"The Worst Generation! Why are they here?!" demands a voice from Kaido's men. "I thought there was only the remnants of the Akazaya! Aah, screw it! Let's get them first! Take aim!" The weapons on the ships swivel in their direction rapidly.

"Oh, boy," Run says, grasping the hilt of his cutlass. "Dahaha~! Looks like they're serious about sinkin' us!"

"Our Sunny!" cries Usopp.

"Let 'em try," grunts Zoro, grasping the hilt of Enma. "This seems like the perfect chance to try out my new sword!"

"Green Star! Skull Blast Grass!" Usopp fires off a green pellet at one of the closest ships weapon ports while Zoro swings Enma immediately after it. A loud explosion proceeds the cleaving of the weapon port, scraps of metal dropping into the sea uselessly.

"Whoa-ho! Dahaha~! Not bad!" Run says approaching their swordsman with a grin on his face. "C'mon! Lemme have a swing, Zoro!" When he reaches out, the swordsman quickly recoils, batting his hand aside with his free hand. "Aah! C'mon! Don't be stingy."

"Ain't happenin', red hair," Zoro grunts. "You got your own."

"We've still got a chance!" shouts Kin'emon. "We still have a chance to win as long as there are people who fight with us!"

"Why is that lion ship undamaged?" questions one of the Gifters floating in the sky above their heads. "We blew it up last night!" Immediately provoked by their words, Franky fires off several shells in their direction. The Gifters dodge out of the way of his attack.

"So it was you guys who messed with our ship!" shouts Franky.

"That was you?" Run questions, staring up at them. "You guys sure know how to kill a party!"

"Hah! Just kiddin'! Did you really think you could destroy the Sunny with an ordinary bomb? How naive! The Thousand Sunny is a ship that was built from the treasure tree Adam and it'll sail through a thousand sea without a single issue! There's no way such a ship could be destroyed with a stupid bomb! You guys couldn't even scratch the paint with those bombs! The only thing you managed to do was burn the sails!"

"Sorry about that, Kin'emon!" Usopp tells him. "It took us a while to repair the sail, so we fell a little behind!"

"Oi, Kin!" Luffy calls to him. "How come there are so few of you?! It's not exactly as I heard but it's ok to destroy those battleships, right?!"

"There was supposed to be nearly a whole army here," Run adds. "Did they get bogged down by Orochi's forces en-route?"

"What happened to the thirty-five hundred people from the labor camp?" Chopper asks.

"Those yakuza bosses scattered to the winds, too. I thought they'd gathered up a couple hundred more volunteers in the other regions."

"The ships that we repaired at Itachi Port were supposed to join us here with Inuarashi's Musketeers," Franky tells them. "Along with the boys from the Atamayama Thieves Brigade."

"A huge cache of weapons meant for everyone was supposed to be delivered here from Ringo, too," Zoro grunts.

"Kin'emon! Is everything alright?" Nami questions him.

"I...I made a blunder!" Kin'emon admits, dropping to his knees and lowering his head. "Luffy! I am so sorry! Our plan was all leaked...it is all my fault! I deeply apologize! I have no idea what happened to everyone!" The red head scratches the stubble on his jaw. So that's it...there's been a traitor in their midst the whole time. An explosion from the bow of the Sunny draws their attention back to the Gifters quickly.

"I don't think you understand the situation!" exclaims a man with a bird head on top of his own. "You guys are all alone! None of your allies are coming!"

"If we can't destroy your ship, then we'll just pull you all out to sea!" adds the woman among them. "Enjoy your watery grave! A fitting end for you fools from the Worst Generation!"

"What do you mean none of our allies are coming?!" demands Luffy.

"It doesn't matter! You guys have no chance of making it out of this alive!" With that, the three Gifters immediately toss more explosives in the direction of the Sunny. Nami is quick to react, summoning Zeus and calling down a massive bolt of lightning to scatter them before they get close. Robin makes her move immediately after, creating a massive arm and catching a large barrel of explosives before tossing them back at the Gifters. Sanji follows, lighting a daisy-chained bunch of explosives several dozen meters from the Sunny and causing them to detonate before landing back on the deck.

"Oi! Tell me what you know right now!"

"Hah! Fine! Truthfully we don't know much about it! We may not have sank your ship but we sank every last one that was docked in the port last night!"

"Oh, you winged dicks!" complains Run, pointing accusingly at them. "Do you know how many of those masts I had to hoist up? My arms are still sore!"

"But that's not all! Orochi is a meticulous man! He ordered all major bridges connecting the regions destroyed as well! Do you get it now?! No one is coming because no one is able to make it here anymore! Hell, even if these could get here they won't reach Onigashima without a ship, and if you miss today then you'll never get another chance for your raid! Starting tomorrow, we're going to kill all the rebels that we've discovered one by one!" The cannons on the ships begin to change their target, focusing on Law's ship, or perhaps more specifically, the Akazaya Samurai.

"Whoa-ho! That's a problem!" The loud 'boom!' of cannon fire fills the air as Run steps forward quickly with a grin and hand grasping the hilt of his cutlass. "Sundering Tide." With a swing, he sends a wave of energy in the direction of the cannon balls, cleaving through them and causing them to explode. His grin fades as the wave continues onwards towards the nearest ship. "Oh-ho...whoops!" The energy seems to disappear before it reaches the bow of the ship, and a brief flash of light races across the length of the hull. "Ohhh, damn." A soft rumble builds to a near deafening 'boom!' as the ship splits in half horizontally, the top defying gravity as it rises skyward while the remains of the hull seem to press further into the churning sea. "That...That was not my intention..."

"Aaah! Run, you jerk!" complains Luffy, appearing beside the red head quickly. "Who said you could sink the first boat?!"

"Dahahah~! Sorry, sorry! Guess I don't know my own strength, Luffy!"

"Aah, fine! Then, I'm gonna take care of the next one!" Unfortunately for Luffy, Law and Kid aren't going to sit idly by on the sidelines, either. The moment their captain moves, so do the other two. Law sends the ship skyward with his ability while Kid and Luffy run amuck on the deck of the now free falling vessel. In a matter of seconds, the three men have completely demolished it, leaving nothing but a shower of splintered wood and shattered metal to sink into the depths of the sea below them whilst they land on the remains of the still floating hull.

"Oi, did you see that?!" barks Kid. "Who's the loser now?!"

"Two down and one to go," Law says, pointing at the remaining ship.

"I'll sink that one, too!" Luffy chirps.

"'Too'?" echos Law. "Let me make one thing clear. I'm the one who just sank that ship."

"Are you blind?!" shouts Kid. "I'm the one who sank it!"

"Hey, head's up!" Run calls from the deck of the Sunny, motioning past them at a ship sailing in their direction. Unfortunately, his words fall on deaf ears to the three arguing amongst themselves on the remains of the bow. The word 'Kyo' is emblazoned in the sail, and a blue haired samurai stands on the bow with katana in hand. However, it's not the man that draws Run's attention, but the woman with the mane of wild purple hair standing beside him. Even across the distance she finds him on the deck of the Sunny, golden eyes burning brightly and a feral grin splitting her face. The ship sails up beside the last remaining of Kaido's ships, and comes to a stop as the men on board exchange words with the blue haired samurai. "Aah, here we go..."

"Careful. He's the man from that time," Zoro grunts.

"'That time'?"

"He's strong." The man begins to draw his sword, and Zoro readies himself. "Here he comes!" He surprises everyone, however, when rather than strike at them he turns and cleave the bow of the last remaining ship off with a single strike.

"I didn't want to sink the ship," speaks the man. "So, I only disabled the cannon pointed at us."

"Be careful! He's quite skillful!" shouts Ashura. "That man is the Shogun's dog! He's the yakuza that's taking the place of Boss Hyogoro!"

"Akazaya Samurai! I am a yakuza from the Flower Capital, people call me Napping Kyoshiro! My Kyoshiro Family is two-hundred strong, and we would like to help you with your raid!"

"Beg pardon?" Run questions, staring at the man in confusion.

"He wants to join our side?" Sanji asks.

"I thought he was an enemy," adds Brook.

"He was supposed to be," Robin clarifies.

"What do you mean?" Kiku demands. "You're Orochi's subordinate! What favor do you owe to us?"

"I owe the Kozuki Clan," begins Kyoshiro. "An immeasurable number of favors and debts...I often remember you, Kin! The Mountain God incident that occurred in the capital forty years ago! People thought that was just Oden going crazy but it wasn't! That happened because the younger you who was so greedy tried to sell a little boar!"

"W-What?! There's only one person left who knows that!" shouts Kin'emon. "Don't tell me...are you Denjiro?!"

"You're alive," Ashura mutters.

"That's right!" exclaims Denjiro, reaching up and removing the strange pompadour that seems to have been a wig. "I am the Kozuki Clan retainer and one of the Akazaya Nine! I am Denjiro! Though, I guess I am unrecognizable. When I learned of Kin's and the other's return, I wanted to come forward right away but I had to remain an enemy just in case. Sure enough, if I had revealed my identity, the spy would have blown my cover and I would've been wiped out by Orochi. However, since I continued to earn Orochi's trust until the end, I was able to free the one-thousand samurai in Rasetsu Town Prisoners' Quarters!" Denjiro finds Run on the deck of the Sunny. "Red Hair! I understand that you had a brush with my lieutenant...both of you suffered greatly from your battle, so I hope now that things have become clear you can set aside any ill-will you might still have in the spirit of cooperation! You-"

A bolt of lightning streaks through the sky over-head, and a brief glint of light in the air between them causes Denjiro to blink moments before a solid 'thunk!' fills the air accompanied by a rush of wind. He glances in the direction of Junko, the woman still grinning despite a thin trail of blood now racing down her cheek as the tsuka of a wakizashi juts from the wood.

"Ya left that," Run says calmly. "In the forest. Wouldn't be right not ta return somethin' ta an ally...Junko."

"Ahahaha~! My, my, so you DO have a sweet side after all, Runelle!" Junko laughs, reaching up and pulling the wakizashi free with ease. "Mmm...so which one of those two is your woman?" Junko points the weapon at Nami first, who is quick to duck behind the nearby Sanji as a shield. "Is it her? No, she don't seem to be the type. So it must be..." The tip of the sword turns to Robin slowly, while Run calmly steps in her direction, placing himself between the two. "...her. Hah. I can smell her scent all over you. It's..." Her golden eyes briefly flash a brillant crimson, as her feral grin grows. "...infuriating." Several long tense seconds pass before she suddenly lowers the weapon. "Ahahaha~! Why so tense? We're on the same side now!"

"So that's her, then," Robin mutters. "I see you took her arm."

"Considering where I was aiming, she's lucky she moved towards me," Run tells her, pressing a free hand against his lower stomach. "Although, I guess it was unlucky for me."

"Look!" cries Nami, peeking out from behind Sanji and pointing to the distance.

"Reinforcements for the enemy?" Franky mutters.

"No," Zoro and Run say in unison. Thought the gloom, ship upon ship upon ship appears sailing in their direction. Each of them bears a patch-work sail, emblazoned with a symbol of some sort. No doubt the crest of their clan, or group, but the meaning behind them is lost on everyone but the Akazaya Nine.

"Twelve hundred soldiers in total!" Denjiro shouts. "Count all of us in!"

"D-Denjiro!" exclaims Kin'emon. "Thank you!"

"Kin! You're one hell of a smart man!" Denjiro fishes out a slip of paper, showing them the same symbol they'd seen two weeks prior. "This symbol implying the date and the rendezvous point for the great battle! The original didn't have those two lines! The flyer was leaked to Orochi and the others...but Yasuie altered it before he died! These two newly added lines mean crossing out the middle letters! That means the new rendezvous point is Habu Port without the middle part which is Hato! So it's the wharf at Habu Port which has a great view of the maple tree forest which Yasuie loved. Hearing two lines on the viper anyone would get the message. But you, sensing that Orochi's spy was with you, purposely told your people it was Tokage Port!"

"Did...Did you get that from the drawing?" Run questions Robin. "Because...I didn't pick that up at all. Not even a little."

"I don't think it was his intention," Robin tells him simply. "It seems to be more of an accident, than anything."

"The spy fell right into your trap, Kin!" Denjiro adds. "He told Orochi that Tokage Port was the rendezvous point! It was pure foolishness but what can you expect of the one who has acted as he liked in the capital for so long! Orochi misjudged the distance between each place and waited to act until the night before! But by that time everyone has crossed those great bridges and the ships they needed had left the port! All that they managed to destroy was a few left over ships left behind as decoys! Just as you planned the forty-two hundred troops that you recruited were lying low at the Habo Port wharf until the time came!" From the gloom behind Denjiro's ship, even more ships appear, sailing in their direction. "The plan to raid Onigashima hasn't gone wrong at all! Adding the twelve hundred of us...it's fifty-four hundred in total! Now, let's go, everyone!"

"Whoa-whoa! That's amazing!" gushes Usopp. "After all that trouble, we've ended up with even more allies!"

"We were gonna do it anyway," Zoro grunts.

"The greater the force the better," Nami tells him quickly.

"Ohhh! It's spectacular!" laughs Luffy. "I don't really know what happened but everything is alright now!" From the look on Kin'emon's face, and the muttering of those around him it seems that Robin's assumption was on point. The man had not planned any of this, and it seems to have been the result of his own poor drawing skills. Regardless, everything had worked out perfectly in this instance. Kin'emon draws his katana and thrusts it skyward to a chorus of cheering from the gathered ship. Seeing the tide of the battle so thoroughly turned, the last remaining of Kaido's ships immediately begins to make it's retreat, at least until Luffy and Kid land on the bow of the ship.

Seeing his chance, Kawamatsu dives off of Law's ship, and disappears under the waves of the churning sea for several seconds before leaping out of the sea directly in front of Kanjuro and Momonosuke. While it seems like Kawamatsu might quickly overwhelm Kanjuro, the man instead draws on the abilites of his Devil Fruit and makes a quick escape on a, rather well drawn, bird.

"Momonosuke!" shouts Kin'emon, watching the crane flying over head.

"Waaaah! It's too high!" screams Momonosuke. "Someone! Help me!"

"Goodbye, fools!" Kanjuro shouts down at them. "In any case, you're no match for Kaido's army! You can't even enter the island!"

"Kanjuro was a spy, right, Robin?" Sanji questions.

"It seems so," Robin says, crossing her arms. "We must help Momo. Run, can you-" Before she can finish her sentence, Sanji is already on the move. Their cook leaps skyward, chasing after the two in the air. He rapidly covers, the distance and exchanges several blows with the man before he's finally knocked away. Sanji rapidly rights himself in air, intending to give chase once more only for Kanjuro to summon a massive cloud above their heads. "What is he-" A loud 'clang!' echos, followed by a brief shower of sparks as a black arrow strikes the ground in two pieces in front of her.

"More incoming!" Run says, staring skyward. "Everyone! Get into cover!" Numerous black spikes begin raining down on the Sunny, and the numerous ships surrounding them. Run cuts, or shatters any that get near him or Robin with ease but it leaves him little chance for a counter-attack so long as that cloud remains.

"Everyone! Can you hear me?!" bellows Momonosuke. "All of you, stop worrying about me! That is exactly what they want! I can escape on my own! So, I want you to bring down Kaido and Orochi and save the Land of Wano!"

"Dahahaha~! Good lad! Looks like he's finally becoming a man!"

"That's right, Momo!" Luffy calls back. "You...are just a chicken-hearted stupid brat, but you always boss people around, you squirt with a funny topknot! Survive however you can! I'm gonna come and rescue you! Because you're my friend!" They watch the crane disappear into the distance, and Luffy finally stretches an arm out to grasp the railing of the Sunny before sling-shotting himself up to them. "Let's go to Onigashima!"

"Hold a moment!" demands a very familiar voice, drawing their attention to the wreckage of Kaido's ships.

"Huh? That voice...!" Through the dust and debris a familiar figure emerges with a grin on his face.

"Everyone! Please listen! I was born in the Fish Man District of the Kingdom of Ryugu, the country in the deep sea...I gave my seniors around the world so much trouble, but now I am going to exchange a cup of sake with Boss Straw Hat. I am merely a fledgling. People call me 'First Son of the Sea' Jinbe! Please remember my face, and I request your continued support!"


"Kahahaha~! Thank you for indulging me! Luffy! I came back alive as I promised you! I'm glad that I made it in time for the battle!" Luffy is the first to act, diving over the railing of the Sunny directly at the man and latching on tight.

"You're finally here!" Jinbe leaps up to the deck of the Sunny with ease.

"Everyone! I'm a crew member of the Sunny starting today." He's barely finished his sentence before he's bum rushed by Nami, Carrot and Chopper. The three wrap him up as tightly they can in a group hug, over-joyed to finally have him officially joining them. "I'm happy to see you all again, too!"

"A former Shichibukai, Jinbe, is our crew mate now!" Usopp says, grinning. "How reassuring!"

"You really had me worried!" Luffy complains, leaping away from Jinbe to the deck of the Sunny.

"Kahahah~! Sorry, sorry!" laughs Jinbe. "I had to take care of some injured members of the Sun Pirates, and the farewell party for me was a blast, so I couldn't miss it! I'm sorry." Luffy steps closer, extending a hand in Jinbe's direction, and the two shake hands.

"I look to you for your continued support!"

"Of course! Everyone, once again, I'm looking forward to traveling with you...!"

"What's the front gate looking like, Usopp?" Run asks, stepping up beside their sniper. The man panics at the sudden sound of his voice, and begins to tumble forward only for Run to grasp him by the back of his armor and steady him again. "Dahahahaha~! Relax, relax! No need to be so jumpy already!" They've set their destination, forging ahead through the waves in the direction of Onigashima in spite of Kin'emon's pleas to them to come and strategize.

"It's not funny!" Usopp shouts at him. "It's...It's a total fortress!" The massive torii gate looms in the distance, and the entrance itself seems to be completely covered with guns. Not that it matters to them...they have to make their way inside regardless.

"Those Animal Pirate guys seem to have some pretty good booze," Zoro mutters, sniffing the air again.

"Luffy! Do you really want to charge?"

"It's a total fortress!" adds Chopper.

"Even so, I'll destroy everything that's in our way," Luffy tells them. "I'll have both the booze and Kaido's head!" No sooner have those words left his mouth than the cries of 'Enemy Ship' echo amongst the men manning the guns. Jinbe is quick to react, turning the Sunny as the 'boom!' of cannon fire echos through the air.

"We'll use the anchor and force our way ashore there!" Jinbe orders. Franky is on the spot immediately, whirling the anchor around like it's weightless and throwing it at the torii gate while Jinbe steers the Sunny this way and that, avoiding all the cannon fire until at last they're well past the enemy guns. "Now! Captain Luffy! Destroy their gun battery first!"

"Yeah! Leave it to-" Run dashes past him with a grin on his face. "Aah? Hey, hey, hey! No fair! Me first!" Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Brook, Robin and Franky chase after the red head, leaping from the Sunny to solid ground. Run lands, surrounded on all sides by numerous members of the Animal Kingdom Pirates.

"Dahahaha~! You boys look ready to kill!" Run laughs, calmly pacing around and staring at all of them. "Unfortunately, I'm not gonna go easy on any of you..." Run grasps the hilt of his cutlass as the men charge. "Now, Churning Tide!" With a single motion, numerous deep gouges appear on all sides of him, and crawl out immediately in the direction of the charging pirates before exploding skyward. Their cries echo as they're scattered in all directions, falling like rain across the ground. The sounds of fighting echo now as well, and Run easily spots a pair of giant legs stomping the ground in the distance. "Whoo~! Looks like we got- hah?" Run looks onto a group of Kaido's men, gathering weapons and looking skyward at Luffy. "Dahahaha~! Opportunity~!" His figure flickers, and he appears in front of the men. "Sorry, fellas!"

Sanji and Zoro appear beside him as he tenses, and then disappears once more. A loud 'boom!' echos behind them as they land several meters away, sliding away from the results of their attack as the men scatter in all directions from it.

"Gum-Gum...Red Hawk...!"