Karina sat on a bench waiting for a bus to arrive. The Russian woman occasionally taking small sips of her coffee. The cool breeze brushed against her face, pushing her long brown hair out of her face. The teen never really got moments like this, she was always rushing through life and never stopping to actually think about things she wanted. And with the blink of an eye, the assassin had lost five years of her life, she should've been twenty-three– instead she was still eighteen.

Karina's peace was short-lived when someone sat down next to her, "Hello, I'm Arthur Harrow. I was unaware that there were two people conspiring to stop Ammit from being resurrected. I only thought it was just the mercenary. Oh how wrong I was."

Karina looked to her left and faced the man, "What do you want?"

Harrow met her eyes, "I would like to talk to you and get a better understanding of the situation you are going through."

Karina scoffed, "You couldn't possibly understand."

Harrow looked down at Ammit's staff, "I can only understand if you tell me."

Karina pursed her lips, "I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all."

The cult leader grabbed the teen's hands, "I want to help you."

Karina chewed her bottom lip as she struggled to find the right words to say, "Well, I only share my story with people I trust. You aren't one of them."

"Well then," Harrow said and stood up. "Well I can only help the willing."

"I would just like to say that you are extremely misguided." Karina spat.

Harrow raised an eyebrow, "How so? I'm only ridding the world of evil."

"As much as I want the world to be free of evil," Karina started. "You are doing it the wrong way."

Harrow shook his head, "You couldn't possibly understand the truth."

"If you achieve your mission millions upon millions of people are going to die," The Russian teen said in disbelief. "Including children who deserve to live a life."

"It's the necessary evil." Harrow spoke in a monotone voice.

"Genocide is not the necessary evil." Karina sneered.

Harrow nodded and picked up his staff and walked away, he knew the conversation was going nowhere, and that the Russian teen was stubborn when she had her mind set on what she believed was the truth. Karina glared at his retreating form and rolled her eyes, in her thoughts the cult leader was misguided in his actions.

Meanwhile, Steven Grant gasped as he shot straight up. He analyzed his loft in relief, believing the events that transpired before was just nothing but a terrible dream. He undid the ankle restraint and went to the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal. The gift shopist ate his breakfast and talked to his fish.

"I wonder what fish dream about." Steven said to himself.

Steven glanced at Gus not noticing that something was off about the fish at first. Well, that was until he sat the cereal bowl down to go over to the tank to take a better look at his pet. Instead of having one fin, the fish had two.

"What the f–?" Steven muttered and rushed to the kitchen to grab a cup to put the fish in.

Steven ended up putting "Gus" into a blender and took a bus to the nearest fish shop to get answers. After several minutes he finally arrived at his destination, he was the only one to get off at the stop. He rushed inside the shop, "This is not my fish."

The sales employee furrowed her brows in confusion, "What the bloody hell do you mean?"

"My fish had one fin but now he has two," Steven began to explain. "Is it possible for them to suddenly grow a fin?"

"As I told you and that Russian girl yesterday," The employee began as she pointed around her. "All these fish have two fins."

Steven furrowed his brow, "Yesterday? Russian girl?"

Steven looked around the shop with confusion in his eyes. The man froze in shock when he saw what time it was. "Shit." He muttered and hurried back to his loft to get ready for his date with his coworker.

Once Steven got back to his apartment he opened the lid of the container and put the fish back in the tank. He immediately went and got changed into a suit and headed to the steak house.

A few hours passed and there was still no sign of Steven's date. He let out a sigh as he fished his phone out of his jacket pocket and called his coworker. She answered with disdain that he had stood her up. Hurt flooded through his core, how could he be so forgetful? It was at that exact moment he started to theorize that the "dream." he had wasn't exactly a dream.

When the waiter came back, Steven decided to order himself a steak to punish himself for ghosting his coworker. Once he was done eating Steven paid for the food and walked home. He wondered what he had done for the universe to be this cruel to him.

He chowed down on the chocolates that he had bought. Steven stood up and gave some sprinkles to his pet fish, "If you're Gus, then I'm the bloody queen of Sheba."

Around twelve am, Karina walked down the London streets that were being illuminated by traffic lights. Since it was midnight, the street was as dead as could be— well the only exception being the few cars that sped down the street to get to their destination.

The Russian girl found it rather peaceful. She took another bite out of the granola bar that she had found in her bag. She passed by the museum that Steven Grant worked at. The spy made a mental note to go on a tour sometime, she loved learning about the past. It was one of the very few things that kept her sane and helped her through during the formidable years of her rather traumatic childhood.