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Another fic with similar premise as last one, this time with another couple I love.

Thank you to Brainstorm Sorcerer and Bl4ckHunter for a few suggestions.


Angel and Cordelia faced each other in the Hyperion Hotel for a sparring match, both holding their swords, ready to clash.

It was Christmas time and the others had gone out for some fun, but they'd stayed back for now.

It had been a while since they'd sparred, since in Year 4 Cordelia had been taken over by an evil entity who intended to rule the world through her, though Willow and Tara had fortunately saved her in time while returning his soul.

Then they had to run Wolfram & Hart for a full year, so no time to train or spar, just run the business while trying to save yourself. It was pretty hectic and stressful, but they and their team had barely managed.

Angel then had the bright idea of pissing off the Senior Partners, and the rest had the bright idea of agreeing with him, so they had killed the Circle of the Black Thorn and been ready to face the hordes of Demons that the Senior Partners would send.

Fortunately, the Slayer Organization led by Buffy had arrived, and helped them out, so they'd beaten the bad guys then and won.

Plus the Partners had put a lot of resources into that battle, so them losing that fight meant they wouldn't bother the heroes for a good, long while.

And that meant all of them were free to enjoy their lives (or unlife in Angel's case) for the moment, which Angel and Cordelia were doing by sparring to relive their good ol' days before the mess with the evil entity and then Wolfram and Hart.

They were barefoot, and in the lobby of the hotel, as there was no one else to interrupt them here.

"Come on, let me show you what I can do", Cordelia quipped as Angel chuckled.

"I'm sure I know it already", Angel shrugged as they clashed blades against each other, then backed off, pointing swords again, and then clashed a few times.

They were in a deadlock for a bit, then drew their swords against each other, backing off, taking poses.

"Quite good, you are a lot better than last time", Angel complimented her.

"Got a lot of practical experience since then, ya know?" Cordelia shrugged with a smirk as Angel cracked his neck and they clashed again.

Angel then twirled his sword against hers while striking her arm and she was disarmed, but before Angel could point at her throat, Cordelia spun and came near him, grabbing him by the straps of his tank top.

With that, she did a Tomoe Nage, that torn off the whole tank top, though Angel grabbed her by the sleeve as she tried to roll away, and torn it off too.

Cordelia got her sword back as Angel sighed, now naked from the waist up, while Cordelia looked at her sleeve. "Hey, you ruined this."

"Well, you took my whole tank top with you", Angel pointed out, making her glare as he gulped. Cordelia's clothes being ruined meant hell for the person who was responsible.

Which was Angel himself.

They took poses, before clashing blades again, and then spun to back off, ready for more, as she struck but he side-stepped to dodge it before striking upwards, hitting her sword, though she held steady and backed off before trying to bring her own down on him, but he raised his upwards to block it.

Cordelia backed off before trying to strike as Angel did a spin motion to dodge and managed to cut across her abdomen.

Cordelia's shirt was cut off from there, exposing her midriff as she looked down at it, then back up at Angel. "And now you're ruining all of it, like-"

"Sorry?" Angel asked, though he didn't sound like it, as Cordelia thrust forwards hard and fast, and even with his Vampire reflexes, he only barely blocked or dodged her strikes.

An angry Cordelia was too much for pretty much anyone to handle, including Angel himself, and nothing made her as angry as her clothes being ruined in any sort of way.

Angel then backed off before doing an upwards slice just as Cordelia thrust forwards and sideways. As they backed off, they realized the other had done something to them.

Angel looked down to see a giant cut on his pants side that made it fall off, and his trunks were gone too, exposing him fully as he groaned.

Cordelia looked down to see the remainder of her shirt had been cut into two, and her black bra had shared the same fate, exposing her breasts.

"What in the…..?" Cordelia groaned as both of them blushed at their indecent exposure.

"Oh whatever", Cordelia hurled her sword at Angel who deflected with his own as she tried to cartwheel and kick his face, but her pants got caught on an ill-fitted nail in the leg of the table she was next to, and there was a 'ripping' sound.

When Cordelia straightened herself, she realized her pants and panties had both been caught on it and shared the fate of the rest of her clothes, and so now she was fully naked as well.

"Well….." Angel trailed off, tossing his sword away. "I guess that happened."

"Now all my clothes are ripped apart", Cordelia said, not bothering to cover herself as they were alone in the hotel and it was Angel in front of her. "So you have to-"

"Buy you clothes?"


"Sure, I'll do it", Angel shrugged, as her smiling and cheering at stuff like that always made his heart soar, though he'd to temper it due to the perfect happiness thing.

"My hero", Cordelia leapt and wrapped her legs around Angel as both started kissing each other passionately, trying to take it slow due to the whole curse, but Angel now always kept it in the back of his mind to prevent another Angelus incident.

And then the door opened as Wesley, Lorne, Fred, Gunn, Faith, Spike, Buffy, Willow, Tara, Dawn, Giles, Dawn, Xander and Anya appeared. Fred was holding baby Connor.

"Bloody Hell!" Spike turned away first, and was followed by the rest of them who closed their eyes. "Like, you two-"

Angel and Cordelia were blushing as Giles tried to clean his glasses with his eyes shut. "I did not see anything. Nope, I never did."

"Seriously guys? Here?" Buffy asked incredulously, not looking.

"I mean, this place has got a hell lot of rooms", Faith pointed out. "And you two do it in the lobb-"

"We're sorry?" Cordelia half-asked, half-said.

"I'm not looking, I'm not looking", Willow turned the other way while her eyes were still shut.

"Yeah, don't wanna see anything", Tara agreed, turning the other way too.

Baby Connor was unaware of what was going on and tried to look but Fred turned him away while hugging him to her chest. "Nothing to see here, Connor, go to sleep."

"Seriously, you even kept the doors open", Wesley said with a sigh.

"That's a really rookie move", Gunn added.

Lorne groaned. "Even without singing, the lust I'm getting off of you two is-"

"Okay, okay, we're being idiotic lovesick bunnies, I get it", Angel said with a sigh.

"Bunnies! Twitchy, hoppy, bunnies! Urggghh!" Anya said with a groan.

"And now you've traumatized her", Xander rubbed Anya's back.

"How about we go out again?" Dawn suggested.

"Oh yeah, please go, have fun guys", Cordelia called out.

"And take care of my son", Angel added as the rest rolled their eyes and turning around, walked off.

"Have fun", Buffy called back to them before shutting the doors.

"Okay…that sucked", Cordelia said, getting off of Angel, the two still naked.

"I know, they're never gonna let this go", Angel groaned. "This is worse than the puppet thing."

"Eh, who cares? Let's bang and you buy me some clothes", Cordelia gave a chipper smile.

"Sounds good", Angel nodded as they kissed each other and this time went all the way.

And that's another one done, this was fun.

Hope all enjoyed and see you all next time with some other update.