Chapter 7

Angel's POV

As I hugged merle he asked me not to leave him now. so I sighed and told him I would stay and we all got back on the road.

When we got to the CDC it looked like a war zone and me and the Dixon's where bringing up the end of the group.

"Now no matter what happens you stay right with us angel" Merle said as I nodded as Rick started going on about the camera moving and Shane saying that he was seeing things and no one was there that we needed to move back the walkers where coming.

I just couldn't take it anymore while everyone started to panic except for the Dixon's who where fighting the walkers I shoved Shane and Rick out of the way and looked right into the camera and started loud and clear for everyone to hair.

" My name is project Angel and I am here to turn myself over" and with that the doors open and the light where to Bright and Dr Edwin Jenner asked " what do you want?"

" A chance" Rick answered him

Dr Edwin Jenner said" that's a lot to be asked of" I just rolled my eyes and walked forwards so Dr Edwin Jenner could see me.

His eyes widened and he told us us to come in. I smiled when Merle and Daryl walked up to him after the doors shut and Merle punched him and knocked him flat on his back and Daryl said " don't even think about touching her or we will kill you" Dr Edwin Jenner spite out the blood from his mouth as Merle pulled me closer to them.

"Everyone submits to a blood drawing" as he got to his feet and headed to the front of the group and led us down into the labs made us crowd around him.

He tried to back away slightly from Merle but he ended up stumbling and tried to catch himself on the desk but he hit a button that played the last video he was watching which happened to be when he but me up against Tennessean another experiment that want wrong.

"What the hell is that!?" Daryl and Merle yelled as everyone else's eyes widened as they watched me slightly get my ass kicked but I ended up killing him.

At the end of the video Merle and Daryl both raised their weapons to D nor Edwin Jenner's head as Rick pulled his guns on the Dixon's.

" Now let's all just have a nice cool calm discussion about this" Rick said.

" Way down I just put a bullet in his head" Merle said as I looked all around me then reised my own gun and said " why don't we just do that"