"...Boiling Isles to Rory!"

Rory blinked. "Hmm?" Looking down, hazel was met with harsh stormy grey staring up at her full of questions causing her head to tilt to the side a little not entirely sure what was going on. Her thoughts still half in her own head. The female witchling knew that she recognised her classmate staring up at her but just coming out of her daydream was making things fuzzy and tying her tongue right then.

"A Fairy kind of sort of nearly tore the skin of my entire arm off!? Now bleeding to death over here!?"

Some rapid succession of blinks.

Laying down splayed out on the ground-level low long blue table in front of her was a boy her age who, like her, had blue in his school uniform though his leggings and sleeves were split between three different colours. Blue. Orange. Red. The legs being each split fiery orange and red while his arms were covered in solid blue. Questioning, clearly slightly annoyed with her, blue narrowed up at her light hazel orbs.


She was in a Healing Class...Healing and Dealing. They were learning to deal with attacks from Fairies. Small Bug Beast Demons which weren't super dangerous or powerful, but did happen to have a taste for skin and whom had a nasty bite even if they ate nothing but goreberries.

A few more rapid blinks. "Oh. Yeah. Right. I was distracted. Sorry Verrine, just hold your arm as still as possible for me and-", the teenage witchling shoved all thoughts that had to do with something other then helping her 'injured' classmate to the back of her thoughts, "-and I thought you supposed to know Beast Keeping Magic. Even if you didn't your mom is the best Veterinarian on the Isles. You should know better then to mess with a Fairy just because you think your magic can handle it or give you an edge." Pushing back the one nearest blue sleeve of her so-called patient, the teen made a face acting as though carefully inspecting a horrific series of fang bites traveling all along the arm even with nothing but perfectly unbroken skin in front of her. "Yup. You definitely made the wrong Fairy very upset with you, luckily I am so talented with Healing Magic or else this arm would be lost. Now then please hold still as much as you can while I save your very life. The smallest mistake could end in all my hard work just going to waste and I'd have to take the arm anyway. That would be just tragic.", she said dropping into full acting mode while reaching into her jacket pocket rooting around. A second later and the teen withdrew from the jacket a slip of paper not unlike the one she had used to treat her locker or nearly throw down with Briar in the hall. The difference was the symbols drawn onto it.

This slip of paper, like the one which had created the ice popsicle earlier, had a pair of symbols connected by a larger circle but was different. One of these symbols was a singular Plant Glyph positioned on the left side of the circle. While positioned right across from it on the right side of the diagram was a symbol in a circle that looked almost like a bird of sorts. A line stretched from the bottom of the spell circle to about two-thirds up. A perfectly horizontal line connects two sides of the circle, one-third up from the bottom of the circle. The ends of the horizontal line were connected to the top of the vertical line. While a pair of slanted bars cut through the vertical line just above the horizontal line. In the space between the top of the vertical line and the top of the circle, a circle that didn't reach the top and two tangents from the circle to the top finished up the symbol. Then in a low voice, "If you had actually made a Fairy mad this would be more intense but, since we're acting for practice-"

"It'll just be like sticking my arm in warm water yeah. As long as you don't make it boil like the boiling sea.", said the male witchling, Verrine, watching the girl pretending to heal him. He knew his classmate's magic well. Well enough to know that the light portion could easily be altered according to the witch's will and how mischievous the one treating him could be.

Rory smiled. "Aw come on. A little faith here would be nice you know, it's not like I'm going to try and hurt one of my friends, besides it would be a really mild burn at best. It would fade in a day.", the Multi-Track Student said holding the combination of glyphs with one hand while carefully lifting the male witchling's 'injured' arm with her other before setting the paper on him. "You're lucky the Light Glyph was the first one I learned meaning I happen to be especially good with it and combos that use it. So if you think you're going to pull a fast one on me and act like I'm killing you the try it at your own risk.", she warned making sure the glyph paper rested flat as possible on her classmate's forearm. With paper placed to the ombré teen's liking, a light tap was all it took for energy to travel along the lines and light up the left side with bright green while also traveling up the right side of the combo with a shining yellow energy until the entire drawing was glowing. Thus signalling the magic was now actively at work.

Most Witches and Demons would see using Glyph Magic as a troublesome waste of time. Probably even an health hazard when they ran into a pinch of a situation. What with having to either have every glyph prepared before hand in a place that was easy to reach or take the time to draw the symbols in real time. Something which wasn't super efficient all the time, especially when it came to the complex combinations as compared to just the single elements. But the young teen loved her family's particular way of casting spells. It was unique among their and demon-kind, with her family being the only ones known to cast their spells in such a way. Other demons like Basilisks couldn't stand the taste of it. While magic wasn't restricted by any means on the Isles, to Rory at least, Glyph Magic was the only magic which felt truly unrestrained and wild and boundless as it should feel. For while Witches and Demons contained magic, the symbols of the corpse-turned-island commanded the magic around them in place of containing or absorbing it as those living there did. Just as what was happening now as she watched the slip of paper become engulfed in a bright yellow light before folding like a curling leaf around the area of Verrine's arm that was supposed to be injured, that awe for this particular brand of magic only grew. The light-engulfed paper fading into the male witchling's skin fading away from sight.

Verrine lifted his 'healed' arm flexing it a few times as a test.

"Well how does it feel? Am I good or am I GOOD? You know I think I'll catch up to you in a few months if you keep slacking off and I'll take your spot as best Healer, maybe I can be your mom's apprentice if she'll have me.", the Multi-Track Student boasted proud of the work she'd supposedly accomplished. If Verrine's arm really had been injured then there was no doubt in the girl's thoughts she could have healed her classmate with ease just as she was supposed to have done in this practice session. At least until there was a noisy loud 'gwafaw' which drew Rory's attention back to her friend now sitting up on the stretcher. "Hey. What was that for?"

"Okay you're turn to be attacked by fairies." Getting to his feet with a grunt, the male witchling raised his arms over his head as though he had been laying on his back for hours despite it only having been for the class. Stepping aside, the dark haired teen motioned that Rory should be the one to take his place and have a seat on the low stretcher. Meanwhile he knelt down beside it waiting expectantly. "For the fact you said you would out do me in a few months grade and position wise. Thats just not going to happen." Verrine added looking at his arm while waiting before noticing a few glyph papers had fallen from his classmates pocket. Offering them back up to the ombre teen who accepted them, "But of being a Healer then why not? Just because theres no chance you'll out do me doesn't mean you'll make a poor Healer. Even if your Healing Magic isn't perfect as mine yet considering I grew up with it and its still our first year. I can probably talk to mom about taking you on as an apprentice though if you want too."

Taking a Plant Glyph from her pocket, the female witchling gathered her hair up into a ponytail before holding it in one hand. With the other she took the glyph resting it at the base of the ponytail before tapping it. In a green glow a small thorny vine spring forth wrapping around her hair thus securing it back out of the way. "Careers? Really? Thats what you want to talk about? It's only our first year Verrine, don't you think it's a bit early when we have like three more to go.", the last bit sounded like a question but was more of a statement.

"Well we could talk about why you don't want to have the Moonlight Conjuring at your place this year if you want. But I didn't think just jumping into that was a good idea so I picked careers. I think I heard your mom call it an 'ice breaker' once or something like that before.", he said nonchalantly while tracing a circle in the air. A glowing ring of pale blue forming there in the air at the motion. A bunch of soft fluffy balls and a spray bottle both surrounded by the same energy floating over to him from a near by desk.