Be Selfish

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Chapter one

Swallowing thickly, Harry barely refrained from weeping at the loss of Sirius yet again. It had been Harry's last chance of a parental figure, someone who would whisk him away from the Dursley's. Oh, he knew he was just wishfully thinking now, it was wishful thinking to think Sirius would be able to get him out of here. It would never happen. He was going to be stuck with the Dursley's until he was legally an adult. Although, technically he was an adult here in the Muggle world, he was sixteen-years-old. You only legally became an adult in the magical world at seventeen-years of age.

Bitterness suffused him, he stood up in his tiny bedroom, refraining from punching everything in sight. He switched from angry to grieving so quickly that Harry couldn't even keep a grip on his emotions.

Green eyes glowing glacial as he thought on Bellatrix, oh how he wished that curse had worked. Although, from a legal standpoint, perhaps it was good it hadn't. He would have likely ended up in Azkaban prison. The magical world did seem to hate him or love him. He couldn't tell which way they were going to go any day, just like his emotions right now.

Pacing the small room back and forth, bitterness crawling up his throat like acid. He might as well be in Azkaban, he thought bitterly, glancing at the locked window with the bars on them. The old divots where they had wrenched the other bars from were still there. They'd replaced the bars during his second year at Hogwarts he couldn't say when. They'd been there when he got back.

Swiping his brow, he slumped against the rickety table in defeat. It was boiling in here; he couldn't open the window and it was stuffy as hell due to never getting an airing out during the year. He used his too big top to wipe his tears away.

He couldn't do it; he couldn't just sit here anymore. He wanted to go out, he wanted a normal life. What if you cause someone else's death with your recklessness? Came the unbidden and unwanted thought, as Harry sought to get his invisibility cloak from under the loose floorboard. He'd have to sneak away, so that the guard the Order has watching him didn't stop him.

Harry closed his eyes, no, he was tricked, he didn't mean for Sirius to die. He had been going there to save him. He'd tried to get an adult to deal with it, problem was he wasn't sure whether his message had been understood. Snape wasn't exactly the most readable of people. He might have known from the get go, who knows whether Snape was on their side or not. Dumbledore could insist until he was blue in the face all he liked, there was no way he could know.

Shame consumed him, thinking on the memories he'd seen. He new how it felt to be picked on by a gang. The only upside was they were Muggles he'd had to deal with, not wizards. He shuddered at the thought how miserable he would have been in that had been the case.

Easing out of his crouch, hands wrapped around the invisibility cloak. The door which usually remained closed until the Dursley's needed him or they took pity to let him use the toilet was open. They had been about to use Sirius' death to start their violent ways. That's until Harry dryly told them that the Order was watching him and in turn, watching them.

It had been the only card he had up his sleeve left to use to keep Vernon's violence at bay. His fear of magical people stayed his hand.

Although, another piece of Harry's ignorance (it was bliss after all) and innocence was chipped away when he heard Arthur and Moody threaten Vernon. They knew. They knew and they still let him go back. He knew adults weren't supposed to do that, it hurt.

It was confirmation, confirmation he'd suspected so heavily but determined to ignore. The way he was feeling right now? He wasn't in a forgiving mood.

Unfortunately, he couldn't get away from them all permanently. He wasn't exactly suicidal, he wanted away for the day, not for good. He just wanted some peace, calm and quiet. To not to feel like a criminal for having magic. He knew he'd have to defeat Voldemort for a real chance of peace.

To live. According to the prophecy.

Harry wrapped the invisibility cloak around his body. Listening intently, he wouldn't be surprised if the Dursley's told on him to even other wizards to get him into trouble. They were that kind of spiteful, especially with their favourite means of making him miserable closed to them.

He couldn't hear anything but the gentle quiet hum of the TV and a few seconds later the hoover. This was his perfect get away, opening his door, as quickly as possible, since it squeaked better a short squeak than a long one. Hopefully the sound of the hoover would have disguised it.

Slipping out, he closed the bedroom door. Hopefully they wouldn't care to bother him. Especially as they didn't bother to force him to do everything around here with wizards watching.

Sniffing, he smelt sausage casserole cooking, wondering if he'd get any of it as he slowly made his way downstairs. He still wasn't being fed as much as normal, the normal being Hogwarts, but at least he couldn't feel his spine through his back. His stomach growled fiercely though, normally he had food to look forward to from the Weasley's but that had stopped last year, and hadn't started back up this year as had been usual.

Now for the tricky part, he slid out of the back door. Making his way using the path as often as possible. They knew he had a cloak, and would likely be watching over the area and notice the grass or the earth being pressed down into feet shape.

Harry noticed the neighbours fence broken with five large panels off. A delighted feeling overcame Harry, as he slid through easily. Now that would make sure he wasn't caught trying to make his way around front. He idly noticed they were new panels being attached, not broken. Painting and putting larger, newer ones he noted as he left the garden almost tempted to whistle in success, fortunately he wasn't that stupid.

His little act of what Dumbledore would write off as 'rebellion' was about to have long lasting repercussions on the magical world.

Harry didn't have plans to go far, he did remove his invisibility cloak when he reached the end of the street. Where he wasn't visible to any possible watchers. He relaxed; ironic he was more tense around his watchers who were supposed to keep him safe than when he was alone in possible danger.

Just feeling the breeze across his face, it felt like a minor miracle. Locked up and out of sight until the had a use of him. A bitter cynical part of him commented. Which had been coming more and more frequent. Ever since the whole tri-wizard incident.

It was no surprise given the way he had been failed so much by those professing to care for him.

His feet took him to his usual spot, the nearby park. Which never had any children in it. The adults in the area knew what kind of boy Dudley Dursley was despite all the rumours they'd spun about him.

Then he saw something. Or rather someone.

Staring in disbelief, unable to believe his own eyes.

Sitting on a rock beside a tree sat Antonin Dolohov both hands up in a sign of surrender. More than a surrender for a wizard, he didn't have his wand in his hands.

"I am unarmed, Potter," Dolohov said, sitting there like it was an everyday occurrence, a superior smirk on his face as he gazed at the teen in curiosity. He even had his arms bared, showing of the dark mark. No surprise really, Dolohov was loyal to the core and unafraid of anything despite his years in Azkaban.

A/N – let me tell you it's odd starting a story where Harry's already sixteen! Lately he's eleven or younger lol I started this with a bit of panic wondering what happened in the book it's been that long I don't remember it 😊 typical lol but I did read the last two books a lot less than the others (that I'd re-read over and over then again before the next book comes out 😊 heh)