"And who's that?" the man asks the woman next to him.

"Kasumi Yuan." the woman answers. "A candidate for Greed."

"Really?" the man asks, watching the young girl run around the school with a giggling toddler on her tail. "She doesn't seem like the type." he says with a frown. "And who's the kid?"

The woman looks just as puzzled as the man. "I'm not sure." she says. "But I heard that the boss likes her for Greed just because of the fact that she doesn't seem or act like the type."


I slam my locker door shut when I manage to stuff that stupid box in there, mumbling obscenities under my breath. Finding the lockers and getting that box in there took an ungodly amount of time - who knows how many of my classmates arrived while I was lost?

I pull the papers Hagakure gave to me out of my pocket. "Where to next…?" I whisper to myself, unfolding the papers and looking them over.

Suddenly, I feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. I turn around slowly, instantly locking eyes with a pair of ice green ones through the grates of the locker next to mine.


A feminine voice comes from the locker: "Boo."

"No." I deadpan and turn on my heel, walking away and leaving icy green eyes to herself.

"I - no, wait!" she calls. I hear her struggling within the locker so I sigh and turn around just in time to see a skinny leg kick open the locker door.

A petite girl with light skin climbs out. She's wearing the same uniform as me. One look at her tells me all I need to know: she's a troublemaker. Now that they're not being obscured by the locker, eyes scream of mischief and childish irreverence.

She pouts, crossing her arms at me. "You were just gonna leave me in there?" she asks. "All alone, by my lonesome, without anybody else?"

"You just said the same thing three times."

"I - ugh, this isn't how you make friends you know." the girl whines.

I cross my arms, giving her a look. "And staring at potential classmates from inside of a locker is?" I challenge.

"Touché. Fine. Let's start over." the girl says and gives me a wide, toothy grin. "Heello!" she says and bows quickly. She moves in closer to me, grabbing my hands and holding them between hers. "My name is Kasumi Yuan! KasuKasu, Kami, whatever you want to call me!" she introduces herself.

God she's cheery. And did she just say I can call her God?

Like I thought before, this girl - Kasumi - is an inch or two smaller than me and looks like she's even skinnier. She has choppy bangs and wavy honey blonde hair tied into a braid that rests over her shoulder. Kasumi has two hairpins on the right side of her hair in the shape of white bows. Like me, she also seems to have a problem keeping some of her hair down because it looks like tiny twin antennas are poking out of the top of her hair. There's something about her eyes that give off this cheeky, irreverent vibe but her age sort of cancels it out because of her soft features.

And, like I said before, she's wearing the Hope's Peak uniform, albeit with an alteration I was already thinking of making. She seems to be wearing her own shirt under the blazer: a cropped sweatshirt with a splattered rainbow paint design with the ends of the sleeves, the hem, and the neck hole lined in black.

Kasumi seems like the type of person to have a smile permanently affixed to their face. I'm amazed she can still be so...smiley. That's a talent in and of itself.


"This is the part where you introduce yourself." Kasumi urges.

I sigh again and introduce myself. I don't even realize she's taken my PDA until she's tapping hers and mine against each other. "What the-?"

"We're classmates!" Kasumi beams, showing me my PDA.

The screen is displaying a portrait of my supposed classmate with some information about her, similar to how it did when I pulled up my profile.


Name Kasumi Yuan

Height 5 ft. 1 in. (155 cm.) | Weight 100 lbs. (45 kg.)

Chest 30 in. (76 cm.) | Blood Type AB+

D.O.B. April 1 | Age 16

Likes Magic tricks, haunted houses, pink lemonade

Dislikes Coffee, poverty, loud noises

Ultimate Prankster

"Damn Sugawara, your che-"

"I will end your entire existence."

"I'm kidding!" Kasumi says, pocketing her PDA. She pulls a lollipop out of nowhere and unwraps it. "One of the upperclassmen said that's how you register your classmates," she says and pops the lollipop in her mouth. "an infrared scanner or something. It doesn't work if you're not in the same class." Kasumi explains.

"Huh." I say and look over the information on my classmate again. "Prankster?" I question. "Hope's Peak wants to nurture the talents of someone who pulls pranks?" I ask.

I don't mean to sound judgemental, but come on. What can they possibly hope to accomplish by creating an adult who excels at pulling pranks?

Kasumi smiles, unfazed. "I don't pull bad pranks." she says, correcting the assumption she knows I was making. "My pranks are harmless. The main goal of them is to make people laugh and cheer them up if that's what they need. Nothing more nothing less." she explains.

"So you're basically a comedian?" I ask, still a bit confused.

"I guess you could say that." Kasumi nods.

"Hm. That makes more sense, I suppose."

Kasumi puffs her chest out proudly, "I like to think I'm even more important because of, well, everything." she says, deflating a little and giving me a knowing look.

I get what she's trying to imply. The Tragedy was hard on everybody and laughter is something we could all use a bit of right now.

"Right." I nod. "Well, do you know where we're supposed to go? I was just told to change and put my uniforms in my locker."

She shakes her head. "Nope. I think we're just supposed to wait for our PDAs to ring with an announcement." Kasumi says with a shrug. "I was killing time by playing around with this little girl earlier."

I frown. "There's a little girl on campus?" I ask.

"Yup. She's super cute and her little giggles are adorable." Kasumi gushes. "I think it was her brother that came by to get her eventually," she says, pauses, and starts frowning. "although…"

"What's wrong?"

Kasumi is silent for a moment again and shakes her head. "It's probably nothing." she says, smiling again. "I went back inside the school after that and saw you carrying that box. I assumed you were going to the lockers and, well, I was right!"

My eye twitches as I think about how long I was looking for the lockers and how many times I tripped because of that damn box. "So you saw me struggling with the box, knew I was coming to the lockers, and decided to come and hide in one instead of helping me?"

Kasumi smiles awkwardly and once again pulls a lollipop out of thin air. She slowly offers it to me. "...Lollipop?"

With the school map in hand, I begin my search for the cafeteria with Kasumi on my tail; my classmate trying to earn my forgiveness by doing a number of things in an attempt to make me laugh. I would've forgiven her after her first attempt but unfortunately for her, I'm hangry and my knees are sore from falling over and over again.

Kasumi's tried jokes, dumb stunts, and a magic trick but it was a bit difficult when I wouldn't stop walking to go along with it.

"Do you wanna taco 'bout it?" Kasumi tries, moving onto puns. She gasps dramatically when my expression falters for a split second, "Have I found the subject's weakness?" Kasumi says with an extremely butchered British accent. "Will she finally smile and forgive me?"

"Not with that accent."

"Nah, you forgive me. Look at me, who wouldn't want to forgive this face?" Kasumi says, smiling cheekily.

"Me." I say, looking back down at the map. "Now, where's the cafeteria so I can get away from you…?" I hum.

A masculine voice suddenly interrupts my train of thought: "Come one, come all, do you feel that tense atmosphere?"


Both Kasumi and I look around, unsure of where the voice is coming from.

"That intense magic in the air can only mean one thing," the voice continues and both of us scream when a boy jumps clear over the both of us and lands gracefully in front of us. "THE STAGE HAS BEEN SET FOR THE GREAT HARLEQUIN-" he declares and juts both of his thumbs at himself. "That's me by the way."

'The Great Harlequin' is an average sized boy with sickly pale skin and black diamonds painted (or tattooed?) on both of his cheeks. He has piercing, cat-like eyes - well, from what I can see anyway. His right eye is yellow and the left is covered by a black eye covering. Harlequin's green hair is long and untamed curly and tied into a ponytail that rests just below his shoulder.

He looks like he's in uniform - just not Hope's Peak's uniform.

Harlequin wears a fully buttoned red button up with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a white tie adorning his collar. Over that he wears a black vest with a large red diamond on each half of the vest. Harlequin's pants are black slacks and white dress shoes. He has six black piercings on his right ear and a black stud on both his left and right ears. White bandages cover his arms from his wrists to his elbow and white gloves cover his hands.

Kasumi and I stare at the boy in stunned silence.

The boy continues, unperturbed. "I, the magnificent Harlequin, am on the search for my fellow Class 80th First Years." he says and holds out his PDA. "Might you be who I'm looking for?"

"Yuya Tanaguchi-"

"Oop, don't let him catch you saying that." the man says with a grin. "Don't you remember?"

The woman rolls her eyes and continues. "One of the candidates for Sloth. From what I remember of him, that seems on brand." she says.

The man hums, looking back down at the camera displaying Harlequin, Sora, and Kasumi. "I'm guessing the boss is hoping - ha - that he'll jump back on the train with him?" he guesses.

"Most likely." the woman agrees.

After explaining that you can register more than just your own class, Kasumi and I take Harlequin's offered PDA and register his profile.


Name Yuya Tanaguchi

Height 5 ft. 10 in. (178 cm.) | Weight 165 lbs. (75 kg.)

Chest 30 in. (76 cm.) | Blood Type AB+

D.O.B. February 29 | Age 17

Likes Magic tricks, surprises, mannequins

Dislikes Adults, rules, quiet ambience

Ultimate Clown

Kasumi hums and smiles as she reads over his information. "Oooh, it's nice to meet you, Y-"



The boy smiles. "I would very much appreciate it if you'd refer to me as Harlequin, not…that name." he says, his smile faltering for a second.

"Oh, alrighty then." Kasumi says and smiles back, "It's nice to meet you, Harlequin." she says.

I read over Harlequin's information with a frown.

Mmm….much too similar to Kasumi…

"Ah, the Ultimate Prankster and the Ultimate Clown!" Harlequin gasps, delighted. "Maybe agreeing to enroll here was worth my time after all…"

Please no.

Kasumi beams right back. "I see you're a person of culture like myself," she says, dramatically flipping her braid over her shoulder. "Do you know how to do any magic tricks?" Kasumi asks excitedly.

Harlequin gives her an equally dramatic sigh. "Alas, I'm not the best but I am practicing." he says. "I would show you but I packed my cards away with my belongings. What about you?"

While they're busy talking, I take the chance to slowly slink away to resume my search for the cafeteria.

As soon as I think I've freed myself from Kasumi's evil clutches, I hear her evil laugh come from behind me and she pats my back with her evil hand.

"Hahahaha, you can't get rid of me that easy~!" Kasumi says evilly.

Not yet anyway.

I sigh and roll my eyes, stopping in front of the (hopefully) cafeteria doors. Unfortunately, the second I put my hands on the doors, they fling open violently, throwing me into Kasumi (surprisingly, she manages to steady me so neither of us go toppling to the ground).

"Hey, watch where you're going!" Kasumi says angrily as our assailant exits the room (that hopefully contains the cafeteria. God I'm hungry). "You're gonna break her before I get her to forgive me!" she whines.

I sigh. Is that really her priority right now?

A slim, wiry young boy appears from behind the doors. "Hm?" he says, a confused look on his face. Strangely, there's a toddler on his shoulders. He flushes a bit when he sees the looks on our faces. "I-I am sorry, did I hit you with the door?" he asks.

Hmm. His pronunciation is a bit off and he doesn't sound Japanese - and now that I look at him, he doesn't look all that Japanese either. A foreign student then?

The boy has pale skin with something of a sallow undertone and he has a number of scars on his arms and neck - more noticeably a faded scar over his right eye and across the left side of his jaw. He also has a bit of a gaunt face and well defined cheekbones.

I'm not surprised he looks so unhealthy and battered; it'd be a miracle if you came out of the Tragedy without any scars, emotional or physical. But then again, I don't know his past. He could've very well gotten this way from his childhood. The more I look at him, the more I think his appearance is a result of his past - despite the embarrassed and shy look on his face, the boy has a wistful and tragic air about him.

Negative air aside, this boy appears to be a student as well. He's wearing the same uniform as Kasumi and I - although his appears to be a bit big on him - and beat up velcro-strap black and white sneakers. He has neck-length shaggy, tousled blond hair with a messy half-fringe. He has pretty bright pink eyes that only seem to add to the tragic air he carries with him; he doesn't look the least bit cheerful.

The boy seems to notice me staring at his scarred arms because he turns bright red and quickly rolls his sleeves down, apologizing again for hitting us with the door. "I am not very good with my Japanese so I apologize if I say something wrong." he says, apologizing once more.

Kasumi finally breaks her angry character and laughs, finally letting me go. "You're fine, Delvina. I didn't know it was you." she says and looks up at the little girl on his shoulders. "And how are you doing, Yuki?"

Delvina? Definitely not Japanese then.

'Yuki' smiles and giggles at Kasumi, grabbing at the antennas of hair poking out of Kasumi's head with her free hand. In her other hand she carries a rainbow narwhal plushie. She's a little girl, probably around three years old. She doesn't look anything like 'Delvina' except for the fact that she's just as pale. She has pretty black hair tied into two plaits and big purple-blue eyes. She's wearing a plain white t-shirt, jean shorts, and little velcro sneakers like her brother (?).

She doesn't look like she's even old enough to be in the elementary course. I wonder what their relation is?

"Delvina?" the man questions.

"Luan Delvina, an Albanian student. While he is foreign, he's not an international student because his primary residence is in Japan." the woman says. "The boss won't say what his sin is either." she says with a frown.

The man crosses his arms. "That's two that he's keeping to himself. I don't get it." he sighs. "What about the kid?"

"Yukiko Ishihara. The boss doesn't know what he's gonna do with her yet but no harm is supposed to come to her." the woman answers. "If she does end up in the game, anyone who attempts to lay a hand on her will be punished as befitting of their sin."

Kasumi turns to me and gestures at the pair. "Sugawara, this is Luan Delvina and Yukiko!" she introduces them. "Yuki's the little girl I was talking about before." she says. Once again, I don't realize my PDA has been taken until I see Kasumi tapping it against another - presumably Delvina's. "Delvina, this is Sora Sugawara, also in Class 80-A!" Kasumi says, handing us back our PDAs.

"Damn thief." I mumble under my breath and look down at the device, scanning over Delvina's information. Rather, Luan's information.


Name Luan Delvina

Height 5 ft. 5 in. (165 cm.) | Weight 125 lbs. (57 kg.)

Chest 29 in. (74 cm.) | Blood Type AB

D.O.B. December 3 | Age 18

Likes Drawing, autumn leaves, the stars

Dislikes Social media, clowns, dark confined spaces

Ultimate Land Artist

"Y-Yes," Luan says, clearing his throat and pulling my attention from my PDA. "my name is Luan Delvina. It is very nice to meet you." he says, formally introducing himself. "I am the….Ultima-Ult…Ultimate Land Artist. This is what Hope's Peak is saying." Luan says carefully, trying not to mess up any words.

I smile at him kindly, trying to put whatever anxieties he has at ease. "Sora Sugawara, Ultimate Bookbinder." I say with a little bow. "Who's this?" I ask, looking at the little girl on his shoulders.

Luan gulps and lets out an oddly anxious breath. "This is Yukiko, my…my little girl." he says.

Oh. Not her brother then.

"Come, Yukiko, can you say hello, hmm?" Luan encourages, nudging Yukiko slightly.

Yukiko turns to look at me, staring at me with those eyes...those unnerving, unsettling, frightening child eyes. She keeps staring until she finally smiles and says, "Red!" while pointing at me.

"Um.." I blink. "What?"

"Red!" she repeats, pointing at me. Or rather, my hair.

"No," I say and point at myself. "Sora."





"...Red!" Yukiko says with a tone that says my name isn't up for debate anymore. "H-Hello, Red." she says carefully

I resign myself to my new name and sigh, greeting the little girl. "Hi Yukiko."

Kasumi looks between Luan and Yukiko curiously. "Yuki's your daughter?" she says. "She doesn't look a thing like you." Kasumi states bluntly.

Before Luan can answer, my stomach growls obnoxiously loudly.

Kasumi looks like she's trying to hold back laughter and tears, Luan looks embarrassed for me, and Yuki's just staring at me like I have two heads.

I flush embarrassedly and turn to once again attempt to enter the cafeteria - only to be assaulted by the doors once again. I get the air knocked out of me when the doorknob slams against my gut and pushes me down. Unfortunately, Kasumi wasn't able to keep me from falling on my ass this time.

"S-Sugawara!" Kasumi shouts worriedly, rushing to my side and helping me sit up and get my breath back. We both look up to see who would open the door that violently, only to be met with a scary face that looks like he could care less about what he just did.

Like everyone else I've met so far (aside from Yukiko of course), he's wearing the Hope's Peak student uniform. He's deathly pale, almost like a ghost, with sickly looking skin and bags under his eyes. He's tall and slender with a slightly muscular frame. He has scary, wild black eyes and hollow looking cheeks with a long mouth that doesn't look like it's ever smiled a day in its life. His long raven black hair is smooth and shiny and braided into a long ponytail that ends near his waist.

At first, it doesn't even seem to register with him that he knocked me to the ground. He looks distant, like his mind is somewhere else, and then he finally looks at Kasumi and I. He ignores the frightened look on mine and Kasumi's faces, instead sticking a gloved hand into his pocket and pulling out his PDA. "Akifumi Yatagarasu, Ultimate Forensic Expert. You will refer to me as Armen from now on. Are you in Class 80-A?" is all he says.

"An Ultimate Forensic Expert huh? He seems like he'd be useful." the man says.

The woman nods in agreement. "The boss has high hopes for him. He wants Yatagarasu on his side but he won't be upset if he ends up repenting." she says. "Even after going over his file, I'm not sure what he's going to end up doing."

The man looks at her in surprise. "You not being sure of something? That's a first."

"He's a wild card." the woman says. "Career wise, he's solved many crimes and done a lot of good. But…" she trails off with a frown.


"Let's just say...his personality is...not what you would expect from someone of his talents and career path."

I don't even mind this time when Kasumi wordlessly offers both mine and her PDA to him. He taps our PDAs together and hands them back, unintentionally giving me a better look at his gloves. They look to be tightly fitted white forensics gloves with a small black eye symbol encompassed by a circle at the center of them.


Name Akifumi Yatagarasu

Height 6 ft. 0 in. (183 cm.) | Weight 184 lbs. (83 kg.)

Chest 39 in. (99 cm.) | Blood Type A-

D.O.B. December 26 | Age 18

Likes Beretta M9s, Japanese gardens, red wine

Dislikes Heights, uneven lines, large bodies of water

Ultimate Forensic Expert

He likes red wine? The legal drinking age in Japan is 20, why is he so open about that and why does Hope's Peak seemingly not care!? And he's an Ultimate Forensic Expert - I guess I was right about his gloves.

Armen glances at Luan and Yukiko coldly, the former having moved his daughter so that he's cradling her against his chest and she can't look at him. Luan stares back at Armen with an equally as cold look.

Armen hasn't spoken more than two sentences and I already feel like we're not going to get along. He has a cold, indifferent aura about him and he's terrifying, to say the least. No offense to Armen (even though he quite literally took my breath away), but the mere sight of his face would give a child nightmares. I can see why Luan doesn't want Yukiko looking at him.

The two glare at each other for another second before Armen wordlessly turns on his heel and walks in the opposite direction, not sparing us another glance. Kasumi takes the opportunity to help me up.

We stand in silence for a minute until Yukiko breaks it: "Baba," she calls, grabbing at Luan's face. "sleepy." she says.

Luan lets out a shaky breath and nods, repositioning Yukiko so that she can see everyone again. "Okay, Arush. I will take you back to the dorms." he says gently. "Can you say goodbye to our new fr-friends?"

"Bye bye!" Yukiko says, waving happily at us. "Bye bye Red, bye bye KasuKasu!"

"Bye Yuki!" Kasumi says, waving back at her with one hand and making me wave back by using her other hand to violently swing my hand side to side.

I give her an annoyed look the entire time she's forcing me to wave back at Yukiko. When they've finally rounded the corner and disappeared, Kasumi drops my hand, smiling cheekily at me. "You have to be nice to the children, Sugawara." she says. "Friendliness is next to godliness."

"That's not how the saying goes."

"Whatever." Kasumi says, waving me off. Her smile drops suddenly, "That Armen guy sure was something, huh?" she says.

"Yeah…" I mutter, the mere mention of his name making my most likely bruised stomach hurt even more. "I'm not too excited to spend the next three years with him." I say. "Can we just get some breakfast?"

Kasumi nods and opens the door for me so I don't get assaulted for a third time. Third time's the charm and we manage to finally get into the cafeteria without any problems.

"What do you think was up with Luan and Armen anyway? Luan's in our class too but Armen didn't ask for his PDA." Kasumi says, letting the giant door shut behind her.

I shrug. "I don't know. They both came out of the cafeteria so they probably already met each other. Maybe they got into an argument too." I say. "That look they gave each other definitely wasn't friendly."

Before Kasumi can respond, a shout coming from a line of students presumably in line for breakfast catches our attention.

"Can I get a waffle? Can I please get a waffle?" a boy's voice calls out.

There's a crowd of three students at the front of the line - all boys - and it looks like they're the ones causing a ruckus. The first two appear to be arguing about something while the third one, the smallest of the three, is trying to shout over them to ask the cafeteria staff for some food.

They're so loud. God I hope they're not in my class.

I pull out my PDA and open the Registered Classmates tab.


Kasumi Yuan - Ultimate Prankster

Luan Delvina - Ultimate Land Artist

Akifumi Yatagarasu - Ultimate Forensic Expert

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?


Yuya Taniguchi - Ultimate Clown

Only fourteen more classmates to find. And who knows how many more members of Class 80th there are to meet?

God I hope none of them are those boys.

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