The brunette woman looked down at her mission suit, she sighed as she shoved it in her bag in a rush. The teenage girl had once been trained by and was a former red room assassin. The Russian teen had been captured by hydra shortly after she had defected from the red room and had the unfortunate distinction of being one of three to survive the experiments that gave her powers. Abilities that she didn't really want but learned how to use before she also defected from hydra.

Karina locked the door behind her and headed out to the town, there was a meeting and the spy felt like it would give her answers as to what was going on.

Karina watched as the crowd of people parted to let someone pass through. The assassin took a small step back as he strode past her, the assassin tilted her head as she and the man locked eyes. Time seemed to stop before the two broke eye contact. The brunette shook her head as she began to move forwards to get a better look at whatever was going on. The strange man motioned for the girl to be judged by the staff of Ammit. Karina rolled her eyes as she sauntered forwards.

"This is gonna be fun." The assassin thought sarcastically.

Once the brunette woman met the man, he grabbed her hands and rested the two heads of the staff on her forearms. The staff swung back and forth. The red room trainee glanced down at the vector scale tattoo on the cult leader's wrist. It began to glow a bright red color before it began to glow green. The leader quickly glanced up at the assassin in confusion. He began to speak but was promptly cut off by the arrival of several armed guards.

Karina tuned out the conversation the men began to have and moved back to blend in with the gathering of people. The young-adult took quick notice of a man who seemed to be out of place. She tilted her head and focused on the man. The brown haired assassin frowned as she continued to read his mind. His mind was a mix of different voices and thoughts, it was like he shared a body with different people.

Karina let out a startled gasp when she heard someone shout, everyone around her knelt immediately like the cult leader was a king who deserved to be worshiped. The brunette assassin sighed as she and Steven quickly knelt as they tried their best to blend in.

"There's two of them." One of the guards muttered in confusion.

"I know you, mercenary." The cult leader said with disdain and pointed at the man who was a couple feet away from the Russian assassin.

"I'm no mercenary," Steven started. "I'm Steven Grant actually. I'm from London."

"Would you mind returning the scarab? I won't ask nicely again." The leader spoke.

Karina tilted her head in amusement as the man tried but failed miserably to give the artifact to the leader of the cult. The man was instantly apprehended as he tried to get away from the mob. A man in a bakery walked out of his shop and yanked the scarab out of Steven's hand. The assassin's grin quickly faded and she jumped into action.

Karina waved her hand and the scarab immediately flew into her hand. The man immediately began to attack the people who had attempted to restrain him. In the matter of a few moments, the few brave people who surrounded him were now lying on the ground— lifeless.

Steven— no, it wasn't him, it was someone else; the person who was inhabiting the body of Steven Grant turned and faced the assassin who then handed the artifact to him.

"Thank you for your help." The man said.

"No problem." Karina muttered.

Before the Russian had the chance to ask what was going on, Steven was back in control and looked at corpses lying on the ground with fear and confusion in his eyes. "What happened?" Steven asked.

"Dunno." Karina said with a shrug and grabbed his wrist and practically dragged him towards a cupcake van, something they would use to escape the angry cult.

"HEY! THAT'S MY VAN!" Karina heard someone shout in anger as Steven hit the gas.

Steven sped down a steep mountain road, confused and scared as to what was going on. The teen eyed the cupcakes that were in between her and Steven. The assassin reached her hand out to grab one, but was interrupted by one of the cult members ripping the back door open.

"Ugh," Karina said as she stood up and moved towards the back to deal with the man. "I just wanted a cupcake."

Karina kicked the man in the stomach and swiped his gun using her powers. The man flew out the van and the cars swerved out of the way to avoid hitting him. The Russian assassin rolled her eyes as she returned to her seat.

"Here," Karina muttered and handed Steven the gun. "You might need this."

Steven yelped and dropped the gun. Karina snickered and leaned her head against the car window. "Would you please explain who the bloody hell you are? And why do these guys want this bloody scarab so bad?"

"Watch out." Karina shouted and motioned towards the truck in front of them. Steven gasped and swerved to the left to avoid crashing into the semi.

"That was close," Steven sighed, but the moment of relief was short lived when a van rammed into the side of the truck. Steven's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he slumped into his seat. Karina sighed and forced the steering wheel to the right before forcing it to turn them to face the van that rammed into them. Marc grabbed the gun and fired it several times.

A few minutes later, Steven was back in control and threw the gun out of the broken windshield. "SERIOUSLY?" Karina yelled in frustration at the same moment the confused man spun the vehicle around. The Russian let out an annoyed sigh as the truck ran out of gas and stopped dead in the middle of the road. A car sped past them and spun to face them. Two men stepped out and began to walk towards them at the same time trees fell from the cliff above and knocked the men away. The assassin's smile faded when she noticed a few tree trunks crashing their way, "Son of a bi-."

Marc forced his way to take control of the body again. The Russian teen quickly casted a small shield to protect the two from the falling objects. The trees bounced off and landed in front of the van. Karina slumped her head against the headrest in relief.

"That is rather… interesting," Marc said as he unbuckled his seatbelt, "Come on. We have to get out of here."

Karina nodded and jumped out of the truck. The pair headed towards the car and after a while they arrived at their destination. The Russian teen grabbed her bag from the back seat and slung it across her back. Marc let out a sigh of relief as he took the scarab out of Steven's jacket pocket, "Mission accomplished." The mercenary muttered with a small grin.

The two assassins walked up the stairs and headed into Steven Grant's loft. Karina eyed the place with curiosity, it was a nice cozy place. The teen's eyes wandered to the fish tank, where a goldfish was floating upside down, "...Oh no." The Russian girl muttered.

Marc followed her gaze and let out a slow sigh when spotted that Steven's fish was floating lifeless in the tank, "Hey Russian girl, we've got a new mission."

"Which is?" Karina asked.

"Replace Gus and pray that Steven doesn't find out." The mercenary spoke.

After a few hours of trying to search for a goldfish that had one fin with no luck, the pair ended up with a two finned goldfish. Karina grabbed her pocket knife out of her boot and began to open the lid to the small container the fish was in.

"Sorry lil guy, but you must only have one fin." Karina muttered and unsheathed the knife.