Two years ago,

Angel's pov

I was sixteen, almost seventeen, when I met the Dixon's. They were nice people, Daryl was quiet but Merle was outspoken.

They lived next door to me so one night when I was on my way home I saw a cop car outside their house. I called the Dixon's to let them and I took the rap for Merle.

Two months later, I was handed over to the government for their experiment. That was the last thing I remember until I woke up two years later in a department store in Atlanta.

Merle Dixon's pov

It's been two years since I've seen Angel. She was...well she was bad ass. She went missing and me and Daryl have been looking for ever since because she took the rap for me. In those two years, the zombie apocalypse happened. So, me and my brother ended up sharing the rock quarry with a group that didn't like us but we hoped she was there.

Then the group I volunteered to go into Atlanta with decided to leave me chained to a pole on the roof to die, so you can imagine my surprise when I no longer heard the geeks at the door and out walked an eighteen year old Angel…

but she was different. Her hair was shorter, she was faster and stronger. That's not what got my attention, it was her eyes. They were cold as ice along with them being ice blue, not her chocolate brown anymore. The last thing I heard was my name out of her mouth.

"Merle!?" Then everything went dark