This is a story idea I've had in my mind for little around a year now. I started production on this in August of last year, but since I got a bit busy and had been dealing with some writer's block and motivation issues, the idea ended up getting a bit more delayed than I was thinking it would.

However, this idea is something I've wanted to write about for a while now. To talk about the inspiration for it, this came from a series of photos on Twitter posted by Serenaplush. They have one of the most wholesome and adorable accounts on ALL of Twitter and I highly recommend you follow them if you aren't already. The images included a plushie of Serena and the sitting cuties Rhyhorn plushie. The sitting cuties Rhyhorn plushie is an adorable little baby and must be protected. That account is basically responsible for changing my opinion on the Rhyhorn line. Prior to it, it was something I acknowledge existed, but didn't think much about. Now, the line is one I love and cherish.

Also, today, April 13th, is the birthday of the photographer who runs the account. A big happy birthday to the photographer! I hope it's an amazing one. I hope that you enjoy this little gift.

This is going to be a bit of an on-going series. There will be some French dialogue here and there, given Kalos is based on France, and the game did intermix some French here and there. I hope that you will like this story.

Disclaimers: Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, Creatures Inc, etc.

It was a calm fall sunset within the Kalos region. Alongside the region's second route, a small herd of Rhydons were starting to get up and get ready to start moving along. Just across the pond where the herd was, there were two people. First was a young woman who was in some fairly regular clothes that had partially blonde hair that was trailing into brown. Nearby her was a girl, about age eight, with blonde hair that reached down to her waist, wearing a red top, blue shorts, red and white sneakers, and she had blue eyes. Nearby the girl was a bag that had a drawstring to open and close it, while nearby the older woman was some camera equipment.

"Keep your eyes on them, Serena," the young woman whispered.

"Okay, maman…" the young girl, Serena, nodded.

The herd was simply doing some stretches and getting ready to get moving. After a few minutes, a Rhyperior gave off a roar towards the herd. The group all turned towards the Rhyperior, then the Rhyperior started walking forward. This caused the herd to begin to follow, with the young woman quickly snapping some photos after a bit. She quickly looked over what she got after a couple minutes of snapping some photos.

"This should be good enough material. Nobody's ever gotten good enough shots of the herd in motion. Watch, the headlines in a few days will be, 'The Rhy-herde photographed during their migration season, shots taken by Grace Yvonne'..." the older woman remarked to herself.

Serena poked her head upwards to watch the herd in motion with her binoculars. She then glanced down to a little handbook about various kinds of Pokémon and checked a page she had a bookmark on.


"Rhyhorns are so cute…" Serena remarked.

"...cute is not the word I would choose, admittedly. Cool, certainly. Cute? That's not what I would use…" Grace admitted as they watched the herd keep moving away.

Soon, the herd had mostly walked off, so Grace started to pack up her supplies. Serena quickly did the same and the two started to walk off for home.

However, Serena's eyes soon noticed something shimmering and she ended up walking towards it with a curious look on her face. The eight year old soon saw it was a small Pokémon egg. It was a light gray shade with what looked almost like paw prints of sorts that were a kind of darker shade of gray. She gently picked it up, then glanced around to see if there were any Pokémon who could've left it behind.

"Serena~! We gotta get going!" her mom called out.

"Désolé, maman! (Sorry, mom!)" Serena quickly responded in native Kalosian. She tucked the egg into her bag and then quickly hurried along.

Evening arrived as Serena and her mom returned to Vaniville Town, while Grace worked on sending some of her shots to her publisher, Serena headed back to her room and soon placed the egg she had found nearby a lamp on her desk. The young girl looked at the egg for a bit, gently moving her hands along it to try to keep it warm.

"It's so cute…" she whispered. She kept moving her hands along it, then gave a nod to herself, "Don't worry. I'll take care of you. Promise."

The next day rolled around and it was a school day for the eight-year old. Serena packed her bag with the things she'd need for the day, while adjusting her white top a little, then adjusting her blue and red striped skirt. She quickly got on her dress shoes and was about to head downstairs… when her eyes glanced towards the egg…

"Hmm…" Serena mumbled.

"I'm off to class!" Serena called out, carrying her school bag with her… in addition to a drawstring bag that was in her arms. Grace was about to say something, then she noticed the bag.

"Hold on…." Grace spoke, making Serena stop, "What's with the second bag?"

"Gym clothes. I got something I need to bring with me today, so I just needed another bag," Serena quickly lied.

"Alright. Have a good day," Grace responded, going back to what she was doing.

Serena soon reached the Talonflame Taxi that would transport her to her school. She gave a happy wave to the Talonflame, got into the taxi container, got her seatbelt on, and gave the Talonflame a signal to get going.

With that, the Talonflame took off at a gentle pace. Serena held onto the drawstring bag closely, but gently, with her keeping the egg within it close to herself to make sure nothing would happen to it.

"Ne vous inquiétez pas. Je suis là. (Don't worry. I'm here)."

The taxi soon reached Lumiose City and dropped Serena off nearby Lumiose Academy. Serena got out of the taxi, then headed off towards the school building with a relaxed look on her face. She soon put the drawstring bag on her arms, yet facing her stomach instead of her back to make sure it wouldn't get damaged. She happily walked along, when…

"Hey, Serena~~~!"

The blonde girl quickly stopped what she was doing and turned to the source of the voice. Her eyes were soon met with her four friends, with the person who called out her name being the only other girl in the group of five. She had darker skin and twintails, in addition to green eyes. The other three were all male, one big a bit shorter and having orange hair, one being a little rounder and having gray hair, while the other was about the same height as Serena, and had black hair and gray eyes.

"Hi Shauna!" Serena greeted, "No hugs!"

"Huh?" Shauna blinked, skidding to a stop, then seeing the other bag Serena had, "Oh? What's in that?"

"I'll tell you later. Promise," Serena told them, "Just… no hugs if you see me with this, okay?"

"Gotcha," Shauna nodded.

"Hope we can catch up when we get to lunch…" the shorter male remarked.

"There'll be plenty of time to talk later. See you later, Tierno, Trevor, Calem," Serena called out as she headed towards the school building.

Lunch soon rolled around and the five friends met up at a table to talk about how they spent the weekend. Serena ended up somewhat tuning her friends out as she made sure the drawstring bag was safely secured.

"Alright, Serena. Talk. What's in the bag?" Tierno quickly asked.

Serena snapped back to reality and turned towards her friends, then smiled a little bit, "Okay, so, me and my maman were at the herd migration the other day and she took a lot of photos."

"Oh! That's so cool!" Shauna beamed.

"You won't believe what I found before we got back…" Serena whispered to her friends as she pulled her drawstring bag forward. She gently opened it up to reveal the egg she had found, making the four all gasp.

"Where did you get that?!" Calem nearly yelled, earning a quick 'shh' from Serena, "...sorry."

"I found it as me and my maman were heading back. That herde left it behind…" Serena informed as she gently moved her hand along the egg in a gentle manner.

"It certainly looks like it's a Rhyhorn egg…" Trevor remarked, quickly getting out his phone to double check, "Indeed it is one."

"Those are big, aren't they?" Tierno asked.

"They're approximately 1.0 m…" Tervor added on, "But that's the most common size found. They could be smaller or bigger depending on the environment."

Serena gently cooed at the prospect of a small Rhyhorn running around, then gave off a gentle giggle.

"Okay… um… does your mom know about you finding that?" Calem soon asked.

The giggling came to a total stop as Serena's expression grew a bit more nervous and sheepish.

"Of course…" Calem sighed.

Serena gave a gentle whistle as she walked along the path back to her home, having been returned later that evening. She soon opened up the front door and saw her mom was working on typing something on her laptop.

"Bonsoir, maman, (Good evening, mom)" Serena greeted.

"Oh, hi Serena," Grace responded as Serena walked over to her.

"Can we talk a little…?" Serena asked.

Grace gave her daughter a quick 'one moment' gesture, then finished typing the sentence. With that, she turned towards her daughter, "What's the matter?"

With the attention towards her, Serena set the bag down and pulled out the Pokémon egg. Her mom's eyes widened at the sight, with Serena gently cradling the egg in her arms.

"Where did you get that?!"

"Before we got back home the other day. It was just laying around. I found it… and I wanna keep it. Can I? Can I, please?!" Serena asked.

Grace stared at her daughter's earnest expression, then towards the egg. She soon let out a heavy sigh, then looked at Serena, "No, you can't."


"You're too young to raise a Pokémon."

"I'm only two years away from my trainer's license! And if you say yes, you can help me!"

"I know. And I'm not saying yes."


"No buts, Serena. You're too young to take care of a Pokémon and I'm too busy to raise it for you. Take the egg to Nurse Joy before you go to class tomorrow so she can find someone to take care of it."

Serena started to pout a bit, clearly on the verge of tears from this.

"You pouting will do nothing to change this…" Grace responded, turning back to her laptop.

The following morning, Serena sadly walked towards the Talonflame Taxi, her mom's instructions echoing in her mind. Her eyes glanced towards the path to the Pokémon Center, then down towards the egg that was still in the bag. She then exhaled a little bit…

"Get me to school."

With that said, Serena got onto the taxi ride without an ounce of hesitation. The Talonflame wordlessly nodded, then started the flight towards Lumiose.

"Court huddle!" Serena proclaimed to her friend group in a hurry, "Court huddle and follow me!"

"...Serena…?" Calem started to ask.

"Let's see what's going on…" Tervor figured.

The five friends soon hid behind a tree and some bushes, with Trevor keeping his eyes on his phone to keep track of how long they had to talk in private before they needed to hurry to class.

"What's going on?" Shauna asked.

"So, my maman said I couldn't keep the egg and I had to give it to Nurse Joy…" Serena informed, then she proceeded to show the drawstring bag with the egg in it, "...I didn't."

"What?!" the group gasped, earning a quick 'shh' from Serena.

"We're going to have to keep this a secret…" Serena told her friends.

"...why don't you just give the egg to Nurse Joy like your mom asked you to…?" Calem couldn't help but ask.

"...I already promised I'd take care of it…" Serena responded, gently moving her hands by the egg's shell, "I… I want to make the Pokémon happy…"

The four fell silent as Serena just kept the egg close to herself, clearly trying to not cry. Shauna soon got closer to Serena and gave her a smile, which made Serena start smiling a bit.

"It'll be tough… but I know, if the five of us put our heads together, this'll be a piece of cake," Serena encouraged.

Tierno gave a small nod and a peace symbol to indicate he was in.

"I think we'll all have to pool our money together to make sure we can get supplies to take care of a young Pokémon…" Trevor added, quickly looking up the prices for supplies for newborn Pokémon, "But, like you said, if we work together… easy."

The four then looked towards Calem, who was the only one who hadn't said anything. He just gave a small nod of his head in response, making Serena beam a bit before she got the egg back into the bag.

"Alright. We'll have another court huddle in Aquacorde Town after school today to make a plan. See you then! Court dismissed!" Serena called out, soon hurrying off towards class.

After class soon arrived and Serena headed back home to quickly change to some more casual clothes, while doing her best to hide the egg from her mother. After swapping into a pink t-shirt, red skirt, and some sandals, she grabbed the bag with the egg and hurried down the stairs towards the exit. Her mom soon heard her and spoke up.

"Did you give the egg to Nurse Joy like I asked?" Grace questioned.

"Yeah," Serena quickly lied, grabbing a few snacks, a notepad, and some pencils, "Gotta go. Homework/study session with Shauna and the others!"

"Alright. Just call me when you're done," Grace responded.

Serena soon arrived at Aquacorde Town and saw her friends sitting at a small group of tables. Shauna looked happy, waving Serena to come towards them, while Tierno and Trevor both had neutral expressions, and Calem just had his hand to his chin and clearly looked apprehensive about this.

"This is such a bad idea…" Calem muttered.

The blonde soon sat down and pulled out the egg, gently moving her hands along it to keep it warm.

"The court meeting is called to order," Shauna said.

"Okay, so we need to make something to take care of this egg if I need to hand it off to one of you…" Serena spoke, "My maman thinks I gave it to Nurse Joy, so we need to shuffle the egg between us."

"I hate to play Yveltal's advocate here, but what happens if one of us gets caught?" Calem soon questioned.

"We cross that bridge when we get there," Tierno shrugged off.

"We're not invincible…"

"Stop being a pessimist…" Trevor responded.

"I'm just raising the questions…" Calem countered.

Serena simply gave them a motion to stop talking, which they simply did, "I honestly do not know what the plan is if any of us get caught. The only thing I can say is that if one of us falls, we all fall. Ok?"

The group nodded a little bit in response to this.

"I think we should have a drop off point or somewhere to hide the egg out just to be safe…" Serena continued.

"Why don't we use the clubhouse?" Shauna offered.

Serena snapped her fingers in realization, and the five proceeded to quickly hurry off.

Now in the clubhouse in the yard of Shauna's house, Serena gently set the egg against a cluster of pillows in the center of the clubhouse.

"We'll need to make sure the egg stays clean and warm. We do have a small heater in here, but we may need some wipes…" Trevor remarked.

"There's some in the market place over in the other town…" Calem realized, "We'll pool our money together and get some tomorrow."

"Why tomorrow?" Shauna asked.

"I need to get home. It's a bit late…" Calem informed.

"As do we," Trevor said as he motioned to himself and Tierno.

"Alright. Court dismissed," Serena spoke, "Shauna, you're in charge of the egg for the evening."

"Got it," Shauna nodded.

Serena took a quick glance over at the market place in Aquacorde Town and saw the prices for the wipes. She quickly got out a notepad and wrote some of the info down. She gently looked at the options, then headed on her way back home.

"Maman, I have a math question…" Serena called out, holding a notepad and pencils in her hands.

"Alright. What is it?" her mom asked.

"A girl named… Rina… is going to a store to buy wipes to clean something. There's a bundle of wipes that is 24 in a package, that's 15,000 money. Then there's another bundle that is 12 in a package that is only half that price. Assuming Rina needs to buy three, which would be the better option?" Serena proceeded to ask.

"That's easy. The second one is cheaper since it's at half the price," Grace responded, with Serena quickly writing that down.

"Thanks!" Serena told her mom before heading up to her room.

"Why didn't the others help you with it?" Grace questioned after a bit.

"We ran out of time before the guys needed to get home," Serena told her.

The following day, which was a day with no classes, the five friends met up in Aquacorde Town and headed to one of the local markets to get some supplies. The five had enough money to get the supplies, with Serena still having some extra money leftover.

"What do you kids need these for?" the clerk couldn't help but ask.

Shauna, Calem, Tierno, and Trevor fell silent in response to the question, with Shauna's eyes quickly darting towards Serena.

" things," Serena eventually responded.

"Alright," the clerk nodded.

"How'd you know what the cheaper one was?" Trevor soon questioned as he, Serena, and Calem set the supply of wipes into the clubhouse.

"I asked my mom. I said it was a math question with a girl named Rina trying to buy them," Serena quickly explained.

"...Rina? Seriously? That's the second half of your name…" Calem remarked.

"It was the best I could think of!" Serena countered.

Shauna couldn't help but giggle a little before she handed the egg over to Serena, who gently cradled it in her arms.

A week and a half had passed as the five rotated the egg between their homes and the clubhouse, with none of their parents any the wiser about the little secret. One evening, Calem handed the egg back over to Serena.

"Your kid is in your hands," Calem told her, "Good luck."

Serena simply nodded and tucked the egg into the bag. She soon headed home and, after seeing her mom was in the bathroom, the eight year old headed up towards her room and put the bag and the egg somewhere she would be able to reach.

The next day rolled around and Serena had gotten up early, gently tending to the egg to make sure it would be safe. She was set to head out to get to the next person, but…

"Hi Serena," her mom greeted.

"Oh, hi, maman," Serena responded, "I just got something to do really-"

"It can wait a little while, can't it?" Grace asked, "We haven't had time to hang out and talk for a little while since I've been busy with work and you've been busy with school. Why not hang out for a little bit?"

Serena quickly realized there wasn't a way to get out of it. She simply nodded, then, after her mom turned around, quickly sent a text to her friends to let them know there would be a delay…

The four friends had gathered at the clubhouse, awaiting Serena, before Shauna got the text and nervously laughed.

"Did she get caught?" Tierno questioned.

"Where's the egg?!" Trevor quickly asked.

"Serena was supposed to pass it to me. Her mom's keeping her at the house…" Shauna responded.

"We're in so much trouble…" Calem muttered.

Serena and her mom spent some time working on a puzzle, with Serena nervously glancing towards the direction of her room every so often. After another few minutes, the two finished the puzzle. Serena smiled a bit, then headed up to her room to check on the egg, quickly closing and locking her door in the process. Grace was about to say something, when she saw Serena had left. She glanced up the stairs to see Serena's door was closed, then walked up to it.

"Serena, is everything okay?" she asked, about to open the door, only to see it was locked, "Serena? Why's the door locked."

"Just give me a minute!" Serena responded.

Grace was about to say something, but then heard Serena starting to run and mumble some things to herself. The only discernible thing to the mother was something about hiding.

"What are you hiding?"

"Nothing!" Serena yelled, her pitch going a bit higher.

"Serenity…" Grace spoke sternly, using Serena's full first name, "Open this door. Right now."

"Just a second!" Serena responded, quickly running around.

Grace let out a heavy sigh, then she pulled out the key for the room, unlocking the door and opening it up. She looked forward, then saw Serena holding the egg in her arms and running around. She took a moment to process it, then started to growl a little bit. The sound quickly caused Serena to stop moving, turn towards her mom, then quickly hide the egg behind her.


"Serenity Yvonne, you deliberately disobeyed me…"

Serena paled, realizing she was in a lot of trouble, but she set the egg down and stood firmly.

"We will discuss your punishment later, but give me the egg…" Grace spoke.


Grace's eyes widened in shock at that, "...what did you just say?"


"Serenity, this is not up for debate."

"It's not. You're not taking this egg!"

"Do you just want a harsher punishment or something?!"

Serena just stood firm and kept herself from looking scared as best she could. Grace glared at her, yet Serena didn't even so much as flinch at her mother's gaze.

"I made a promise…" Serena spoke, "I promised I would take care of this egg. It didn't have anyone to take care of it, then I found it. I will raise this Pokémon as best I can. I am… I am… I am this Pokémon's mother!"

Grace grew a bit stunned at how passionate and fierce Serena was sounding as she kept herself positioned in front of the egg like a mother protecting their young child from some sort of a wild Pokémon attack.

"So ground me! Take away my phone! Do whatever you want to me! You're not taking my child away from me!" Serena proclaimed, picking up the egg and holding onto it.

Grace gently sighed as she looked at Serena holding onto the egg in a fairly defensive manner. She could tell that there wasn't a way that this would end easily as Serena was holding onto it closely, yet gently.

"'re responsible for it, do you understand?"


"You said that is your child? Then you're responsible for it."

Serena's expression turned into a smile, with a few tears dripping down, "Merci beaucoup!"

"You're still in trouble for lying to me, but we'll worry about that later…" Grace told her.

"I'll take it!" Serena smiled, happily holding onto the egg.

And there's the first chapter. This is a project I have been planning for a while now and I'm really happy to be able to share it with you guys.

In case you're wondering where "court huddle" came from for the five having a meeting, there was this one story where Serena was trying to be queen of the Kalos region and it randomly came to mind while I was working on this. I forget who made the story, as well as the name of the story, but it was really good and frequently made me crack out laughing.

I'm not sure when the next chapter will be done since I got other things to worry about, but everything is one step at a time for me. We'll see how it goes.

I think my favorite part would be the scene where Serena decides to keep the egg and gently talks to it on her way to school. Just some sweet and fun moments I made.

Once again, happy birthday to the photographer of Serenaplush's account. Go follow it if you aren't already.

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