A/N: This is a random idea that I've had for a while, finally thought about seeing how it would look written out. A NBA 2k/Naruto crossover story.

Allow me to provide some background

Naruto Uzumaki: Former member of the Bijuu Gang in the slums of Tokyo Japan. Has whisker-like tattoos on both cheeks symbolizing his place in the gang as a 9th level thug or a Kyubi level thug. He was sent to live in Orlando, Florida when he was 15 with his American mom's cousin, Tsunade to keep him out of trouble. From there he fell in love with Basketball after seeing the 2006 NBA Finals in person in Miami

Naruto attended Freedom High School in South Orlando, before attending UCF in 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. Naruto Uzumaki is a 6'4 Point Guard. He averaged 18.7 ppg and 7.1 assists per game his Sophomore year of College.

He was projected to be a top 15 pick aka a Lottery pick, but with his checkered past, many were unsure of his ability to stay out of trouble and his dedication to the game. But despite all the negative rumors and comments, Naruto's talent was undeniable, thus when he declared for the draft, every team was giving him at least a little consideration.

Enter 2012 NBA Draft:

Naruto was sitting in the green room, Anthony Davis, Harrison Barnes, Dion Waiters and a few other guys were also there. These were seemingly the best young college players that the world had to offer.

"You nervous?" asked Harrison to Naruto, the former Junior Year of HS AAU teammates were sitting next to one another.

"Not really, remember what Coach Jackson always said "Basketball is a game of confidence". I take that to heart" answered Naruto.

"Fair enough, so who you think goes first?" asked Barnes

"You mean besides the Brow" asked Naruto with a laugh

"I guess you're right, he's practically guaranteed to go first overall" admitted Harrison

"I think him, then Dame, then either you or me to be honest" said Naruto

"That is quite the claim" said Dion Waiters, the Syracuse hooper who was seen as a poor man's D Wade at this point.

"I'm just telling it like it is, a final four finish and a 37 and 12 game for me, has got people talking about me being the next Steve Francis" joked Naruto.

Dion rolled his eyes and they heard David Stern barking out orders as they prepared for the draft, which was starting in a couple of minutes.

Naruto and Harrison Barnes gave each other a complex handshake and parted ways.

Naruto returned to his table where his blonde hair Aunt who was like 56 but looked 29 was waiting.

"Aunty T" greeted Naruto with Tsunade with a tight hug.

"Naruto" she exclaimed as she returned the hug, crushing Naruto's giant form with her slender arms.

"I'm so proud of you" said Tsunade as the hug broke and the two of them sat down at his table and the draft started.

"Hello welcome to the 2012 NBA Draft on ESPN hosted by myself (Jay Bilas), Rece Davis, Stephen A Smith, and guest Jalen Rose" said Bilas.

Bilas turned to the group of men around him and said "Who do we see being special in this draft?"

Davis scoffed "Anthony Bleeping Davis, 6 foot 11 inches of pure dominance from Kentucky, he can handle the ball, guard both the ball handler and the roller at the same time with that wingspan, he is an amazing shot blocker. He's the best player in this draft hands down"

Stephen A rolled his eyes "Try not to state the obvious next time, everyone knows he can play. But I got my eye on Dame Lillard from Weber State, he has range and can finish, a handle and is hungry."

Bilas nodded "I like both of them but what about a guy like Dion Waiters from Syracuse or Bradley Beal from University of Florida? Both are elite scoring options at the off guard position"

Stephen A nodded "My cohost Skip likes Bradley Beal to go top 3, but I think we should pump the breaks. Andre Drummond is a big that the Wizards can use to pair with John Wall for years to come, I can't see the hornets taking a guard when they have Kemba in place, they need a forward or Center as well"

Rose shook his head "You brought up a Florida boy in Beal, but that is not the right one to bring up. Naruto Uzumaki, a 6'4 Point Guard from UCF. He has Chris Paul/ Steve Nash like court vision and shot 38.8 percent from 3 this past year. If I wanted to bank my draft on anyone outside of Anthony Davis, I am aiming for this kid. He is 20 Yeas old, athletic and smart"

Stephen A shook his head "He's a tremendous talent, but he has too many question marks off the court for me to make him the face of any franchise at this point"

Rose snorted "You're talking about events from what? 5? 6? maybe 7 years ago? Stephen A, learn to let go and judge a man by what he's doing now. Naruto Uzumaki is going to be the steal of the draft at any pick other than 1st"

Bilas clapped his hands and said "I agree, we rarely get guards that big with the ability to shoot, pass, and finish. Defensively he's iffy, but who isn't coming out of college where they protect their top players by hiding them in zone defenses."

Davis cut in "I am between you two and Stephen A Smith, I don't want to hand the keys of my franchise to someone who I don't trust, but I get the feeling that if put in the right situation, the right scenario, Naruto could prove himself to be that player. The issue is that if he's as good as we say he is, how is he going to land in an organization that will be be able to give him what he needs?"

Stephen A nodded, "That's my point. Unless he goes to the Hornets where MJ, THE GOAT! Can watch over him, he is going to find himself being surrounded by yesmen who will make him feel himself a little too much"

Rose shook his head, "You don't know that"

Stephen A Smith shrugged "The burden is on him to prove me wrong based on his past"

The four men bickered and argued for several more minutes before the view cut to David Stern who was standing at the podium.

"Thank you for tuning into the 2012 NBA Draft, we are proud to present the Brooklyn Nets for the first time as moved from New jersey to Brooklyn. This draft is full of talented and remarkable young men who the league is happy to have" said Stern

"Without further ado, with the first pick in the 2012 NBA draft" continued Stern, "The New Orleans Hornets have selected Anthony Davis, the freshmen from Kentucky"

Anthony Davis stood up from this table, hugging everyone before accepting the hat with Hornets' logo on it and holding up 1 finger for the camera, showing pride in being the first overall pick.

Stern looked at the cards in his hand and then a tall slender man, the Deputy Commissioner of the league, Adam Silver ran out onto the stage and handed Stern a new set of cards.

"Sorry for the delay, the hold up is that things have changed slightly. There has been a trade. The Los Angeles Lakers and The Charlotte Bobcats have made a trade. Andrew Bynum, both the 55th and 60th picks of this year's draft and a 2014 1st round pick have been traded to the Bobcats for this year's 2nd overall pick and Tyrus Thomas" explained Stern as the logo behind him change into a large purple and gold Lakers one.

"With the 2nd overall pick in the 2012 Draft, The Los Angeles Lakers have selected Naruto Uzumaki, the Sophomore Point Guard from UCF" said Stern

Naruto exploded out of his seat and yelled loudly before wrapping his aunt in a tight hug before grabbing the Lakers cap offered to him and running up to the stage to shake Stern's hand.

The Next Day:

Stephen A Smith sat across from Skip Bayless with Cari Champion in between them.

"Welcome to First Take, there is a lot of things to come from the NBA draft last night, the biggest being that the Purple and Gold have decided to tap Naruto Uzumaki, a 20 year old PG from UCF to be the next face of the franchise by trading All Star Center Andrew Bynum and 3 total draft picks to the Bobcats for the 2nd overall pick to be able to draft the kid. Gentlemen, what do we think of this?" asked Cari

Skip was the first to go, the elder white man on the set smiled and said "I think the Lakers actually nailed this pick"

Stephen A groaned and Skip said "It's my turn Stephen A, let me get my points out before you decide to bury him"

"Listen, a year ago, the CP3 trade to the Lakers was vetoed. Why because it was going to be UNFAIR to give Kobe Bean Bryant that kind of help. But guess what? The Lakers went out and got the next best thing. 18.7 ppg/7.1 assists per game/ 3.55 rebounds per game on 46/38.8/88 splits" said Skip before he pounded his fist on the table "Can I interest you in that?"

Stephen A nodded seemingly with a great deal of reluctance.

"Then help me understand what is not to love? A point guard who can score close to 20 a game, has a 7 to 2 assist to turnover ratio. Sure he's an eh defender but nobody plays defense anymore. So, what is not to love? The Lakers just stole a star, I think he's going to be better than Anthony Davis, I love his motor" claimed Skip

Stephen A Smith sighed and said "You made a very decent point, but I have to unload on my beloved Lakers and my good friend Kobe. Put the camera on me, I don't want no damn split screen"



Stephen A Smith's screaming rant was met with a confused look by Skip.

"19 and 7 in his final college year, 25 and 8 during his final four run, he's the rare player that gets better. 33 and 12 against duke in the sweet 16, 41 and 6 against NC State. Sure they lost in the final four, but 37 and 12, I'll take that, but maybe that's just me" said Skip, finishing with a shrug

The TV was cut off and Naruto looked at Mitch Kupchak, who was holding the TV remote. The two of them were inside the Gm's office, the large glass window overlooking the practice facility.

"You see Naruto, you play for the most storied franchise in NBA history. Sure the Celtics might have one more banner than us, but in the last 32 and a half years, we've gotten 10 banners. From 1980 to 2010, 10 banners. One every 3 years on average" explained the Lakers' GM

Naruto nodded, "I'm not surprised really, Stephen A is an asshole"

Mitch laughed and slapped Naruto on the back, "He is, but he's one of the biggest media personalities out there, make nice with him or people will bury you kid"

"Great" muttered Naruto

Mitch ignored Naruto's words and walked over to the bookcase behind his desk, pulling 3 extremely thick binders off the shelves before dropping them in front of Naruto.

"What is this?" asked Naruto

"You play for the most storied franchise in the entire league kid, we have a lot of requirements, restrictions, and rules in place. In these binders, you'll find your workout plan, your dieting schedule, your mandatory team events and practices, the dress code, the protocol for dating. Basically every question in the world, the answer is in one of these three binders" answered Mitch as he returned to his seat

Naruto lifted the three binders up in his hand and said "Ok, so when do I get around to practicing?"

"Tomorrow, there is someone else in charge of that, but you have a workout with a member of the team scheduled for 4:15 PM today, if I were you, show up about 30 mins early. A driver will take you to your apartment. We've already paid for the year, try not to damage it to much" said Mitch as he started to dial on his phone and dismissed Naruto with a wave

Naruto nodded and left Mitch's office, making his way through the maze of the Lakers' practice arena before finally making his way outside, where there was a driver waiting on him.

A pale blond man with short hair and a hairless round face.

"Sup man, my name is Ron, i will be making sure that you get from point A to point B in one piece for all of your Laker events. I get paid by the team, so anything else will be added to the bill and they'll work it out with you"

Naruto nodded and the two of them walked to the town car and Naruto hopped in the back. He flipped through the binder and found that his training schedule for the Summer League was not at all what he was expecting.

5:45 AM Wake Up
6:45 AM Stretching
7:15 AM Ball handing Drill
8:45 AM 15 break
9:00 AM Shooting Drill
11:00 AM 15 break
11:15 AM Weight Lifting
12:30 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Nap
3:00 PM Shooting Drill
5:00 PM Done

The schedule was packed to the brim and Naruto was worried that it wouldn't be doable, but he couldn't complain. They arrived at a condo complex near by and Naruto walked into his stock furnished condo, 2 bed-2 bath. A generous gift from the Lakers' organization.

Naruto quickly jumped into a shower and took a nap, setting his alarm for 2:45 PM. Ron would be picking him up at 3 as they had agreed upon. It felt like he had barely put his head down before the alarm went off and he was waking up, showering, and dressing to head back.

He lived less than 5 miles from the practice area and it still took them 20 minutes to get through the traffic. Naruto couldn't help but wonder who was going to be waiting for him.

Was it going to be Kobe? Probably not

But if not him, who the hell could it have really been that would demand such importance from the GM?

Naruto badged into the facility and found that it wasn't who he expected.

Byron Scott and the newly retired Jerry Stackhouse.

"Nice to meet you" said Byron, words that Jerry echo'd.

"I'm ready to get to work" said Naruto after greeting them kindly

"That's good because we have a specific set of drills to run you through" said Byron as he had an Lakers' athletic assistant set up cones.

Over the next two hours, Naruto was forced to go through drills about splitting the double team, shooting over contested hands, physical post play, and finally just non stop one on ones against Jerry and Byron full court where he would try to get pass a full court press and score on the opposite basket.

Byron Scott was every bit as in shape as he had been in the 80's and 90's based on how tough he was to get past for Naruto and Jerry could easily still play for years.

By the end, Naruto was drench in sweat, but he had apparently passed with flying colors as he did everything that they said and never once complained.

As he entered the locker room, Naruto found Kobe Bryant waiting for him, sitting at Naruto's locker.

"Congrats on making it through the first test, By and Jer owed me a favor, I had them test you. I'm your vet and your my rookie. I don't believe in all that hazing shit and rah-rah BS that other vets like to force their rookies through. You're supposed to be the heir apparent to me, another guard to carry the Lakers forward for another 10 to 15 years" said Kobe stood up and suddenly their 2 inch height difference felt like 2 feet.

"They bet the house on you, but the house is only as good as it's foundation, let's build your up from scratch" said Kobe before he ruffled Naruto's head and he left.

From June 30th 2012 - July 22nd 2012, Kobe and Naruto worked that schedule in the binder and Naruto felt like he was hitting the wall every single day.

But every day it became a little easier, every day he was a little less tired, every day he was a little bit stronger. Every day he was sore as shit.

Finally the Summer League arrived on July 22nd and Naruto found himself along with Head Coach Mike Brown on his way down to first his US home town of Orlando Florida.

3 games, all on a minute's restrictions. In the first game 11 minutes, 7 points and 6 assists, Game 2, 15 minutes, Naruto had 11 and 7 assists. Game 3, 20 minutes, Naruto had a easy 14 and 5.

It was only went they went to the Las Vegas Summer League that Mike Brown told Naruto that he would be unleashed.

Game 1: Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trailblazers

Naruto laced up his Kobe AD sneakers, the yellow and purple shoe were a gift from his mentor Kobe Bryant. Because the Lakers were a contending team, Naruto was the only actual rookie on the Summer League roster. Everyone else was either an undrafted or unsigned rookie, a D League prospect, or a still young player trying to prove that they could make a roster.

Robert Sacre, a 2nd round draft pick that wasn't signed, was signed to a training camp deal was the only guy that Naruto really knew, the rest were some 2k Generic type of players.

Sacre won the tip off and Naruto grabbed the ball, bouncing on the tip of his toes as he glided across half court before dribbling between his legs and calling for a screen with his eyes. Using the screen to get the opposing guard off of his body, Naruto raced towards the rim.

Spinning through a double team, Naruto bounced the ball through his defender's parted legs and Sacre caught it and got an easy lay up.

Realizing that Dame was playing off ball, Naruto chased after his draft mate and frowned as the Weber state guard launched a 3 from a couple feet beyond the 23 foot 3 point line.

The shot fell just short, hitting the front of the rim and Naruto slowed down to get the ball from his PF. Eyes scanning, Naruto dribbled the ball slowly and carefully across half court before crossing over to his left and racing to the rim once more.

This time, he didn't spin as he felt hands reach in, he grabbed the ball with both hands and jumped from the left side of the rim under the rim and started falling down on the right side before throwing the ball over his head and cashing in on the reverse layup.

He slipped and landed out of bounces and the Blazers rushed to in bound the ball, but they forgot about Naruto who crept up behind Dame and stole the ball before throwing down a powerful two handed dunk, the perks of being an athletic 6 foot 4 inch point guard.

The rest of first quarter was more of an up and down game, the teams trading baskets mostly and around the point where 4 mins were left in the 1st quarter, Naruto was pulled for some undrafted Spanish league point guard.

He sat down next to Mike Brown and the two of them quickly went over some points.

"Nice job kid, 11 points on 5 of 7 shooting but only 1 of 3 on 3's. You need just a little more arc on your 3 point shot but it looks pretty good so far" commented Mike Brown

"Thanks coach, I was trying not to take too many shots but Kob told me to take what the defense was giving me" added Naruto

"11 and 3 is not a bad first, get some rest, you gonna start the 2nd" said Mike Brown as he went back to coaching the game.

Naruto watched as Dame played the entire 1st quarter, lighting up the lest than stellar Lakers' summer league team.

But Naruto had such a strong start that the end of the first had the Lakers only down 3, 30 to 33.

Checking into the game, Naruto told his teammates to set screens and then dive to the room or spot up in the corner, he would find them.

It was a surgical process, Naruto was simply too fast for the opposing Center and Power Forward, every switch led to an easy assist to his big on a guard or a drive that collapsed the defense.

By half time, Naruto had 19 points and 8 assists and the Lakers were up 12.

He didn't start the second half, as Mike Brown was trying to get everyone a shot to showcase their abilities.

But as the 3rd quarter came to a close and Naruto hadn't gone back into the game, he was getting antsy and made his feeling known.

"Put me in" said Naruto

"We're down 17 kid, it's not that serious. This isn't a real game" said Mike Brown

"Give me 3 minutes, if we don't cut it down to single digits, pull me" proposed Naruto

Mike Brown mulled it over before giving Naruto the okay.

Naruto smirked as he got the in bound pass and dribbled up the court. He didn't looked for the screen, hitting tween after tween, the ball flying between his legs before he hit a jab step forward and his defender slide backwards. But Naruto simply pulled up, right behind the 3 point line and buried the shot.

"Two's two's" called out Naruto as he called a defensive set that caused the Blazers to run into a shot clock violation as the Lakers played a box based zone defense that stopped any drives to the rim. Without Dame in to take the top off of the Lakers defense, the Blazers didn't have enough offense.

Naruto hid behind a screen and hit another 3, the Lakers forced a turnover and Naruto hit another 3. In under 2 minutes, Naruto had brought the Lakers to within 8. Naruto drove to the rim and kicked it for a corner 3 and the Blazers were forced to call time out as the Lakers went on a 12-0 run.

Naruto jumped into the bench mob as he roared with approval as he dapped up Mike Brown

"That's what I'm talking about" said Mike Brown getting hype as well as he struggled to enter coaching mode.

"I don't got shit to say, let's go out there and win this shit" said Mike Brown before he sent them out there.

Dame came out with blazers and Naruto with his Lakers.

Dame hit a tough layup in the lane before Naruto hit another 3. The Blazers scored 5 straight and Naruto frowned as the Lakers were down 12 before he took over.

Assist, Layup, Assist, Assist, Assist, 3 pointer, Layup, Assist, Assist.

A 20 to 8 run had the game score tied at 88-88 with 5.5 seconds left in the game.

Mike Brown quickly drew up a play "Naruto, you in bound the ball, throw it to Sacre who will hit you back as you step in bounds, before giving you a screen. Make something happen kid"

"I gotta say Reggie, this quite the game" said Chris Webber as he and Reggie Miller did a Player's Only Summer League Game

"I agree C Webb, this is quite the show these two young rookie guards have put on today. Naruto Uzumaki has taken the entire game over down the stretch, he has 38 and 15 in his first 30 plus minutes of game time in the summer league. The Lakers have been waiting to make sure that he's been getting some run but nothing like this. Obviously, he isn't going to produce like this in the league right away, but if this is a sign of things to come, we may have a changing of the guards"

"I agree. Guy like CP3, Rondo, Steve Nash. They're being put on notice Reg, this young fella is coming"

"Ok, Naruto is in bounding the ball, a weird idea but let's see" commented Reggie

"He kicks it to Sacre" said Webber

"What is he doing?" asked Reggie

"Sacre hot potatoes back to Naruto" said Webber

"Naruto from about 27 feet" said Reggie

"Ooooooohhhhhh" screamed Reggie and Webber together as the shot was banked and Naruto raced towards his bench and his teammates mobbed him.

"What did we just see?" asked Reggie

"I don't know, but we need more of it" said Webb

"We might be seeing a Star being born" said Reggie

A/N: And there is Chapter 1. I hope this managed to drum up some interest. This story and my cobra kai story are just fun little pieces for me to write whenever I have issue writing my bigger more serious fanfics and own book work.

But yes, this is a Naruto/2k story, at the end of each chapter, I will give Naruto an overall rating and some attribute updates.

Naruto Uzumaki: 77 Overall. Offense 83, Defense 71, Potential 99, Intangibles 99.

Highest Attribute Passing 90

Lowest Attribute Interior Defense 33

Finishing - Driving Layup 75, Driving Dunk 70, Standing Dunk 45, Post Hook 35

Shooting- Close 70, Mid 80(+5), 3 Point 80(+5), Free Throw 83

Playmaking- Passing 90, Ball Handing 77(+3), Post Control 55

Defense- Interior Defense 33, Perimeter Defense 60, Lateral Quickness 70, Steal 60, Block 40, Offensive Rebounding 50, Defensive Rebounding 60

Badges- Gold Dimer, Gold Floor General, Bail Out, and Needle Threader Silver Catch and Shoot, Acrobat Bronze Bullet Passer, Chef, Green Machine

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