Your father's son

Chapter 1- The reveal

Captain Christopher Pike was starring at a iPad in front of him at Starfleet Academy with an email attachment saying "to dear Chris Pike from Win Kirk. James T. Kirk is your son and not Kirk, I am sorry it took so long for you to hear this." Chris had been starring at the Pad for about an hour, while his son James (or Jim as he likes to be called) is sitting through his first year exams of wanting to be a Captain. He called in the Administrator to ask for Jim to come into his office after the exam was over. As Jim had finished the exam, his administrator called him over oh great now what I have done now? "Jim Captain Chris Pike would like a word with you in his office right now please Cadet." After saluting the Admin he hurried over the quad of the uni, 2 floors up and straight into Chris Pike's office. He knocked on the door, "C'mon in Jim." Answered Chris, as Jim entered the room and saw Chris looking very pale in the face as white as a ghost. Jim rushed over to him "Are you alright what is-" Chris handed Jim the copy of the ipad for him to read. Jim skimmed through it and dropped it as he started to turn the same pale white as his father standing right next to him.