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It began with a single spark.

It sprang from within and alongside it, signs of life.

The core was the first to be restored.

Closely behind were areas deemed essential to the maintenance of said core.

From there, the rest followed suit.

This single spark had done the impossible; restoring what had been long lost.

And yet it was not enough.

For all it's power, this spark was naught but an imitation, made only to feed off of the others.

On its own it could not grow.

It could not progress.

It could not fulfill it's purpose.

It was to be a victim of stagnation.

Never to grow and never to die.

A cruel fate.

One soon overturned by a stray drop of gold.

You feel disgusting.

Your throat is dry, so much so that just the thought of speaking is enough to draw out pangs of pain. The rest of your body is no better. Everything feels heavy as if your own weight is an anchor keeping you from moving.

Where are you?

Who are you?

Are you alive?

These questions are enough to spur you on.

You grit your teeth and use your arms to push yourself up from the ground.

The whole process is significantly more painful than you expect, almost painful enough to make you consider giving up for now.

Despite the shaky state of your arms you manage to push yourself up to your feet though that presents you with the painful task of keeping yourself upright. Everything from the thigh down feels as though it was lit aflame.

Deciding it would be better to remain still so your body could adjust, you take a glance around the area.

You stood at the center of a rather tall building. You didn't even have to glance upwards to know some part of it's roof is shattered, the light rainfall pattering against the stone flooring was proof enough.

To your left lay a series of bookcases and to your rear, a statue of some woman. Considering the chairs scattered about, perhaps this was once a sort of chapel? If so, it would have been long ago. The random patches of grass means this structure had been in disrepair for quite awhile.

All that aside, there is something far more important that quickly captures your attention.

There is a person to the right of the room.

Your initial thought is to call out to them but before you can a powerful scent hits you. Even through your subdued senses and foggy state of mind you are able to connect the familiar smell to that of fresh blood.

Was that person dead?

….this place wasn't safe.

Almost instinctively your right hand settles on the handle of a weapon tied to the left side of your waist.

You look down only now noticing that you are garbed in some sort of combination of armour and cloth. Not only that but a bow is clipped to your back alongside a quiver of old arrows. Another sheathed blade is tied to right side of your waist, this one almost identical to the first.

Taking some comfort in the fact you aren't naked and unarmed, you pull out the blade and hold it up. It's a standard katana as far as you can tell, made to excel at slashing with potential for piercing attacks. Your examinations come to halt when your strength fails you and you end up dropping the blade as your arm falls back to your sides.

The blade pierces the wooden ground with ease; a testament to it's sharpness.

After a moment of gathering a bit of strength, you yank the weapon free with a slight struggle and return it to it's sheath. Given the state you're in, armed or not, your best chance at survival clearly lies in avoiding confrontation rather than facing any possible dangers headon.

You slowly trudge towards the person.

Said person turns out to be a woman, propped against the wall lying in a growing pool of blood. The fashion of her headdress and the color of her white robes makes you believe she might've been a priestess of some sort. Her stomach area appears to have been cut open by a sharp object; likely the cause of her death.

You grimace before taking notice of a sheet of paper in her hand. You kneel down with a silent grunt and pull it from her hand.

Upon closer inspection it appears to be a page torn out from one of the many books here. On it was a message left in blood.

"It appears as though I won't live long enough to see my duty fulfilled. Your journey will undoubtedly be one filled with strife and uncertainty but I beg of you, the Tarnished who will soon be given life anew, obtain the Elden Ring and ascend to lordship. It is the destiny the Greater Will bestowed upon you. Without a maiden yo-"

The note ends with a line of blood to the papers edge.

It's contents only raises questions.

Were you this Tarnished being?

What did she mean by the Elden Ring or this Greater Will business?

With a shake of your head you fold the paper and slip it into the empty pouch at your waist. No good would come of pondering the million of questions in your head when you couldn't even remember your own name.

Right now, all that matters is getting out of here and avoiding whatever killed this woman.

You make your way towards the doors and force them open, stepping out into the open.

A strange pull fills you as you take your first step. You involuntary find yourself stumbling forward as your gaze glues itself to a massive golden tree protruding from the distance. Even through the distant fog and light rain it somehow manages to bath everything in this light golden shine. You just barely manage to regain control of yourself, narrowly avoiding tumbling off the massive mountaintop and to an early grave.

You decide to avoid looking at the tree for now. If that thing possess a power over you that makes you neglect even the most basic survival instincts, that couldn't mean anything good.

Besides a few stumbles and nearly falling through a wooden bridge the rest of your trudge goes off without a hitch.

At least until you reach a giant statue of a woman with her arms spread out towards the skies above.

Despite your subdued senses you pick a sudden shift in wind as you approach the statue and catch sight of a blur of color.

Once again, your instincts take over.

Your break out in a abrupt back step and a moment later a massive weight crashes down into the stoney ground, cracking it and kicking up dust. The impact causes you to trip as you touch the ground and fall backwards.

You aren't even given a moment to think.

The thing that would've crushed you, rushes forward, it's approaching sword leaving no room to doubt it's hostile intentions.

You somehow manage to gather the strength to roll out of the way of it's downward swing and to your feet, unsheathing your katana is the process. Unfortunately, the little strength you possessed had already been used up to avoid those initial attacks leaving you no choice but to drag your weapon along the ground.

The thing dashes forward, intent on skewering in one clean motion. You manage to raise your blade and redirect the blow just enough that it pierces your shoulder. The scream doesn't even leave your lungs before you hear the whoosh of several more swords cutting through the air.

A second later the word is upside down and the last thing you see is your headless body being tossed off the edge of the mountain.

…were you truly going to die a pathetic death like this?

You gasp and oxygen rushes through your burning lungs.

Were you alive? How could that be? There was no mistaken the fact that you had been decapitated, what felt like, mere moments ago.

Even now you could recall the feeling of everything slipping away as you drew your final breath.

You force open your eyes.

The sight that greets you would've made you jump; but, your body doesn't respond to your thoughts. Your fingers don't so much as twitch, leaving you defenseless as a person kneels before you, the majority of their features concealed via a black cloak.

Her lips were moving but all you could hear was the beat of your heart and the ringing of your ears.

She speaks for a bit longer before a horse nudges her. With a nod she pulls out what appears to be a pair of golden flasks, one filled with a bright red liquid and other a vivid blue, from the bag attached to the horse's saddle.

Moments later your flipped over and some of the red liquid is forced down your throat.

Instead of a slow painful death like you expect a strangely invigorating energy fills you.

As your vision fades away the last thing you see is the figure slipping those flasks into your pouch.