"With the growling Coyote Palisman at her side she burst through the large double silver doors entering the throne room, staff gripped tight ready for action. Her eyes narrowed dangerously ahead with love fuelled determination as they were focused on the only other person in the room. King Philip lounging lazily on his throne. "Well well. Look who it is, such a surprise.", the elderly yet evil king spoke in a chilly tone of voice that suggested her arrival wasn't a surprise. The trace of a smug grin on his scarred face as he watched the teen enter his throne room. "Where. Is he!?", Luzura demanded, "Tell me what you did with Caleb!" Letting out a dark chuckle the king rose from his throne, robes moving about him as dull blue orbs looked down upon the witchling. "I am afraid you have come at a rather inconvenient time Good Witch. You see the Silver Knight has come to his senses and is at this moment preparing for his integral part in the Day of Unity as per the Titan's will." Her grip going white knuckled the witchling raised the Fox Staff up above her head, "LIAR!"-"

"Please tell me you're not reading those books again. They're an insult to the intelligence of readers all over the Isles and all of witch and demon kind."

The book closed with a audible snap as a pair of slight hands turned the bound text over revealing the cover art depicting a pair of figures standing back to back with each other; a green pixie cut haired female young witch holding a piece of paper with a complex symbol on it and the other a brown haired male young witch wearing an ivory cloak with a silver Pauldron on one of the shoulders. His face was partially hidden behind a silver canine mask but one could still just make out shocking violet eyes, and who held a staff bearing a sitting coyote on top it in his free hand. In the background was a town with a giant skull sitting among the houses. All the while the figure of a man with outstretched arms wearing a horned silver mask loomed over both the town in the background and the two young witches on the cover. He took up most of the top of the cover with the book's title in blocky white print fitting neatly between his outstreached arms. "Just because you have the attention span of Granny Eda when she sees something sparkly or a vole and can't understand the fact the author is writing one of the oldest, greatest love stories in all of history...", hazel eyes narrowed before whom they belonged to twisted around to lift the cover of a pale cream messenger bag and slip the book inside. Causing it to rest tight in place among an array of other texts, several notebooks, a scroll and a few scattered writing implements. The brunette and golden blonde ombré haired teen then got to her feet rising from her perch on the school steps to face the one responsible for interrupting, and insulting, her reading session. "Sweetbriar."

The one the teen had called 'Sweetbriar' was none other then another witchling who could not be older then a year more then she was, and whom was male. Both of which were the only reasons she sited as his being taller then her by a head when he insisted on being particularly difficult to deal with. Grey-blue eyes rolled themselves set in a face framed by darker but still matching hair, "Clawthorne. You're not drawing me into one of you're stupid shipping debates just so you can annoy me all day again. If you want a debate then go bother someone else whose read the things. Not me." Like herself, he was clad in a gray tunic with a dark gray belt, cowl, and boots with the only noticeable difference being the colour of sleeves and leggings. For while her own was fairly lively with a multitude of color, the new arrival's sleeves were both green while his leggings were solid orange. "Besides it doesnt take much to realize it clearly takes place in the Demon Realm even with the crazy situations, and its not like we don't have magic ourselves. Or did you actually somehow forget you're a witch whose perfectly capable of casting spells?"

"Okay. First of all do not ever insult shipping in my presence ever again or so help me Titan...", taking a breath to change the subject of the conversation before continuing, "Second don't be dumb. Of course I remember I'm a witch and, believe me, I know I happen to be more then capable of casting spells thank you but that doesn't make the story any less the gem that it is. It doesn't change the fact Luzura and all her friends are any less likable or relatable. Or that they're poorly written. These books are still masterpieces which are sadly underappreciated where they should be more popular then they actually are." An eyebrow then lifted upwards as the younger of the two studied the other. A brief light of mischief flashed behind hazel hearing her friend's words like something intriguing just caught her attention.

Neither teen seemed to notice the approach of a pair of feet heading their way across the front of the school. A pair of feet which belonged to a girl clad just as they were but with sleeves and leggings which were solid violet and a darker complexion. Her dark hair pulled up perfectly into a neat professional bun on her head. Wide brown eyes cooly locked ahead at the duo as she steadily silently got closer to them.

Meanwhile the ombré haired teen gave a shrug of the shoulders, "But you know you're sort of right. I mean they do have a purely sibling relationship after all, besides Caleb would be much better off with Fae then Luzura. They just have so much more in common don't you think? I mean just look at their upbringings and compare them, not to mention that scene at the old dried up cave lake-"

"Oh no."

Well. That was way faster the the girl thought it would be.

The male witchling blinked several times before shaking his head as though clearing water from his ears, after which he refocused on his debate partner. Eyes scanning her with cautious curiosity the likes of which knowing someone and what they were like could only bring about. Even with his response he was suspicious. If he wasn't careful he could be falling for a cleverly laid out trap set just for him to wonder into, thus putting himself at his friend's mercy. Not a good place to be. He had to be careful. "You know you're right.", he said all of a sudden.

The girl turned on him in an instant. "Excuse me!?", she demanded staring at the upperclassmen with a look of total confusion and disbelief. She had to be hearing things wrong right? There was no way her friend could flip that fast!

"I said you're right. Sort of. Maybe I should have said you would be right if Fae wasn't dating Luzura as of book twenty-seven. I mean there are only what? Only fourty-three books in the series and most of them were dedicated to the two leading ladies going from enemies to friends to lovers right? So where's the time for Caleb to develop a true love with either one of them?"

"You! You-UGH! Whatever! What matters is what's Cannon-"

"-And for the past few books she's been Cannon dating Fae...OUCH!"

Rory let out a huff doing her best in ignoring her friend's raised eyebrow look as he rubbed his head. The female witchling having given the Park a good disciplinary hair yanking before adjusting her bag on her shoulder. "Yes. Just like in this book Luzura ends up Cannon realising she's been falling for Caleb which leads to her carving a Fox Palisman to compliment Rascal who is a Coyote, before going to save him from King Philip and stopping the Day of Unity.", the ombré haired teen replied hotly.

Briar scowled attempting to fix his hair about to say something more when soft yet firm hands rested on both teen's shoulders. A very familiar hand that lead up a familiar arm to a very familiar face. A very familiar face which made both arguing teens halt even if it was temporarily.

"Everell-", they chorused in a way not unlike a couple of children getting caught doing something they really weren't supposed to be doing by their parent.

Her voice was cool as ice while she addressed her friends, "Rory. Briar. Good morning." Everell Porter looked between both arguing parties with a highly amused grin on her face. The violet clad teen was used to the good natured bickering and teasing between these two, but there was a time and place for everything. Luckily the dark haired teen was there to make sure that none of her friend's antics got out of hand and it was a job she took with the utmost seriousness. "If we're late for class because you two are arguing about Good Witch Luzura Ships for like Titan knows what number of times and we end up in Detention, I'm sending you both to the Conformatorium. Come on already! The bell is about to ring!" Of course there was no such thing as 'The Conformatorium' but knew how to Luzura Speak and had long since found in certain situations that it worked best. Particularly for Rory. A lot of their classmates claimed that the Oracle Track Student was just that good at her magic when really it was more like she just knew her two best friends just that well.

"Briar started it.", the Clawthorne mumbled under her breath as a hand came up resting on her hip.

"And I'm ending it, now let's go already!", the witchling urged pretending to not notice the little head tap to his debate partner which a certain Dual Track Student snuck in. Her dragging both of them along to their first class doing well in preventing any sort of possible retaliation though.