businesses. With the exception of still working with Santiago, everything else was legal. It took a load off my mind, as well as Jasper and Emmett's. What clinched it for me was a few days after the break in, Bella had a nervous breakdown after the shock wore off. I never wanted to see my bride that distraught, again.

Peter had officially retired from everything. On the day Liam tried to kill Bella, we found him in Liam's car trunk in my garage. He was barely alive and was in a coma for two months. When he awoke, he had suffered some brain damage and had to use a cane to walk. We found out that Maggie had tipped him off to her father. From hidden emails she had found Liam was the master head of everything. Maggie wanted her freedom, and to do so, she knew she had to get rid of her father. Turns out she was as smart as her father; she was the one behind changing Rosalie's identity and helped her to hide. She currently was living in California and was working as an animator for Disney.

I entered the house and nearly collided with a half a dozen kids, who were running through the hallway. I took a backward step and my foot almost landed on a skateboard. My house, that Bella once dubbed resembled a museum, had turned into a more lived in home, filled with children.

"Take the running outside, boys. Charlie, your skateboard doesn't belong in the house," I ordered.

"Sorry, Da," my seven-year-old said sheepishly. He looked like his mother with his brown hair and eyes. But Bella insisted that he looked like her father. He hurried forward to pick it up.

"Sorry, Uncle Edward," my nephews chorused.

Rowan and Ronan were Emmett and Rosalie's boys. They got married a year after Bella and I did. Rowan was eight and his brother was seven, currently. They were actually Irish twins born ten months apart. Both had Emmett's dark curls and Rose's blue eyes.

Aidan was Jasper and Alice's six-year-old son. They had a bumpy relationship and got married five years ago, because Alice refused to get married just because she was pregnant.

I spied my four-year-old son, Kieran, ahead of the boys, hiding something behind his back. His green eyes peered at me behind his red bangs.

"And what are you up to?" I asked him.

"Nutin'." He gave me a big toothy grin.

"He stole our frisbee," Charlie complained.

"They wouldn't let me play," Kieran whined.

"You boys were playing frisbee in the house?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Ah…technically the shooting range. Da said it was okay, because there was nothing to break in there," Rowan explained.

Of course, Emmett did, but if Bella knew she would have a fit. She wouldn't care if the guns were locked up or not. She didn't like them in there at all.

"Take it outside and include Kieran. Where are your older brothers?" I asked Charlie.

"Upstairs in Ryan's room. They're refusing to come to a baby party. But we got a bounce house, so I'm cool with it," he answered.

I sighed heavily, it was chaos here, and I'm sure Bella was stressing out trying to make sure everything was perfect for our youngest's first birthday. Normally, she was on top of everything. So, the fact they were getting away with things they shouldn't meant she was overloaded. She no longer worked outside of the home. She ran a tutoring business and often taught classes online. During school breaks she often took in all the kids.

"Outside, play nice, and stay away from the pool until an adult can watch you," I ordered them.

Before I could reach the kitchen, I could hear loud voices.

"Shane, if you'd just sit—"

"I don't have to fucking listen to you. You're not my real aunt," Shane snapped.

"Hey! Don't ever take that tone with your aunt!" I bellowed, making them both jump.

I set the cupcakes on the counter. I looked at them back and forth, taking in the situation. Bella was clearly emotional, surrounded by food prep all around her. Shane was on the other side of the counter with his fists clenched.

"I don't have to listen to you either—you're not my uncle." He glowered at me.

"Listen here, you little punk. I don't know when you thought this attitude was acceptable, but you'll lose it now," I scolded.

"Edward," Bella chastised, not happy with me calling him a punk.

I turned to my wife. "What is going on here?"

"Shane overheard Carlisle and Emmett's conversation about—"

"When to tell me about my real dad," Shane interrupted her. "I've been lied to my entire life."

I bit my tongue from giving him a piece of my mind. He had the right to be upset, but he was taking it out on the wrong person. "Where are Emmett and Rosalie?" I asked calmly.

"Emmett is consoling Rose at the moment. I was trying to talk to Shane about it," Bella answered.

I faced Shane. "Get in my office now!"

"Why should I?" he argued.

"Don't make me ask you again," I said lowly.

He huffed and marched down the hallway.


I kissed the side of my bride's head. "This won't take long," I promised and handed her the flowers.

Shane was waiting outside my door, and I let him in. He didn't take a seat but stood in the center of the room, looking defiant.

"Take a seat," I told him and sat in my chair.

He ignored me, standing stiff and glaring in the center of the room. I reminded myself that Shane wasn't one of my men, who I could rip to shreds. He was hurt, angry, and overwhelmed. Apparently, it was a Masen trait he shared with Emmet and myself.

"Fine, don't take a seat. But first things first. I better not ever hear you disrespecting your aunt, again. That woman has loved you and cared for you since you were a small kid. She has never done anything for you to be cussing at her."

He frowned slightly. "Except lie to me. Everyone has been lying to me. We're not actually a real family."

"Boy, you don't know what you're talking about. We are a family." I shook my head. I knew Emmett and Rosalie might be pissed, but this had to be dealt with sooner, not later.

"Not by blood," Shane scoffed.

"You're wrong there too. Emmett and I are your half-brothers," I explained to him.

"You mean my mother was a slu—"

"Do not finish that sentence. You'll regret it. I know I did." I sighed. "Our father was a horrible monster. He mistreated women, time and time again. Some were willing, but others weren't. Your mother wasn't willing."

Shane's face switched from anger to horror. He went to sit and almost missed the couch. He pressed his fist to his forehead and shook his head. He looked up at me, looking confused and hurt.

"Why did she keep me?" His voice cracked.

"Because she loves you," I said softly.

He clenched his eyes tightly. "Fuck…I said…she's going to hate me now."

"She won't hate you. She might be very hurt, but you'll apologize and I'm sure she'll forgive you," I told him. "We lied to you, but we had our reasons. When you were five, you would've been too young to understand. Emmett stepped up because no one would've questioned him being your father. We had to do it for your safety, because there were enemies who would've hurt you to get to us. It was always for your protection."

I could see him processing it in his mind then his eyes widened.

"I was the boy, wasn't I?" Shane looked stricken. He didn't wait for me to answer. "I still remember that day clearly. Those men were looking to kidnap me, weren't they? And Aunt Bella let them take her to protect me."

"Yes," I admitted. "Shane, let me tell you something that took me until I was a lot older than you to figure out. DNA doesn't always make a man the best father. For myself, my bio dad was a tool, however, Uncle Carlisle was a better father. I could always go to him when I needed something, and he taught me how to be a good man. Emmett didn't just step up to protect you. He wanted to be your father. He felt he was robbed of being your bio dad and thought you should've been his. And he has never considered you anything but his own. Has he treated you any different than your brothers?"

"No." He shook his head, looking regretful. "I'm sorry."

"You don't owe me an apology. You had good reason to be upset. However, you took your anger out on the wrong people," I stated.

"I'll apologize to Aunt Bella, Mom, and Da," he promised.

"You can do one thing for me to make up for everything," I told him.

"What?" he asked, perplexed.

"Go upstairs and get the Trips to their sister's birthday party. I could order them, but then they will be grumpy the entire time. They'll listen to their older cousin," I asked.

"Yes, sir," he agreed.


When I made it back to the kitchen, Bella was just finishing a large tray of veggies and dip. However, her mind seemed to be elsewhere.

"What do you need me to do? Why isn't anyone helping you?" I asked as I snagged a cherry tomato.

"They are…or were. Alice is outside getting things set up, and I think Riley is helping her. Jasper is picking up his parents, so they don't drive. Carlisle is manning the grill. Esme is upstairs getting Shay dressed for her party. Emmett, Rose, and Shane were helping until everything blew up. Remind me next time to listen to you when you suggest hiring a caterer." She sounded tired.

"Words a husband loves to hear, that they are right," I teased.

"Well, it's bound to happen once every ten years." She smirked, then her smile fell right away. "Where's Shane?"

"I tied him up and will bury him in the backyard later, after everyone is gone," I joked.

She swatted at my hand, stopping me from stealing a cookie. "Not funny. I assume if you're joking around that it all went well."

"I talked to him and told him the truth," I told her.

"Don't you think that should have been Emmett and Rose's job?" she questioned.

"Maybe. But it was the best way to defuse the situation. I think he's more understanding now. He's definitely less angry and more remorseful. He's currently upstairs talking to the Trips about coming to their sister's party," I explained.

"Well, I guess that's at least two good things. How about you go upstairs to change out of your suit then help me carry food out. Oh…the present from your mother is in our closet," she told me.

"Yes, ma'am." I hurried through the house and up to the second floor.

I reached the top of the stairs just as the Trips, Ryan, Kellan, and Dylan, were coming out of Ryan's room with Shane behind them. All three ended up being nearly identical with my hair and Bella's eyes.

"It's nice to see you boys join the party," I greeted them.

"Can we have a water gun fight?" Kellan asked.

"As long as you include all the kids, if they want to play," I told them.

"Even Kieran?" Dylan complained.

"I'll partner with him," Shane spoke up.

"Thank you, Shane. Everyone grab something from the kitchen and bring it outside to help your mother," I ordered.

"Yes, sir," they responded, going for the stairs.

"And it has to be bigger than a saltshaker," I called after them.

Before I reached my room, the nursery door opened, and Aunt Esme stepped out with my pink faced princess in her arms. She was wearing a beautiful yellow dress and her brown curls were everywhere. Her watery green eyes widened when she saw me, and she started to smile.

"Da," she squealed, reaching out her arms for me.

"There's my princess." I took her and gave her a small toss in the air and caught her. She giggled then clung to me. "Why do you look like you've been crying?"

"She fought me on wearing the tights. I decided to give up," Aunt Esme chuckled.

"Just as well, last time she wore tights, she had a major blow out. I blame it on the tights squeezing the diaper." I bounced her, making her giggle harder. "And no princess should cry on her birthday."

Aunt Esme shook her head, smirking. "Careful. Keep calling her princess and you may regret it one day. She'll have you wrapped around her little finger."

"She already has most of us wrapped around her little finger. Shay is the only girl surrounded by boys. Besides, Bella will rein me in before I buy her a pony," I joked. "All right, birthday girl, you go down to your party, and I will be right there."

I handed her back to Esme and went to my room to change. By the time I got downstairs, most of everything was out of the kitchen. Bella was circling it as if she was double checking everything.

"What needs to go outside?" I asked.

"I think we got everything. It will be best to leave the dessert stuff in here until we need them." She smiled as she looked at me.

"I can think of one thing we forgot." I walked into the pantry.

"What?" Bella asked, perplexed as she followed me in.

"This." I kicked the door close then pulled her into a heated kiss.

Even ten years and six kids later, she still drove me crazy. My hands ghosted down her curves and I grasped her ass, under her flowy skirt. She pulled away from me, looking flushed.

"We should stop before one of the kids finds us," my bride said.

"Speaking of kids; we still have three empty bedrooms to fill up." I winked at her.

"You don't think six kids are enough?" she asked with an amused grin.

"Another couple of girls would help round things out." I shrugged.

Bella tossed her head back and laughed. "We'll talk about it later."

"So that's not a no?" I followed her out of the pantry.

"Later, Edward," she said.


Several hours later, the party was dying down. Everyone stepped in to help with the cleanup. Except, I, and my aunt backed me up, insisted Bella relax since she did a majority of the work in the morning. I was even surprised to see Charlotte help. Jasper had left not too long ago to drive his parents home.

I was sitting on a lounger with my princess passed out on my chest. It had been a long day for her, and it was past her bedtime. Bella looked over at us with a tender smile. She reached over to rub Shay's back.

"Could you put her to bed? Maybe even attempt to change her and wash her face," she asked.

"Sure." I shifted our baby, so I could stand.

As I approached the house, Aunt Esme was trying to coax Kieran to go to bed.

"I'm not tired." He yawned through his entire sentence.

"If you go now, I'll read you a story," Aunt Esme promised.

"With voices?" he asked.

"Of course." She winked at him and took his hand, leading him into the house.

Aunt Esme spotted us and sighed. "Aww. Where's my camera?"

"You already took about two hundred pictures," I teased her.

"Hush. It was only about one hundred." She laughed.

"Dad?" Kellan called from behind me, and I looked over my shoulder. "Can we all watch a movie in my room?"

"Yes, but keep the volume down, so you don't wake the younger kids," I told him.

I finally made it up the steps and was able to change the sleeping princess, without waking her. She laid on her back and was sleeping soundly as I tiptoed out of the room. When I returned downstairs, the others were getting ready to leave.

Things seemed settled between Emmett, Rosalie, and Shane. Early in the afternoon, Shane and Rose were hugging so I assumed it all worked out. Bella also told me he had apologized to her. Rose approached me before leaving.

"I want to thank you for speaking to Shane. I know Em and I should've done it before he found out like this, but it never seemed like a good time," she said.

"You don't need to thank me. I'm just glad you didn't think I overstepped," I said.

"You didn't." She gave me a brief hug.

A few minutes later, I closed the door behind the last person and my bride rested her head on my shoulder, closing her eyes.

"Is there anything that can't wait until tomorrow to do?" I asked.

"Nope," she answered me.

"Good." I swept her up bridal style and carried her up the steps.

"Aren't I getting too heavy for this?" she asked.

"Never. Heck, if I was able to carry you while you were pregnant with the Trips, I can carry you now. And speaking of pregnant, it is later. Can we talk about trying to have more?" I asked her.

"There's nothing to talk about," Bella said.

"Fine." I set her on her feet, outside our door. "I'm going to go check on the kids." I peeped in on Shay first then made my way down the hall. The Trips and Charlie were still in Kellan's room.

"When the movie is over, put yourselves to bed. Do you want me to move him?" I pointed at Charlie.

"Naw. We all decided to sleep in here for tonight," Kellan told me.

"Okay, see you in the morning. Good night, boys." I closed the door.

When I entered our room, I shivered. "Geesh. Why do you have it so cold, it wasn't that hot today."

"It felt hot to me." Bella answered from our bed.

I changed my clothes in the closet then headed for the bathroom. I immediately spotted a box on the counter and felt a sense of déjà vu. The test wasn't in the bathroom, so I rushed out and back into the closet, ignoring Bella, calling after me. I was disappointed to find nothing in the hidden drawer.

I went back into the room and Bella was looking at me with an amused expression. "Are you looking for this?" She held up the test.

I walked over to her and took it from her.


"So, there's nothing to talk about, since I already am pregnant. It's sort of moot at this point." She smirked.

I kissed her and sat at the edge of the bed. "How long have you known?"

"This morning, but today was Shay's day, so I thought I should wait to announce it. However, I think you're going to have to settle with lucky seven, because I'm done after this." She reached over and ruffled my hair.

"Unless it's multiples." I grinned devilishly

"Bite your tongue." Bella laughed.

I crawled on the bed and hovered over her, careful not to put my weight on her. I gazed down at her. She was still as beautiful as when I first saw her. She was an angel in white that crashed into my dark world.

And where I still was no angel, she had made me a better man.

A/N: I know seven kids are a lot, but they can afford to take care of them all. However, Edward turned out not to be such a bad dad as he thought he'd be. Before you comment about Shane turning into a brat, take a moment to think of it from his perspective. He has realized he's been lied to for years and lashed out because he was hurt and angry. He was remorseful and apologetic once he knew all the facts and had a chance to calm down.

Thank you for all your thoughts throughout the journey of this story. I do have a new story in the works, but I want to get some chapters written before I start to post.